Busteez Hero Agency

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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Yawning quietly, Izuku left his dorm room and made for the boys bathroom. After a quick shower and brushing his teeth, he went back to his room to get dressed. It was Sunday and he didn’t have anything planned until tonight. As he got dressed, he looked over to the golden card sitting on top of his dresser. He was shocked to learn it was actually made of gold, though only enough to coat one side. On the gilded side were two words, Busteez, followed by V.I.P. On the other side was his name and an infinity symbol.


The gaudy looking card allowed him all the girls and sex he could ever want. Though he didn’t really intend to use it, much… Maybe if the food at the Agency was good, Midnight did mention there would be a full restaurant style service available. He picked the card up and tilted it back and forth, making the light reflect off the gold surface.


Midnight wanted him there at tonight’s grand opening. Her invitation sounded more like an order than anything else, and he didn’t want to try dealing with her more sadistic side. As he thought about it, this card could give him the chance to meet some of the more famous heroines in person! Granted they’d likely be naked and doing something lewd for him, but still…


Such odd thoughts floated around in his head when someone knocked at the door.


“Deku, are you awake?” came Ochaco’s sweet voice.


Stuffing the card into his pocket, Izuku answered, “Ye… Yeah, just a sec!” before walking over to his door hurriedly and opening it for her. Ochaco then jumped up and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, kissing his cheek playfully.


“Morning!” she said cheerily, “Wanna get breakfast together?”


They always had breakfast together, but then again, they rarely sat together, maybe that’s what she meant? Izuku nodded and Ochaco grinned, grabbing his scarred hand and pulling him along towards the stairs. The two of them walked to the communal dining room where breakfast was already being laid out. It looked like Kyoka was cooking this morning as she brought a steaming pan of scrambled eggs over and pushed them onto a large plate for everyone to take what they wanted from.


“Morning!” she said to them as they arrived.


“Good morning!” Ochaco said, letting go of Izuku’s hand to grab a plate. He did the same, grabbing some eggs, toast, milk, and a couple pieces of sausage. Ochaco went with a lighter meal of just some eggs, orange juice, and a bowl of cereal. Izuku then followed her to one of the tables and sat down next to her. To his surprise, things didn’t suddenly get quiet, no one was starring, everyone just went about their morning routine!


“Mmmmh, got any plans today?” Ochaco asked as she leaned against his side gently.


Izuku felt himself blushing at her closeness, “I uh… Not really, though I did promise Midnight-sensei I’d stop by her agency tonight for the grand opening…”


She nodded, “Yeah, me too. But that means you have the day free right?”


“Yeah, I was thinking I’d…” he began, but stopped when he felt like someone was watching them. Looking around, nothing seemed amiss; Iida was talking about something with Momo. Kyoka had moved to sit with Tsuyu, Mina, and Toru; it was still odd to see Toru’s new clothes. She’d stopped hiding the fact that her breasts were actually quite large, and her current white tank top seemed to be struggling to contain the heavy mammeries.


Tsuyu was sitting at the far end of the table next to Toru, looking in their direction. Strange, she looked… Upset?


“Hey, Tsu-chan, is everything okay?” he called over to her.


The green haired girl jumped in her seat slightly, “Gero!” she gasped, “Huh, what? Midoriya? Yeah… I’m fine, just um, kinda lost in thought, you know?” she said as she smiled and rubbed the back of her head gently.


“You sure?” he asked. Tsuyu nodded then focused on her breakfast intently. Izuku couldn’t shake that something was wrong, but he didn’t want to press her in front of everyone.


“Hey, why don’t we go to the beach today, the Agency isn’t far, so we can go there when the time comes.” Ochaco asked.


“Yeah, sure, sounds fun.” Izuku agreed. Ochaco giggled and linked her arm with his. She then snatched his fork from him and speared a bite of scrambled eggs with it before holding it up to his lips.


“Say ahhh!” she said, “WAHHH!” she then screamed as a blast of fire shot between them, turning the eggs to charcoal and melting part of the fork.


“That’s the line pink cheeks!!” Bakugo warned, “You wanna be in that nerds harem fine, BUT STOW THAT LOVEY-DOVEY CRAP FOR WHEN YOU’RE ALONE AND DON’T RUB IT IN EVERYONE’S FACES!!!!” he yelled at her.


“Yeah, what he said!” Mineta chimed in.


“You guys really need to get girlfriends…” Kyoka muttered quietly.


“How!?” Mineta asked, “Midoriya is hogging all the good looking girls to himself!”


