Inked with Intense Horniness

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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“So, who’s the client or client’s this time?” Kyoka asked as she sat naked in what looked like an old American barber’s chair. Well, that’s what it had started out as at the very least. Mei Hatsume had augmented it quite a bit with a number of mechanical and robotic arms. When Itsuka Kendo looked at it from certain angles it almost resembled a robotic spider. It might have been frightening if it didn’t look so ridiculous.


“No clue,” Itsuka answered, “Just that the request was for two girls in harem outfits with inmon marks.” Itsuka giggled at the way Kyoka rolled her eyes, “I don’t think it’s Mineta though.”


“What makes you say that?” the dark haired girl asked.


“Because it was just for two girls and not a dozen.” Itsuka said.


Kyoka snorted, “As if the little perv could even afford THAT!


“I dunno, he’s a resourceful one, gotta give him that much.” Itsuka countered. The ginger haired girl had seen the ball headed hero in Busteez Hero Agency at LEAST twice a week if not more. Even if he was only hanging around in the ballroom, that could get rather expensive. It made Itsuka ponder what the pro hero he was doing his work study under was paying.


“Sorry for the wait!” said a new voice and both girls turned to see Mei Hatsume walk back into the room. They were on the second floor of the agency, while there were a few rooms for guests here, most of what this area’s main function was to provide services for them like a still unfurnished gym, a salon, a gift shop, cleaner, tailor, and now, a tattoo parlor.


“These ARE only temporary, right?” Kyoka asked the pink haired girl.


“Of course!” Mei said excitedly, “This ink I’ve created will slowly turn completely clear within a few days.”


“Define a few.” Itsuka said.


“Three, possibly four, possibly less, and certainly not more. It will vary from one person to the next depending on things like location, size, and the like.” Mei told them as she tossed a large mason jar filled with a neon pink powder.


“Hang on, I thought you said ink, what’s with the powder?” Kyoka asked in confusion.


“Tattoo ink is a powder until mixed with water, helps prevent waste from drying out.” Itsuka said.


Both Mei and Kyoka gave her surprised looks and Kyoka shook her head, “What, I don’t have any, you’ve seen me naked Kyoka, so you know! I just saw a special on tattoos on the learning channel once in the common room at the dorms. It was Reiko’s turn and that’s what she picked.”


“Ah, well, she’s right! I did a TON of research on tattooing when Midnight asked me to make this baby!” Mei said as she uncapped the mason jar and poured the very fine powder into a receptacle on one side of the chair. Itsuka was surprised that there was hardly any dust kicked up at all, but when she looked closer she saw a small blue light just above the opening. There was a lot of dust floating up from there, but when it touched the light it just stopped.


Mei noticed her staring and explained, “It’s a static field to keep the dust from escaping into the air. Otherwise we’d need to wear respirator masks for this part.”


Kyoka sat upright suddenly, “Hang on, is that stuff toxic!?”


“A lot of things are if they get into your lungs. Even some forms of flower pollen can be very dangerous if inhaled.” Mei said as though it were common knowledge. She then finished pouring the powder in and closed the lid. “Alright! Let’s fire up this baby!!!” she said as she began flipping switches and pressing buttons seemingly at random. Itsuka and Kyoka both looked at one another nervously.


The mechanical arms that were attached to the chair then began to move around slowly with a soft whirring noise. They all then bent inward like a dead spider’s legs. The arm at the top of the left side then moved in a little closer than the rest. A green laser line then projected onto Kyoka’s body from the arm, scanning her entire body.


“Hey, this thing isn’t keeping that body scan, is it?” Kyoka asked.


Mei blinked her yellow eyes, “Hmm, no, it doesn’t store things like that, now, please hold still.” she told her.


The second arm on the opposing side then bent in farther, the end was tipped with what looked like a tattoo artist’s pen crossed with an airbrush. The clear vessel where the ink was kept filled itself with the pink dye that had been in powder form just a moment ago. Itsuka winced sympathetically, knowing this part would hurt a bit as it pressed the tip of the tattooing pen against Kyoka’s pelvis, just a few inches about her pussy. The dark haired girl closed her eyes tight and locked herself in place.


With a sound almost like a laserjet printer, the mechanical arm touched the pen to her skin and began quickly moving from side to side and down slowly. Kyoka then opened her eyes with a confused expression.


“You okay?” Itsuka asked, “How’s the pain?”


