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Waking up with Android Curves

Being a cyborg with immense stamina, Android 18 needed far less sleep than most people. It was something she still indulged in, however; it could get very boring, being awake at hours when everyone else was sleeping.


Still, she wasn’t one to sleep in, so she woke up promptly at six, easing her way out of bed to avoid waking her husband, Krillin. They had gotten a bit…frisky last night, and unlike her, he couldn’t keep on going, finally collapsing into a very exhausted and very happy sleep.


Smiling faintly at the memories, 18 walked into the bathroom, reading the post-it note she had left for herself. It was her turn to cook dinner; her hair needed a real washing, not just shampoo and conditioner; and she would also need to pick up Marron from school.


It was a fair way to divide things, one that she and Krillin had worked out over the years as they took turns doing various tasks. There were adjustments every so often, particularly when there was some kind of battle to be fought, but that was a normal part of their lives. They were very used to it by now.


Getting dressed didn’t take long. Since she would be around the house for most of the day until the afternoon, 18 chose a pair of very small shorts, a skimpy see-through bra, and a short sleeved shirt. She was in process of pulling on the shirt when she caught sight of the mirror again.


Krillin was sitting up in bed, staring at her. 18 swore that his eyes were literal hearts as he devoured her with his eyes. She felt a blush form on her face; even after all these years and a child to boot, the sheer depth of desire that Krillin had for her still caught her off-guard every once in a while.


Quickly recovering, she turned around to give him a sly smile, shirt still up and exposing her breasts in her sexy bra. “See something you like?” she asked coyly.


He nodded rapidly, reminding 18 of a bobblehead doll. She quickly swallowed her amusement, knowing how sensitive Krillin could be about his height. “Well then,” she said out loud, walking slowly back to the bed, removing her clothes as she went,” we still have some time to spare, so why don’t we have a little more fun?”


“Sounds great to me,” he replied hoarsely; the bulge under the covers showed just how great he found the idea.


Chuckling, 18 threw back the covers and crawled back into bed, kissing Krillin hard once she reached him. She could feel his erection rubbing against her ass, right before he grabbed her butt cheeks with both hands. With both of them being superhuman, he could fondle and grope her very hard, and not only could 18 take it, she loved it.


Holding his head in both hands, she kissed him thoroughly, feeling the thrill of arousal as their tongues danced and twisted together. Krillin shifted their positions slightly, so now his cock was rubbing against her pussy, getting it hot and wet in seconds.


It used to be that they could be as loud as they wanted while fucking; indeed, 18 recalled with fondness some of the noise complaints they had received while on their honeymoon. With a child, however, they were forced to be more discreet, not wanting to wake her up.


So when Krillin pushed his dick deep into her pussy, 18 bit down hard on her lip, allowing herself only a deep moan of pleasure as she sat back and started bouncing up and down. The jiggling of her boobs instantly caught Krillin’s attention and he moved his hands in a flash, fingers sinking into her soft flesh.


18 bumped and grinded her hips, feeling the strong, hard length of his cock inside of her. And she could tell from the flush on his face and the look in his eyes that Krillin felt the same way. It was a pity they didn’t have more time, but they had responsibilities, both of them.


Leaning down for another kiss, 18 bounced faster and faster, even as Krilling slammed his hips in time with hers. The pleasure inside them both built and grew like a wildfire; when they finally came, they screamed into each other’s mouths, writhing together on the bed. Fortunately, after the first few times it had collapsed on them, they had invested in a specially built and constructed bed, one tough enough to take any kind of pounding.


18 had a shrewd suspicion that Bulma and Vegeta had tested out the prototypes thoroughly before putting them into production.


“Now that’s an incredibly way to start the day!” Krillin proclaimed, laying on his back with sweat all over it and a silly smile on his face.


“Flattery will get you nowhere,” 18 told him, a hint of a smile still lurking on her face. “But we really do have to get going: you need to make breakfast and take Marron to school.”


Krillin nodded, not at all put out, and hopped out of bed. Seeing his nude form tempted 18…but just for a moment.


Some things were more important than sex, and taking care of her family was one of them.

(Story by User: S22132)

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3 years ago

Stunning pic of 18 with a nice hourglass figure, Krillin is one lucky man. As always Tenzo, you’ve outdone yourself