“And what’s that supposed to mean…” Kyoka asked in a dangerous tone. As while she and Izuku had been together once, that was more to help her deal with what could be described as a medical emergency rather than any kind of relationship. And as far as Izuku knew, only he, Momo, and Kyoka even knew about that night.


“Oh fine!” Ochaco said with a pout, “Spoiling my fun…” she muttered under her breath as she and Izuku resumed their breakfast together. Izuku noticed that Tsuyu was still looking over at him.



The building smelled like Izuku expected, a mix of plaster and dust and carpet glue. Basically like a new building. Everything was a mix of red, pink, purple, and gold. The main area was a big square, with a bar directly to the left of the entrance, the shelves stocked with what he assumed was all top shelf booze. Tables were scattered about the main floor area with padded booths lining many of the walls, all with a solid view of the stage. Loud music blared from the speakers, making it hard to hear himself think as he stepped away from the main entrance where he ran into Tiger from the Wild Wild Pussycats acting as a bouncer.


A few paces away from the main stage he spotted Mei Hatsume sitting in the DJ Booth, a pair of headphones covering her ears as her fingers danced over the controls in front of her. “So everyone, welcome again to opening night here at the Busteez Hero Agency!!! We have a full line-up of super sexy super heroines here to dance for your viewing pleasure! Next up we have one of the girls I know you’ve all been waiting for, give it up for Mt. Lady!!!!!!”


Izuku felt himself blushing a deep red at the sight of Mt. Lady dancing onto the stage, her leg wrapped around a silver pole as she spun around with her tits hanging out for all to see! Tits now easily as big as her entire torso! A number of pro-heroes were already cheering for her as they lavished money on the stage. The young blonde spun away from the pole and stripped off the bottom half of her hero outfit, revealing a purple thong beneath. The crotch of said thong barely covered her pussy, her clit clearly outlined in the flimsy fabric.


As he walked farther from the entrance, Izuku felt incredibly out of place, he was dressed only in his regular clothes, a pair of jeans, white shirt, and a light jacket over that. Right before it was time for him to arrive here, Ochaco said she needed to take care of something and told him to go on ahead of her. He had hoped they could go in together; maybe make this feel less awkward. Their day at the beach had been just that, a day at the beach. The two of them walked hand in hand together along the shore, talking about this and that. Thankfully the topic never came to what happened the other day on this very beach. He still couldn’t believe he’d had sex with all those girls in front of so many people! Even thinking about it now he felt himself blushing as he made his way farther into the agency.


Looking around, he spotted several familiar faces, the first being Mineta, he sat in a chair in front of one of the booths with three women all around him. One he recognized as Pixie-Bob of the Wild Wild Pussycats. Also from the same team was Mandalay, and a third woman he didn’t recognize at first until she moved to straddle the short students lap, revealing the bunny tail attached to her thong. She was the number five heroine Miruko! It was hard to focus on faces with how all three were completely topless. Miruko rocked her upper body to make her huge tits jiggle and bounce in Mineta’s face. Izuku shook his head as his classmate buried his head in the womans cleavage as he tossed a wad of bills into the air which then fluttered back down around the group. All three women giggled and leaned in closer, gently stroking the balls on top of his head. When the blonde woman pulled away, twin streams of blood leaked from Mineta’s nose, his eyes rolled back in their sockets. Izuku stifled a laugh at the goofy look on Mineta’s face.


Shaking his head, Izuku wondered where Mineta got the money for something like that, given how he was likely still indebted to Mt. Lady and a couple other women. He turned away from the scene and spotted Endeavor sitting at one of the other booths, a woman sitting on each leg. He didn’t recognize either of them, one had long dark blue hair streaked with lines of pink; the other had dark hair with blonde tips. Both women had huge tits easily bigger than their heads and sat topless on his lap. The blue and pink haired girl held a drink for Endeavor, leaning against his broad chest while the other girl grinded her crotch against his thigh while fondling her own tits.


Turning away from Endeavor, Izuku raised his eyebrows when he spotted Momo Yaoyorozu! His classmate was dressed in a deep red sling style swimsuit that was little more than three bits of fabric and some dental floss. Her entire body sparkled as she danced to the music and shook her hips for of another girl seated in front of her. The other girl had her face covered with her hands, but the two jack plugs flailing about either side of her head identified her as Kyoka Jiro.


He could just barely hear Momo over the music as she knelt down in front of Kyoka, “Come on girl it’s fine, no one is staring.” she told her, “If anything they’re looking at me!”


Slowly, Kyoka uncovered her face just as Momo shrugged out of the top half of her swimsuit, exposing her big soft tits with their stiff pink nipples. She then smiled and moved to sit on the other girls lap, pulling her head into her cleavage, making Kyoka’s earphone jacks flail wildly again!


