Enlarged for Erections

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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Isane Kotetsu stood in the living room of Former Capt. Unohana’s apartment, her nipples were achingly stiff from the rather powerful AC that hummed quietly. She still couldn’t get the image of her former mentor and Captain Hitsugaya fucking on the beach out of her head! And sitting naked with everyone wasn’t helping either.


She’d had a fun tour of the resort earlier with Momo, walking around naked was surprisingly liberating. Until they happened upon the two captains fucking out in the open. Every time she closed her eyes, Isane could see her captain straddling Capt. Hitsugaya, his cock stretching her abdomen with its sheer length and thickness. Isane clenched her thighs together as she felt a heat building between them again. Even now, she couldn’t stop imagining what that big dick must’ve felt like inside.


Retsu Unohana walked into the room carrying a tray loaded with four steaming cups of tea. Her naked tits bounced softly with her every step as she came over to where she, Momo, and Toshiro sat. Setting the tray down, Retsu took a seat across from Isane and smiled as she picked up one cup and handed it to Isane. She then served Toshiro and Momo before taking the last cup for herself.


“So, I suppose I should apologize for not warning the three of you about this place.” she said. “I wanted to retire to a place where I could indulge myself more.”


“I… Indulge?” Momo echoed.


“Is it so wrong that I enjoy sex?” Retsu asked plainly. “Yes, I had to keep a certain decorum about myself when I was in the Gotei 13, but now, that isn’t an issue.”


“I, I understand.” Isane said, still blushing and trying not to look at Toshiro’s still half hard erection as he sipped at his tea.


Retsu smiled at her, then tilted her head slightly, “Isane, is that the new model gigai?” she asked.


Isane blinked, “Yes, my old one was a little worn out, why?”


“Have you used the special feature yet?” she asked.


“Special feature?” Momo echoed.


Retsu set her cup down and sat up a little straighter, she then reached her hands up and pinched both her nipples in her hands, then tugged upwards and outwards. Toshiro then spat out the tea he was sipping as Retsu’s breasts ballooned outwards, doubling, tripling, then quadrupling in size.


Isane felt her jaw dropping at the sight as well as Retsu smiled and hefted her enlarged breasts with both hands. The dark haired woman only smiled at her as she gave her own breasts a squeeze, her fingers sinking deep into the soft flesh. Her nipples swelled and stiffened to the size of quarters as she pinched them between her fingers again, turning them both clockwise and pushing inwards. Her breasts then seemingly deflated, shrinking back down to their previous sizes of just slightly larger than her head.


“Wha… What!?” Momo exclaimed, “There was nothing about that in the manual!”


“As if Kisuke would put that in it.” Retsu said dryly.


No one argued with that.


“How… How does it work?” Isane asked.


Retsu smiled and repeated the motion, “Pinch both nipples together tightly, then pull out and up.” she told her. Isane nodded and looked down at her own breasts. She then reached her hands up to pinch her nipples like Retsu had.


“Oh… Mmmmmh…” she purred at the feeling that spread out from her nipples as she pinched them. The silver haired girl then tugged up and out as she’d seen.


“Oh, wait, I should…” Retsu began, but it was too late. Isane felt a powerful heat in both her breasts as they swelled, and swelled, then swelled some more! Retsu winced sympathetically as Isane’s breasts grew bigger than her entire torso.


“Yeah, the size is directly proportional to how much pressure you use…” Retsu said apologetically.


“Wow…” Toshiro said as Isane leaned forward from the sudden intense weight. “That’s a lot bigger than Matsumoto…”


“Toshiro!!!” Momo yelped.


“He’s not wrong.” Retsu said as she took a sip of her tea, “Maybe Isane can help you with that.” she said as she looked at Toshiro’s now fully erect cock.


“Toshiro!” Momo yelled again.


“What, it’s a perfectly normal and healthy male reaction.” said Retsu. “Besides, the nerve sensitivity is also proportionate to the size, I imagine you’re feeling quite aroused right now Isane.”


That was an understatement! Isane had been embarrassingly wet since she and Momo happened across Retsu and Toshiro. The heat between her legs had been constant, but now it was a full five alarm fire! Isane chewed her lower lip gently as she squeezed her thighs together in an attempt to quell the heat, but to no avail.


“Isane,” Retsu said with her frightening smile, “Just use your breasts to relieve Toshiro’s condition.”


“Ca… Captain!?!” Momo squeaked.


Isane couldn’t stand it anymore as she stood up, quite an effort with her new tits. They felt as if they weighed a hundred pounds each or more! Were she not a Shinigami, she wouldn’t have been able to stand at all.


