Lotion to Make the Motion (Special Edition)

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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Ichigo Kurosaki still could barely believe what his eyes were showing him. He’d seen a lot in his life. Vengeful masked soul eating spirits, sword carrying gods of death, mixes of the two, and even archers who use bows and arrows of light. But something about a beach of naked people in various acts of fornication, somehow, this he was having trouble believing!


He had come to what he thought was just a nude beach with Rangiku Matsumoto. The strawberry blonde had visited him the other day to invite him and his wife to this beach since she didn’t want to come alone and currently none of her friends in the Soul Society could get away from their duties long enough for the trip.


Orihime was several months pregnant and long trips aren’t recommended at that stage. But she insisted Ichigo go with Rangiku and in her words, “Live a little!” At least that’s what she said at the train station when he again tried to get out of this trip.


Rangiku certainly wasn’t bashful about walking around naked. She stripped out of her bikini the moment they reached the border of the beach! Unfortunately, seeing all that luscious naked flesh had given Ichigo a natural reaction.


However, Rangiku wasn’t bashful about that either! She hadn’t hesitated in ‘helping’ Ichigo relieve the erection under the assumption that having a hard-on was considered bad manners at a nudist beach.


Well, THAT was wrong!


“This is crazy…” Ichigo said.


“Pssh, you really need to loosen up Ichigo!” said Rangiku as she smiled at the mass of naked bodies stretched out before them, “This is gonna be great! Come on, let’s have a look around.” she said, grabbing his wrist again and pulling him along farther into the area.


The two of them easily found a clear space to set up. Ichigo laid out a pair of beach towels while Rangiku set a large umbrella into the sand. “Careful with that,” Ichigo warned, “I got it from hat and clogs, and he said that everything we…” he began to explain before Rangiku opened the umbrella and a large cooler and a pair of lounging chairs fell out. The heavy chested woman showed off her reflexes as she narrowly avoided getting knocked on the head by the cooler which landed at her feet and popped open on its own. Inside it was filled with ice, an assortment of drinks, and a few candy bars.


“Thanks for the warning.” Rangiku said, holding a hand over her left tit, fingers squishing deep into the soft pliant flesh, “Oooo! Is that strawberry sake!?” she exclaimed as she looked over the coolers contents.


“A little early to drink isn’t it?”


“It’s fine, it’s fine!” Rangiku said, waving a hand dismissively as she pulled the bottle out of the cooler and twisted the cap off. She took a quick swig straight from the bottle, “Ahhhh, that’s the good stuff!” she said with a smile.


“Since when do you like the flavored stuff?” Ichigo asked as he took a seat next to her.


“Since I discovered that they made flavored sake!” she answered simply. She then took out a pair of tiny sake cups and poured the drink properly, “First time I drank sake was just after I was made lieutenant, I thought it tasted gross honestly, but your old man insisted.”


“Yeah,” Ichigo agreed, “That sounds like him.” He accepted the cup and waited for her to fill her own before taking a drink with the strawberry blonde. If he were being honest, Ichigo preferred regular sake to the flavored stuff, but even he had to admit it went down a bit easier on the first drink.


“Ahhh, it’s so nice to be able to drink with you now. When we first met you guys were so uptight about being ‘underage’ I think was how you put it?” Rangiku said after her fifth cup.


“Hey, we didn’t know there weren’t any drinking laws in the Soul Society back then. We just finished rescuing Rukia from an unfair law.” Ichigo said.


“Yeah yeah, things are a lot better now in regards to all that. They even set up a squad to start reuniting families, though personally that sounds like paperwork hell.” Rangiku agreed, “Hey, would you put some lotion on my back for me, I don’t wanna burn out here.”


“You’re in a gigai, even if you did burn, won’t that just get left on it when you leave it?” Ichigo asked.


“Come on, pwease…” she begged in a cutesy voice while batting her eyes at him.