“What pain?” Kyoka asked, “It feels more like someone’s drawing on my skin with a marker than anything else.


“Really?” Itsuka replied, confused.


“Well yeah, I’d never make a baby that INTENTIONALLY hurts someone. The ink has a powerful local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory mixed into it. No one’s gonna want to go through this on multiple occasions if it hurts.” Mei said as though it were obvious.


“The painkiller I get, but why the anti-inflammatory?” Kyoka asked.


“Speeds up healing. Your skin is technically being stabbed by a near microscopic needle at four hundred pricks per second. Not enough to really draw blood, but it would swell up a little otherwise.” Mei explained.


“R~ight,” Kyoka said, from her tone, she didn’t completely get it, but was clearly grateful that it wasn’t hurting. She then turned to look at Itsuka, “What are these womb tattoo things called again? I’ve seen them in promotional art for some ero games, but that’s about it.”


“They’re called “Inmon”, which means lewd crest. And yeah, they’re pretty standard fare for porn games where the girl is either enslaved, mind broken, and stuff like that. They’re supposed to be magic or something, making the girl super horny or whatever.” Itsuka explained as the image of a pink heart was drawn over Kyoka’s womb. Well, it mostly resembled a heart, but there were two curly lines at the top of the heart shape’s curve that spun out to either side. Anyone who knew even the basics of female anatomy would recognize it as a depiction of the womb rather than the classic Valentine’s symbol.


The entire tattooing process took about two minutes before it was done. The mechanical arms all then pulled away and Kyoka sat up slowly.


“Well, I suppose it doesn’t look bad as far as tattoos go.” she said. She then turned back to Itsuka, “So part of the fantasy or whatever?” she asked.


“Yep, thanks again for helping me out.” Itsuka said.


“No problem,” Kyoka said as she got out of the chair and Itsuka took her place. Mei repeated the same process on her, but with an extra twist of adding a belly button piercing. The eight mechanical arms had several functions. One was a tattooing arm, two more for various kinds of piercings. The remaining five had swappable tips to perform a variety of functions. Though when Mei showed them the straight razor attachment for shaving and explained it was for shaving the pubic regions, Itsuka swore she’d NEVER even think of trying that. Better to deal with the pain of a bikini wax than have some kind of ugly scar if and when it malfunctioned.



“So we’re supposed to be some harem girls?” Kyoka asked in a dry voice as they walked into the hotel room where they’d be meeting their client. Itsuka freely admitted the room did fit the aesthetic, with a lot of silk curtains, satin sheets, and big fluffy looking pillows. What obviously had Kyoka weary was the large stuffed bunny rabbit and other plush toys that were sitting in the middle of the massive bed in the center of the room.


“Yeah, I don’t know who decorated it here, but I think they mixed genres.” Itsuka agreed.


Kyoka sighed, “Haaaah, whatever, where are our costumes?” she asked.


“Closet. I left them in a bag before we went to see Mei.” Itsuka answered. It had been a novel experience, walking naked through the hotel from the parlor to the themed room on the fifth floor. Though no one was really around, so it hadn’t been all that different from say, walking around naked in one’s own home. Though the girls who were free to do VIP stuff were listed in a menu every night, Busteez had yet to have a fully booked set of rooms. Though Itsuka guessed it was only a matter of time before they didn’t have ENOUGH rooms.


Kyoka moved over to the closet and retrieved the bag, Itsuka couldn’t help but snicker at the look on her face when she saw it! “You can’t be serious.” Kyoka said as she held up the brown paper bag no bigger than a lunch bag you’d see in some American school drama.


“What, you haven’t even seen them yet!” Itsuka answered, still snickering.


“How are there two costumes in this?” Kyoka asked.


“Open it and take a look.” Itsuka told her. Kyoka did, pulling the sides of the bag apart and looking inside. When she looked back up at her, Itsuka snickered and said, “Come one, it’s not THAT bad. The crotches don’t dig in for one thing. Not by much anyway.”


Kyoka just shook her head as she walked over to the massive bed at the center of the room and upended the bag. Inside were two silky loincloth style panties. Well, They weren’t exactly loincloths in the traditional sense. They were thong style panties, but with long strips of silk attached to the front and back. There were two different pairs, one was more like a traditional loincloth, which is where Itsuka got the description, the other was a little more frilly with the back having a long silk sheet that covered the whole ass. Though the sheet was so sheer, it offered nothing in terms of preserving modesty. There were fabric bands in gold that when worn would look like actual metal, but were lighter in weight and more comfortable. There was also a set of gold pasties and a silver top that kind of reminded Itsuka of bat wings a little, but with gold handle bars over where the nipples would be. Itsuka divided the outfits into two distinct sets. The less modest one she took for herself, while giving Kyoka the one that offered just a little more coverage.


