Seduction with Sunscreen

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing short series of Naruto stories)
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Beginning (Part I): [LINK]
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Sighing to herself, Moegi tried to ignore all the lewd stares from random men as she walked through the market. Behind her, the young ninjas of Team Seven followed close behind. ‘Why in the world did I end up on this mission. And not even with my own team!?’ she thought to herself.


“So, what’s this place called again?” Boruto asked.


“Ranko Island,” answered Mitsuki, “It’s a well known sex resort here in the Land of Waves.”


“What!?” said Boruto, “I’ve never heard of it.”


“Is it really alright for us to even be here?” Sarada asked, “I heard no one under twenty-one was even allowed on the island.”


“If not for the importance of this letter getting safely to the Mayor of this city, normally you three wouldn’t even be allowed on this island.” Moegi said. “And with Lord Seventh at a Kage Meeting, Lord Sixth gave you all permission to carry out this mission. Since we won’t be here very long, it shouldn’t be an issue.” she explained


“Ahhhh, yes!!! Harder, HAAAARDERRRRR!” screamed a woman their group was passing. Moegi felt herself blushing at the sight of a beautiful woman with blonde hair bent over at a ninety degree angle as a huge man with bronze skin and the emblem of Kumogakure tattooed to his chest was plowing his cock directly into her pussy! Moegi didn’t recognize either of them, but she gulped as she found herself watching the woman’s heavy tits swaying back and forth with the force of his thrusts.


SO BIG, SO VERY BHIIIIG, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, HARDER, MAKE ME CUM, FUCK ME STUPIIIID!!!!” The blonde screamed, rocking her body back and forth and panting like some kind of rutting animal! Sweat dripped off her naked body, her tongue lolling from her mouth as her eyes crossed in ecstasy!


“STOP STARING YOU LETCH!!!” Sarada shouted at Boruto before knocking him upside his head with the large scroll they were guarding.


“AHHH! Damnit Sarada, that hurt!” Boruto snapped at the dark haired girl.


“Good! Serves you right!” Sarada said with a harumph, she then glanced at the fornicating couple, blushed and looked away. “Perverts…” she muttered, covering her ears against the woman’s panting moans.


“Virgin.” Boruto muttered.


WHAT DID YOU SAY!?” Sarada shouted back, lifting the scroll again, “SHANAROOOOOO!


Moegi winced at the cracking sound she heard when Sarada struck the young blonde again.



An hour later, Moegi sighed as she stood in the lobby of the hotel where she and Team 7 had checked into. They had delivered the scroll as promised to the Mayor of the city. But when the mayor saw the comically large knot on Boruto’s head from the blow Sarada gave him, he insisted they have him looked at in the local hospital. By the time Boruto convinced the local doctors he was fine the ferry back to the mainland had already left, and the next one wouldn’t be for several days as the ship needed to undergo routine maintenance. Moegi thought the reason she was told not to miss the departing ferry was because of her team, not because it would be the last one off the island for a long stretch of time!


Given their situation, and as a thanks for bringing the scroll, the Mayor issued a special pass to team 7, allowing them to remain on the island without issue, they just wouldn’t be allowed to have any alcohol. Looking around, Moegi felt as though she stood out like a sore thumb in her shinobi gear. Sighing, she headed to the hotel store to find something more “appropriate” to wear. Appropriate, Moegi laughed at that. As she walked across the lobby, she blinked as she saw something out of the corner of her vision.


“No,” she whispered to herself as she turned to look. For an instant, she thought she saw Sasuke Uchiha sitting at the Hotel Bar, though from the brief glimpse she had gotten, he looked like hell! His hair was disheveled, and his cheeks slightly sunken, and there were heavy bags under his eyes! He had a drink sitting in front of him and looked like someone who had just lost everything like out of a bad soap opera. When she turned for a more direct look, he was gone.


“Seeing things.” she said aloud.


“What things?” asked a voice and Moegi jumped.


WAH!!!!” she yelped, “Mitsuki, don’t do that!” she said as she glared at his usual emotionless smile.


“Sorry,” he apologized, “I just wanted to let you know the others have settled comfortably in the room.”


