Nymphomaniac Nights

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing short series of Naruto stories)
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Sitting in the hotel room where Naruto and his wife were staying, Sakura Uchiha fidgeted under Hinata’s gaze. She was dressed in a hotel bathrobe as she looked down at her lap.


“Well, what do you have to say for yourself?” Hinata asked her again.


“I’m sorry… I just… I couldn’t help it…


“Honestly Sakura, you’re acting like some kind of, oh, darling, what’s the word?” Hinata asked Naruto as he sipped at a cup of coffee. He sat across from Sakura, also wearing a robe. The pink haired woman couldn’t help herself from glancing between the gap, hoping for just a glimpse of that big dick! Even now, she wanted nothing more than to wrap her lips around it and suck his balls dry!


“Nympho, I think…” Naruto offered.


“Yes, a shameless nympho!” Hinata said.


“I can’t help it!!!” Sakura said, “For years I thought Sasuke had the biggest dick in the village, then I come here, and he’s not even half the size of the Raikage or even you!” Sakura said looking over at Naruto.


“Sasuke IS the biggest dick,” Naruto said, “He just doesn’t have the biggest dick.”


Hinata snickered, “I see what you did there darling.”


Naruto grinned impishly and sipped his coffee again. “Hang on, why aren’t you mad at Naruto!?” Sakura asked.


“Hmm, oh I know where my darling’s heart is.” Hinata said as she moved to sit in his lap, making sure that her sexy ass rubbed against his lap. “Besides, I can hardly get mad when you’re the one who provoked him. I’m confident enough to say you’re sexy Sakura. So I can hardly be mad when you’re acting like this.”


“I’m sorry!” Sakura said again, bowing her head low.


Hinata sighed, “Well, I suppose I can forgive you, this time. I hope you won’t mind if I balance things a bit with Sasuke myself later.” she told her.


Fuck, you can have him.’ Sakura thought to herself as she nodded.


Hinata smiled, “Alright,” she said as she slipped out of her husbands lap, “Just don’t forget,” she said as she reached inside Naruto’s robe and pulled out his soft cock, “THIS, is MINE!” she said as she pulled his dick up so that Sakura could see the underside where the base met the balls, “It’s got my name on it and everything!” she said, pointing to a small tattoo that read; {PROPERTY OF HINATA UZUMAKI}


“WHAT!?” Naruto and Sakura said at the same time.


“What the hell, when did that happen!?” Naruto shouted.


“Our anniversary last year, in the Hidden Sand,” Hinata told him, “You had quite a few of those cactus drinks they make there.”


Naruto blinked his blue eyes, “Huh, I barely remember that night.”


“I know, Gaara was laughing his ass off when I told him the next day.” Hinata giggled. “You wanted to prove just how much you loved me. You can be so sweet when you’re hammered dear.” Hinata said, snuggling him as she began stroking his cock while kissing his lips.


“Hmmmmm…” Sakura whimpered as she watched Naruto’s cock getting hard under his wife’s touch. She squirmed in her chair, watching as he swelled up bigger and bigger, her pussy getting damp as she watched the veins throbbing on the sides of his massive dick.


“Oh no you don’t!” Hinata said, hugging Naruto’s fat dick against herself, “I said this is mine, remember!” she said before moving to deepthroat his cock. Sakura chewed her lower lips as she watched Hinata’s throat bulging as she took his length down it! The dark haired woman deepthroated him with ease, Naruto groaning softly as she slowly bobbed her head up and down. Hinata then lifted her head free slowly, gasping as she pulled her mouth away from the tip. Next, she moved to straddle sit in his lap, opening the robe she had on to reveal her naked body beneath. She guided Naruto’s cock into her pussy, taking him inside herself as Sakura watched helplessly. The other woman’s stomach slowly stretched from Naruto’s sheer thickness and length as she leaned back against him.


“Ohhh, Hinataaa…” Naruto groaned, raising his hands up to grab her tits as Hinata began swirling her hips, stirring his dick inside and making the phallic shaped lump on her stomach shift around.


“Mmmmmmmmh…” Sakura whimpered, ‘You greedy bitch!’ she thought as she watched, fighting the urge to masturbate as she sat there.


“I’ll take you someplace Samui showed me the other day, get your fill of big dick there you Size Queen Slut!” Hinata said playfully. “But this cock is MINE!” said Hinata as she pushed herself down on Naruto’s cock, taking every single inch into her cunt!