“Ohhh, hey Midoriya!!!! I’m a little busy right now, but come see me later; I’ll give you a lap dance too!!!” Momo said with a smile as she waved to him when her eyes fell over him.


Izuku chuckled weakly and returned the wave, quickly turning to leave, only to come face to tits with Mitsuki Bakugo! The blonde grinned down at him and licked her lips. “Hey, normally I’d charge for something like that, but anything you like is free.” she said as she wrapped her arms around his shoulder and pressed her tits against his face again. “I’m glad you came tonight.” she said.


Was she always this tall? Izuku wondered for a hot second until he realized she was completely naked in front of him! He felt his heart racing as he remembered just a couple days ago when she seduced him in the dorms. He tried looking down, but that only confirmed her nakedness, but it did show how she was taller now. The blonde was wearing a pair of clear platform heels that made her a solid seven inches taller!


“Mi… Mi… Mitsuki-san…” he stammered, “You… You’re… I mean, I’m… I’m…”


“Happy to see me? I can tell.” Mitsuki said with a grin as she reached a hand down to stroke the throbbing swell down his left pant leg. She gave his cock a gentle squeeze through his jeans and said, “Much as I’d love to have some more fun right now, I need to see someone else first, don’t blow your whole load before you see me later.” she whispered into his ear before licking the edge and walking off.


“Oh, and stop by to see your mother, she’s working the bar tonight!” she called back to him as she headed off to another part of the main room.


“Mom?” Izuku echoed, turning towards the bar. Sure enough, Inko Midoriya was standing behind the bar. Much to his relief however, she was dressed in a black Busteez t-shirt that was a couple sizes too small. He could see what else she was wearing, but that much was enough to make him relax a bit as he went over to the bar and sat on one of the stools.


“Oh, Izuku!” Inko said with a smile, moving over to where he sat, “What can I get you? Nothing with alcohol though sweetie.”


“So you got offered a job?” Izuku asked before ordering a melon soda.


His mother nodded, “Yep, Ms. Midnight was very um… Impressed with me in that competition the other day. More so when she found I knew how to mix drinks properly.”


That made sense, though Izuku still wasn’t sure how he felt about her mother working here, but, he’d already had sex in public standing next to her, so… He shook his head, pushing those thoughts away as he drank his soda once the fizz died down enough not to tickle his nose.


He looked around the club some more, his eyes going back to the stage as Mt. Lady finished her dance, now completely naked on stage except for her mask. High denomination bills littered the stage floor as she waved to everyone before walking back towards the stage exit, her huge tits bouncing up and down erotically with her every step.


“So, what brings you here tonight Izuku?” his mother asked.


“Midnight-sensei insisted I come at least for a little while.” he admitted, “I wasn’t planning on it actually, but then Tsuyu and Ochaco both asked me to come as well.”


“Tsuyu, Ochaco?” Inko echoed then smirked slightly as she leaned forward, “Are these girls? Maybe, a girlfriend? Oooo, am I going to see my grandchildren after all!?” she asked, her eyes sparkling with excitement.


“Huh, girlfriend? Well, kinda, wait, grandchildren, where did that come from!?” Izuku panicked.


“Oooooh, I’m so happy, I was kinda worried when you got to your second year at UA and still haven’t told me about anyone special, now you have two! Oh I can’t wait to meet them!” Inko gushed as she rapidly mixed something, making her tits bounce around wildly.


“Wa… Wait mom, it’s not like that, well, it kinda is with one of them, but, I mean…” Izuku stammered.


“Yahoooo!!!!” Inko cheered then shouted, “Half price drinks for the next hour because my son finally has a girlfriend!!!!!!”


A round of cheers went up at that as Izuku waved his arms frantically, “Wait, mom, I said…” but stopped halfway as he watched her move back and forth along the bar mixing drinks and ignoring him completely.


Izuku turned away from the bar and began headed for the exit when he felt someone grab his arm.


“Oh, you made it!” said a voice next to him.


Izuku turned to see an aqua marine haired young woman in a sexy catgirl outfit. It was little more than a pair of pasties covering the nipples of her extremely large tits, a furry black thong bottom, with a cat tail accessory, and oversized cat paw gloves and slippers. But what really gave her away was the cat eared helmet over her aqua marine colored hair, and the red make-up around her right eye.


“Ragdoll?” he said aloud.


“Oh! You remember me!? Oh Ms. Midnight was right, you are SUCH a sweetie!!! Come this way, nyah!” Ragdoll said as she grabbed his wrist and led him through the main area of the room. As he followed, his eyes were drawn to her curvy ass and the detail that her ‘tail’ was actually a butt-plug accessory!


