After-Sex Revelations

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Lucy leaned against the wall of the room as Erza switched her mouth out with a mint flavored mouthwash for the fifth time in as many minutes. They were still in the club where they had found Erza, that Chao guy had left a couple hours ago, and Erza was finally coming out of the haze from whatever he’d done to her. Erza now stood in the center of the room still completely naked aside from the weird stickers that were covering her nipples. Her state of undress didn’t seem to bother her in the slightest, though. The young blonde watched as Erza spat the mouthwash out into a separate bottle and pulled a face right afterward.


Lucy herself stood a few steps away from Erza wearing an extremely short skirt that showed off the crotch of her sexy black panties. Her top was a plain white t-shirt with short blue sleeves. It was also a couple sizes too small and clung to the curves of her tits tightly.


“Honestly, I think your mouth is completely clean by now.” said Minerva, as she sat on a chair in the corner of the room. The dark haired woman was slowly filing her nails with a slender nail file.


“I know, it’s just those two keep reminding me of it!” said Erza as she pointed over to another corner of the room where Natsu sat down on a plush looking couch. Kneeling in front of the pink haired man was Flare Corona, who had her mouth wrapped around his insanely thick dick as she bobbed her head up and down. Her plump ruby painted lips were making all kinds of wet slurpy sounds as she moaned in utter bliss.


“Hmm? Oh Flare!” Lucy said with a smile, “She’s our sex doll now.”


“Eh?” asked Erza, a stupified expression on her face.


“Yeah, when she found us the other day she begged Natsu and me to be her Princess and Master.” Lucy explained, “We worked out a schedule for using her when we get back home.”


“I… I see…” said Erza.


“Yeah, I know it’s kinda crazy, but she just seemed so sincere. I couldn’t just say no. Also, she’s REALLY good with her tongue.” Lucy said, still remembering how good it felt when Flare ate out her pussy.


“Okay, I think I follow,” Erza said, then nodded her head over at another, smaller couch, “And when was that a thing, anyway?” she asked as she looked over at Gray and Wendy. The former sat in the loveseat, which was currently living up to its name while Wendy bounced herself up and down in his lap. The blue haired girl was mostly dressed, wearing a micro-mini skirt that left her whole ass exposed, and a three sizes too small t-shirt that hugged her now very large tits!


Gray held onto those tits with both hands, having pushed up the shirt covering them as he leaned forward to suck on her nipples.


AHHHNN AHH, AHHHH… FEELS SO GOOD GRAAAAAY, AHHHH, I’M GONNA CUM AGAIIIIN…” Wendy moaned in a voice that would have the club’s owner hiring her in an instant!


“Oh that. Wendy’s just been constantly horny since she came along with us.” Lucy said nonchalantly, “Gray and Natsu are the only boys with us, but Natsu has Flare to take care of now. As you can see.”


“I see…” Erza repeated.


“Try not to let it bother you,” Minerva said, “After breathing in the Manko flower pollen, all your inhibitions go right out the window. Honestly, I think that’s probably kind of a good thing for some of you fairies.”


“Why are you with them, Minerva? Flare I get, because she came looking for Lucy and Natsu but…” she let it hang.


“Oh, just think of this as just a passing whim. I didn’t really have much of anything better to do. Also, I love big tits, and Flare’s were so big when I found her, I couldn’t resist.” Minerva explained as she stopped filing her nails and held her hand out to compare the length of her nails to one another.


HAH, AHH, HAHHH… Ha… Hang on…” Wendy panted, “Does that mean my boobs will shrink again!?” she asked, grabbing her tits protectively, “NHOOOO, I JUST GOT THESE!!!!


“I can’t say, but you just need to find more of the indigo colored flowers.” Minerva said as she began filing the nails of her other hand, “Anyway,” she said, while turning back to Erza, “You say this Chao guy claims he made the flowers? Somehow I doubt that.”


