Creating Celestial Clips

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“So, now is this it?” asked Homura as she moved into the pose Rebecca described. It was an odd pose with no combative use whatsoever. She’d asked Homrua to lean forward on her now very large breasts with her ass high in the air. Stranger still was the outfit Rebecca wanted her to wear.


It could barely be described as clothing, aside from the sleeves and boots, everything she had on was held on by an adhesive backing. Homura had never worn anything so revealing before. But also, she’d never worn anything that gave her so much freedom of movement! Her nipples and privates were covered, but just barely, by black strips of a PVC material. There was even a patch at the small of her back which was currently upside down in the air. Rebecca herself had a similar outfit, but where Homura’s was a mix of black and purple, Rebecca’s was blue and silver.


“That’s great! Now, twerk your ass!” Rebecca said excitedly.


“Twerk?” Homura echoed, “What’s that?”


“I never heard of it either,” said the other person in the room, Shiki.


“You know, jiggle your butt. Like this!” Rebecca said, turning around to demonstrate, moving her hips in a way that made her ass bounce up and down.


“Ah, I see,” Homura said, “What an odd move, though it does make her ass look very sexy.” she thought out loud.


“Thanks!” Rebecca said, spanking her own ass in the process. “Oh yeah, just like that! Make that ass jiggle for everyone!” the young blonde haired girl cheered as Homura copied the move. “Yeah, work it girl! Shiki, you stand by until I call you.” Rebecca said cheerfully as she tapped her X-Cube to begin recording. She then moved in front of Homura and struck a pose like a beckoning cat.


“Hey everyone! Rebecca Bluegarden here with another sexy video, Meowow!” she mewled for the camera like she was batting at something. “Today, by popular request, I’m here with my friend Homura, and we’ll be showing off our slutty asses for you all!”


The young blonde woman then moved next to Homura in a matching pose, “Alright, let’s go!” she said as she began twerking her ass as she’d put it. Homura did the same and from the edge of her vision she saw Rebecca press a button on her wristband. A steady pulsing musical beat began playing in the air and both women quickly began matching their movements to it!


It was surprisingly easy to keep up, and Homura was even further surprised at how fun it was! She then began moving her buttcheeks individually in rhythm with the music as Rebecca got up and moved to stand behind her. The blonde began slapping her hands down on Homura’s ass like she was playing a set of drums. She didn’t hit her all that hard really, as the impacts were making more noise than anything else.


“Nmmmmmmh, you have such a sexy ass Homura!” Rebecca said, grabbing both the buns of her ass in her hands and squeezing firmly. The blonde then leaned her head down and used one hand to peel off the patch of adhesive fabric covering her pussy.


“Ahaaahhhhh…!” Homura then moaned as Rebecca immediately began licking her now exposed cunt! In recent days, Rebecca had gotten REALLY good at all things sexual, it was like all her inhibitions and hang-ups were just gone!


“Mmmmmmmn, nice, tasty pussy! I just wanna stick my tongue inside!” Rebecca said in a husky tone before delving her tongue between the delicate folds of Homura’s cunt. The dark haired girl let out another moan, rocking her hips lightly against the blonde’s nimble tongue.


“Ahhhhnn, that feels good! More! Lick me more! Ahhhh!” Homura moaned, “I really like these sexy activities, they’re so fun!” she thought aloud.


HMMMMMMPH!!!” Rebecca moaned as she covered Homura’s entire pussy with her mouth! She then pushed her tongue in as far as it would go, making Homura moan even louder.


NMMMMMMMH! AHHHH, FEELS SO GOOD!” Homura screamed as Rebecca pushed her forward, making her roll onto her back and suddenly finding herself in a full 69 position with the blonde! The dark haired girl found Rebecca’s crotch in her face and she quickly peeled away the adhesive clothing covering her pussy. The blonde’s snatch was a soft pink color, the petals puffy and wet with arousal. Homura could already see her stiff little clitoris sticking out from under the hood covering it.


Homura didn’t hesitate! Moving quickly, she began licking and sucking on the other girl’s clit, making Rebecca shudder on top of her as she continued eating out Homura’s pussy. Homura reached up with both hands, grabbing Rebecca’s cream colored ass for leverage as she licked at the other girl’s pussy.


AHHHH, YES, MORE, I NEED MORE!” Rebecca screamed, “I NEED A BIG, THICK, JUICY DIIIIICK!!!” she moaned in wanton lust, “Shikiiii, get over here and fuck my pussy with that fat coooock! Stretch me ooooout!” Rebecca whined in a cutesy voice.


