Mistress Virgo’s Milking

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Fairy Tail stories)
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“Money money money mooooooney!” Lucy gleefully chanted, rolling around in her underclothes on a pile of cash. It was the kind of thing she had dreamed about doing, but now she was finally able to do it in real life!


A quick knock on the door preceded Erza opening it and walking into Lucy’s new room. Seeing what Lucy was up to, the redhead shook her head with a smile before tossing another stack of money into the air. As it rained down around Lucy, the buxom blonde couldn’t help but giggle with joy.


“The rest of your tips from last night,” Erza told her with a smile. “Congratulations: you were the second highest earning worker from our grand opening night.”


“Really?! I was? Wow…” Lucy was very surprised; sure, she prided herself on her body, but to be the second highest out of everyone else? “Who was the highest then? Wait, let me guess: Irene?”


“Nope,” Erza denied, shaking her head. “She came close, but apparently, SHE NEEDS TO WORK ON APPROACHING PEOPLE WITHOUT SCARING THEM TO DEATH!” she suddenly shouted, drawing a loud “HMPH!” from Irene, who was passing by, with her nose in the air.


“It was actually Virgo who took the top spot.” Erza said, nodding at Lucy’s look of surprise. “I know, I didn’t expect it either, but while we were always going to have a good night, Virgo took it to the next level, smashing all our expectations.”


Taking a seat on the bed, Erza explained further. “Virgo fucked all night. It started with one guy rushing in; that got the attention of others, and she just kept going. Her stamina was amazing; she probably fucked all the guests there at least twice.”


Lucy blinked a few times before responding. “I definitely didn’t expect that… we should definitely try to recruit her-”


“WAY ahead of you,” Erza told her with a smirk. “I already asked her and she agreed. Were setting up a special room in the staff’s living quarters just for her, for the times when she needs or wants to stay here longer. Speaking of moving, what about you? When are you moving into this room?”


“Later today, actually. Natsu’s taking over my apartment by the river, but it’s taking him longer than expected; who knew that living alone in the woods, he would accumulate so much junk?” Shaking her head, Lucy eyed Erza. “What about you? All moved in yet?”


The redhead nodded. “I just finished not too long ago; I’m helping Juvia with her things now.”


“So, what’s going to happen to Fairy Hills if everyone is leaving?”


“Rebecca, Shiki, and the rest of Eden Zero crew are moving i–”


ERRRRRZZAAAA! Help Juvia please!”


Leaning back, Erza sighed at the sight of Juvia struggling under a tower of suitcases and boxes. Her legs were shaking and it looked like she was either going to collapse or the precarious tower would fall down.


“I better go help,” Erza told Lucy apologetically, who waved her off with a smile.


“It’s fine; I need to get back to moving in my stuff too.”


(Several Hours Later…)


Lucy collapsed onto her couch with an exhausted but satisfied groan. It had taken what felt like forever, but she was finally done. She took a moment to admire her fancy new room: deep plush carpets, high ceilings, pristine walls, all the newest appliances…truly, Fairy Palace was a suitable name for their new home base. She already felt like a princess.


“I wonder if I have time to shower before-”




“MOOOO! LUCY! TIME FOR MORE FUCKING!” Taurus declared, already springing towards Lucy-




Somehow, Taurus managed to stop himself in midair at Lucy’s commanding shout and upraised hand. Lifting his face from the carpet, he gave her a confused look.


Sighing, Lucy pointed at the door. “Look over there.”


Puzzled, Taurus did as ordered, quickly spotting a list of clients and appointment times. ‘Vinnie‘ was by far the most common one, having signed up numerous times in order to reserve Lucy for almost half of the day, followed by…’Fat Ugly Bastard?‘ What? Even that ice mage Gray signed up for one of Lucy’s night time slots.


“Those are all the clients I have today; as you can see, since our grand opening went so well, I’m all booked up. Sorry, but today, I don’t have time for you. My next client should be arriving any minute.”


Seeing his crestfallen look, Lucy sighed and threw Taurus a bone. “Why don’t you go see Virgo? She should have an opening right now.”




“Taurus!” she said sternly.


Slumping in defeat, Taurus walked out of Lucy’s room…and promptly got lost trying to find Virgo’s room. Seriously, this place was huge, with way too many rooms! He lost count of how many he got kicked out of. Fairy Tail went all out on remodeling their guild hall!