“I do too, but it was the best lead I could find.” said Erza, “But before I could try and get any kind of confirmation out of him, I couldn’t stop myself, I just had to suck his dick! I don’t know what came over me.”


“Sounds like what happened to you, Lucy,” Natsu said, with his hand resting on the back of Flare’s head as it moved up and down in his lap. Lucy could see her stomach moving from the raw size of his dick and clenched her legs together as her own pussy twitched in want. She chewed her lower lip softly, idly moving her right hand to her celestial key pouch before she remembered she’d already called Taurus today, and Virgo and Aquarius were both unavailable right now.


I wish Brandi came with us…’ she thought.


LUCY!” Erza’s voice called, startling the blonde.


“Sorry!” Lucy apologized. The scarlet haired woman then asked what Natsu meant and she explained what happened on the road a while back.


“Hmm, that does lend to the idea that Chao didn’t make them, but there is the chance he certainly knows something about where they came from.” Erza said as she stood still in thought.


“Well, I highly doubt he’ll let you get close to him again after last night.” Minerva said.


MMMMMPH, HMMMMPH, AGUUUUWAH, haaaah, what will you do now…?” Flare asked, pulling her head off Natsu’s insanely huge dick and kissing her way down its length, “Nmmmmh, you’re still so hard Master…” she cooed happily, “Please, use my pussy next, I wanna feel this cock burn its shape into my woooomb…”


“Heh, sure. Go ahead and stick it in!” Natsu said with a grin. Flare let out a happy sound as she climbed onto the couch with him. Her hair whipped around her body in a blur, stripping off what few clothes she did have on as she hugged his cock against herself. It was easily as big as her torso and almost as thick. The redhead then stood up on the couch and lined Natsu’s giant dick up with her pussy before slowly lowering herself down onto it. Flare’s pussy let out a loud wet squishing sound that was all but lost in her lewd moaning as she took Natsu inside.


HAAAAAAAH, MASTER, YOU’RE SO BHIIIIG!!!! AHHHH, I FEEL SO FULLLL…” Flare moaned in sheer pleasure, with her belly tenting upwards as Natsu’s cock slipped inside deeper and deeper. Lucy felt her pussy clenching again as she licked her lips before a pair of hands grabbed her from behind and pulled her back.


WAH!” she squealed in surprise before finding herself in Minerva’s lap, with her clothes already gone as the dark haired woman used her magic to strip the blonde naked. She then felt a soft hand grabbing her left tit gently while another hand slipped between her thighs to rub at her pussy.


“You just can’t stop watching them, huh?” Minerva asked hotly into her ear as she slipped two fingers into Lucy’s dripping pussy with a wet sound.


“Haaaahn…” Lucy moaned, squirming in the other woman’s grip, but not trying to get away as Minerva leaned in close and blew a hot breath into her ear before gently biting the outer edge of it.


“Hmmhmmhmm, so cute…” Minerva whispered into her ear as she began fingering Lucy slowly. Her newly filed nails were so smooth they allowed her fingers to move in and out of her pussy so easily as Lucy parted her legs wider.


“Go deeper…” she whimpered back, “Ahhhhh…” she moaned when Minerva did just that, pushing her digits into her pussy with a lewd wet SQUISH! Lucy instantly began rolling her hips into her hand, panting softly as she felt her whole body getting warmer by the second. Minerva’s other hand continued fondling her tit softly, the fingers pinching and twisting her nipple. Lucy leaned her head back over Minerva’s shoulder and turned her head towards the other woman. Minerva met her gaze and pressed her mouth to Lucy’s in an erotic kiss.


“Mmmmn ahhh…” Lucy moaned, swirling her tongue around Minerva’s.