“I see, thank you Mitsuki.” said Moegi as she willed her heart to slow back down. She then looked over to the Hotel Store again and resumed walking towards it.


“Are you going shopping?” Mitsuki asked.


“Yes, we’ll be here for a while, and I didn’t bring a swimsuit.” Moegi told him as he followed her into the shop. ‘Figures everything here is trampy and slutty,’ she thought to herself as she found a sling style suit with an odd pattern of stars and stripes. It was on sale, so she decided to go with it as she took it to the checkout counter. She also bought a pair of large beach towels, an energy drink, and some sunscreen that were sitting right there at the counter.


“Well, I’m gonna enjoy the beach, you want to come?” she asked Mitsuki as she saw him purchase something right after she did.


“Alright, shall I go invite Sarada as well?” he asked, “I think Boruto will still need rest though.”


“Nah, let them cool off in the hotel, I don’t want another incident like earlier.” said Moegi. The two of them then left the hotel and headed to the nearby beach. Moegi went to one of the changing tents near the beach entryways and stripped down, packing her clothes into a small pack she brought with her. She then sighed as she looked down at herself, her breasts were bound with a special sealing wrap that she released and let out a sigh of relief as her tits suddenly expanded dramatically! Each tit was easily twice the size of her head, capped with a large bright pink nipple that was pierced with a gold stud. Moegi slipped her top heavy naked body into the sling suit and took a deep breath before walking back outside. She then cracked open the energy drink she’d bought and downed the contents, enjoying the warm buzz it spread through her body. She then set the empty bottle back in her bag.


“That suit is a very interesting design.” said Mitsuki’s voice. Moegi turned and gasped when she found the young ninja standing completely naked outside a men’s changing tent.


“Mitsuki!!!” Moegi shouted, “What are yo–” she stopped midword as she saw the youth’s massive dick hanging down between his legs. “Oh wow…” she gasped as he walked over to her. He wasn’t even hard, but his cock hung down almost to his knees! A pair of apple sized balls hanging down behind the flaccid firehose! When he tilted his head at her, still looking at her with his usual deadpan smile, Moegi shook her head.


“Wh… Where is your swimsuit!?” she asked, fighting to try and get her heart to slow down.


Mitsuki held up a black speedo, “It didn’t fit.” he said simply.


“I can see why.” Moegi said before she had a chance to think. She was about to say he shouldn’t be walking around naked, until a small group went by, two men, three women, all of them nude. Sighing, Moegi gestured for him to follow. ‘Maybe the sun will do some good for his complexion.’ she thought.


The two of them headed out onto the beach, walking side by side, every few steps, Moegi found her eyes drifting to Mitsuki’s huge dick. She couldn’t stop herself from trying to imagine how big it would get. She felt her lips trembling at the thought of it sliding down her throat, or reaching all the way up into her womb! Her nipples began to get stiff and she felt a heat between her legs as they walked. It had been so long since she’d had a decent fuck. Konohamaru wasn’t exactly the best lover, he had almost no stamina, and Udon, if his nose wasn’t running so much, he’d actually be an enjoyable lay.


“Is something wrong Captain?” he asked her.


“Hmmmmmmmh…” Moegi whimpered as they found a spot and laid out the towels Moegi had bought with her suit from the shop. Mitsuki simply laid back in the sun, and Moegi sat on the towel next to his. ‘How can he stay so calm out here?!’ she thought as she looked over to see another couple fucking out in the open. A dark haired woman with a perfect hourglass figure was down on all fours rocking back and forth on a man’s cock. Her moans only made it worse as Moegi found her eyes repeatedly drawn to Mitsuki’s dick! ‘Ahh, what’s wrong with me, why am I having these thoughts…? If he got a hard-on at least I could make an excuse to help him out with it!’ she thought.


A hot wind blew over the beach and Moegi heard the plastic bag the store clerk gave her rustle. She looked over to it and saw the bottles of sunscreen still inside. ‘THAT’S IT!!!


“Say Mitsuki,” she said, “Would you like some sunscreen, I don’t want you getting burned out here.” Moegi offered.


“Oh, that would be nice, thank you.” Mitsuki accepted.