Ichigo fought the urge to roll his eyes, ‘How does Toshiro put up with this on a daily basis, he’s gotta have the patience of a saint!’ he thought to himself. Downing the rest of his drink, Ichigo looked inside the cooler again. Kisuke had placed more than drinks and snacks inside once he’d taken a closer look. There was a walled off compartment to the right hand side that held bottles of suntan oils, lotions, and for some reason condoms and… Other paraphernalia.


Grabbing a bottle marked with a sun icon on it, Ichigo popped off the cap and sniffed at the contents. Most lotions today had a coconut scent to them, but he couldn’t identify this one. It was a mild spicy scent, like the powdered peppers one might find at the market. He dabbed his fingers into the pink colored lotion. He didn’t feel anything unusual like it getting warm or cold, so he figured it was safe as he poured a small bit into his palm.


Rubbing his hands together to spread the lotion a bit more, Ichigo then moved to straddle Rangiku’s long legs. “Mmmh!” she purred when his half hard cock landed on top of her ass, “Aww…” she then whined when he quickly repositioned himself.


“Don’t start…” he warned her as he placed his hands on her shoulder blades.


“I don’t mind you having a little fun, bet you’d enjoy some of the things I can do with my ass.” she teased, making the cheeks of her ass clap loudly. Ichigo gulped and looked away as he began moving his hands up and down her back in long slow strokes.


“Ooooohmmmmmmmh!!!” Rangiku purred like a cat, even arching her back slightly at his touch.


“Please don’t do that…” Ichigo pleaded as he felt his dick getting hard again at her cooing moans. It didn’t help that everywhere he looked was like being in the middle of a live porno set! His dick was already nearly at full erection again, he tried not to look down at Rangiku very much as he began rubbing the sunscreen into her lower back.


“Mmmmmh, that feels good… Keep going!” Rangiku told him as she let out another soft moan.


“Ummmahh, Rangiku, couldn’t you not moan like that, please…” Ichigo asked as he began working his way to her lower back.


“Why nooot, it feels goood, keep going…!” Rangiku moaned, squirming beneath him now as she did so. She pressed her ass up and giggled as his still hard cock fell between the warm soft cheeks. “Oh, what’s this, a present for me!?” she asked as she turned to look at him with a lecherous grin.


Ichigo felt his cheeks turning red again as he tried to pull away, but Rangiku wasn’t having it as she tightened her buttocks around his rod with a vice-like grip.


“Gnooope, you’re not getting away!” she teased as she began rubbing her ass back and forth along his cock. Ichigo grunted at the feel as Rangiku grabbed the lotion bottle and poured it over her ass. The viscous pink fluid flowed down into her ass quickly, almost as if moving on its own.


“Ahhaaahhh!!” Ichigo groaned as a heat spread through his cock as the lotion made Rangiku’s ass all slippery and warm. The sensation went from his loins to the back of his head and back again! Instantly he found his hands gripping the creamy cheeks of Rangiku’s ass as he began pumping his thick rod between them.


“Oooooo, that-a boy!!!” Rangiku purred, “Hotdog my sexy ass!”


“Ahhh, what’s going on!?” Ichigo cried, “My hips, they’re moving on their own!”


“A likely story,” Rangiku said with a smirk, “You’ve got a free pass from your wife, so enjoy yourself for a change!!! MMMMMMMMH, yeah, pound my ass like that harder!!! It feels goood!” she moaned.


“I’m serious Rangiku, I… I can’t… Ahhhh…” Ichigo groaned as the feeling of her tight sexy ass began overwhelming him.


“And I said I don’t believe you!” said Rangiku as she began pumping her hips back and forth with his. Moaning at the SLAP SLAP SLAP of his pelvis pounding against her ass.


“Ohhhh FUUUCK, this is turning me on so much!!!!” Rangiku moaned, “My asssss…. Fuck my ass Ichigooooo…” she begged.