Across from them, Lucy heard Wendy moaning again, “AHH, YES, SUCK ON THEM!!! MMMMMMN, MY BOOBS FEEL SO GOOOOD!!!” the blue haired girl wailed in pleasure, “OH GOD, I’M GONNA CUM, YOUR BIG DICK IS GONNA MAKE MY PUSSY CUM, GRAY!!! AHHH YESSSS!!!” Wendy howled in pleasure and Lucy broke the kiss to look over at the pair as Wendy bounced herself up and down on Gray’s dick, her tight little cunt letting out one spray after the next as she came.


YES MASTER, AHH AHH AHH, DON’T STOOOP, AHHH MY PUSSY IS YOURS TO DO WITH AS YOU PLEASE!!!! AHH SO GOOD, MY PUSSY, OHHH, MY PUSSSYYYYY!!! CUMMING, I’M CUMMING AS YOUR COCK BRANDS ITS SHAPE INSIDE MEEEEE!!!” Flare howled in ecstasy. Lucy turned her brown eyes over to the pair to see Flare bent forward at a 90 degree angle while Natsu slammed his cock into her from behind! Her ass rippled and jiggled every time Natsu’s pelvis collided with it and her tits swayed under her like a pair of cow udders. Her stomach was stretching forward so much, Lucy felt herself cumming against Minerva’s fingers just looking.


“Nmmmmmh, if you’re getting that hot and bothered just watching Titania, then how about you help out your little blonde friend here. I don’t think my fingers will be enough for very long.” Minerva said with an amused giggle as she began plunging her fingers in and out of Lucy’s pussy rapidly, making a wet SHLICK SHLICK SHLICK sound. Lucy bucked in her lap, letting out a loud moan as her pussy let out a sudden spray.


“Nmmmmmmh, you’re such a juicy little one!” Minerva teased as Lucy panted softly from the sudden intensity of the orgasm. She then found Minerva’s fingers in front of her face. They were glistening with her love juices and Lucy could smell her own musk on them. Without even thinking about it, Lucy opened her mouth and began sucking on the other woman’s fingers.


“Hmmmmmmn…!” Lucy moaned in pleasure, loving the sweet taste of her own pussy. She then felt a pair of soft hands on her creamy smooth thighs and looked down to see Erza there. The scarlet haired wizard’s brown eyes almost glazed over with open lust and desire as she stared at Lucy’s bald pink pussy.


HMMMMMMH…!” Erza moaned from deep in her throat, covering Lucy’s cunt with her mouth and slipping her tongue between the moist folds.


OOOOOOHHHH, YES ERZA, YES!!!!” Lucy screamed in pleasure, curling her toes in her shoes as she fought her urge to buck her hips.


NMMMMMMH, MMMH, HMMMMH…” Erza moaned into Lucy’s pussy, moving her tongue in long broad strokes.


HAAAHHHH, AHHHH, I’M GONNA CUMMM!!!!” Lucy moaned in utter pleasure before turning to kiss Minerva again, her tongue slipping and sliding wetly against the dark haired woman’s. Her moan only seemed to encourage Erza as she felt the third woman’s tongue pushing deeper between the wet folds of her pussy.


OH GOD I’M CUMMING!!! I’M CUMMING, MASTERRRR, MY PUSSY FEELS SO GOOD!!! AHH, AHHH, AHHH!!!” Flare screamed as Natsu let out a loud roar as he jammed his entire cock into the redhead’s tight pussy again. Lucy looked just in time to see her eyes roll back in her sockets from the feeling of all the cum that the pink haired man was dumping into her! In that instant, Lucy truly understood what the term cumdumpster meant! Her tongue hung out of her mouth like an animal as she panted heavily, still bouncing herself back and forth on Natsu’s dick.


“Sho mush cummmmm… Ahh, haah, ahhh…” Flare said, now sounding drunk with pleasure.


“Ahh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, AHHH I’M CUMMINNNNNGGGGG!!!!” Wendy shrieked in ecstasy as she slammed herself down on Gray’s cock, making a pronounced tent in her abdomen. Not as intense as Flare’s, but definitely noticeable.


