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Erza leaned back against the smooth rock wall of the hot spring; closing her eyes, she let her body relax, a long sigh of contentment slipping through her lips. Luckily, this was one of the hot spring’s less busy hours so she was able to enjoy the peace and quiet. “Ahhh… I needed this,” she murmured to herself, feeling her large breasts begin to float on the surface of the water.


And then they began to get bigger, and bigger, and bigger! Erza stared for a moment before remembering the rumors about this hot spring; apparently, the Ethernano-enriched Springwater would literally enhance a person’s figure, albeit temporarily. ‘Good thing this isn’t permanent, or Jellal would never get his hands off these.’ She gently snorted in amusement at the thought, a part of her wishing it was permanent however.


Life as a member of Fairy Tail was never boring, but things had been especially stressful lately. The destruction of the water park had put an even bigger financial strain on the guild than usual. Natsu and Gajeel had also earned themselves a lot of ire from the other members, seeing how the entire guild had to pay for their destruction.


So yes, things had been very tense for a while. Fortunately, the situation was getting better; Fairy Tail members weren’t the best at holding grudges against each other, so after a few days, most of them had largely forgiven the two Dragon Slayers for their boneheaded actions.


The money situation was a little trickier, but it was starting to be taken care of; everyone was chipping in, little by little. Lucy had managed to snag a part time job and had been able to contribute a tiny bit of money to the cause. Unfortunately, if it wasn’t for her bills and the expensive rent on her river-view apartment, the buxom mage would have been able to contribute a lot more.


Natsu, however, had managed to do very well for himself, though he was being tight-lipped about how exactly he had gotten the money. Lucy claimed he had been working with her, but he hadn’t told her the details either, which was unusual.


Maybe I should ask Natsu about it myself,’ Erza mused to herself, sinking down into the hot water until everything below her nose was submerged. She could feel the residual tension seeping from her body, as the warmth suffused it.


Her pussy was getting especially warm, and the beautiful, buxom redhead squirmed as she remembered the orgasm she had given herself on the day the water park was destroyed. It had felt amazing, and it had just been her fingers! ‘How much better could it have been if I had actually been getting fucked?


Too bad she was all alone right now; she could really use a good, hard dick-


“Erza? Is that really you?”


Her brown eyes shooting open, Erza’s head snapped around to the entrance of the hot spring. ‘Speak of the devil…


Sure enough, it was her boyfriend Jellal, as naked as the day he was born and staring at her bare breasts with barely controlled lust. His cock was rapidly rising and stiffening, sticking out straight in front of him.


Licking her lips and suppressing a groan as her nipples abruptly hardened and her pussy got much wetter, Erza managed to keep herself from jumping him right away. Instead, she gave him a warm, sultry smile. “Hello, Jellal. Come to relax as well?” Her smile widened. “Or did you have something more exciting in mind?”


Jellal was quick to smile back, the desire clear in his eyes as he made his way through the water. “Being with you is both calming and exciting, Erza, so I get the best of both worlds,” he told her sincerely, affection in his voice.


Erza snorted in amusement, eyes glinting and a faint blush on her face. “That was cheesy, but I’m feeling the same way, so I’ll give you a pass.” She tracked his cock as he settled down across from her; it was so large and hard, it was sticking above the water.


But I bet I can make it even better.


Jellal had just settled back when Erza surged forward; he gasped as she pushed her huge breasts around his erection. As big as his dick was, it still looked small compared to her tits. Not that he minded, and he wasted no time in seizing handfuls of his lover’s breasts. Even her nipples were too big to get his hands completely around, but Jellal made up for it by squeezing as hard as he could.


MMMMM!” Erza moaned loudly, clenching her thighs together as her arousal spiked. She could feel her pussy juices leaking into the hot spring. Spreading her arms, she pushed them against Jellal’s cock, rubbing it hard and fast. It was almost burning hot against the very sensitive flesh of her breasts, turning her on even more.