Yes!’ Moegi thought as she remembered her seduction training. ‘Subtlety will be wasted on him, better go with aggressive!’ thought Moegi as she grabbed the bottle of sunscreen and opened the cap. Pouring a generous amount over her massive tits, she crawled over to him, making sure he had a full view of how her breasts hung down, swaying with her every motion.


“Captain?” he asked, tilting his head.


Moegi ignored him and slowly dragged her breasts across his body, starting from his feet up. She moved slowly, making sure he could feel the softness of her tits with every inch of his naked body. His skin was cooler than she thought it’d be, maybe because he was so pale, he didn’t take in as much heat from the sun? She decided it didn’t matter as she made her way up his body until they were face to face.


“What are you doing?” he asked.


“Putting sunscreen on you.” she said honestly.


“Ah, I never knew this was how it was meant to be done.” he said back.


Oh my god, he’s serious!’ Moegi thought as he looked her dead in the eye as he spoke. She fell on top of him, her face buried in the towel beside his head. “Oh come on!” she said when she lifted herself back up, “Are you just not into girls with big tits or something!?” she asked. “Boruto couldn’t look away, Sarada got all embarrassed, why are you completely calm being here!? A guy your age should have a non-stop hard-on from the moment we stepped foot here!” she shouted at him.


“Oooooh, I see.” said Mitsuki, “If that’s what’s wrong then…” he trailed off and Moegi gasped as she felt something hot, thick, and incredibly HARD, spring up between her legs!


“Ahhaa…” Moegi gasped as she slowly turned her head to look behind her, “Haaaah…!” she gasped again at the sight of the biggest dick she’d ever seen in her life!


“Is that what you wanted?” Mitsuki asked nonchalantly.


“Yes!” Moegi said as she climbed off of Mitsuki and moved to lay beside him. She immediately grabbed his dick, it was easily as long as her forearm from her elbow to the tip of her middle finger! She’d never seen anything like it in her life! She began stroking him slowly, loving the feel of it in her hand. She mentally counted how long it had been since she’d had sex at all. The number she came back with didn’t make her happy as she looked over to Mitsuki. He simply smiled back at her as her hand moved up and down his length.


“How’s that?” she asked with a grin.


“It’s fine.” he replied.


“Fine!?” Moegi said, actually feeling insulted. ‘Alright then!’ she thought as she moved to press his long dick between her tits, rubbing them against one another around his cock. He continued looking down at her and tilted his head like a dog. Pouting slightly, Moegi opened her mouth wide and took the top few inches of his cock down her throat!


“Guuuummmph!!!” she moaned around his cock. ‘Mmmmmmh, this feels so good in my mouth!’ she thought to herself. Having a bit of an oral fixation, Moegi excelled in her seduction training when it came to oral sex. She loved the way his cock felt moving down her throat as she slowly bobbed her head up and down on Mitsuki’s long thick cock. She could feel her neck bulging every time his length moved down her throat, and savoring the ache in her jaw and she kept a tight seal around his cock without letting her teeth bite down.


“Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmph…” she slurped, sucking hard on his cock every time she pulled her head back up. She made sure to press her tongue against the underside of his shaft as she continued rubbing her massive tits together around his length. Her suit eventually slipped off of her shoulders and she simply shrugged out of it before pressing her tits together again.


“Mmmmmmmph, pway wiph muh bewbsh… Ewe cam shqueeshe dem if ewe wannt…” she slurred around his cock.


“Ahh, you mean like this?” Mitsuki replied as he reached down to grab her stiff nipples, tugging on the gold piercings and twisting them roughly.


“Yeeesshh!!!!” Moegi moaned, feeling herself cumming just with her nipples as she stopped pressing them around Mitsuki’s cock and took it deeper. “Guuuuuummph, sluuuurp, guuuuumpph, sluuurp, guuuuummmppph…” she gagged and moaned as she took Mitsuki’s cock as deep as she could.


“Impressive.” said Mitsuki.


Moegi smiled proudly as she slowly lifted her head up, making sure to drag her lips across his cock. “Like that?” she asked as she raised up her body and slipped out of her swimsuit completely. She then moved to straddle his waist, rubbing her neatly trimmed pussy along the length of his pasty white dick. “Then you’ll love THIS!” she said as she raised her hips up high and impaled her cunt on his dick.


