Island of Intercourse: Secret Sexual Relations

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Fairy Tail stories)
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Growing up, Natsu never thought much about sex. There was always training to do, and searching, and eating, and a host of other things. He knew about it in vague terms, but that was it.


Then he met Lucy, and things had changed. Oh yes, they had changed a lot, and she had taught him a lot about sex. Of course, he liked to think that he had taught her quite a bit as well.


Heh heh heh…


Shaking his head to bring himself back to reality, Natsu took another look around. Being stranded on some weird deserted island wasn’t all that bad. It would have been better if Lucy was with him, but Juvia wasn’t a bad companion by any means. Away from Gray, she was a lot more tolerable, not to mention sexy as hell. Her ass and tits had definitely gotten bigger, and Natsu could feel his cock hardening.


“What do you think we should do, Natsu-san?” Juvia asked him, back from exploring the island. There was nothing on it; at least, nothing useful that would let them escape. She told Natsu as much, and he shrugged.


“Well, our friends will be sure to find us soon,” he said with absolute confidence. “So, we might as well have some fun while we wait.”


Juvia tilted her head cutely to one side. “What kind of fun?”


Grinning, Natsu hooked his thumbs into his pants and slowly slid them down, exposing his rock-hard erection. “How about sex?” he asked bluntly.


Juvia’s blue eyes got very wide as she stared in shock at Natsu’s humongous penis. It was incredibly long and equally thick; she was sure that it would never fit in her. Hiding her face in her hands, she sputtered, “N-NATSU-SAN! WHY WOULD YOU SUGGEST SUCH A THING?! P-PLEASE….PUT IT AWAY!”


“Are you sure you want me to do that?” Natsu asked slyly, seeing Juvia peek out through her fingers before immediately covering her eyes again. “Seems like you like it more than you’re saying.” Walking up closer to her, he poked the tip of his dick against her boobs, making her jump and shiver.


“AH! Well…um…you see…” Juvia wasn’t sure what to say, as conflicting desires battled inside of her. On the one side was her devotion to Gray, ever lasting and still going strong. But there was another, devious side that was whispering about how big Natsu was, how nobody would know, and how good it might feel.


Walking behind her, Natsu rubbed her huge ass with his erection; it got even harder at the feeling of her smooth, soft butt cheeks. Imagining reaming out her ass, Natsu licked his lips. “C’mon, Juvia. It will be our secret; no one else needs to know.”


Having Natsu unknowingly echo her own inner thoughts helped push Juvia over the edge. She tried to justify it, if only to herself. More sex would help make her a better lover for Gray, and make him happier, making her happier in return.


But still that little voice whispered: she really wanted to know what it be like to be fucked by Natsu’s incredibly big dick.


“A-all right, Natsu-san,” she told him, lowering her hands to slowly remove what little of her clothes had survived their landing on the island. A conveniently placed rock, overlooking the ocean, gave her the perfect place to bend over and present herself to him. “I guess it will be all right-AHH!!!”


Juvia screamed in surprise as Natsu, not wasting any time, nimbly jumped up, landing neat astride her body. With speed and skill, he pushed his cock deep inside her; not her pussy, as she had been expecting, but her ass!


“OH, HELL YEAH!” Natsu cheered, pulling back his hip and then pushing them forward again, eliciting a squeal from his new lover. “THIS IS GREAT! YOU’RE SO TIGHT, AND I LOVE HOW BIG AND SOFT YOUR ASS IS! OOOOHHH!”


Juvia squealed, again and again, as Natsu’s fucking picked up speed. As expected, his enormous dick invading her tight asshole hurt a bit but it also felt good! She’d never experienced anything like this; it was overwhelming.


“Slow down Natsu-san!!!” she begged when she had the breath to do so. “You’re…UGH!!!” Natsu’s balls slapping against her pussy made Juvia interrupt herself. “Much bigger than Gray-sama…”


The words hung in the air; they were a shock to Juvia. Had she actually just said that? Gray was paramount in her mind. She loved him, so how could anyone be better than him?


But…it was true. This wild, rough sex with Natsu’s huge dick was better than any sex she’d ever had with Gray, by far. She loved it, craved it, and wanted more of it. She sent a mental apology to Gray, but she couldn’t deny her feelings.


For Natsu, the words were equally shocking; his jaw dropped before spreading into the biggest smile of his life. Juvia, Gray’s number one fangirl, had said, aloud, that he was bigger. And from the sounds she was making, it was clear that Juvia was having a great time, almost as good as he was.


“Juvia, you made me all fired up!” Natsu told her, flopping down onto her back. Reaching around her body, he seized her breasts with both hands, strong fingers sinking into the soft flesh of her tits.


Juvia screamed in pleasure as that pushed her over the edge. Unbelievably, she was cumming from getting fucked in the ass, by a man that wasn’t Gray! But as impossible as that would have been to her just a few minutes ago, she couldn’t deny it: she loved Natsu’s more violent and wild style of sex, more than she enjoyed her slow lovemaking with Gray. And even when they were back with their friends, she knew she would want it again, and again, and again.


Natsu was of the same mind; laughing as he buried his cock deep in Juvia’s amazing ass, he shouted as he shot his load, “WE’VE GOTTA DO THIS AGAIN, AND SOON, JUVIA!”


“YEEESSSSS!!! I WANT MORE NATSU-SAN!!!” Juvia found herself screaming back, writhing in pleasure as Natsu’s orgasm triggered another one in her, fresh on the heels of the last one.


And they both knew that this was the start of a new, secret, more intimate relationship between them both.

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1 year ago

Oigan podrian hacer una de irene de fairy tail?

2 years ago

Ero enzo I was wondering if you could do a Yoko littner from gurren lagann