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9 days ago

Late to this but love seeing Sakura with a gigantic ass and her getting fucked in it. The fact that it’s Naruto doing it to her again makes it only better especially since she clearly wants him over Sasuke which is hilarious in itself

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
15 days ago

Always a pleasure seeing Sakura squealing like a happy little slut, getting her ass fucked by an oversized dick. It’s a shame though that her overall thiccness takes makes Naruto look more like a stick figure in comparison, which is okay for the most part, given that your audience is mostly focused on the girls anyways, but… I dunno. He looks like I could just break his arms and legs by poking at them XD. Anyways, fantastic cum and makeup version as always, with my personal highlight being the eyeshadow.

I hope we’ll get some more of Naruto’s queen of cucking soon. She was by far my favorite part of the original story.