OOOOH FUUUUUUCK!!!!” Moegi moaned as she came the instant Mitsuki’s cock slid inside her! “AHHHH, SO BIG, I’M CUMMING JUST FROM TAKING IT INNNNN!!!!!” she moaned as she let her full weight fall on top of him. She looked down between her fat tits to see her belly stretching from his sheer length as she felt his cock breaching her womb!


“Hmmm, your vagina is very warm.” Mitsuki said, “Warm and slippery.” he told her.


“Ahhhhh, don’t… Don’t say it like thaaaat…” Moegi moaned as she began bouncing herself up and down slowly, loving the feel of the ivory skinned youth’s cock scraping around inside her. She’d fucked so many, limp, small, and pathetic cocks on her seduction missions. “You… Mmmmmmh, you should tell me how good my pussy feels, call me a slut, call me a whore, and ram your cock into me until I cum my brains ooooout…” Moegi moaned, grabbing her own tits now, twisting the piercings around and moaning as she swirled her hips in slow deliberate circles.


“Really?” Mitsuki asked, blinking his golden eyes in curiosity.


“Yessssss, pound your cock into my pussy, pour hot cum into my woooomb!!!” Moegi moaned, loving the feel of something so big and thick reaching inside her like this.


“Alright.” Mitsuki said as he raised his arms and they stretched out to coil around her limbs like a snake.


“Wait, what…?” Moegi said in confusion as Mitsuki lifted her up easily. “AHHHHHHHAAA!!!” she howled as the youth began slamming his cock up into her, bouncing her entire up and down as though she were a rag doll! “AHHHH, SO BIIIIG, THE TIP IS REACHING SO FAR INTO MY PUSSSY!!!!!” she howled as she began cumming instantly.


“Should I stop?” Mitsuki asked.




“Is that good?” Mitsuki asked.


YES!!!! DON’T STOP, FOR THE LOVE OF KONOHA DON’T STOOOOOP!!!!!” Moegi screamed. “MY PUSSY!!!! MY PUSSY FEELS SO GOOOD, YESSSS, I WANT THIS, I NEED THISSSSS!!!!” she moaned as Mitsuki’s arms stretched out even more, coiling around her legs now and moving them so her feet were over her head now as he laid her back on the towel and began pumping his huge cock into her over and over. Her pussy sprayed like a broken faucet as she chewed her lower lip to stop herself from moaning even louder. A crowd began gathering around them, hooting and hollering, but she couldn’t hear any of them over the wet squishing pumps of his cock slamming into her relentlessly.


YESSSS, I’M GONNA CUM, I’M GONNA CUM, I’M GONNA CUM, I’M GONNA CUMMMM!!!!” Moegi moaned, bucking her hips against Mitsuki now as she let out a long moan of sheer pleasure! She’d never been taken roughly before, never bound like this, but, she liked it, she loved being helpless and bound as a huge cock plowed her depths!




“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself Captain.” Mitsuki said as he began slamming into her harder.




“Are you sure Captain?” he asked, his expression still completely casual.


YES!!!! FILL MY HUNGRY PUSSY WITH YOUR CUM!!!!! I WANT IT!!! I WANT IT ALLLLLLL!!!!” she shrieked at the top of her lungs. “CUM IN MEEE!!! CUM! CUM! CUM!!!!!!” she begged.


“Very well.” said Mitsuki with a soft grunt, and Moegi moaned again as she felt something thick and hot pouring into her!


AHHHHAAAAAA!!!!! YESSSSS, I’M CUMMING FROM YOUR CUM MITSUKIIIIII!!!!!” Moegi moaned as she felt her entire body seizing in pleasure. “I FEEL IT FILLING ME UUUPPPP!!!” She then felt Mitsuki’s arms letting her go as she fell limp on top of the towel, her legs twitching slightly as the full sensation of his cum in her woman began to fade once he pulled out. “Ahh… Haah… So gooood…”


“Are you alright Captain?” Mitsuki asked.