“Yeah, took me a while to get used to wearing it, but now I love the feeling of it inside my ass, nyah!” Ragdoll said when she noticed him staring.


Izuku gulped, “S… Sorry, I didn’t…” he began but the aqua marine haired woman only smiled back at him and winked.


“It’s okay, you can look alllll you want, that’s the point here silly!” she told him. “Here we are!” she said as they reached a table directly in front of the stage. She then shoved him down into one of the seat and straddled his lap, pushing her huge tits into his face. She smelled good, a sweet odor like sugar and another scent he couldn’t identify.


“I’m so glad I got to work here and be a hero again, even if it’s just to help other heroes relax.” Ragdoll told him, “Working in an office is soooooo boring.”


That’s right,‘ Izuku thought, ‘All for One stole her quirk a year or so ago, effectively ending her hero career. With everything that happened with All Might back then, it was a relatively little known story.


“Ms. Midnight said you can have anything you want.” Ragdoll said with a sweet smile as she gently gyrated her hips in his lap while resting her hands on his shoulders. “And you can touch me anywhere you’d like.” she whispered.


Nervous sweat beaded on Izuku’s forehead, “I… Uh… That’s okay! You see, I’m kinda in a relationship right now and…” he stammered.


“So?” Ragdoll replied, pressing her heavy tits against his chest again, “I don’t want your heart. Hmmhmmhmm, but if what I’m feeling is what I think it is, I hope your girlfriend doesn’t mind sharing…” she purred as she grinded her hips against him more. Izuku gulped, trying to will his cock to soften as the aqua haired girl rubbed herself on him like a cat in heat.


“Nyaaah… I can show you one of the private rooms if you want…” she breathed into his ear softly before gently biting his earlobe.


“Ahhhaaa…!” Izuku gasped as he felt his hands close around something warm and soft.


“Nyah!!!” Ragdoll mewled as he grabbed her ass, “Mmmmmh naughty boy!!!” she giggled, pressing her ass back against his hands, “Mmmmmh, tug on my tail next!” she breathed in a lusty voice.


“Wa… Wait! I didn’t mean to… Haaaaahh…” Izuku tried to protest only to have his face pulled into Ragdolls gigantic tits! He felt his cock throbbing in his pants as she rubbed her sexy body against him, her sweet scent filling his every breath as he found his right hand gripping her tail accessory and tugging gently on it.


“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmh!!!!” Ragdoll moaned, rubbing her ass into his lap harder now, “Yeah, just like that, this pussy is getting all wet!”


Izuku cursed his deviant hand and tried to pull away, but Ragdoll wasn’t having it as she pressed her tits around his head, smothering him in the soft warm flesh. He heard her mewling happily as he tugged on her tail again, making her grind her ass into his lap even harder!


“Well, I see someone is enjoying her work!” said a voice he only barely heard through the heroine’s massive tits.


“Nyah! Hi boss!” Ragdoll said as she let her tits fall away from Izuku’s head.


“Haaaaaaaaah!!!” Izuku inhaled sharply, sweet precious air filling his lungs. He didn’t even realize he was suffocating until he was allowed to breathe again!


“Having fun Mr. Midoriya?” Midnight asked with a smirk. “Thanks for coming to our opening night by the way. Wouldn’t be a grand opening without our most important customer.” Izuku looked over to her and his eyes went wide at the sight of his teacherstanding almost completely naked! Her only clothes were her mask, a simple black choker collar, a pair of arm length gloves, and thigh high boots with stiletto heels. The nipples of her now enormous tits were pathetically covered by bits of black electrical tape.


That was something else he noticed as his eyes darted around the room again. Aside from Momo, every girl here had a much higher than average bust. Nearly every woman’s tits were easily as big as their own heads if not even bigger. He remembered an incident a few weeks ago, when Kyoka and Momo volunteered to help the nurse test out an ability she hadn’t used in a while. The end result both of them had tits so big they couldn’t walk if not for Ochaco’s help. Looking around again, Izuku did a mental check on the heroines he saw and compared what he saw now to what he knew of them.


I guess Recovery Girl got the hang of it then…‘ he thought before looking back at Midnight and gulping.


“Ye… Yeah, no problem… Wait, most important customer…?” Izuku replied, blinking and tilting his head in confusion. He by no means planned to frequent this place, even if all the services were free!


Midnight grinned and made a gesture towards Mei over at the DJ Booth. The pink haired young woman nodded and the music volume drastically reduced. Midnight then walked up onto the stand and struck a pose; “If I can have everyone’s attention please!” she called out, her voice amplified suddenly by the speakers dotted around the room.