Kyoka picked up one of the sleeves for the set Itsuka gave her, “Weird, this looks like metal, but it’s fabric.” she said as she looked it over. It was a set of bracelets connected by a long silk ‘sleeve’ that would cover the wearer’s arm from the wrist to the bicep.


Nodding as she pulled on the loincloth panties for her costume, Itsuka said, “Yeah, I think Hatsume made it, but I’m not a hundred percent on that.” She tugged the panties up and into place, snapping the side strap against her hip. She winced as she snapped the strip a little harder than she meant to, she then blinked in confusion as she felt a heat spreading across her body from the point where the strap had snapped against her skin. Before she had a chance to wonder about it though Kyoka asked for her help with the pasties of her outfit. The golden discs had an adhesive backing on the part that would cover the nipples of her head sized breasts. The bit of wax paper that kept the adhesive covered didn’t have a little extra bit to make it easy to peel off. Itsuka’s nails were a little sharper than Kyoka’s, making it easy for her to dig them under the paper and pull it away.


“Thanks.” the dark haired girl said as she accepted the pasties and stuck them to her tits.


“Anytime.” Itsuka told her. She then helped the girl finish getting her harem girl outfit on before focusing on her own. She had a little trouble with the top as it wrapped around her back in an odd way. For a moment she worried it would pull her tits to the sides in an awkward manner. But it seemed the added weight from the enhancement Rie had given here was more than enough to help them hold their shape. Once dressed, Itsuka helped Kyoka with her make-up, applying the black eyeshadow and lipstick before Kyoka did the same for her.


“So, when’s their date?” Itsuka asked. Kyoka stiffened and Itsuka giggled, “You need to relax girl, you know there’s always the chance it goes horrible and the two decide they’re not right for each other.”


Kyoka’s shoulders and earphone jacks sagged as she hung her head, “Does it make me a horrible person if I hope that’s what happens?”


“Yes.” Itsuka answered honestly, “But that also just means you’re normal.” she added when Kyoka looked at her with a horrified expression. She then moved over to sit on the edge of the bed and smiled as she patted the space next to her. Kyoka sat with her and sighed softly as Itsuka draped her arm around the other girl’s shoulder and gave her a gentle hug.


“You do know it’d be easier if you just told her, right?” Itsuka asked, feeling an odd sense of deja vu. “Momo’s not all old fashioned, so she won’t just turn away from you. I know for a fact she enjoys girls too!”


Kyoka blinked her dark eyes, “Huh?”


Itsuka told her about the time she tried to get Momo to confess her feelings to Midoriya. And though it failed spectacularly, she did learn from the encounter that Momo was definitely bisexual. She told all of this to Kyoka and smiled at the way some of the tension visibly left her.


“If you want, I can try and help you like I did with her, but if you chicken out, then you’re on your own.” she offered.


“No, that’s alright,” Kyoka said while shaking her head, “Momo has enough to deal with already, I don’t wanna complicate her life with something like that.”


“That’s a pretty mature perspective.” Itsuka said with a smile.


“Thanks,” Kyoka said as she shifted in her seat slightly.


“Something wrong?” Itsuka asked.


“No… Not really…” Kyoka said, “Just, does it feel a little warm in here…?”


Itsuka thought it was just her. Ever since she snapped her panties against herself, she’d been feeling a heat building up inside her body. It was focused in her crotch, a tingling warmth that was slowly spreading out and through her entire body.


Kyoka clenched her thighs together, “Nmmmmh…” she whimpered as Itsuka caught the unmistakable scent of her hot pussy. “So, hot…” she breathed as she leaned back on the bed a bit. Itsuka then noticed something odd, the inmon mark over Kyoka’s womb looked brighter than before, it was almost glowing!


Hatsume…!’ Itsuka thought irritably. She should have known that girl would have done more than just make a real life temporary tattoo that wasn’t a glorified sticker. She more than likely mixed in some kind of aphrodisiac into the ink to make the inmon ‘extra’ realistic!