“Ahh… Haaahhh…” she gasped in response. From the edges of her vision, Moegi saw Mitsuki move over to her towel and pull out the empty bottle of the energy drink she’d bought before.


“Hmm, that explains it.” Mitsuki said as he read the bottle. He then showed it to her, and Moegi’s eyes went wide at the warning label. {WARNING: DO NOT DRINK ON EMPTY STOMACH, POWERFUL APHRODISIAC MAY AFFECT JUDGEMENT}


Moegi blinked, ‘What, but I… I didn’t feel anything different… Does this mean I’m a….’ she thought to herself, then covered her face in her hands, “I’M NOT A PERVERT!!!” she shouted.


Mitsuki only tilted his head again as he continued to smile at her.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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11 months ago

Question: Will the standard Boruto Era series return?

11 months ago
Reply to  Bendsman

Yes. Soon.

11 months ago

As much as I’m not a fan of this series (mostly for its mean spirited tone) I’ve really been impressed with the art that’s been used for it. And that trend hasn’t ended here at all. Moegi looks very nice, although I feel like she appears a bit lacking in the ass department. A detail I really like however, is how narrow Mitsuki’s dick appears compared to how you usually draw cocks. Also, I don’t think i’ve ever seen you draw forskin before. Makes this picture stick out pretty nice.

11 months ago
Reply to  Nathan

Thank you Nathan, I’m happy you been pleased with the art. And ya this series isn’t for everyone because of the elements involved. Stay tuned for more delicious Naruto art! 🤩👍

11 months ago

Okay, first off: Something from the last chapter stuck out to me and I forgot to ask. The cactus drinks that Naruto supposedly had…was that a reference to The Last Airbender? If so, nice.
Onto the current one:
Ahh, always loved seeing that one sexually frustrated person in denial after they let loose. Wasn’t expecting Boruto’s Team 7 to drop in though- nor was I expecting the bit with Sasuke, but more on that later.
With Team 7’s appearance, doesn’t this mean the vast majority of the main cast from the primary series is here? If so, was that just a coincidence or was that sort of planned?
As for the bit with Sasuke…I can honestly see that reaction from him- he’s lost what he cares about most (again), he’s matured enough to not go nuking everything over something relatively small in comparison to the last time he went bonkers…so he starts drinking, and just vanishes whenever he feels someone noticed him. Overall, a really good chapter here- sex was great, we get to see some interaction between the Boruto cast, see how Sasuke’s taking Sakura’s descent into depravity…just was overall really nice to read.

11 months ago
Reply to  Anon

Never watched any of the Airbender series, was never a fan of Nickelodeon, always something silly on whenever I went by the channel, so I never got hooked by their more serious series.

Total coincidence, I write the story as I receive the pics. This has been said many times, but I will say it again, the picture generally comes BEFORE the story. So planning the plot and story ahead is very difficult. There are a few very rare instances o story being done before the pic, but those are as rare as a blue moon.

Yeah, Sasuke drowning his sorrows in booze is actually healthier than going homicidal, though only by so much. But, if you think about it, this was inevitable with how long he spends away from his wife. I’m only in the 90’s episodes of the Boruto Anime, and I’m so far behind the manga it’s not even funny. But by now, both Busteez and the NTR series are both separate worlds from the cannon.

I’m glad you enjoyed the story, I hope to do more soon.

11 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Yea, I agree that him being away from his family for so long is quite literally asking for martial problems one way or another…granted, the nature of the missions he’s constantly on in the manga/anime gives a fairly good reason why he’s out so much. If you actually wanna take a peek at The Last Airbender I heard it’ll be on Netflix starting on the 15th.

11 months ago
Reply to  Anon

Um, I just lost my job, so luxuries like Netflix are out. That said, im not all that interested anyway. I’d rather use my newfound free time to write and look for a new job.

11 months ago

Wasn’t expecting a Team 7 chapter or moreover a Moegi focused chapter here for this story, but I really liked how it all went.

But first let me talk about the picture itself really fast. This is very impressive! The overall design is really nice. Not to mention Moegi’s design really compliments Mitsuki’s monster dick.

