Rtenzo & Ero-Enzo – Fanart and Hentai

(Patreon) Kushina Uzumaki

Cowgirl Kushina wanting to ride a horse D!

Find it here and more at [PATREON]!

Tier 3 Patrons get access to May’s roadmap art pack right away! 😁

Another milestone is close to being reached! if all goes well, they ‘may’ be extra art coming in June! So if you like my art, consider supporting me! 🔥

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2 months ago

Holy sweet goddess, this is going to become one of my favorite images from your art, nothing like seeing this milfy redhead hoe wearing that flashy cowgirl outfit and considering the pose for sure she’s packing a huge fat cake! I’ll be looking forward to this, this one definitely got me and not just because she’s my favorite whore, excellent job! 🤠👩‍🌾💦

Last edited 2 months ago by All_Fake
2 months ago

Ohhh this one I’m really excited for! I absolutely love the costume it’s looking great on her! It’s a super rare treat from you and I really hope you do more costumes for females in the future!