Finally, after what felt like an eternity, he found it. Naturally it was underground; considering Virgo’s powers, Taurus was annoyed that he hadn’t considered that sooner. The fact that the door was labeled ‘SEX DUNGEON‘ made him feel uneasy; warily, he cracked the door open, before his face turned blue.


Chains, whips, handcuffs, straightjackets, and tons of other BDSM related stuff that he had no idea what they were…Virgo had it all, and suddenly the dungeon part of the name was making way too much sense.




Taurus would forever deny that he shrieked like a little girl when Virgo suddenly popped out of the shadows and greeted him like that. “GAAAH!!!! DON’T DO THAT!”


Virgo tilted her head. “What would you like me to do to you?” If it hadn’t been for the gleam in her eyes, Taurus would have thought she was serious; but since he knew her so well, he could tell she was teasing him.


“Nice try, but you’re not going to use any of this kinky stuff on me,” Taurus huffed, edging away from her.


“Really?” Without moving a muscle, Virgo’s breasts began to grow…and grow…and grow. Her clothes vanished as well, leaving voluptuous body in full view. “What about now?”


“…MOOOOOO!” Sprinting forward, Taurus scooped her into his arms and ran into the dungeon. Vanishing his own clothes, he laid down on one of the tables, his massive erection sticking straight up. “LET’S GO, MISTRESS VIRGO!”


A brief smile flickered across Virgo’s face, and there was a hunger in her eyes as she stood up and wrapped her tits around his cock. Even with as enlarged as her boobs were, they still couldn’t fully encircle it. “It’s too bad I wasn’t familiar with sex earlier,” she stated, rubbing her cheek against his dick and eyeing it. “We could have done this sooner.”


“Well, let’s make up for lost time!” Taurus declared, grabbing her enormous tits with both hands, his fingers sinking into them. Even her nipple wasn’t exempt; despite how hard it was, Taurus was still strong enough to sink his fingers into it. He grinned when she moaned.


Lightly glaring at him, Virgo rubbed her tits harder and faster. In an impressive display of balance, she stood on one foot, using her other to play with his balls; it was Taurus’ turn to moan. “OOOHMMMMMOOOOOO!”


Virgo added her mouth to the action, dragging her tongue all the way up and down the huge length and girth of his erection, not stopping until it was thoroughly coated with her saliva.


“You know– oh yes!…for someone who doesn’t– just like that!…talk very much– ah fuck!…you’re really good with your mouth!” Taurus managed to gasp out as Virgo went to town on his cock. It was actually quivering with excitement and anticipation.


“Thank you, I think,” Virgo replied, shooting him a lightning quick smirk. Jumping up onto the table, she straddled him, lining up her pussy.


Then she shot down like a rock, his dick slamming into her!




They both screamed at the same time, Taurus much louder than Virgo. Virgo hadn’t expected it to feel so good, while Taurus didn’t anticipate Virgo suddenly fucking herself like that.


After remaining frozen for a moment, the two spirits locked eyes.


Virgo smiled. Taurus grinned.


Then they were fucking each other with wild abandon. The table creaked under the strain; Virgo gasped when Taurus seized her tits again; Taurus bellowed when Virgo squeezed her thighs together.


It was wild, untamed, and loud enough that, had Virgo’s dungeon not been soundproofed, they would have invited attention from the entire building. Feeling an orgasm rapidly approaching, Virgo managed to lean down and kiss Taurus, their tongues winding together.


The ending was even more explosive than their fucking, and it was a good thing that all of Virgo’s equipment was very sturdy; otherwise, it would have all been wrecked.


As it was, she would need a new table…


(Later That Evening…)


Virgo didn’t even blink as she passed by a very fat, very ugly man, who was staggering down the hall from Lucy’s room, a stupid smile on his face. Knocking once on the door, the spirit opened it.


The room was even messier than her dungeon after she and Taurus was done, something she hadn’t thought possible. Lucy was lying on the floor, panting and covered in sweat, used condoms, and semen.


“It seems we both had very busy days.”


“…oh, hey Virgo,” Lucy tiredly greeted her, flopping one arm in an almost wave. “How did things go with Taurus? And how’s your room? Anything you need changed?”


“Taurus and I…had a very good time. And no, my room is perfect,” Virgo told her mistress, another quick smile on her face. “Also, I need to tell you: while I will be working here, you don’t need to worry. You can still summon me whenever you need to.”


