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I am helping my friend Blue-Armor over at the ROL Deviantart look for Bleach OC Profile writers.  Below is a list of what he is looking for in a writer.

He’s looking for people to write profiles on their numerous Bleach OCs.

It is very important is to have a good grasp on Bleach terminology (Knowing the difference between Reishi, Reiryoku, and Reiatsu for example)


Profile Format:

-The style of writing is in Bleach Wikia format. (Example: Ichigo Kurosaki – minus the History and Plot sections)

-There will usually be an Appearance section, Personality section, Equipment section and Powers/Abilities section.  Depending on the race of the character, there will be different sections.

-If the OC is a Shinigami, there will be a Zanpakuto, Shikai, Bankai and Inner World section.

-If the OC is a Quincy, there will be a Spirit Weapon, Vollstandig, Schrift Ability and Stolen Bankai section.

-If the OC is an Arrancar, there will a Resurreccion and Segunda Etapa section.


Profile Examples:

-Numerous Profiles at Bleachfanon and Bleachfanfiction wiki.  (Below are good examples of what were looking for)
*Kenshin Yagami
*Kurama Shihoin
*Hiroya Ginkarei
*Ishida Ryuichi

-The various profiles and writing style of Nexusyuber (He is a good example)



-Profile writing experience.  (We can make exceptions though if you produce good work)

-Must be open to editing, since we want our characters a certain way, edits are inevitable

-Let us know if you work best given a lot of creative freedom or not.  Some OCs have a lot of details established and some OCs are literally blank slates.

-Let us know which race you’re best at writing up. (Shinigami, Arrancar, Quincy)

-It is important to be creative and include story elements in the writing for abilities.  We don’t want a straight forward mechanical explanation of how the abilities work.  Refer to Kenshin Yagami and Kurama Shihoin above for examples of Abilities with story flavor.

-On the same point about creativity, its important to be able to come up with interesting abilities that are not just the usual elemental abilities like fire or lightning.  We’d like conceptual abilities made based on a theme such as space or a god.

-Must be able to keep in regular contact such as Skype or Deviantart.  (We don’t want you to disappear for months)

-Must be reliable

-Must be caught up on the Bleach Manga in order to up-to-date information (Preferably)



Profile Opener: Usually a paragraph long, this gives a quick overview of the character.


Appearance: Usually 2-3 paragraphs.  We will provide a picture of the character for you to base the appearance on.


Personality: We will provide a brief description of what the character is like or is all about, then you expand upon that.  Usually the writer will have creative freedom.


Equipment: If applicable to the character.  Some characters are inventor types so they carry around unique items, some characters carry items important to them and some characters carry standard gear for their race (Like Quincy Crosses).  Usually the writer will have creative freedom to make up unique items.


Powers & Abilities: One of the most important sections.  Section includes classifications common in a Bleach Wikia profile.  Example: Level of Spiritual Power, Level of Strength, Durability, Speed, Proficiency in Zanjutsu, Hakuda, Shunpo etc.

Some OCs may have unique variations of techniques like how Yoruichi has a unique form of Shunpo (Utsusemi) and Hakuda (Shunko) or Yamamoto with Zanjutsu (Hitotsume: Nadegiri).  The writer is expected to create unique abilities for the characters area of expertise.

Some characters are “Grandmasters” at a particular field of combat.  In which case, more emphasis would be focused on that area of the Powers/Abilities section in order to justify their Grandmastery.  For example, a brief paragraph and an ability or two wouldn’t be enough to justify Grandmastery, since to us that is an enormous feat.


Zanpakuto: Explanation of the appearance of the Zanpakuto in its sealed state.

Throughout the description of the Zanpakuto, Inner World, Shikai, Bankai sections, we want there to be an element of storytelling.  For example, give an explanation of how the character achieved or mastered their Bankai.


Inner World: Explanation of the OC’s inner world and brief description of the Zanpakuto spirit.  This would be the place to discuss how the character comes to achieve Bankai and what trial they had to overcome with the Zanpakuto spirit to achieve it.


Shikai: We will either provide an idea of what the Shikai does, if not the writer has creative freedom. Include a list of abilities and release command to awaken the Shikai.


Bankai: Same thing for Shikai.


Mastered Bankai:  To us, mastering a Bankai is when the Shinigami learn its Bankai’s true name and/or unlocks its true form.  Examples are Renji and Yamamoto.  If a character has this section, then the Bankai section will be devoted to telling how he achieved it and this section will be where you put all the list of abilities.

If the character is a Visored, then additional sections include Hollow Mask and Hollow Form/Resurreccion.

If the character is a Quincy, instead of the Zanpakuto section, there will be a Spirit Weapon, Schrift, and Vollstandig section



-If interested, please comment here or send a note to Blue-Armor on Deviantart.  You’ll most likely be expected to provide samples of your writing.

-Profiles are expected to be around 8k-15k words so please let us know your pricing and how long it would take to complete the profile.

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