Almost instantly, a HUGE dick appeared over Homura’s head! Shiki had moved over and knelt down behind Rebecca and over Homura. His huge balls laid over her eyes, blinding Homura from seeing his huge dick from going inside her. Homura could HEAR it though. The soft, wet squish of his insanely long and thick cock pushing inside the blonde haired girl.


“Ahhh, these balls smell so good, I wanna lick them!” Homura thought as she immediately began doing just that. Flicking and licking her tongue all over the hanging orbs as Shiki’s cock sank deep inside Rebecca. Homura could feel the way his size distended Rebecca’s stomach as she felt something hard and thick pressing against her own belly.




“Alright! Here I go!!!” Shiki said as he began swinging his hips back and forth, dragging his balls all over Homura’s face. The strong smell of his balls and Rebecca’s pussy made the dark haired girl feel dizzy as she stuck out her tongue, licking Shiki’s nuts every time they moved over her face. She then let out a long moan as Rebecca went back to sucking on Homura’s clit.


NMMMMMMMMH! PHEELSH SO GOOOOOD!!! AHHHHH…” moaned Homura as she reflexively bucked her hips against Rebecca’s face.


MMMMMHMMMMMMH!!! NMMMH, MMMH, HMMMMM…” Rebecca moaned into Homura’s cunt, her tongue moving in long broad motions as she used both hands to pry open her folds and delve her tongue in deeper.


HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH…” Shiki groaned above the two of them, pounding his impossibly huge dick into Rebecca harder and harder, a loud SLAP SLAP SLAP of his pelvis against her round ass even louder than the combined moaning of both girls.


Shiki then reached under Rebecca, grabbing her huge soft tits and squeezing them roughly. He then pulled Rebecca up onto her knees, leaning over her shoulder to kiss her lewdly, whilst their tongues were flicking and swirling around one another’s. Homura pulled herself out from under the pair, marveling at the sight of how Shiki’s massive dick was dramatically tenting up Rebecca’s flat stomach. His girth was nearly as thick as Homura’s entire thigh, spreading Rebecca’s pussy so wide. The dark haired girl fondled her own breast as she watched the phallic shaped lump moving up and down as Shiki continued fucking her cunt. She wanted to know how such a big dick would feel in her own pussy.


YESH, HAWDER, AHHHGH, PHUG MUH PUSSHY HAWDERRR… OH GAAAWD, GONNA CUMMMM…!” Rebecca slurred as Shiki sucked on her tongue, her blue eyes going cross.


Breathing heavily, Homura knelt down on all fours and began licking at Rebecca’s clit against, her tongue occasionally brushing against the underside of Shiki’s cock! The blonde haired girl moaned again, rocking herself against Shiki and Homura. The dark haired young man gripped and kneaded Rebecca’s big soft tits harder, even as he was pinching his fingers around her nipples and twisting them.


AHHHH YESSSHH, MOAR, OH GAWD, MAKE MEH CUM MOAR, YESH, YESSSH!!!” Rebecca screamed in pleasure, as her pussy gushed all over Homura’s face. The dark haired swordswoman then got up on her knees, grabbing Rebecca’s head and turning her away from Shiki, kissing her herself. The two girls dueled with their tongues roughly, each one wrestling to dominate the other. Homura felt Rebecca’s soft hands grabbing at her own tits now, squeezing them gently as she moaned into her mouth.


NMMMMMMMH, YESH, AHHHGH, AYE’M GONNA CUMMMM… CUMMINGH…!!!” she moaned in ecstasy as Homura felt Shiki’s cock continue to pound in and out of Rebecca’s tight hole.


“Ahhahaaa…” Shiki groaned, his cock pulsating inside Rebecca. The blonde shuddered in Homura’s arms, letting out a long moan into her mouth.


“Ahhhnnn… So much cummmm!!! It’s filling me uuuup…!” Rebecca moaned happily.


The two girls locked lips again and resumed wrestling tongues. Homura could feel Rebecca shaking against her as Shiki emptied his balls into her womb. When she broke the kiss and pulled away, Rebecca’s face was locked in an expression somewhere between ecstasy and insanity!


“Nmmmmmh, I’m so fuuuullll…” Rebecca moaned, now drunk with pleasure. She clung to Homura tightly as Shiki pulled his cock free, all of his cum rushing out of her with a wet squishing noise. Homura held onto Rebecca until his cum finished gushing back out of her before she laid the blonde back on the floor. Rebecca panted heavily, her big tits heaving up and down slowly as Homura moved to straddle her face. Rebecca responded immediately by grabbing her ass and pulling her head up into her crotch.