Lucy took both of these sights in in a split second before she reached her own climax, her entire body felt like it was convulsing with pure pleasure as she let out a long howling moan. As she came down from it, Lucy felt rather than see Erza lifting her head away from her pussy.


“So, what do we do now?” she asked.



OH YEAH!!! Take it off and show me them bitch titties!” said Chao as he sat in front of Lucy, wearing only a badly colored robe that he left hanging open. His pot belly was fully exposed, as was his huge dick.


How embarrassing…’ Lucy thought with disgust as she pulled her huge tits out of the bra she had on. ‘But I gotta do this for my friends…’ That thought alone made it easier, and she could always have Natsu, Flare, or Brandi fuck her silly later just so she could feel clean again. Thinking of Natsu’s cock made it even easier to strip out of her bra, exposing her heavy tits to the lecherous pervert.


The plan everyone had decided on was to try Erza’s plan one more time, to see if they could weedle some info out of him while doing a private session. The owner of Blazer had been happy to hire Lucy after the blonde flashed him her tits. They had to wait a couple of days before this Chao asshole came back. In the meantime, Minerva had filled them in on what she knew about the flowers.


When she got to the part about the indigo colored flowers, Lucy had gone out to find a few just outside the town limits. One brief whiff, and Lucy’s tits were even bigger than her head now! After that though, she had been left so horny she spent all night taking turns with Flare sucking Natsu’s dick.


Now here she was, stripping for the fat balding merchant. He was every bit the ugly bastard Erza warned her about. Lucy loved the way her guildmates and some strangers looked at her now that she’d even begun dressing to show off her body more. But something about Chao’s gaze just made her feel… Dirty. And not in a good way!


Lucy stripped off her top completely, exposing her huge tits as she swung them from side to side. She then stripped off her skirt, followed by her panties before she began dancing in front of him. Keeping with the advice Minerva had given her, Lucy gyrated her hips for Chao with her legs spread wide, letting him get a good look at her pussy.


“You like that Mr. Chao?” Lucy asked in a sweet voice. “Like looking at my naughty cunny?”


“Hoo hoo hoo, yes, work those hips baby, jiggle those big titties for me more!” Chao hooted like a monkey.


“Saaay, Mr Chao…?” Lucy asked in that same sweet voice, “Word has it you know how to make a girl’s titties bigger without magic, is that true?” she asked.


“Ohho, do you wanna make them bitch titties even bigger, girlie?” he asked.


“Yes!” Lucy said, while dropping down to her knees and groping her own tits, hefting them up and making a show of licking her own nipple before sucking it with a long low moan.


“Mwah, I wanna make my titties even bigger, but size altering magic like that is rare and probably expensive…” Lucy said with a pout.


“Hohoho, then you’re in luck! I just happened to have made a flower that can do just that!” Chao said, “I think I can arrange something for you.” he said with a wide grin that showed off his crooked yellow teeth as he leaned back in his seat, his thick cock aiming straight up. He was nearly as big as Natsu and Taurus. Lucy could see the veins along the shaft pulsating steadily.


“Woooow, how’d you do that?” Lucy asked, doing her best impersonation of a curious groupie as she leaned back in a crab position, with her pussy aimed forward as she rocked her hips some more. Her huge tits jiggled and wobbled atop her chest, blocking her view of him.


“Heheheh, that’s a trade secret, but I might tell you if you come a little closer.” Chao said, making a beckoning gesture with his hand once Lucy moved into a standing squatting position.


Lucy fought to keep smiling, knowing if she got much closer, whatever that perfume was that Erza described would get her too! Before she could come up with an excuse though, Chao got up from the couch and came over to her. Lucy fell back on her butt in surprise, with her huge tits jiggling wildly. The next thing Lucy knew, his thick cock was filling her throat and she was moaning in pleasure!


HUUUGUUUUUUPH!!!!” Lucy moaned deep in her throat, “SHO PHIIIIIICK!!!!!


