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Hinata Hyuga and Sakura Haruno (Naruto)

Chapter 2: Sakura’s Thirsty Idea

Continuation of Sakura’s NTR series~

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3 years ago

Only way Sakura is taking that whole thing in her throat is if Naruto face fucks her and I’m sure she’d enjoy her face getting manhandled by that monster cock

4 years ago

Could we see more couple swapping in future works or is this a one time thing? I think it’s pretty hot.

Smiling Fiend
4 years ago

This doesn’t feel like nrt (and that’s a good thing), it’s more like one of those Sahara/Sunahara Wataru stories where Sakura is R E A L L Y stoked to do it with Naruto (that’s also a good thing) both girls look good, this is a great image, the make up variation deserve praise too because I like when there’s a lot of lipstick marks.