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Ranko Island was a place for people to let their animal lusts run free. One couldn’t walk a block in the city side of the place without seeing at least one couple fucking out in the open like it was nothing. And that was just during the daytime hours.


Ranko Island’s nightlife, now THAT was a completely new level of perversion! And it was something Sakura Uchiha had embraced wholeheartedly as she walked out of the boutique wearing her new outfit. She smiled as she walked down the street just as the sun began dipping below the horizon. The sky was painted in a myriad of pastel oranges and reds before finally giving away to a deep dark blue and black that was dotted with stars.


The pink haired woman walked by another shop, some kind of coffee house that had already closed for the day, so the light out inside turned the window into a near perfect mirror as she stopped to take in her reflection. Grinning, Sakura struck a pose in her new outfit, a black micro-mini skirt that was nothing more than a strip of black leather around her hips, yellow string thong panties that dug neatly into the folds of her cunt, and a matching black top that was also just a strip of leather held together by some black laces in front of her fat and heavy tits.


“Mmmmmh, better than mortal man deserves!” she said as she spanked her own ass and winked at her reflection. She continued down the street, wondering where she might find her next big fat dick to fuck her needy cunt! The other day was fun, but the whole glory hole scene was a little too impersonal for her growing perverted tastes.


No, Sakura wanted to see who was fucking her, wanted them to see her. Even now, just thinking about having someone watching her begging for dick and being stuffed to the brim got her juices flowing down her thighs. Maybe she could go to D’s place again. But she’d already been there a few times, she wanted a bigger selection tonight!


Tapping her chin in thought, Sakura saw something out of the corner of her eye and turned for a better look.


Sitting at one of those street vendor stalls was Moegi. Blinking her peridot colored eyes, Sakura walked over to the younger blonde. “Moegi, what are you doing here?” she asked, completely ignoring the fact that the young woman was dressed as much like a whore as herself with a dark green corset that cupped her heavy and naked tits Over her shoulders was a matching green shrug that covered her shoulder and arms. She had on a pair of thigh high green stockings that went well with the matching high heeled boots and that was all. Her pelvis and tits were both completely naked, kind of like a reverse bikini!


“Ahh, Sakura-san!? But what, how!?” Moegi said with a slight jump in her seat. The vendor cursed lightly.


“Hey, keep still, you don’t want me to mess up the design do you?” he asked. He was a small old man with a balding head and a gruff expression, but he looked like he knew what he was doing as he held a brush with a very fine tip against the naked and cleanly shaven area above Moegi’s naked pussy. He was painting a heart shaped pattern there, not unlike the odd seals Sakura had seen in some of the movies that passed for entertainment on this island. Usually the seal was placed on a woman about to be fucked completely into submission, either by tentacles or big inhuman bestial men. Sakura had to admit, if the men were a little more handsome, she wouldn’t mind being fucked into insanity like that!


Moegi gave a quick explanation of how she had gotten here. Sakura already knew Sarada was on the island after seeing her the other day with Boruto, but now she knew HOW she’d gotten here. ‘I wonder if she’s fucking Boruto again somewhere?’ she thought to herself as she began picturing Sarada naked, with those big tits of hers that she kept contained to allow herself to move properly, bouncing up and down on that big fat cock as she howled in pleasure. The pink haired woman then licked her lips as she pictured herself side by side with Sarada, both of them getting plowed by huge kumo-cocks while they were forced to make out with one another.


“Sakura-san, are you okay?” Moegi asked, snapping Sakura out of her fantasy.


“Seen that look a thousand times,” said the old man, “Having a fantasy about something or other.”


“Anyway,” Moegi continued, “I told them not to go anywhere too sketchy while we’re stuck here.”


Clearing her throat, Sakura nodded. “Okay, and what are you doing now?” she asked, gesturing to the body painting she was having done.


“I’ll explain,” the old man said as he continued to work. “My paints are mixed with the juices from a local shellfish we got here. Normally, the stuff only works when two or more people eat the same one. But my paint gives you all the fun effects without the odd hangover in the morning.”


“Huh?” Sakura asked.


“The body paint fades after a couple hours, but then you get to have a fun little erotic dream.” Moegi explained.


“Some find it a better way to go about their fantasies when they can’t find what they want that night.” the old man said, “Usually the older locals who can’t really keep up with all the young’uns running around here.”


“Or, if you’re like me, you want to set a better example for those in your care…” Moegi said nervously.


“Can’t say you’re doing that dressed in that get-up.” Sakura said with a dry smile.


“Gheep!” Moegi gulped, “Well, I saw it in the window and… Well, CAN’T I BE ALLOWED TO LOOK SEXY WHEN I WANT!?” she yelled.


Sakura struck a pose again and grinned, “Girl, have you even LOOKED at MY outfit? Points for boldness though, but I spent one day just walking around naked.”


Sakura then waited for the old man to finish his work with Moegi before setting up a point to meet with her and Team 7 tomorrow afternoon. She then watched the girl walk off, turning a few heads as she went by.


“So,” she said to the old man, “You take hotel thumbprint credit?”



Sighing to herself, Sakura went back to her Hotel room. Nothing really stood out to her tonight as she moved about the town. Or more to the point, there weren’t any really BIG dicks everywhere she went! Nothing but average and below everywhere. What, did every huge cock take the night off or something!? Even Sasuke was nowhere to be seen when she got back to her room.


Sakura sighed in frustration again as she flopped herself down onto the plush bed and began to play with herself, rubbing at her clit as she tried to picture A’s throbbing cock slamming into her womb, stretching her out like only he and Naruto could!


“Mmmmmmmmh, yeah… right there….” she moaned to herself, bucking her hips as she began digging her fingers into her sopping wet hole. She stripped out of her top and skirt, leaving only her string panties on as she loved the feel of them riding up the folds of her pussy!