True to her word, Hinata took Sakura out to a sex club named Raijin’s. It was run by a man from Kumogakure named only D. He looked as though he could be related to A but Sakura wasn’t sure, and she didn’t bother to ask. Part of her wondered what Hinata was doing in a place like this to begin with, but she only gave it a second’s thought before deciding she didn’t give a fuck.


D took her back to a dressing room where Sakura changed into a sexy Bunnygirl outfit. One that showed off her long sexy legs and thighs. She took a moment to admire herself in the mirror before smacking her own ass and grinning. She then walked back out of the dressing room and through a short hall to the main club room. The first thing to hit Sakura was the smell! A mix of spicy foods, alcohol, tobacco, and above all, SEX! The smell washed over Sakura like a wave, making her feel both dizzy and horny at the same time. The first few tables at the main entrance just had regular groups of people, sitting in booths or at stand alone tables eating or drinking. But further in, a variety of acts of debauchery were taking place.


The nearest table had a girl in just a pair of high heels and cloth cuffs on all fours on top of the table as a ninja from Kumogakure slammed his big dick up her ass! All around the large table was about nine other men, apparently they were a large team from the Cloud Village. They cheered their comrade on as they watched him make the young girl scream in ecstasy with his fat dick.


“Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahhhhhhhh…” the blonde haired brown eyes woman moaned at length as she rocked back and forth from the force of his thrusts. Her eyes had rolled back in her head as she drooled onto the table as her pussy suddenly gushed like a fountain!


“Yeeeeah boi!!!” said one of the other shinobi sitting at the table watching, “I told you the skinny little cunt would lose it if you did her up the ass!”


Sakura felt her entire body heating up as the man on the table pulled his cock free, it was nearly as big as Naruto’s! And still so hard, Sakura slowly licked her lips as she walked over to the table, seeing that all ten men were practically naked, save for a scarf here, or some shoulder armor there. And all of them, ALL OF THEM, were at least as long and thick as her forearm!


“Hello boys.” Sakura said, grabbing their attention, “Why are you playing with little girls who can’t handle even one big dick?” she asked as she struck a pose for them, “When you can have a woman like me?” she said as she immediately began stripping out of the black leotard of her costume, exposing her naked body beneath. “My best friend was hogging her man’s dick all to herself today, and I’m fucking starving for some big fat kumo-cock!” she said.


“Heheh, damn, look at that fat sexy ass!” said one man.


“At least she’s honest.” said another as he pushed away from the table, exposing his fat cock as Sakura grabbed her own tits and squeezed them roughly, her nipples were so stiff they ached as she laid back on the floor, spreading her legs wide.


“Ahhhh, I want them!” she moaned, “I want you to drill those big kumo-cocks into my slutty pussy!” she moaned as she felt her cunt beginning to ache painfully with raw desire! A steady trickle of her juices began drooling from her cunt, and it only got worse as the men all leered at her, their erections all twitching. Some even beaded with precum! Sakura began breathing heavily as they all got up from their table and came over towards her.


“Daymn, dis bitch wants it bad!” said another man. His speech reminded her of Killer Bee, he even looked like him a bit, but without the sunglasses and sloppy beard.


“I do! I want them all, stuff my cunt with your cocks!!! Pound my pussy into a muddled mess!” she begged as she reached a hand down between her legs to spread her pussy lips wide, letting her juices flow even more.


“Heh, I knew the girls on this island were sluts, but you take the cake.” said the first man, “After seeing you show off this needly cunt, I’d fuck your brains out even if you didn’t beg!” he told her as he got down on his knees and grabbed Sakura’s thighs, rubbing the underside of his cock against her pussy as he pulled her close.


“Nhooo, don’t tease me!!!!” Sakura begged, feeling her pussy twitching in need now as the other men formed a circle around her. “AHHHHAAAH… AHHH… HAAAAAAHH!!!” she screamed as her entire body seized in pleasure the moment he stuck his thick cock inside her hungry pussy! Watching Naruto and Hinata earlier had left her yearning for a big dick, and she couldn’t find A anywhere, he wasn’t at his hotel, and the idiot didn’t seem to own a phone.


“Shiiit, this bitch came just from me sticking it in!” the man said as he began thrusting his cock back and forth, making Sakura shudder even harder as she came again and again!


“Yeah, but I bet just one ain’t enough for a slut like this, is it?” asked another man, this one was completely bald and clean shaven. His dark skin made him look as though he had been carved from solid obsidian. Sakura’s peridot eyes turned to look up at his thick cock now just inches away from her face! She could smell his cock even over all the other scents in the club.