“Fuck, Erza!” Jellal groaned, twisting her nipples in his hands. “You’re so damn sexy, I can barely stand it!”


“Flattery will get you everywhere,” Erza told him coyly, before lowering her head to lick the tip of his cock. Ignoring his loud shout of surprise, she kissed it all over, deliberately letting her drool spill over it. Then, opening her mouth wide, she started swallowing it, taking it inch by inch down her mouth and throat.


“That feels so good! Erza, you’re amazing!” Jellal groped her breasts like a man possessed, twisting, pulling, and squeezing them with wild abandon. All her moans, gasps, and shouts vibrated through his erection, pushing him ever closer to cumming.


Groaning and gurgling around the cock in her mouth, Erza slipped an arm between herself and Jellal; reaching down, her strong, talented fingers found his ballsack and began to squeeze and play with them, rolling them around her palm and stroking them.


That pushed Jellal over the edge; with a strangled scream of pleasure, he came, his cum shooting into Erza’s mouth in a flood of white liquid. Her cheeks ballooning outwards, the sexy redhead swallowed fast, not allowing a single drop to escape her.


Slumping back in the water, Jellal watched as Erza pulled her head back and swallowed the last of his cum, a satisfied smile on her lovely face. “Mmm, that was delicious.~ But I’m not satisfied yet, and…”


She glanced down, nodding happily at the sight of Jellal’s cock already hardening back to full stiffness. “I know you aren’t either.” Getting to her feet, Erza strutted through the water, loving how Jellal’s eyes roamed appreciatively over her body, taking in every jiggle and bounce.


Spreading her legs and straddling his body, Erza bit her lower lip as she lowered herself, biting back a squeal as his dick pushed into her eagerly waiting pussy. She leaned forward and kissed him, moaning into his mouth as she began bouncing herself up and down, making waves in the hot spring. Her hands plunged into her hair, her fingers running through lovingly.


Jellal kissed her back eagerly, pushing his tongue into her mouth and smiling around the kiss when Erza’s tongue pushed back. Wrapping his arms around her body, his hands found her wonderful ass. Grabbing a handful of her butt cheeks with both hands, he kneaded and pushed on them, like a baker with dough.


Erza squealed happily. Pressing her body harder against Jellal’s, her breasts squished against his chest, she fucked him in earnest. The waves from her bouncing slopped over the sides of the hot spring as his cock pushed deeper and deeper inside of her. It was stroking a metaphorical fire that was burning hotter and hotter. Her pussy was gushing so much, Erza wondered if she wasn’t going to overflow the hot spring!


As hot and horny as they both were, it didn’t take long for either of them to orgasm. Jellal was first; his fingers clamped down on Erza’s ass as he shot his load for the second time. And when Erza came, her pussy squeezed his cock so hard, Jellal had another orgasm. Fortunately for them, sound dampening spells around the hot spring kept their screams of joy from being heard.


Even after finishing their fucking, they stayed tangled up together, still making out. At last, Erza pulled back, breathing heavier than usual but with a satisfied smile on her face. “Mmm…that was wonderful, Jellal.”


Nodding and smiling back, Jellal gave her another quick kiss before blinking. “You know, I had completely forgotten why I came here.” He gave her an amused look. “What’s this I hear about Fairy Tail destroying a water park?”


A large sweatdrop hung from the back of Erza’s head. “Um… well… it all started with Natsu and Gajeel competing to see who could make a bigger splash in the pool…”

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7 months ago

doing the next chapter fairy tail with levy and her big ass taken in anal its gonna be a long time

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
7 months ago

A bit light-hearted fun between two lovers today, hm? I like it. After that first chapter and the rough (but honest) words from her Guild Mates, Erza definitely deserved that break in the hot spring. The sex with Jellal was pretty good and I love their interaction.

Always a joy to read your stories.

7 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Thank you!

7 months ago

cool art and interesting story even if it’s a bit short to my opinion. hope to see a lucy pic in this size maybe.

7 months ago
Reply to  ikana

Happy you like the story man.