“Ahhhaaa… OH FUCK IT!” Ichigo groaned as he pulled Rangiku’s hips up and pulled back a ways. He then slammed his cock balls deep into the woman’s waiting asshole! The lotion worked as a perfect lubricant, allowing his already thick cock to easily slip inside her anus.




AHHHHHAAAA!!!!!” Ichigo groaned as Rangiku pushed her hips back against him, forcing him to stay inside her as she knocked him back onto his back. She then spun herself around on top of him like a top. The sensation of her ass twisting around his cock was maddening as he let out another groan.


“About time you loosened up!” she told him with a grin as she shoved her massive tits in his face, “MMMMMH FUCK IT’S SO BIIIIG!!! I LOVE IT, I LOVE BIG FUCKING COCKS UP MY ASS!!! POUND THAT HUGE DICK INTO ME ICHIGO, DON’T HOLD ANYTHING BACK!!!!


Groaning wordlessly, Ichigo wrapped one arm around her waist as the other moved to grab a fistfull of her fat sexy rump. Rangiku howled so loud others on the beach began watching the pair as Ichigo began bouncing her up and down on top of himself.


YES, YESYESYES, FUCK ME, FUCK MY ASS RAW!!!!! FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!!!! I LOVE THIS, IT’S SO BIG AND HARD, MY ASS IS BEING DESTROYED!!!!!! DON’T STOP, FUCK MEEEE!!!! FUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKME!!!!” Rangiku panted as she bounced up and down on top of him. She hugged her own tits, sucking one nipple roughly as Ichigo groaned at the feel of her tight, hot, ass moving up and down.


“Ran…Gi…Kuuuuu!!!” Ichigo groaned.


NO!!! DON’T, YOU, DARE, STOOOOP!!!!!!” Rangiku told him, “I’M SO FUCKING CLOSE NOW!!!! AHHHH FUCK YESSSS!!!! I’M CUMMMMINGGGGGG!!!!” Rangiku screamed in ecstasy as her pussy sprayed his pelvis with hot fluid. “I’M CUMMING WITH MY ASSSSS!!!!” she howled as Ichigo slammed his cock as deep as it would go inside her. Her flat and lightly toned stomach stretched up and out as his immense length deformed her belly.


The orange haired man then growled like a beast as he sat up and pushed Rangiku down onto her back, grabbing both her thighs and lifting her ass up as he stood on his knees. He groaned in pleasure as his hips kept moving as though they had a mind of their own, ramrodding his cock in and out of her asshole again and again. Rangiku’s obscenely large tits wobbled and swayed from his thrusts, her nipples so stiff they looked like they could cut glass. Ichigo groaned again as he suddenly found himself bending down, wrapping his mouth around her left nipple, sucking it roughly as she screamed in pleasure. He swirled his tongue around the areola, feeling the stiffness of the hard nub with his tongue.


Ahhh, fuck, I can’t stop myself, what the hell is going on!?’ he thought. He then lifted his head and looked down, watching as his cock slipped in and out of Rangiku’s asshole. The tight orifice clung tightly to his thick cock every time he pulled back, as if it didn’t want to let go.


YESSS, YESYESYES, FUCK MY ASS, FUCK IT HAAAARD!!!” screamed Rangiku as she began grabbing at her tits, pulling one to her own mouth and sucking it roughly. “MMMMMMMMMPH!!!!” she screamed around it as he felt her asshole tightening around his cock.


HRMMMH, HRMMMH, HRMMMH!!!” he grunted as he pounded his cock into Rangiku’s ass again and again with a loud SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP!




AH FUUUUUCK!!!!” Ichigo cursed as he began cumming inside her. He groaned in pleasure as he felt his balls clenching repeatedly as his cum shot deep inside her ass.