Ahh, this is bad,’ Lucy thought, ‘I didn’t even feel it happening, I don’t even remember smelling any perfume. His cock tastes so gross, I wanna barf, but… I can’t stoooop!


AUUUGH GUH GUG HMMMPH GUH MMMMMPH…” Lucy moaned, moving her head back and forth.


“Hahahah, just like every other whore, you can’t resist my flowers! Just one whiff, and you’re my slave!” Chao boasted as he grabbed Lucy’s side ponytail and began fucking her throat roughly.


AGUH GUG GUG GURK GUGLE HURK GUWEH…!” Lucy choked, her brown eyes rolling back in her head, obscuring her vision.


“Nmmmmmmh, yes, you have a nice slutty little mouth cunt, but I want something a little tighter!” Chao groaned, pulling Lucy off his dick and throwing her down onto the red carpeted floor.


He then spread her legs wide before jamming his entire cock into her soaking wet pussy! Lucy let out a howling throaty moan, cumming the instant his cock went inside as Chao laughed triumphantly.


“You like big fucking dicks, don’tcha slut!?” Chao asked, still laughing as he plunged his dick in and out of Lucy’s tight cunt. It felt so good, Lucy couldn’t stop herself from moaning as she bucked her hips back into his thrusts. She could feel it reaching her deepest parts as she wrapped her legs around his fat waist.


I can’t resist anymore,’ she thought, ‘His giant penis is demolishing my tiny pussy!’ The pleasure was more than Lucy could stand as she howled at the top of her lungs like the cheap whore she was pretending to be.




“Hoo hoo hoo, yes, take it bitch, take my big diIIIIAAAAAHHHH!!!!” Chao yelped and Lucy felt his cock being YANKED out of her pussy so far it made a sucking noise.


GET OFF MY GIRL, YOU UGLY BASTARD!!!!” Natsu’s voice roared.


HEEEEEEEK!!! Wh… Who the hell are you!?” Chao squealed as he suddenly found himself being held up in the air by his clashing colored robe. Holding that robe in one hand was Natsu, his arm fully extended and his other hand inches from his face completely wreathed in fire.


“Natsu!” Erza’s voice called after him.


“Shame, and it was just getting good too…” Lucy heard Minerva’s voice saying.


“No more beating around the bush, you fat pig! Is it true you made these kooky flowers?” Natsu asked as the flames surrounding his hand intensified so much, Lucy could feel the heat from where she lay on the floor.


“Manko flowers.” Minerva said.


“I meant to ask, what does that even mean, Manko?” Erza asked, and Lucy turned to see the crimson haired woman standing with Minerva in her default armor. Though she’d shortened the skirt considerably, and she wasn’t wearing any underwear now.


“It’s a word from the orient, loosely translated it just means pussy. I thought it was fitting, given the way the petals were arranged.” Minerva explained.


“Oh, well, alright then.” Erza said, and Lucy thought she saw the other girl blush, just a little.


“Tell us what we wanna know, you fat fool. Unless you want me to burn off some of that fat, with fire!” Flare said, her hair stretching away from her head, the ends formed into speartips that were also wreathed in flames and aimed right at the merchant’s eyes!


“Guys! I thought we were trying to avoid violence!?” said Wendy in a panicked tone of voice.


“Yeah, well I couldn’t watch this punk with Lucy anymore, when she came out of whatever these flowers are doing to her, she was gonna feel bad.” Natsu said.


ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, I’LL TALK, JUST PLEASE DON’T HURT MEEEE!!!” Chao squealed and Lucy heard a trickling noise. When she looked up, she saw the man’s cock had shrunk down smaller than her little finger and was currently letting out a tiny yellow stream as he wet himself with fear!