“Haaaah…” Sakura moaned softly, leaning her head up and sticking her tongue out to lick the tip slowly, slurping it before wrapping her plump lips around the thick head and sucking it down her throat. “MMMMMMMPH!!!!” she moaned as she felt her neck bulging with its sheer girth! Loving the feeling of her jaw aching as her body seized again in orgasm, her pussy gushing around the first cock.


“Bitch is cumming just from giving a blowjob! We hit the jackpot here boys, no need to hold back with this whore!” the second man announced to his comrades. A round of cheers echoed around Sakura as she found herself spit roasted between the first two men. Their dick plowing in and out of her mouth and cunt!


“Perverted little pink bitch!!” grunted the man in her pussy as he slammed his cock back and forth. Her pussy making all kinds of wet squishing noises around his cock as she quickly lost count of her orgasms. “I’ll make you cum so much you’ll never think straight again!” he told her.


MMMMMPH, HMMMPH, GUUUMMPH, AHHHHHGUUHMMMPPH!!!” Sakura gagged and moaned as she bounced back and forth between the two men. ‘Cocks,’ she thought, ‘So many big cocks! All for me! Ahhhh, I love this, I’m so full, I can’t think of anything but cocks!!!!


“Oh fuck, her cunt is so fucking tight!!! I’m cumming already!!!” said the first man as she felt his hot spunk flooding her womb suddenly.


MMMMMMPH!!!!” Sakura moaned, cumming from the feel of hot thick cum shooting into her. “GAAAHHHAAA!!!!” she then gasped as the man in her mouth pulled out and sprayed his entire load into her face!


“Nhoooooo!!! In muh mouth, cum inshide meeeh!!!” she begged as both men pulled away, only to have two more take their place! One in her mouth, the other in her cunt! These two were even bigger than the last, she could feel it as he began bucking with pleasure as they held her tight, pounding into her mercilessly as she felt her mind getting hazy from so many orgasms.


To either side of her, men waiting their turned began playing with her fat tits, pinching and pulling her nipples. Twisting them in nearly a full circle as she howled around the cock in her throat. As she came again from just that. They each then took one tit in their mouths, sucking her nipples roughly as Sakura moaned in utter pleasure. “AY’EM CUMMING!!!!” she gagged around the man fucking her throat, “CUMMING!!!”


She felt hands grabbing her wrists and moving her hands to grab a pair of thick cocks her fingers couldn’t hope to close around. Gagging and moaning, Sakura instantly began stroking them, wanting them all to stay hard for her!


“Fucking pervert slut whore! I’m gonna cum right inside just like you want!” said the man in her pussy, slamming her cock straight into her womb!


Ahhhh, I’m a whore… I’m a whoooore!!!!’ Sakura thought around the cock fucking her face as she gagged again as she felt hot sticky cum pushing down her throat and into her stomach! ‘I Love this, I love this so much!!!’


“Fuuuuuck this pussy is so great!” the man fucking her cunt said. His voice was different from the one before, but she couldn’t see his face. All Sakura could see was the fat pair of balls smacking against the upper part of her face as her throat was fucked. “Fuck I’m cumming!!” he groaned as she felt even more cum flowing into her womb!


“She’s sucking so good too!!! Yeah, this mouth is da bomb!!!” said the man currently in her mouth as he came down her throat!


YES!!!’ thought Sakura, ‘FUCK ME MORE, FUCK ME HARDER, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEE!!!!’ she thought at them as she felt her belly and womb fill with cum before both men pulled out, only to instantly be replaced by two new, even BIGGER cocks! Hot, thick fluid then splashed on her naked body as the cocks in her hands twitched in orgasm. “Nhooooo, inshide, cum inshiiiide!!” she whined.


Time faded for Sakura as one after the other, the men all took their turns with her. All she knew was pleasure as she felt her belly starting to get full. “YESH!!! MOAR, MOAR CAWKSH!!! MOAR CAWKSH PWEASHE!!!!!” she begged.


“Oh yeah, we’re gonna pump your holes full of cum bitch!!!” said one of the men, but all Sakura could see were the balls flying at her face as she gagged around the next cock in her mouth! She could only listen to their groans and the cheers of those inside and around her. She distantly heard more camera clicks as she began to draw a crowd around her.


Yes, violate me, fuck my holes!!!’ thought Sakura, ‘Stuff me full of big thick kumo-cocks!!!