All eyes turned to the naked woman on stage, and Midnight hugged herself and squirmed erotically, “Mmmmmh, so many eyes on my naked naughty body…! Ooooo…!” she moaned before regaining her composure, “Ahem! I’d like to thank all of you for coming to our grand opening night! I’m so happy to see so many heroes enjoying themselves, I’m sure it’s all well-deserved!” she said as she looked around.


Izuku followed her gaze, spotting Mr. Aizawa sitting at one table having a drink of some light brown liquid with ice in it while Ms. Joke tried to give him a lap dance, thrusting her heavy tits in his face. Unsurprisingly he looked completely uninterested in her advances as he sipped his drink.


“That said,” Midnight continued, “I’m sure many of you know about the V.I.P. membership rewarded to young Midoriya here!” she said pointing down to Izuku.


“Ahhaaa!!!” he yelped when he felt all eyes turning to him and seeing Ragdoll still squirming on his lap, her huge tits pressing against his chest.


“I’d like to show everyone just what V.I.P. membership at my Agency buys you!” Midnight said and made a quick gesture to Ragdoll. The aqua haired girl pouted slightly, but slipped off his lap.


Izuku blushed as now the swell going down one pant leg was clearly visible! Ragdoll grabbed a free chair and moved it up onto the stage and patted the seat while looking over to him. Izuku pointed to himself and both she and Midnight nodded. The green haired youth had a bad feeling about this as he stood up and stepped up onto the stage. Midnight grinned as he pushed him down onto the seat before putting two fingers in her mouth and blowing a loud whistle made even louder through the speakers.


All around the room, the girls working for Busteez all got up and made their way towards the stage. Many of them were either completely topless or wearing those “pasties” that covered their nipples. Izuku’s mouth opened and closed wordlessly as he found himself surrounded by some of the most beautiful heroines working the pro circuit. The first three to come up on stage were the more feminine members of the Wild Wild Pussycats, Mandalay, Pixie-Bob, and Ragdoll. Only Ragdoll herself still had her nipples covered, the other two had their breasts fully exposed! Chewing his lower lip, Izuku tried not to look, but he couldn’t help it when Pixie-Bob reached her hands up to grab her own tits, squishing them together and bouncing them up and down enticingly.


Coming up behind Mandalay was Miruko, she smiled at him and winked before turning to give him a clear view of her ass and the way her thong rode up her butt. She then spanked herself, making her curvy ass jiggle. “Huh, wha..!?” Izuku gasped at the girls that came up behind the #5 Heroine.


“Um, Hi Deku…” said Ochaco as she walked up on stage wearing a pink and black bikini that barely contained her sexy unrestricted body. Her tits bounced up and down like they were completely weightless, which they likely were.


“Yo, gero!” Tsuyu said with a happy wave.


“Heya Izuku, glad you came.” said Momo as she came up behind the other two.


“I’ll explain later, please don’t make a scene!” Ochaco whispered as she clapped her hands together in front of her.


He gave a weak nod then watched as the other girls came up behind them. Ms. Joke was followed by Mina who winked happily at him as she gave her own heavy tits a squeeze, making a whitish substance leak from her nipples. He remembered her telling him once that if she went long enough without using her quirk that it made her tits swell with heavily diluted acid that needed to be sucked out to let them return to normal. She told him it was safe to drink and tasted a lot like lemonade.


Behind Mina was Mitsuki, still naked save for the platform heels she wore that made her several inches taller. When she came up on stage there was a wild cheering from the other patrons and she turned to look out at them with a wink and wave.


How is she so popular on the first day?‘ he thought as Mt. Lady came up last after stepping out of a cage she had been dancing in after leaving the stage earlier.


All eleven women turned to face outwards and stuck various sexy poses, making the crowd roar even more. Midnight then stepped down from the stage and stood in front of the gathered girls. “I’m so glad everyone approves. Most of these ladies you may already know. But allow me to introduce Pixie-Bob, Mandalay, and back from retirement, Ragdoll of the Wild Wild Pussycats!!”


At her introduction, the three pussycats moved into their classic group pose and the crowd roared their approval.


“Next I’d like to introduce the #5 Heroine Miruko, let’s give her a warm welcome!” Midnight said as she moved to stand beneath the bunnygirl hero.


“Hi everyone!!! I’m really looking forward to working here!!!” Miruko said as she stood proudly, “I just hope you boys have what it takes to satisfy me!”


Midnight chuckled and moved to stand in front of his classmates on stage, “Here we have some promising new comer’s right out of UA! Give a warm welcome to Uravity, Froppy, Creati, and Pinky!”