“It’s a lie, I didn’t make the flowers!!!” Chao confessed, “I just happen to be able to use analyzing magic, I figured out how they work, that’s all!! When I found out what was coming, I made myself a potion to get with girls easier and give myself a bigger dick at least temporarily!!! I just wanted to enjoy the time the world has left, is that so wrong!?”


“What do you mean, what’s coming? What time is left?” Erza pressed.


“The Manko flowers are poisonous!” said Chao, “Any wizard exposed to them is on borrowed time from the moment they take a sniff!”


“Huh!?” hearing that shocked Lucy out of her orgasmic stupor as she sat up straight. Someone, Gray, draped a blanket down over her naked body. “What’s that mean?”


“Just what I said,” Chao explained, “The Manko flowers’ pollen is a slow acting poison, it’ll take a long time, but it’s going to kill every wizard on the planet in a few years! I found an antidote, but there aren’t nearly enough of the white flowers popping up to make enough for everyone! As for where they came from, all I know is there was some weird cloud that spread all over the world a couple of weeks ago. I doubt many saw it.” Chao told them, “That’s all I know, honest! Hey, if you let me go, I’ll give you the antidote! I found enough of the white flowers to make a few doses, and all you need to do is drink it! It’ll clear the poison from all of you lovely ladies!” he said in a panic.


The room was deathly silent after that.


And then…



“Yeah, I’m not a medical expert. Porlyusica could do a better job of reading this stuff, but I don’t think he was lying…” Lucy said as she looked over Chao’s notes in her hands. They were back in another room at the club, “I could ask Old Man Crux to look as well, but he doesn’t really know medicines all that well either.”


“So the whole world has been poisoned…” Erza said, while leaning against one wall. “This explains why some people pass out when they cum too hard. Or have bad reactions at first.


“Well, it’s not gonna kill EVERYONE,” Lucy said, “Just practicing wizards, but anyone who doesn’t use their own magic much should be unaffected. Not that that’s a comfort.” she said quietly while she sat naked in Natsu’s lap. Her abdomen was visibly distended as the pink haired man slowly thrusted his cock in and out of her cunt. It was SO much bigger and thicker than Chao’s, and Lucy just wanted to feel it inside so she could forget about that fat perv’s dick moving in and out of her while she begged for more. Flare knelt on the floor in front of the pair, alternating between licking Lucy’s clit and Natsu’s balls.


“How long do we have?” Minerva asked.


“According to all this, at least ten years. The poisonous aspect of the Manko flowers is very slow acting. If we get the kingdom involved, I’m sure they’ll be able to collect enough white flowers to make enough of the antidote for everyone.” Lucy said, then moaned softly as Flare began sucking on her clit softly. She reached a hand down to pat the girls red hair


“If it doesn’t cause a panic first, that is.” Wendy said, “I might be able to clear the poison from people, but getting every wizard in the world, that’s gonna be hard…” she said to everyone sadly as she knelt on the floor dressed only in a red pair of sexy panties she’d gotten from the club. The blue haired girl had her still huge tits neatly pressed around Gray’s cock, stroking it up and down slowly.


“There’s no need to panic!” Erza said, “We have at least ten years to figure out what to do. We should definitely go and look for more of the white Manko flowers. Chao said the antidote is easy to make.”


“Yeah, but they’re rare. I haven’t even seen a white one yet.” Gray said, “Pink, blue, red, green, there’s plenty of those right outside of town, even some growing in a few yards.”


“Well, you guys do whatever you need to do, but I’m heading back to Sabertooth for now.” Minerva said as she got up, “If you need any help with all of this, that’s where you’ll find me.” The dark haired woman then silently left the group, and Lucy thought she could hear worry in her tone. Yes, they had a lot of time, but ten years could go by in no time at all if they weren’t careful.


“We should go and see the queen, tell her about all this and see what she wants to do. This is way too big for just one guild to handle on its own.” Lucy said as she rolled her hips slowly against Natsu’s thrusts, with his cock making all kinds of wet noises as it moved in and out of her pussy. She then turned her head to look at Natsu as best she could, “Go harder…” she said softly, then moaned again, dropping the note Chao had given them on the floor as Natsu began slamming his cock into her harder.