Kyoka whimpered again as she clung to Itsuka lightly, rubbing her thighs together as she began breathing heavily. “Haaah, my… My pussy! Nmmmmmmh!” Kyoka moaned, “Ahhhhnn, my pussy feels so hot, hah… Ahh, it just keeps getting hotter and hotter, ah, fuck, I…”


“I wanna cum so bad!” Itsuka finished for her, feeling a sudden and unbelievably intense tingling sensation in her pussy. She’d been horny before, so horny she couldn’t wait to get some privacy to go and masturbate! But this, this was some next level shit! Was this what a real life aphrodisiac did? She always thought that was just some stupid urban myth.


The two girls both leaned into one another, their breathing getting heavier, more ragged. Itsuka felt her body heating up with every passing second, so hot she could almost see her breath beginning to steam in the mildly air conditioned room!


“Hatsume, you, crazy, biiiitch…” Itsuka cursed then moaned as Kyoka moved to press her mouth against her own! The ginger haired girl moaned into the kiss, her entire body shaking in pleasure at how GOOD it felt! She couldn’t stop herself from kissing back if she’d tried. Her skin felt tingly all over, as though a billion ants were crawling over her, but not in a gross way. Every time a part of her body came in contact with Kyoka it sent a heated thrill through her like a wave spreading out from the point of contact.


Both girls began exploring the other’s mouth with their tongue as they moaned softly. Itsuka moved her hands up to cup her fingers around Kyoka’s big soft tits, when the sound of someone clearing their throat startled both girls! Itsuka and Kyoka both sat bolt upright and looked over in the direction of the hotel room entrance.


“I see you started without me.” said Mezo Shoji as he stood in the frame of the door leading into the room. Or more precisely, the mouth on the end of one of his tentacles said it. Mezo Shoji was a mountain of a man (by Japanese standards anyway), with shock white hair and dark colored eyes. He almost always wore a mask that covered the lower half of his face for his own reasons. While Itsuka had seen him speak through his regular mouth, he mostly preferred to use his Quirk to speak through a mouth formed by one of his tentacles. It was odd that he was the client, Itsuka couldn’t get much of a read on him, but he didn’t really seem the type to go for these fantasy settings.


Even though Itsuka could barely think through the heat burning between her legs, she was able to lay back on the bed with Kyoka and Shoji approached. She forced a smiled as she and Kyoka both said together, “Welcome home, master!” while looking up at him.


The mouth on the end of one tentacle formed a smile as Shoji leaned his bulky upper body forward. He didn’t say anything as he spread his arms out wide, extending his tentacles which quickly began to stretch out with long worm-like extensions. More extensions then branched out from the main ones as they reached over towards both girls. At the tips of a few tentacles, thick strong looking hands formed which proceeded to pick up both girls by their arms and legs while more still quickly relieved them of their clothes. Itsuka didn’t even try to resist, just feeling the panties rubbing against her pussy was almost enough to make her cum right now, it was actually a relief to be rid of them.


Itsuka moaned softly as a pair of hands moved to grip her heavy tits after stripping away her oddly designed top. The ginger haired young woman let out a long low moan of pleasure as the simple touch sent tingles throughout her entire body! Her already damp pussy let out a small gush of juices as she felt a minor orgasm.


“Nnngh, harder, squeeze harderrr…! OOOOOOOH FUCK!!!!” Itsuka moaned in pleasure as Shoji did just that. The hands gripping her breasts both squeezed harder and began kneading them roughly. Itsuka’s skin felt so sensitive right now that every time she felt those hands squeezing was almost enough to make her cum!


AHHH, HAHH, OH GOD!!!!” she heard Kyoka moaning next to her as she turned her head to see the dark haired girl being held up much like she was, only she was facing upwards instead of down. Her normally flat abs were tented upwards in a distinct shape as a thick tentacle dick was pumped in and out of her gushing pussy. An actual, honest, to god, hentai tentacle dick! The rational part of Itsuka’s mind shouldn’t have been surprised. She knew Shoji’s Quirk allowed him to replicate any part of his body on the ends of his tentacles. Normally he used them to form extra hands, eyes, ears, and mouths as needed for the situation. But that didn’t mean those were the only things he could replicate!


OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, IT’S GOING SO DEEEEEEP!!! AHHHH, WHY, WHY DOES IT FEEL SO GOOOOOD!?!?! SHIIIIT, I’M CUMMING, I’M ALREADY CUMMING I FEEL LIKE I’M LOSING MY MIND!!!” Kyoka screamed in a high pitched and girly voice as her back arched and a gush of juices sprayed from her pussy. Another tentacle moved towards her crotch, forming a tiny mouth at the end that began licking her clit directly, making the girl squirm and moan even mouder. The tiny jack that hung off her earlobes flailed about wildly as Kyoka struggled and thrashed about, though Itsuka could see she wasn’t trying to escape. It was more like she couldn’t help herself.