YES, THAT’S IT, STUFF MY ASS FULL OF CUM ICHIGO!!!! AHHH I FEEL IT IN MY BELLY!!!! IT’S SO HOT AND THIIIICK!!!!” Rangiku screamed as she moved her hips in slow circular motions, stirring his cock and cum around inside her.


The strawberry blonde haired woman then fell in a heap onto the sand. Around them, some of the crowd that had gathered began to applaud. Ichigo let out another groan as he fell over her, trying to hide his face in the sand beneath them.


“I’m glad you finally let yourself relax.” Rangiku said. The two of them finally pulled away from one another, Ichigo’s cock making an audible ‘pop’ when it pulled out of Rangiku’s ass. His cum rapidly drained back out of her ass, turning the sand into a sticky mud. The woman grinned and pulled a phone from her bag and snapped a selfie of her still gaping asshole. “I gotta show this to Rukia, she’ll be so jealous!”


HEY!!! Don’t you dare!!!” Ichigo shouted as he tried to snatch the phone away from her. But Rangiku was as nimble as a cat and managed to evade his every attempt!


“Annnnd send!” she said with a giggle.


“Arrrrgh!” Ichigo growled in frustration. “For your information, that wasn’t me just now! I couldn’t stop myself!”


“Still going with that line eh?” Rangiku replied dryly. She then looked at her selfie, “Damn that’s a wide gape.”


“Sorry.” he said.


“For what?” she asked as she tossed the phone back into her bag. She then picked up the lotion bottle he’d used before, “Hey can you…?” she began to ask, but stopped as her eyes scanned the tiny text on the label.


“Huh, Urahara you clever devil. Seems I owe you an apology, Ichigo.” she said as she tossed him the bottle.


Ichigo scanned the label.




A stream of pink lotion shot out of the tip of the bottle as Ichigo crushed it in his fist. “Damn him,” he cursed to himself.


“Um Ichigo?” Rangiku asked.


“What?” he asked with a sigh.


“I still need you to do my back.” she said, holding up another bottle of sunscreen.



Story by Sailor Io

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2 months ago

This was amazing and it was funny at the end since Ichigo tried to grab Rangiku’s phone when she wanted to send a pic of her own gaping asshole to Rukia and he was unfortunately too late when she succeeded and Rangiku is quick.

2 months ago
Reply to  Mad_Max

Lol, yeah, she did it mainly to tease him at the time.

Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki
3 months ago

Could we get Naruto re-releases coming up soon

3 months ago

That’s some powerful aphrodisiac if it can just take control of him into fucking her anally. Ichigo’s getting there before conscious and subconscious outright make peace and he decides to get into it. I remember the three day session but I’m really still waiting for the train tracks.

3 months ago
Reply to  Kino

you mean the all day session? Three images at different times of day. I’m also looking forward to the train tracks as well. That one was fun.

Smiling Fiend
Smiling Fiend
3 months ago

Damn, I think not even later arcs of the manga showed if they were at least making an effort to make Rukongai less shitty… but at least, in this story, things already look better for the people living there. Good job once again !

3 months ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

Well, things were as bad as they were because of the idiots in charge who only wanted to maintain the status quo. Which led to some rather cruel choices. Aizen did the Soul Society a favor when he killed all of them.

3 months ago

This such a dumb thought. BUT. If Rangiku for whatever reason, wanted to have sex with Ichigo without actually having sex with Ichigo, could she activate her Shikai, and form the ashes of her sword into a clone of herself for Ichigo to plow while she watches? Or do the same thing but in a Setsuna way by forming a pocket pussy for him underneath a dinner table while Orihime and Nel and a bunch of other people have dinner right next to them? And since ash is naturally extremely hot, Kurosaki would be in thermal heaven while he’s at it.

Anyway. Besides my (in my not so humble opinion) incredible chapter and art idea, I like the rereleases, Bleach is great as always and Ichigo and Rangiku’s dynamic is fun.

3 months ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Glad you enjoyed it, though I don’t think Haineko works like that.