Hmm, she used their hero titles,‘ Izuku thought, ‘But then, she did for the others as well.‘ It only took a moment for him to understand why, to allow some modicum of privacy for the girls working here. Many hero identities were in public record, but only to a certain extent.


“Next we have the Smile Hero, Ms. Joke!” Midnight said as she moved to stand in front of the heroine.


“Yo!” said the green haired woman as she gave the crowd a thumbs up.


“Next is another new comer, I’m very happy to introduce MegaMilf!” Midnight said as she moved to stand in front of Mitsuki. The naked blonde smiled out at the crowd and ran her hand up and down her torso, wriggling her body erotically as she licked her lips.


Izuku slipped out of his seat in shock, thankfully no one noticed with all the naked female flesh lined up in front of him. MegaMilf? Really? Even he thought that was a bit on the nose! Though if she was only hired yesterday, then it might have been all she could come up with on short notice.


“And lastly, but not at all the least, we have Mt. Lady, now signed with my Agency for the next five years!” Midnight said as she moved to Mt. Lady at the end of the line. Izuku thought he saw her grimace for just an instant when Midnight mentioned her contract and he wondered what that might have been about.


“And now, the reason for this little intro session, ladies?” Midnight said.


Izuku gasped as all the girls turned to face him again with smiles on all their faces. “Wha… What’s going on Midnight-sensei?” he asked.


Midnight ignored him, “As some of you know, this young man won my little introductory competition the other day and was rewarded with a free Lifetime VIP Membership! What that means is he can come here any time and have some fun with the girl, or girls, of his choosing, as can anyone who purchases a VIP membership. So, Young Midoriya, who will you be choosing tonight?” Midnight asked.


“YOU BETTER NOT PICK MY MOM DEKU!!!!” Bakugo’s voice rang out from the crowd.


“Don’t be shy, I’ve told these ladies all about you young Midoriya, and many are very eager to meet you!” Midnight said with a wink. To accentuate that comment, all the girls leaned forward, groping their own tits as if offering them to him. Sweat beaded all over Izuku’s body and dripped down the sides of his head.


“I… Uh… Um…” he stammered, gulping nervously. Should he just pick one, or more? Which would be best? Ochaco was the obvious choice, but if she was working here, then people might say he picked her because they were dating and not because he wanted to use his membership. But he didn’t want to hurt her feelings by not picking her, that would make him a bad boyfriend…


“Um, Mr. Midoriya, we don’t have all night…” Midnight said.


Closing his eyes tight, Izuku pointed in three random directions.


“Oh my, young Midoriya has quite the appetite!” Midnight said as the crowd cheered again. “Well girls, you know what to do!” Midnight said. Izuku opened his eyes to see Mitsuki, Ochaco, and Tsuyu separating from the gathered group of women.


“Awww, I wanted to see that monster cock again…” Mt. Lady whined.


“Is it really that big?” asked Ragdoll.


“Oh sooooo big, I still felt it inside me three days later!” the blonde told the other woman. The rest of their conversation was lost to him when Ochaco suddenly ran over and jumped into his lap, hugging him tight and nuzzling her face against his.


“You’re so sweet for picking me Deku!” she said happily.


“MY MOTHER AGAIN?!?! LEMME GO!!! I’M GONNA KILL HIM!!! YOU’RE DEAD DEKU, YOU HEAR ME?! YOU’RE FUCKING DEAD!!!!!” Bakugo roared as he came into view only to be restrained by Midnight hugging his face into her gigantic tits. A pink cloud of vapor rose from her body and the young blonde went still in her arms.


“Now, anyone who wants to sign up for VIP Status, please meet with the woman by the bar.” Midnight said with a smile.


“Really, that child…” Mitsuki said with a shake of her head.


“He really needs to chill out, gero.” Tsuyu said as she watched Midnight hand Bakugo over to Tiger who slung the youth over her shoulder and carried him off. Tsuyu then turned back to look at Izuku, “I’m glad you picked me too,” she said as her tits ballooned outwards, the pasties covering her nipples peeling off and fluttering down to the floor.


“Oh, that’s a nice trick!” said Mitsuki, “Come on, I know exactly what room we should use!”



“Oh wow!!!”




“Yeah, nice huh?” said Mitsuki at Ochaco and Tsuyu’s reaction to the room where she’d taken them. They were on the building’s second floor, which looked much more like a hotel floor than an office or club building. The blonde opened the first door by the stairs, leading them into a large room with off-white walls, a dark blue carpeted floor, and stucco ceiling. Erotic art hung on the walls showing either nude pin-ups of girls Izuku didn’t recognize, or full blown pornographic images of men and women in sexual positions.