“Huh, Isane!?” Toshiro gasped as she moved over to him and wrapped her massive tits around his cock. She let out a moan at the feeling of his hot dick pressing against the supersensitive skin of her breasts.


“Ahhh, it’s so hot…!” Isane moaned as she began rubbing her breasts together.


“I… Ah… Ex… Excuse me!” Momo said as she bolted from the room.


“Momo!” Toshiro called after her. He tried to sit up, but Isane let the full weight of her breasts fall on his lap, pinning him to his seat.


“I’m not done yet!” Isane told him as she continued rubbing her breasts up and down. Toshiro winced and groaned as she felt the resistance melt out of him. Isane couldn’t believe she was doing this, but she couldn’t stop herself as she looked down at Toshiro’s cock, the tip of it peeking out from between her massive tits!


“Ahhaa…” groaned Toshiro as Isane leaned her head down to wrap her pink lips around the tip of his cock! The taste made her dizzy with arousal as she began moaning around his cock, squeezing it tighter with her flesh balloon tits as she swirled her tongue around the tip.


“Mmmmmmph, sho guud, the tashte, ahhh, shuch a shtrong flavourrrr…” she slurred, closing her steel gray eyes to relish the taste even more! “MMMPH, MMMPH, MMMMPH!!!!” she gagged and moaned around his cock as she struggled to take more of him into her mouth. She felt the warmth of her own skin against her cheeks as it became harder to breathe. It took the silver haired girl several moments to realize that she’d buried her face in her own cleavage!


“Ahhhaaaa!” she gasped hard after lifting her face up. Sweet delicious air filled her lungs before she let her breasts fall down to his sides and lowered her head down to swallow his entire cock! Her massive milk tanks were the perfect cushions for her to rest her weight on as she felt her neck stretching out to contain all of the captain’s cock. She loved the feel of it filling her throat as her jaw began to ache, even still, she couldn’t have stopped herself if she wanted as she began caressing his balls with one hand and stroking his length with the other.


“Re… Retsu… A little help?” she distantly heard Toshiro say.


“Why, you seem to be enjoying yourself.” Retsu’s voice replied, “And don’t worry about Momo, she’ll get over it.” she told him.


“Huh…!?” he replied, then groaned again as Isane took his entire cock down her throat again! His balls pressed against her chin as his pubic hairs tickled her nose.


SHO GUUD!!! CAWK!!! AYE WUV DA PHEELING UV CAWK IN MUH MOUPH!!!!!” slurred Isane. ‘Why? Why am I doing this?’ she thought to herself, ‘Ahh, why does it feel so good? Why can’t I stop!?


MMMMMPH!!!!” Isane moaned as her entire body shook as one of the most powerful orgasm’s she’d ever felt in her life surged through her like a bolt of lightning! “CUMMINGGGGG, AYE’M CUMMING WIFF MUH MOUUPH!!!” she howled around his cock, her pussy gushing like a geyser onto the hardwood floor of Retsu’s apartment.


“Ahhhnnn, Ko… Kotetsu-san…” Tshiro groaned.


“I think you can call her Isane at this point.” Retsu said and Isane could practically FEEL her mentor smiling.


CUM!!! GIMME UR CUM DOSHIROOO!!! AYE WANT IT SHO BHAAAAD!!!” Isane slurred, bobbing her head up and down faster now as she raised her ass up into the air behind her. She shuddered inside as she realized that she DID! She wanted to feel his cock spurting inside her mouth, she wanted it BAD!What’s happening to me… Ahhh, this feels so amazing, I love it, I love sucking cock!!!!’ she moaned in her mind.


“I always told you that you should relax more Isane.” she heard Retsu saying as a gentle hand rested on her rump. That light touch sent her into another orgasm as she felt Retsu’s fingers caressing her ass before spanking it hard!


MMMMMMMHHHMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!!” Isane gagged around Toshiro’s cock as she came again.


“My, aren’t you the juicy little girl?” Retsu said with a giggle and Isane moaned around the cock in her throat as the older woman’s fingers began probing at the folds of her pussy. She then felt Retsu’s other hand rest against the back of her head before pushing her face down hard on Toshiro’s cock.


GUUUUGH!!!” Isane gagged.


“But you’re still holding back, aren’t you?” Retsu asked her, then began pushing her face up and down.


AGUGH, GUG, GUG, GUG, GUG, GUG ACK ACK GUUUUH ACK GUUUGH!!!” Isane gagged as she lost all control. She felt like a doll being played with by the pair on either side of her, all she could do was hold on as her body shook with one climax after the next. Her vision turned blurry and doubled as her eyes crossed and rolled back in her head. Tears of pleasure streamed down her cheeks as she felt ropes of drool flinging away from her lips as they glided over the white haired youth’s cock.


