Rtenzo & Ero-Enzo – Fanart and Hentai
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1 year ago

HOLY SHIT! We got a new BSU update already??? O_O That alone is awesome! 😀

And we got a glorious Kaede piece too?!?! Even better! Plus we also have a look at that security officer Eric’s actual appearance? That’s just a bonus for me!

But let’s talk a little more about the picture itself, shall we? This was very impressive. The way Kaede is preparing to ride and straddle him while he’s just enjoying the moment was nicely designed in itself, not to mention the chair they were on. Plus the background of the run down slum room really fit the mood and overall tone. Including the little details on the walls and the hole on the ceiling. Nice touches.👌

All in all, this is probably one of your best in the BSU lineup thus far. To me it’s practically perfect. And it helps that Kaede here is in my Top 3 favorite ladies in the story. 😆

Hope to see more of her and BSU later on. Well done! 👏 😎

Time to dig into the story right now. 😉

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Beyond happy to have BSU’s very own booty queen in a pic again. The angle and overall pose here is really something else and the very unique looking background adds some much needed flair to this piece of art. I also really like Eric’s design. He looks quite cool and people with earrings/piercings or similar rend pretty high personally for me anyways, so… I like him. The hotdogging-handjob combo is quite interesting and makes Eric’s relaxed looking pose seem even more astonishing (if that were me in his position, I wouldn’t be able to look so chill). And can I just mention how fitting that cyan makeup is for Kaede? It’s a beautiful contrast to her black-red hair and is just very enticing to look at in such close proximity to her trampstamp. Very nice to see her entire back coated in jizz. Seems like Eric couldn’t hold it all that long and exploded all over her, and I can’t really blame him. That ass has to feel divine as f*ck!

One of my favorite girls of this show paired up with a cool looking guy… what more could I ask for!?