“Hmmm, this slut needs dick bad!” said a gruff voice.


“Agreed, playing with herself like that with all of us here.” said another.


“Now I see where Sarada gets it from.” said a third.


Sakura opened her eyes slowly and gasped in surprise at the five men standing naked over her on the bed, their huge cocks already rock hard and throbbing. “Wha… Huh…?” she murmured, wondering where they had all come from as she looked up to see A, Naruto, Boruto, Mitsuki, and Sasuke all standing there, their cocks out and dripping with precum. Part of her wondered why Mitsuki was there, and why he was so big!? Then she remembered doing an examination on him a while back, she’d seen his flaccid penis, and while she didn’t think much of it at the time, it would make sense that he would be like this erect!


“What can I say, my wife is a slut, deep down I always knew that.” said Sasuke, “She can’t live without big dicks stuffing her anymore.”


“Yessss, I’m a cock whore!!!” Sakura admitted, “I just wanna suck and fuck big cocks forever!” she confessed as she held out her arms, “I don’t care what all of you are doing here, fuck meeeee!!!” she moaned as she ripped off her panties to reveal her sopping wet hole.


“Horny skank!” said A as he reached down to grab a fistful of her pink hair before shoving his thick cock down her throat. Sakura’s peridot eyes rolled back in her skull as she felt herself cumming instantly just from this!




“Well, at least she’s honest!” said Boruto as he knelt down between her legs and spread them wide. Sakura couldn’t see him with A’s cock still fucking her throat, but she felt him as he slid that monster dick inside!


HMMMMMMMMMPH!!!!” she screamed in ecstasy as she came again, even harder than before! Boruto’s cock was bigger than A and Naruto’s combined! She could feel him in her womb before his cock was even all the way inside her! Her pussy gushed like a faucet as she moaned and gagged around A’s cock.


MOAR!!!! MOAR, MOAR MOAR MOAR!!! MOAR CAWKSH, MOAR CAWKSH PWEASHE, I’LL DIE WIPFOUT DEMMMM!!!!” Sakura slurred as she felt another big one pressing against her asshole. “YESH!!! MUH ASSH, PHUCK MUH ASSH!!!!


“As you wish Lady Uchiha.” said Mitsuki’s voice as she felt a long and thick cock pushing up her ass slowly, making her entire body buck with pleasure, her tits wobbling to and fro as she struggled to breathe.


SO BIIIIIG!!!’ thought Sakura as she felt two huge young cocks scraping against each other inside her as Boruto and Mitsuki instantly found the perfect rhythm! She came hard every time one thrust in or pulled out, and with their perfect motions, she couldn’t stop cumming if she wanted to!!


CAWKSH, CAWKSH, CAWKSH, CAWKSH, CAWKSH, CAWKSH, CAWKSH, CAWKSH, CAWKSH, I’M CUMMMING SHO MUUUSH!!!! CAWKSH ARE DA BESHT!!!!!” the pink haired woman gagged around A’s massive dong as she felt something new pressing at the corner of her mouth. Tears of ecstasy and joy ran from her peridot colored eyes as Sakura saw and felt Naruto pushing his cock down her throat as well! Hot, heady juices spayed endlessly from her pussy as the word began to fade into one gigantic orgasm!


COCKS!! COCKS!! COCKS!! COCKS!! COCKS!! COCKS!! COCKS!! COCKS!! COCKS!! COCKS!! COCKS!! COCKS!! COCKS!! COCKS!! COCKS!! COCKS!! COCKS!! MY ENTIRE LIFE IS COOOOCKS!!!!!!! YES, THIS IS WHAT I WAS BORN FOR, I EXIST TO BE FUCKED BY HUGE DIIIICKS, THERE IS NO HIGHER CALLING!!!!’ Sakura thought to herself as she felt like a human onna-hole. She was dimly aware of the fifth and final dick now pumping between her tits, but she ignored it, ‘Just go away Sasuke…’ she thought as all the men began thrusting into her together.


YES, CUM, FILL ME WITH CUM! I WANT IT, I WANT IT ALLLL!’ thought Sakura as all five men thrusted together, her ass, cunt, stomach and tits all suddenly felt hot and bloated as she was pumped full of cum like some kind of pastry. Her vision quickly began to blur and fade as her body quaked in pleasure as they only continued pumping into her without end.



“Sakura, hey, Sakura?” said a voice as a hand gently shook her awake. Sakura opened blurry eyes to even blurrier vision as she found herself in her hotel room again.


“Are you okay, you’re completely soaked on the bed.” said Sasuke as Sakura sat upright and instantly regretted it as her head began pounding. The Medic-nin in her said it was likely dehydration from cumming in that dream so hard. That or a final after effect of the mark that had given her the dream in the first place.


Either way, Sakura knew what she needed to do as she got out of bed and began stripping out of what little clothing she had on to grab a shower. “Sakura, wait, where are you going?” Sakuke asked her as she headed to the bathroom.


“Quick bath, then to fulfill my purpose in life.” she answered matter-o-factly, “Oh, by the way, Sarada’s on the island too, you don’t mind if I take her out cock hunting do you?”


WHAAAAT!?” Sasuke yelled, his eyes impossible wide.


“Great, thanks, don’t wait up!” she told him and closed the bathroom door behind her.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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3 months ago

Sakura got the gang bang/bukkake she’s always wanted. Will we see our favorite pink haired bimbo in more gangbangs/bukkakes?

3 months ago
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7 months ago

Why can’t sasuke have a bigger cock

7 months ago

Wow… I don’t have any words here… I literally got nothing this time. O_O

7 months ago

This was great. I legitimately became more of a fan of Sakura thanks to these Ranko Island chapters.