Now let’s get right into the story of this entry. Team 7, which consists of Sarada, Mitsuki and Boruto, and Moegi as their acting leader were assigned to the island to transport a scroll by the mayor, but normally wouldn’t even be allowed on it due to being mostly underage {in this case under 21}. Luckily they were given special permission and documentation. Though I wonder why Konohamaru wasn’t brought in with them. Apart from that, Team 7 really felt right at home but Moegi? Not so much at first, given what the island is all about. Luckily that quickly changed. XD Also I really liked how it started with them arriving and even watching people fuck the way they did, not to mention Sarada hitting Boruto hitting him on his head. LOL!

Moving on, we also get to see just how sexually frustrated Moegi really was. Drinking that energy drink and seeing Mitsuki’s serpent dick could do that. If that was insane for her, she should see Naruto and Boruto’s dongs sometime. Anyway, the sex she ended up having also told the story. All while Mitsuki was his usual nearly emotionless self while Moegi was having the best pounding she ever had! I really liked the bits at the end too. Yeah you really should watch what you drink, Moegi. And you’re definitely a pervert. Though then again, who isn’t? XD

I can only wonder how Boruto and Sarada will act in the island. Overall I really liked it. Nice work. 😀

11 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Moegi is temporarily leading Team 7 because “reasons” as far as the universe is concerned. The reality of it, I needed a way to have her and Mitsuki there that would work. A change of captains just for the mission seemed plausible enough. Maybe Konohamaru was busy on a solo mission, and they needed an experienced team to guard whatever was in that scroll. So, like allowing them on the island, exceptions were made. 🙂

As for Boruto and Sarada, with Boruto, something similar to him in the Busteez verse, and Sarada, like mother, like daughter.

I’m a bit torn on if Boruto is still a Virgin or not. In Busteez he lost it to Hanabi, I could do something similar here, just not Hanabi as I don’t think having everyone on the island would work well. I can maybe squeeze in one or two more characters, but that’s a stretch.

11 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

I personally would say he either lost it to Hinata and/or Hanabi. But that’s just my kink/need for more Boruto/Hinata.

Jinchuuriki Jay
Jinchuuriki Jay
11 months ago

Now thinking over it if you can answer this Sailor OI why would this be Moegi first time expercing a monster cock. Considering she’s one of Naruto first genuine friends wouldn’t it makes sense for her to have an active sex life with him along with Konohamaru ? Not saying it out of bais but just considering how see socially interacts mostly.

11 months ago

I figure it’s just never happened. Nothing against Moegi, just never really thought about it. Now, as for her experience with sex, I let it slip she’s no shy virgin, just primarily unsatisfied.

11 months ago

I have been waiting for this story for a long time, by suggestion it would be good to give more prominence to both characters but that is already your decision aside, all your work was great, I love it in every way

11 months ago
Reply to  Ravelez

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the story. Moegi wasn’t easy to work with since she’s a low on the Radar character. But I was able to come up with something.

Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
11 months ago

This was a very interesting chapter, I’m not that experienced with boruto as I am with naruto but this was a very enjoyable read and for what it was it felt good. First the art is the number one thing here. I love the background and Moegi looking fine as fuck in her tiny string bikini. I love her nipples pierced and mitsuki having a long snake cock is a nice touch. The art Is top notch as always. 8/10
The story was very enjoyable and the usual pairing is something nice, some events in the story maybe set up boruto/sarada chapter? Anyway so our dear Moegi as come to the resort with team 7 as they have to give a letter to the mayor. After delivering it boruto and sarada head to the hotel while mitsuki and Moegi head to the beach to have some fun. It is really a great sex scene as Moegi has never seen a huge monster cock before like mitsuki’s snake, guess she hasn’t seen naruto or boruto. Moegi gets wrecked on the beach in some really hot sex that I really enjoyed.9/10
As for characters I am not familiar with Moegi or mitsuki on how they are in the show but they seemed cool here and Moegi was drawn very well.7/10
Overall it was a neat chapter that I enjoyed. I love the way Moegi was drawn and her tits look amazing.
Overall 24/30.

11 months ago

I’m glad you enjoyed the story. I had a heck of a time coming up with a scenario for them to be there. But, now that they are, I do hope to go with a “Like mother, like daughter” theme.