Lucy blinked before giving her a grateful smile, dragging herself into a sitting position. “Thanks, Virgo; I knew I can count on you.”


Virgo nodded and then handed Lucy a huge wad of cash. Lucy took them automatically, looking at Virgo quizzically.


“My earnings for the day.” Seeing that Lucy was still confused, Virgo elaborated. “All my earnings will go to you, my mistress. Celestial spirits have no need for earthly money.”


“Wha…REALLY!?” Lucy squealed, her eyes shining like stars and more sparkling around her.


Virgo nodded. “Really. I am happy to serve you anyway I can, mistress.”


After Virgo excused herself and left the room, Lucy stared at the ceiling in contemplation. “Hmmm… I wonder… could I persuade Taurus and Aquarius to join too? And maybe some of the others…” she mumbled to herself, staggering to her feet and heading towards the shower.

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7 months ago

Genial me ha atrapo esta historia ya estot emocionado con saber que parasa en el siguente capitulo

11 months ago

Incredible artwork Rtenzo! I didn’t expected a spirit on spirit action between Virgo and Taurus, plus how the former looks sexy with
her super large boobs and face pressed against the massive bull meat-rod. You never failed to impress me man, keep up the good work. 😁👍
Also the latest chapter was great as well, Lucy money problem was resolved, Virgo joining the guild after the last chapter, and the sex scene the mentioned maid and Taurus were very much splendid.

11 months ago
Reply to  NamelessR04

Thank you Nameless!! I’m pleased you’re enjoying every aspect of this, the art and hte story. Thank you for reading and I really appreciate the feedback

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
11 months ago

Right out the gate, Lucy looks to being following Nami’s example. That won’t end well for her.

So, Irene scared off the other Milf. That’s too bad. Speaking of, is Laki apart of the new guild?

With Natsu moving into Lucy’s old place, does that mean he knows about her and Juvia being in the new guild?

Nice to see Vinnie is getting some time with his crush. And yes! Lucy is getting stuck with the ugly bastard (Evil Laugh)! It would be just perfect if the guys get nothing but BSU level clients to Lucy’s dismay.

Glad to see Virgo’s appearance changing abilities being used.

11 months ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

lol Lucy’s money issues will no longer be an issue. Laki is not part of the new guild, I’m not even sure who she is. Not too sure about Natsu, as far as he knows Lucy is jus tmoving into the guild hall, but he can probably assume shes working there. Or she told him. Lucy will have to serve a lot of the unattractive but very rich men, that just comes with the territory of her new profession.

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
11 months ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

She’s the lavender haired girl with glasses who uses Wood-Make, has interesting teases, and was mentioned being behind Irene in the last chapter.

Asides from her, the only other original guild members who still haven’t joined are Evergreen, Kinana, Bisca, Cana(I know out for you in general, but damn would she fit well), Lisanna, and of course Mira.

Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
11 months ago

Hmmm quite the interesting chapter. I do enjoy some huge Titted virgo! The art is pretty great as virgo’s massive tits incase Taurus’s cock and they both are grabbing her mountains of tit flesh which is super hot. The background is also cool as its pretty much virgo’s dungeon. The story begins with lucy counting her money from last night as erza walks in telling her good job and she came in second overall. As Lucy asks was it irene? But nope she needs to learn to be more friendly. Virgo takes the top spot and which shocked lucy before erza told her virgo is now apart of fairy tail. There is a funny moment were the girls were moving in to fairy tail and juvia needed erza’s help. The story continues as Taurus comes out asking for sex which Lucy stops him and tells him she is booked soild so no princess pounding for him. As she tells him to go find virgo, taurus then gets lost opening lots of doors before finally reaching the dungeon were virgo scared him and the fun beings as Taurus says no until virgo strips and busts out her mega tits and they were fucking in no time as the titty fuck began using one foot to play with his balls and her tits to take his cock between her tits before impaling herself on the cock. They had a nice long fuck which was hot but a little lackluster with not much dirty talk. The story ends with virgo giving Lucy her money and her planning more spirits to join.
Overall: this was enjoyable but a bit on the safe side with not the usual screaming nasty talk we are use to. The art is fantastic and the story is creative and good. The pairing between Taurus and virgo isn’t what I was expecting but a good surprise.
Art: 9
Story: 8
Overall 22/30

11 months ago

Thanks for the feedback man. I think Virgo would be more reserved plus shes the one in control of the situation.