“Nmmmmmmmh…” Homura moaned as she felt Rebecca’s tongue licking and sucking at her pussy again! “WAH…!” she then gasped as Shiki grabbed her head and pushed her down.


HUUURRRRGHLE GUUUUPPH!!!” Homura gagged as her mouth was opened wide and her throat blocked up with his huge dick! “AHGUUUMMMMMMMPH!!!” Homura gagged and moaned, cumming instantly as Shiki’s thick cock speared down into her stomach! Her dark colored eyes rolled back in their sockets as he immediately began pumping her head up and down on his cock, fucking her mouth, throat, and stomach all at once!


“Haaahhhh… Can’t stop yeeeet…” he groaned.


AGUG GUH GUPH GURK GUGGLE HURK GUUUUGH…!” choked Homura, unable to form even one coherent word. What she’d tried to say was, ‘Oh yes, fuck my throat! Do it!


She could taste the mix of his cum and Rebecca’s juices as she was helplessly facefucked, her pussy gushing every time his thick dick went down into her stomach. Rebecca moaned into her pussy from beneath, and Homura could hear her egging Shiki on!


“Nmmmmmh, fuck her harder Shikiii… Ahhh, she’s cumming so much, and her pussy is so tastyyy…” the blonde told him.


NMMMHMMMMMPH!!! GUG, HMMMMPH, GURG, NMMMMPH GUH, MMMMMPH, HUGGLE, HRMMMMPH, AGUH GUH GUH GUH…” gagged the dark haired girl as her mind went completely blank, all she could do was try and breathe as the two made her cum again and again. It felt so good, she could barely even think anymore, all she wanted right now was for this to never end!




GWAAAAHAAAAH…!” Homura gasped as the Eden’s Zero alarm went off and Shiki suddenly pulled her off his dick. She fell to the floor, laying on her side and gasping for breath. Sweet, precious air filled her lungs as her jaw struggled to close properly.


“Awww man, just when it was getting good too!” Rebecca said, sounding miffed. Homura heard running steps followed by Witch’s voice.


“Proximity alert! There’s a ship closing in on our port side, and it looks like it’s been through hell!” she reported to Shiki.


“Any idea who it is?” Shiki asked.


“It’s Elsie’s!” Rebecca said, pointing out one of the windows, “Wow, what happened to them!?”


Homura’s strength recovered enough for her to sit up on her elbow and look out the window to see the pirates ship. It was heavily damaged, one hold side of the hull was missing, exposing the inner decks of the ship. Numerous smaller holes were riddled all over the surface.


“Incoming transmission!” Hermit’s voice said over the intercom.


“Please, we need your help, the captain, she’s stuck on a class five planet.” said one of Elsie’s crewmen.


“What’s a class five planet?” Homura heard Shiki ask.


“It means no contact,” Rebecca said, “The civilization there hasn’t reached space faring technology yet. You can get some pretty stiff penalties for even orbiting one.” she explained as Homura heard the soft ping of her X-Cube being turned off. “I’ll just edit that part out.” she muttered.


“Open a line!” Shiki ordered, “Hey,” he called over to the damaged ship, “Tell us what happened!”



(Story by User: SailorIo)

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6 months ago

Loved this! Homura is best girl and that picture is hot af!

Could you put more of Witch in the next EZ chapter(s)?

6 months ago
Reply to  Dan

I can try

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
6 months ago

Lovely story. Seeing Rebecca turn into this kind of X-Cube/Pornstar is certainly interesting and something that I would definitely love to see more of. And Homura makes for quite the sexy partner to work together with. A pure yuri-story would have been enough for me personally, but the addition of Shiki later on was still executed nicely. Especially with how rough he fucked Homura’s face after she already licked his balls during the pussy-fuck earlier. With the crew now also informed about Erza-clone’s whereabouts, it seems as if a meeting between the two series is almost inevitable.

Can’t wait for it!

6 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

I WAS gonna do a straight up yuri scene originally, but thought better of it. Rebecca as a pornstar X-Cuber is making all her dreams come true. I plan to give the numbers later, but she’s making mad bank now.

6 months ago

Just one thing:

“Please, we need your help, the captain, she’s stuck on a class five planet.” said one of Erza’s crewmen

It should be Elsie’s and no Erza’s.

6 months ago

Holy shit that art, I might actually watch Eden’s Zero simply because of this.

6 months ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

It’s a fun anime, I’m still waiting on the season 2 dub. If they even make one.

6 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Season 2 is on Crunchyroll, so I think the dub is out as we speak

6 months ago

The dub isn’t on Crunchyroll though 🙁

6 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io