“Are you one of those types that like to watch?” Shoji’s voice whispered quietly in her ear even though his head was over two meters away. The tentacle mouth by her ear moved in front of her face and pressed itself to hers.


MMMMMMHMMMMPH!!!” Itsuka moaned into the sloppy kiss as she felt his tongue push into her mouth and begin to explore. Itsuka closed her eyes and moaned into the kiss, sliding her tongue back against the one in her mouth as the hands holding her legs spread them wide. She then felt not one, but TWO tentacle cocks force their way into her pussy and asshole! Itsuka’s eyes went wide and crossed at the sudden intrusion. She didn’t have a problem with anal or DP personally, but normally she needed it to be worked up to.


Not this time though. It was like her body was in Sexual Overdrive! Not only did the thick cock sliding up her ass not hurt, it actually made her cum! In an instant! The sensation was like being struck with an electric current of pleasure as her pussy began gushing non-stop!


OH GAAAWD, GUUUMMING, AHHH, SHO GUUD, AYE… AYE’M GUUUUMMINGGGH…!!!” Itsuka slurred into the mouth against her own, “MMMMHMMMMMMPH!” she moaned in pleasure as both cocks began pumping themselves in and out of her faster, plunging deeper every time they moved inside. The loud wet SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH of the tentacles was almost as loud as both girls moaning.


NMMMMMMMH, YESSS, DEEPER, GO DEEPERRR AGUUUMMMPH!!” Kyoka screamed, then gagged as a tentacle moved up near her mouth and shaped itself into another dick that instantly pushed into her mouth. Her slender throat bulged from its thickness as it began pushing down into her stomach.


AGUUMMMPH, HMMMMPH, GUG, GUH GWEGH, NRGLEPH HMMMMPH AGU GUH GUH GUH!!!!” Kyoka gagged, moaned and choked in pleasure as the rise in her belly only grew more pronounced. Her huge tits jiggled, wobbled, and bounced around wildly, her nipples looked so hard that they could have cut glass!


PHUUUUUUCK, AGUH GUG GUH, CU… CUMMINGGGGH, AHHHGUH GUH GWEH, CA… CAHN’T SHTOOOOP!!! AYE CAHN’T SHTOP GUUMMINGH!!!” Kyoka gagged around the tentacle fucking her throat. “NMMMMMMPH, MOAR, AHHH, MOOOOAR, PHUCK MUH MOUPH PUSSHY HAWDERRRRRGUH…!” she moaned in pleasure, then bucked her entire body as Shoji did as asked.


Still suspended next to the dark haired young woman, Itsuka understood finally why women in those dumb movies always started begging for more! This felt amazing! Her entire body was as sensitive as her pussy! Every time she felt the cocks pushing deeper into her ass and cunt she came harder. With every passing second it was getting harder and harder to even think. Was this what they meant by having your brains fucked out?


Itsuka didn’t have time to ponder the thought as she felt the tentacle in her ass go even deeper inside! She could actually feel it worming its way through her insides as a snake-like lump slithered along her stomach. The tentacle inside her pussy also pushed in deeper, and the ginger haired girl could feel it actually moving in and out of her womb!


NMMMMMMMPH, CUMMMINGH!!! AHHHH, I’M CUMMMINNNGGGG!!!” Itsuka screamed in pleasure as she felt her body bucking and rolling all on its own.


Beneath the two wailing and moaning girls, Shoji himself was almost as expressionless as he always was. Though with half his face covered it was impossible to get a read on him. Itsuka could see from the twitching of his eyes that he was feeling something though. She could hear him grunting through the mouth tentacle kissing her face as another orgasm ripped through her like a wave. The tentacle in her ass just seemed to keep going deeper, it was like he was in her very stomach now.


AHHHH, AHHH, AHHHAAAHHHH, CUM, I’M CUM… CUMMING!!!!” Itsuka screamed as the mouth tentacle pulled away and she howled even louder in pleasure. Itsuka’s peridot green eyes went wide as she began cumming again and again seemingly without end. The dick in her ass moved back and forth slowly before it began spurting out cum in thick hot spurts. She then felt the one inside her pussy cumming hard as well.


