Rumors of Eiken

“Have you heard about that Zashono Academy? They say that all the girls that go there are stacked as hell!”


Miki groaned as he let his head hang back, staring up at the bright blue sky. “Seriously, Taishi? It’s a beautiful day, we’re at the beach, and you want to talk about more of your stupid rumors?”


“Hey! How do you know they’re stupid?!” Taishi snapped indignantly as they walked onto a more deserted section of the beach.


“Because I’ve heard them too.” Miki scoffed. “Girls with boobs bigger than their bodies? A single guy getting chased by all of them? The students being allowed to do whatever they want? C’mon buddy, I know you’re smarter than that.”


“…okay, when you put it that way, it sounds ridiculous,” Taishi muttered sheepishly, before letting out a wistful sigh. “But man, it’s sure nice to dream about it, isn’t it?”


“Why dream it when you could be living it?”


Both young men looked up at hearing the cheerful female voice. Their jaws hit the sand as their eyes bugged out of their skulls; they were completely flabbergasted at the sight before them.


The purple haired woman strolling towards them was eating a banana, smirking as she made it as suggestive as possible. Miki and Taishi barely noticed that; like anyone else would, their attention was locked onto her chest.


Specifically, the absolutely massive tits that were bouncing and jiggling with each movement she made!


“Holy…” Miki whispered, words failing him. Taishi could only wheeze, drool leaking from his mouth as he stared.


“I heard you two talking about Zashono Academy. As it happens, I go there, and I have a great time; my name’s Kirika Misono.” She took a large bite of her banana, though not before giving it a long lick and letting out a teasing moan, making both men weak in the knees.


“So, I have a proposal for you both. You give me a good fucking, and if you manage to impress me, I’ll put in a good word for you, maybe get you transferred there, so you can join the Eiken club and really be living the dream,” Kirika told them casually, making both Miki and Taishi gape at her.


“…HELL YEAH!” Taishi abruptly cheered, almost ripping his swimming trunks off his body.


“Wait wait wait! Are you serious?! This isn’t some kind of joke or prank?” Miki demanded to know, even as his cock swelled uncomfortably.


Kirika shook her head. “I’m completely serious. I’m kind of bored today; I lost track of Densuke, so why not? Besides, what do you have to lose?” she asked knowingly, slowly licking her lips and winking at him.


That pushed Miki over the edge; in just a few moments, he was naked as well. He took Kirika’s right tit and Taishi claimed the left one. Both of them started pushing their erections against her huge nipples, groaning as their cocks sank into the soft, warm boobs.


“Not bad. You two aren’t as big as Densuke, but hey, they say size isn’t everything.” Kirika shrugged as she pulled out her cell phone from…somewhere, and began recording what was happening. “Not sure I agree, but then,” she gave them both a smug smirk. “I’m very biased.”


“Fuck yeah you are!” Taishi gasped, frantically increasing the speed of his thrusts.


Miki privately thought that Kirika was also kind of a bitch, but he supposed that having a body this damn impressive, it was almost inevitable that she would have an ego about it. And it felt amazing, fucking her tits, so he couldn’t really complain too much.


But even with both of them giving it their all, Kirika still looked completely casual about it, almost bored, as she snapped pictures and videos on her phone and continued eating her banana. Damn, what did it take to get this girl worked up?!


Eventually, neither of them could resist the building pleasure in their crotches. Taishi and Miki both came at almost the same time, spraying out more cum than they could ever remember from one fucking. They staggered back, panting, as Kirika eyed them thoughtfully.


“Not the best tit fucking I’ve had, but not the worst either. But are you both done already? I mean…”


Kirika turned and bent over, shaking her monster ass at them. “You haven’t even tried my ass or pussy yet; I promise, they’re even better…if you can handle them.”


A surge of adrenaline shot through Miki’s body, revitalizing it; his dick in particular instantly became rock hard again. A glance at Taishi showed he was having the same reaction, and they exchanged determined nods.


They wouldn’t let this opportunity go to waste!


With roars of determination, they charged at Kirika. Miki shoved his cock into her waiting pussy; Taishi, in an impressive move of agility, leaped over Miki to plunge his erection into Kirika’s massive ass.


“Now that’s more like it!” Kirika cheered them on. “Show me what you guys have got!”


“We will! C’mon Miki! We can do it!”






“Ugh…” Miki and Taishi groaned in unison from their positions flat on the back in the sand. Their cocks were limp between their legs, and the sand around them was soaked with their cum and other fluids. Neither of them could do much more than twitch.


Kirika stretched lazily next to them, still on her feet and looking little worse for wear. “Huh, that was actually kind of fun. Not super impressive, but hey, you two might get better. Well, I’ve got your names and information on my phone; maybe you’ll hear from me later, or maybe you won’t. Bye!~”


And then she was gone, leaving them both panting for breath.






“I’ll never make fun of your stupid rumors again.”


“Ha. I’ll hold you to that…”

(Story by User: S22132)

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1 year ago

Pretty nice image, the version with the bigger cocks is better cause of those lovely monstrous melons and the huge nipples Kirika has. Makeup compliments her hair color and the cumshot for the bigger cock version could’ve had her covered in more but I’m not complaining. Those melons look so soft and probably feel like a cloud

1 year ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Gotta thank the requester for the bigger dicks version but the hyper tits, ass and monster cock stuff you do is amazing

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Now, I’ve never watched Eiken but the artwork was too damn promising, to miss out on. Kirika is a real beauty and her enormous tits are simply delightful. I love that there are two versions, one with smaller cocks and the other one with bigger ones. This promise sadly wasn’t expanded much like with a tattoo on the guys cock in the bigger version. But even without looks the makeup version fantastic. The makeup color compliments her hair color really well. Pretty standart cum version. Nothing bad nothing extremely good.

As I said, I never watched Eiken so I don’t know who these characters are but the guys interaction with Kirika is really good. Love how they want to fuck her into submission but don’t even manage to tire her out. Pretty good titfuck.

I like it. Don’t know what else to say. It’s nothing outstanding but certainly far from being called bad or anything.

Doctor Scruffy
Doctor Scruffy
1 year ago

I was joking; She usually puts him through basic anime shenanigans. She doesn’t give the guy a break. I’ve watched some parts of the series.

Doctor Scruffy
Doctor Scruffy
1 year ago

I can only imagine how Densuke tends to deal with her. Poor dude