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Merry Christmas! + Yor Forger (Spy x Family)

As I mentioned on Twitter, I didn’t have a Christmas themed pic this year but tons of people have requested I draw Yor, so here she is!

Chapter 14: Mission 1: Secret Sexcapades

Written by Mr. Akrononym

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1 year ago

Love the way you drew Yor in lingerie and gave her different lipstick colors, definitely love the used condoms idea which should be used in more of your art

1 year ago

Merry christmas! Thx for the wonderful drawing!

Also, loved the condom part, kind of my fetish haha

1 year ago

!!este es el mejor regalo de navidad¡¡¡

No pensé que hubiera algo que superé a unohana y kirio de la imagen pasada

!!pero está vez te has superado¡¡

Primero el diseño y color está bastante bien hecho 👌🏻 me encanta el estilo que le das

Luego las poses primero en la que yor boca abajo levantando el trasero 😉 me encanta como hace resaltar su enorme culo

Luego como está sentada mostrando su cuerpo esbelto gordo y sexy

Y la última de cuerpo completo, la hace ver cómo si fuera una diosa 😍❤️

Luego el vestuario en donde levanta el culo mostrando ropa casual es muy hermosa mostrando como lo casual a veces es mejor

En la segunda me da cierta risa ver cómo está cubierta de condones llenos de semen, pero aún si se ve hermosa 🥰

Y en la última la sexy lencería, la hace ver sumamente sexy

Las medias moradas junto alos sostenes y ese tapa rabos de color rojo 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 y me gusta el detallé del cuchillo

Y como olvidar su bello rostro sonrojada 😉😍🥰❤️

Además me encanta los 2 fondos de imagen la de círculos rosa y rojo y estrellas negras con amarillos 👌🏻un buen fondo para la bella yor

En conclusión está imagen es el regalo de navidad perfecto 20/10 👌🏻❤️😍🥰🥵

!!muchas gracias señor Rtenzo!!!

1 year ago

This is a hell of a Christmas present! This is a very lovely Yor picture, from top to bottom.

Not just the wardrobe changes, but also the very design of Yor herself. Plus it’s also very colorful and well shaded too. Overall it fits her and the overall picture.

In short, it’s a flawless picture. Nice job.

Oh. And Merry Christmas, by the way! 🎅 🎄 😀

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Merry Christmas!

As I said to you in private before, I absolutely adore this artwork! Seeing Yor in all these different poses and revealing clothes is certainly more than I could have ever wished for on christmas. Deciding which one of those is my favorite is a tough one, so I’ll simply say what I like about each one individually. I freaking LOVE how thicc and phat her ass looks in those yoga pants and, given the smug grin on her face, she knows it as well! The dreamy look in her eyes in the big one is almost enough to distract me from that well-drawn knife in her hand. Though, the dessous she wears certainly helps in that regard as well. I almost envy the guy who had her as his assassin. And then we have her with all those condoms… man, I probably will never grow tired of seeing you drawing these filled condoms. They manage to make the girls look even sluttier while adding some nice variety to nude pics. Magnificent! THREE different makeup choices was certainly the right choice as they all make her look incredibly alluring and offer something nice for the eyes, regardless if one likes the traditional red, the mysterious but just as captivating black, or the shining and easily recognizable yellow/gold. And the text on her body at the bottom just meshes incredibly well with the filled condoms. They really give her this “trashy street whore” aura that contrasts so beautifully with her more defined appearance in those other two poses. Interesting texture for the cum version. I think it looks pretty good but I do prefer the way you draw it usually.

Not that it matters much though. I think it’s easy to see that I am quite enamoured with this pic. Easily one of my favorites of the year.

1 year ago

Dang what a fantastic gift to give everyone, Rtenzo! The deadly but tantalizing assassin Yor Forger looks absolutely amazing in you art style especially her hairstyle. Yor’s sexy voluptuous body is also remarkable with her large breasts, wide hips, and nice ass. Plus three different poses showcase her body well, also I like how she wielding that sword on the right there. The two outfits that Yor is wearing are wonderful and attractive as well and how sexy and lewd that she has used filled condoms hooked around on her body. Lastly the make-up versions, great job using three different colored lipsticks and crude writings on the pose to left bottom corner was and excellent and slutty touch along with the used filled condoms. I give this artwork a 9/10 and can’t wait to more of Yor in the future. Outstanding work as always Rtenzo and Merry Christmas!

1 year ago

Are we going to see hyper body proportions with yor?

1 year ago

Loved it best cristmas present we coud get from you very well done 9/10 hope you make more op spyxfamily in the future keep the great job