One image in particular showed a young woman with short dark hair and huge tits in a dungeon-like setting straddling one man, his cock buried deep inside her, while to either side of her were two more men with equally huge dicks aimed at her. The one to the womans left was pressing his dick against her gigantic tit. Both cocks were covered in kiss marks from the womans blue painted lips.


“Hmm, I kinda like that one.” said Mitsuki when she saw him staring. “The girl in it looks kinda like this one girl I met in a near death experience a long time ago, though her tits weren’t nearly that big.” she explained as she walked over to the large bed near the center of the room. It was circular in shape and looked like it had enough room for six or seven people to lay on top and still not be bunched together. The sheets were a rich red satin, and the pillows were a matching color and also circular.


Mitsuki sat on the edge of the bed, her legs wide as she laid back and spread her arms out wide. “Mmmmmmh, I love satin sheets on my naked skin, it feels so nice and smooth.”


Izuku gulped audibly, “Umm, yeah, okay… Listen, I know all that downstairs was really just a kind of commercial, so we don’t have to…” he never finished as Tsuyu grabbed the edges of his jacket and pulled him close, covering his mouth with her own! Izuku’s eyes went wide as Tsuyu forced her tongue into his mouth as she held him close.


“Mmmmmmmh!!!!” Izuku’s scream was muffled by Tsuyu’s tongue as his arms flailed at his sides. He then gagged softly as he felt her tongue sliding down his throat. It was a strange feeling, like when you try and swallow noodles without chewing them fully, but not choking on them.


“Tsu!!!! I was gonna do that!” Ochaco complained, her lips pouting slightly as she stomped her foot and watched. Tsuyu then pulled her tongue back slowly, another odd and slightly gross feeling before she broke the kiss.


“Too slow, gero!” Tsuyu said with a wink, then looked back to Izuku, “It’s okay Midoriya, I wanna do it with you again.”


“Me too!” Ochaco added, touching her index fingers together, “If… If it’s you Deku, I don’t mind having other girls here…”


“Awww, that’s adorable! And you’re blushing too!!!” Mitsuki said as she slapped her hand down on the mattress, “Ahhh, I miss that age, young love and all.”


“Huh, love!” Tsuyu gasped with suprise, “No, no, Midoriya and I are friends with benefits, not in love, no, just friends! Just friends, gero!”


“Um, she meant me, Tsu…” Ochaco said quietly, narrowing her eyes slightly with suspicion.


“Oh, gero… Right, I knew that!” Tsuyu said before whipping her tongue around Izuku’s waist and unceremoniously tossing him over to the bed. Mitsuki deftly slid aside, avoiding impact with him.


He barely bounced at all; the mattress was made of that memory foam stuff and absorbed most of the impact. Izuku rolled onto his back and looked up to see Mitsuki crawling towards him while Ochaco and Tsuyu approached the bed slowly stripping off what little clothes they had on to begin with. He felt his cock straining against his pant leg as he scooted back against the headboard of the bed.


“Come now Deku, you’ve got three beautiful naked ladies here, and we’re all very horny.” said Mitsuki as she crawled over him, dragging her naked tits over his legs, “It’s your own fault you know, we all know what you’re keeping in there, and it’d be wrong to keep it away from us…” she whispered as she undid his pants with a single motion of her hand.


“She’s right you know…” Tsuyu said as she climbed onto the bed next, her swollen tits hanging from her chest and swaying enticingly as she crawled up on his left side. “I really miss the fun we had on that class trip gero...”


“And I… Uhh… Ummm…” Ochaco began, but turned red as she came up on his right. She fumbled for words for a moment, then grabbed his face and kissed him hard.




The sound of his jeans tearing echoed in the room as the brown haired girl sucked lovingly on his tongue. “Yeah, that.” Ochaco said with a smile.


“Mmmmmh, I don’t think I’d ever get tired of seeing this…” Mitsuki purred as she backed away and let Izuku’s cock stand up fully. She wrapped her hands around its base and slowly moved them upwards. “Ahhhh, so hard, and the smell… Mmmmmmmh, I think the smell turns me on the most!” she said as she looked to Ochaco and Tsuyu, “Sit back and watch ladies, this is how a real woman fucks!” she said as she moved forward again, making sure to drag his cock between her heavy tits followed by her shapely thighs. He could feel the wetness of her pussy dragging along the underside of his cock as she rocked her hips back and forth slowly. She then moved so his cock sprung back upright behind her and began rubbing her ass up and down the topside of his dick.