“Fuuuuck, cumming!” groaned the current man in her cunt. Sakura welcomed the feel of his spunk adding to the huge amount already filling her womb as she bucked back and forth.


“Yeah!!! Fuck that bitch harder!!!”


“Fill her up!!!”


“Make her feel it deep inside!” shouted a womans voice.


Ahhhh, so much cum, so many cocks, I’m cumming, I’m cummminggggg…!’ thought Sakura. ‘Don’t stop, DON’T FUCKING STOOOOOP!!!!!!’ she screamed in her head as both men came together. Her cheeks puffed out as her already full stomach couldn’t take anymore and it poured out from her lips.


They’re cumming, cumming inside me, so much cum!!! They’re filling my womb with their seed, yes, I love it, I love this so much!!!!’ she thought as when one man came, he would pull out and another instantly took his place. Over and over this was done, until Sakura felt like she might actually burst!


“Holy shit, that bitch just took ten loads in both holes each!!!” shouted someone watching from the crowd as the onslaught finally stopped and the men withdrew from her mouth and cunt. She felt all the cum flowing out from inside her cunt with a wet gushing noise.


“Fuuuuck, that looks almost like gallons man!” someone said as Sakura lay on the ground, staying still as the cum drained out from her pussy.


“Kumo-cocks…” she said, panting softly. “More Kumo-cocks…” She then waited until the draining sensation stopped and the feeling to return to her legs before she slowly got up and looked around at the crowd cheering for her. Looking down at her cum covered body, Sakura licked her lips slowly and struck the same posed she had when she first propositioned the men at the table. “Alright!” she said loud enough for all to hear, “Who’s next!?”

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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11 months ago

Loved it! Can’t wait for more slutty Sakura! But at the same time I hope we can see Hinata make things even with Sasuke. I know the plot is to cuck him but still some SasuHina action would be fun.

11 months ago

Amazing story and art is just… its just too good

11 months ago

I’m glad Sakura got to have plenty of balls hitting her face like she deserves

11 months ago

Holy shit… O_O I… I don’t know what to say about this one… Where do I even start?? Maybe like this.

Let’s start right at the top. The bunnysuit picture. Jesus, Sakura! Like seriously! Sasuke really hasn’t been hitting it right. :O I’ll get back to him in a moment.

Anyway onto the story! Hinata really started us off in quite a way, not only with understanding the situation Sakura found herself in, but also setting her straight with who Naruto belongs to. Not to mention the tattoo she set up on him and started fucking him right in front of a needy Sakura just to prove her point. Damn, girl! Remind me to not ever piss you off! Though I did think the Sasuke burn was pretty funny and accurate. He doesn’t have the biggest dick, he literally IS the biggest dick. No holding back there! 😛

Which now leads us to the second half of the chapter. The relentless gangbang. Not gonna lie, that was a lot to process and take in. Sakura and her big cock addiction has really gone into overdrive. Only now it’s not just any big cock, they’re a collection of big cocks, all for other people to see. That was all detailed and insane! All that while she was wondering where a certain former Raikage was as she couldn’t find him or reach him {though we all what happened with him last chapter, courtesy of Mei 😉 }.

Overall, that was certainly impressive! We’ve seen Sakura go to the point of no return here. I wonder where she’s headed next.

Looking forward to seeing what’s next for the Size Queen Slut! Nice work! 😀

11 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Only deeper into depravity. To quote a very old hentai anime, “From the heights of ecstasy, one can see the endless seas of perversion!” I’d expand on that by adding those seas are also bottomless! lol Yeah, the Sasuke line I came up with on the spot when I was writing it, lol!! But it’s fitting for him. I hope the next chapter (currently in progress now) is as entertaining as a few new characters will be joining the cast to keep things “fresh”.

11 months ago

Isn’t D that shitty OC ?

11 months ago
Reply to  smegmaster

Um, I have no idea. If I used someone’s OC without knowing I’m sorry. Just from the Naruto Lore, the Kumogakure Ninja’s have themes with how they are named. I just went with “D” because calling a guy “C” just didn’t read right. I just needed to give him a name for sake of moving the scene along without it reading oddly. Calling him “The club owner” just didn’t feel right.

11 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

There ‘is’ a C from Kumo, actually.

11 months ago

Honestly at this point I have to ask; are you planning on having Sakura and Sasuke divorce?

11 months ago
Reply to  Moofy

Totally TBD, most people know my stance on NTR as a plot device, so I won’t say it’s completely out of the question. But who knows, I’m making this story up as I go along mostly.