Next to her, Kyoka was shaking like she was having a seizure while moaning like a whore. Itsuka could see cum shooting out from her mouth as the cock in her mouth emptied its load while even more cum spurted out of her pussy! Distantly, she heard Shoji grunting, groaning, and panting as he slowly lowered both of them back down onto the bed. Fel feeling of the tentacles pulling themselves out of her was a truly novel sensation. She almost felt as though she was being turned inside out, which made her cum all over again!


Standing a few feet away from the bed, Shoji dropped to one knee, still panting, his forehead covered in sweat. Any other time, Itsuka would be disappointed at the man being so spent after one go. But for Shoji, he’d just cum four times at once! That’ll wipe anyone out!


After a moment, Shoji stood and formed a mouth from one tentacle, “Thank you ladies, please excuse me.” he said politely before turning around to leave. Itsuka didn’t know whether to feel insulted or not. Some guys didn’t really like to cuddle afterwards, and Itsuka found that type kind of annoying. Though Shoji didn’t strike her as being that shallow for some reason.


She and Kyoka laid there on the bed for a long while before Itsuka regained enough strength to move again. She triggered her Quirk, gigantifying her hand and using it to fan both of them. The gentle breeze of cool air was soothing to her still hot body. Whatever was in the ink Hatsume used burned itself out pretty fast, or maybe it only wore off because both their heart rates were so high they metabolized it quickly?


As Itsuka began pondering that, the door burst open and an excited Mei Hatsume ran inside!


“Well, well? How was it?” she asked quickly, “Did my specialized aphrodisiac tattoos make everything more exciting or what?”


Itsuka felt she should have been surprised that Hatsume just outright admitted to drugging them like that, but somehow, she wasn’t. Instead, both Itsuka and Kyoka looked at each other before yelling at Hatsume.





Story by Sailor Io

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6 months ago

So itsuka and kyoka are kind of becoming a dynamic duo of sort right. Can you give a hint on next chapter

6 months ago
Reply to  Jorge

A bit of filler next chapter

Adrian AL
Adrian AL
6 months ago

Buen capitulo esta semana 7.8 nada mal estuvo otra historia que si podrá ser que se desvía un poco de la trama actual de Izuku y Momo no esta mal el capítulo esta entretenido el de esta semana introdujeron bien las marcas/Tatuajes de Inmon como un pequeño accidente sin serlo y me gusta el hecho de que Itsuka participe mucho y sea ese centro de que todo lo sabe en este triangulo amorro de Izuku con Momo y con Jirou ya Kendo que sabe que Momo es bisexual después de ese trio con Izuku y la posición de Jirou aun no cambia ella quiere hacerlo por su cuenta y espero que si le salga bien y se vea pronto eso para poder hacer evolucionar el personaje 

Last edited 6 months ago by Adrian AL
6 months ago
Reply to  Adrian AL

I’m using Itsuka as the big sister who knows everything type. The wise sage who has most, but not all the answers, but can help you find them. Stuff like that.

6 months ago

cap un poco regular en mi opinion pero igual bueno amigo 7/10…habra izuku la proxima semana?

6 months ago
Reply to  126jojo

You’ll see.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
6 months ago

Nice explanation with the inmon marks and how they work (with how Mei mixed in something special to spice it up for the girls). I like how she has some sort of barber/tattoo studio which allows for a solid explanation whenever we see girls with tattoos over their asses or tits or, in this case, with inmon marks. The only problem I have with this scene really is that all that explanation/Mei-stuff made the harem part of the story ultimately a bit short. I personally would have loved to see both these sluts act for a bit longer like harem girls before they ultimately end being dicked down. Though I understand why you chose to go that “the inmon marks make them horny”-direction where they just want to get fucked as soon as possible. Their little talk before that was quite nice as well but ultimately short-lived as the marks started working and Shoji walks in. I really appreciate that we get to see some action from the other boys as well and not just Midoriya (and Bakugo to a small extend). Shoji in particular is one of my favorites from Class-1A and seeing him taking on these fine sluts all by himself and in such an interesting way to top it all of was definitely nice to see.

So yeah, happy to have some Shoji-action.

6 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Well, it was a bit tricky for me to do as these two are hard to write well together as far as interpersonal chemistry goes. They have next to no interaction in the anime and manga, so I’m totally winging it. As for Shoji, I asked my fans on Discord and he won out over the other options by a big margin.