Ahhh, this is so good!!! More, I want more!!! Finger my pussy more, fuck my mouth more, ahhhh, make me cum moooore!!!’ she thought as everything seemed to fade into a vast distance. “AYE’M CUMMING CUMMING CUMMMINNNGGG!!!!” she gagged.


“Ahhh, fuuuuck!!!” she heard Toshiro groaning as a hot liquid feeling filled her throat and stomach. She suddenly felt oddly full as Retsu held her face in his crotch. She could feel his cock twitching with her tongue as it became harder and harder to even think. She vaguely heard Retsu saying something to Toshiro, but it was all garbled in her ears, all she could do was moan as her body shook in one seemingly unending orgasm!


GAAAAAHHHHAAAAAH!!!” Isane gasped, air feeling her lungs that she only just realized were STARVING for breath. Her tongue hung out of her mouth and she felt wet lines of drool running down her chin as she panted like some kind of animal.


“Mmmmmh, such a lovely expression.” Retsu said to her before she felt the other woman’s mouth on her own. The dark haired woman’s tongue lewdly explored the inside of her mouth as Isane’s head spun from the sensation.


“Ne… Nee-sama!!!!???” she heard a voice shrieking.


Isane turned her head to see Kyone staring at her from the entrance to the apartment, her mouth hanging open in shock. Momo stood next to her with a similar expression on her face as the two naked girls looked at Retsu.


“Kyo…ne…” Isane panted.


“Ah, you’re late, did you have trouble finding the apartment?” Retsu asked with a casual smile as if nothing were amiss.


“Rangiku and Ichigo are, um, busy… I waited for over an hour before I couldn’t watch anymore and came here…” Kyone explained.


“Ahh, alright, well, I suppose we can start dinner without them.” Retsu said, then asked, “Who wants Thai?”

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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4 months ago

Good chapter, I like it a lot. Good way to explain how the expasion will happen. Hope to see Momo joining the big leagues soon now that she knows how to do it

4 months ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

Bleach was by far the EASIEST way to explain BE sequences and even futanari if I ever do that fetish in it. It’s all easily explained by their Gigai’s or Orihime’s powers.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
4 months ago

The loving and caring look on Isanes face shows that she is currently with the one and only true love of her life together: big and fat cocks. Although the cock almost looks tiny compared to her mesmerizing tits, making it quite ominous who the lucky bastard is, who get’s to spend some “private” time with her. The background and appartment setting is really nice especially with the city skyline behind them. Her white/cyan colored makeup looks nice even though I would have loved to see some lipstick marks on the head of the cock. On that note could you (Rtenzo) explain why the head of the cock has a different color in the makeup version? It doesn’t seem to be from her lipstick and if it is, I think it does not give of that vibe. I’m also not a big fan of how the cum is drawn (I think it looks too two dimensional).

Isane’s and Momo’s personality as innocent and shy girls is a nice contrast to Unohana who is quite honest with her sexuality. I really love how you explained as to how the tits become so big in some artworks while also looking smaller in others. And with Unohana showing Isane how to use it it also leads nicely into a very specific kind of sex. Impressive how you managed to write a whole sex scene consisting of only paizuri still feel interesting and distinct. Unohana having the role as somewhat of a dominatrix with Isane as her plaything is really kinky and the way the former just shoves the silver haired girls head up and down Toshinori’s cock is incredibly naughty. Though Toshiro has once again a more passive role during sex it is a nice difference compared to Ichigo who is really aggressive and rough during his sex scenes so far. And with Momo, who fled from the sex earlier, coming back with Kyone and Unohana’s casual responses it makes it really ominous as to what will happen next with those four.

Not the biggest fan of the whole experience to be honest but I’m a huge fan of some femdom / dominant-submissive action so I hope that continues.

4 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

It will, I’m glad you enjoyed the story, more girls will be appearing soon. I remember Isane was borderline Unohana’s Soifon, so I wanted to play with that a bit here. Later I’m thinking Isane drops the shygirl bit and rivals Unohana in terms of sluttiness.

4 months ago

I really liked it, the truth, I expected more with Toshiro, he is not someone very used, but a potential dominant / submissive shota is perfect for this type of fanfics, it is quite unique in plots like this, the truth is I loved the interaction, and that although be it a fellatio, it was sweet and pleasant, you could feel that sensation that both characters had in addition to the kiss after the cumshot, lovely ~

4 months ago
Reply to  yukio

Still trying to get a solid feel for his character honestly. I plan for Isane to really let loose later.