“Ahhhh, yeeeaaaah…” Lucy moaned softly, grabbing her own breasts. She knew she should be more worried right now. In fact, a few weeks ago, news like this would have her in a full blown panic. But for some reason, she felt unreasonably calm. All she really wanted was to let Natsu and Flare fuck her brains out before they went back home to Magnolia where Brandish was probably still waiting. Lucy wanted to see her again now, feel her soft touch and hug herself against that sexy body!


“Hmm, you weren’t kidding Natsu,” said Erza with a mild smirk, “Lucy really is your girl.”


“Aheheh, you heard that huh?” Natsu chuckled nervously and Lucy felt her face heating up before she whirled around in Natsu’s lap, lifting her left leg up high so she could turn and face him. The feeling of his huge cock twisting around inside her made the blonde moan as she came again.


“Hold on, since when am I YOUR GIRL!?” she asked, as her face turned red, but not with anger.



(Story by User: SailorIo)

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5 days ago

Just to be clear, Wendy is 18 in this, right?

7 days ago

Wow. Just… Wow.

First time on here where I’m actually invested in the plot. Sure, I paid attention to the OP plot but it never really felt like there were any stakes. It was just porn without plot but THIS, this actually sounds interesting. I hope you understand what you have here since it’s really, truly interesting.

For the first time since I’ve been on here, I’m excited for more.

7 days ago
Reply to  way2dumb2live

Some have been asking for a more dynamic plot with stakes. So I went with one.

Ichigo Kurosaki
8 days ago

i hope more juvia and the others girls

8 days ago

Your his girl the moment you worshipped his Dragon. And I’m not talking Igneel

8 days ago
Reply to  Xcelsior


Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
8 days ago

Well, that’s a depressing twist.

8 days ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

It’s not like they’re running out of time. I gave a long countdown for a reason. And to give some kind of conflict or goal to the series overall.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
8 days ago

Probably the thing I like the most about this chapter, aside from the many, MANY different sex scenes, is the fact that things suddenly became really tense. And I mean “REALLY“! The whole “they’re dead in ten years”-stuff does make this quite a bit more interesting, even if it most likely won’t effect anything. Still, I like the tension but think it could have been done a bit better if it weren’t followed by yet another sex scene right afterwards. Kinda feels like a weird choice. Speaking of weird choices though, while I liked the orgy with them all at the beginning, I kinda wonder… why? Like, you mentioned how hard they were to write and all but you seriously had no reason whatsoever to include any of it in this chapter. Characters like Gray, Juvia, and Minerva feel more like filler in this story to pad the runtime. And while I definitely won’t complain about having them in a chapter, I kinda wonder why you keep “dragging” them with the others, if their role in this chapter is basically non-existent. Just feels a bit weird, y’know? Anyways, I enjoyed the Instant Loss sex and how Natsu threatened to beat him up to get the informations that way. That also makes me wonder though… why didn’t they do this from the very beginning when they found out where he lives or so. Or before he enters the club. Now, the obvious answer is that “it’s in the pic, so I have to write it like that”, but from a realistic point of view, it makes little to no sense.

Nice chapter and I like the added tension!

8 days ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Well mainly, they were all there because I had them leaving town together. I couldn’t have them just not be there, also I lived how Wendy got clingy to her boobs which she’d wanted since forever.

8 days ago

Very good chapter I like how the story is going now to wait for what will happen to them once they take the antidote, especially if flare will continue to be their slave

8 days ago
Reply to  Lolo0010

Just keep reading. 😛

8 days ago

I got questions about the cure thing,is it going to cure them and reverse them back to before breathing in the flowers or just clear the poison and have to repeatedly take the cure?

8 days ago
Reply to  Jorge

No spoilers!