“Hey! I wanted to go first!” said Ochaco


“Beautiful Age before beauty honey, now watch and learn!” Mitsuki said with a grin as she raised her hips and took his cock inside her pussy with a wet squishing noise as her cunt spread wide around his girth.


“Ooooooh, fuuuuuck so fuuuulll…!” Mitsuki moaned as she took his length into herself. “Mmmmmh… Yeah, I love this feeling, I’m so fucking full, it’s incredible!!!” she said as she began rolling her hips slowly. “Watch… Mmmmmh, and leeearn girls…” she told Tsuyu and Ochaco as she began moving her hips faster. Her stomach stretched around his gigantic length, and both Ochaco and Tsuyu looked at the bulge with wide eyes.


“Haaahhh… Mi… Mitsuki-saaan…” Izuku groaned, closing his eyes as he fought the urge to thrust his hips against hers.


“Mmmmh, don’t you dare hold back now…” Mitsuki purred, grabbing his hands and moving them to her heavy tits. He squeezed them on reflex, his fingers sinking deep into the soft pliant flesh and making the blonde woman moan again. Her bright pink nipples were completely stiff and he moved his right hand to pinch her left one, marveling at hard hard it felt against his fingers.


“It’s really erotic, seeing it up close like this, gero…” said Tsuyu as she touched a finger to her own lips.


“Yeah…” Ochaco agreed, “All that, inside me…” she said as Mitsuki began moving more, her pussy making all kinds of lewd squish, squish, squish noises as his cock pumped in and out of her like a piston.




“Haahhh… So… So tight…!” Izuku groaned as Mitsuki rolled her hips faster now, leaning her body back and matching her stomach distend even moan as she panted and moaned. Izuku’s hands fell away from her tits to grab her hips, but he only held them for a moment as Tsuyu took his left hand and began sucking his index and middle fingers erotically. Her tongue felt warm and slick, and just a little slimy, but the look on her face as she sucked on his digits made him gulp quietly.


To his right, Ochaco made an annoyed sound as she grabbed his other and and copied Tsuyu. She wasn’t as good though with her shorter tongue.


“AHHH FUUUUUCK, FUCK MEEEEEE, FUCK MY MILF PUSSSSYYYY!!!!” she screamed as she leaned forward again and rested her hands on his shoulders before lifting herself up with her knees. Izuku could only groan wordlessly as Mitsuki began bucking her hips, rolling and twisting them as she moved herself up and down.




“How are you doing that, gero!?”


“MMMMMMH… THIS, MMMMMH… THIS IS HOW YOU FUUUUUCK…” Mitsuki howled, panting for every breath as her tongue hung off her lips, “OH YESSSS, YOUR DIIICK, IT’S STIRRING UP MY INSIDES, IT FEELS GOOD, SO GOOD, SOOO GOOOOD!!!!” Mitsuki screamed as her pussy gushed like a faucet around his cock.


“Mmmmmmmh… I… I…” Izuku groaned.


“MMMMMH, YES, THAT’S IT IZUKU, CUM INSIDE ME, BATHE MY PUSSY WITH YOUR CUUUUMMMMMM….!!!!” Mitsuki screamed as Izuku came inside her hard. He actually heard his cum spraying inside her as her stomach swelled ever so slightly before the thick white fluid gushed back out of her pussy around his cock.


“Haahhh, ahhh… Haaahhhh… Mmmmmmh, that’s how you do it!” Mitsuki said, “It’s all in the hips ladies, and it helps to use your inner muscles, but for that to be really effective you need to do some yoga as well.”


Izuku could only pant as he recalled a situation similar to this during their class trip, only it was Midnight giving blowjob tips to Momo. ‘How does this keep happening to me?’ he wondered.


“Okay! My turn!” Ochaco said happily, “You can still go again Deku, right?”


“Of course he can, but I’m going next.” said Tsuyu.


“SAY WHAT!? How do you figure?” asked Ochaco as she glared across at Tsu.


“Because you already had him earlier this week, and I never got paired with him at that competition so I should get a turn next!”


“Seriously, that’s your reason!? Well, I’m his gir… Gi… Girlfr…” Ochaco said, but suddenly stammered at the last part, her face turning red again.


“Oh please, just do rock, paper, scissors like in a regular harem light novel!” Mitsuki said as she brought her fists down on both girls heads.


Izuku let his head fall back on the amazingly comfortable pillows, knowing this was gonna be a long night…

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 month ago

Brooo I love the fact that Midnight opened a agency like this. She would be the person to do that anyway lol.

1 month ago
Reply to  Anonymous

lol Yea, busteez is open for business!