Rtenzo & Ero-Enzo – Fanart and Hentai
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1 year ago

Hellow rtenzo i speak this good

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Been a while since we last saw a pic in this style and I honestly can’t deny how good it feels to have it again! I think I have to get something off my chest first: for some reason, Isane looks… massive here. And I’m not just talking about her beautiful tits, but her entire body. It might simply be due to the way she’s put next to Rangiku, but I can’t help but think that she’s easily two times as wide. Girl is mighty THICC is what I mean to say. I like the single patch of silver pubic hair, the puddle of saliva on Yushiro’s dick, and the confident look in Rangiku’s eyes. Also, I like the differently colored nipples, it makes them look more distinct! PHENOMENAL tattoo in the makeup version! Always a pleasure seeing them not only on the girls’ tits or asses, but instead on the guy’s dick. And the words “Ass destroyer” certainly fit a cock of that size. The girls’ combined lipstick marks all over the length are more than just beautiful, and the fact that they split the dick between them (with Rangiku taking care of the top half, while Isane pleasured Yushiro’s shaft and balls), makes this even hotter. The cum version isn’t as outstanding, but that’s not much of a surprise. It’s hard trumping such an outstanding makeup version, so I’m more than happy with what we got here. I like the tiny amount of cum still oozing out of Yushiro’s dick slit, contrasted by the huge load all over Isane’s body.

Beyond happy to have such a beautiful scenario in a pic again.