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ULTImate Kuja Kenpo

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of One Piece stories)
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Boa Hancock was furious!


A little bit conflicted as well, but mostly just furious!


To accentuate her natural immaculate beauty even more, Hancock applied orange lipstick and nail polish, and light blue mascara earlier in the morning. The light colors of her makeup and her porcelain light skin made for a striking contrast with the rather dark colors of the cheongsam dress she wore. It was predominantly black with a couple lavender colored lotus flowers printed on the satin fabric. The cheongsam left both her thighs almost completely exposed, allowing her to still be able to fight in it just as freely as with every other dress she possessed. Along with the golden earrings she wore, she also went with a golden bracelet of a snake that bit itself in its own tail around her left hand, as well as an anklet with a similar design that went all the way to her knees around her right leg. Between the tight sitting dress that highlighted her every womanly curve, her unmatched beauty that was perhaps only rivaled by the fabled Mermaid Princess, and the makeup she wore, every normal mortal could have mistaken her for the incarnation of a goddess of love and desire!


Slowly melting snow and frozen puddles crunched beneath her black heels as she marched through the wrecked streets of a mostly deserted town. A little fox came running out of the meadows to her right, only to stop right in front of her in the middle of the road. It raised its cute little head and sniffed around, probably to make out its next prey. Naturally, Hancock simply kicked it out of her way and back into the bushes from which it came!


Her snake, Salome, that followed her wherever she went, looked almost disappointed as the potential meal disappeared again, “I’m sorry, my dear!” She apologized to the giant red-spotted serpent while caressing her yellow chin with her index and middle fingers.


Salome let her head rest some more on Hancock’s hand while also beginning to actually purr at the attention she received from her friend/mistress, “Srrrr, srrrr, srrrr, srrrr,…!” Under normal circumstances, Salome’s sounds of content would have been enough to calm her down significantly. It was a sign that everything was okay and that she didn’t need to worry about a single thing.


But that would not be the case today!


Crosses on both sides of the road displayed the remaining skeletal corpses of the few pirates that actually betrayed their allies in order to get in Kid’s good graces, back when he began with his assault on the island. In a very twisted sense, she actually agreed with what he did here. Sure, it was brutish, barbaric, and something that the Snake Princess herself would never do or tolerate under normal circumstances, but after what Marguerite told her about the Kid Pirates’ history with traitors and backstabbers, Hancock could actually see where they were coming from by doing something so cruel.


Marguerite…!’ Just thinking about her own subordinate caused her blood to boil.


After the sudden blizzard the other day, the warm rays of sunlight seemed even more intense than usual and would have made this an otherwise pretty enjoyable day on this spring island in the middle of nowhere. As it stood however, cold north winds caused the little stubbles of hair on her arms to stand on edge. It didn’t bother her though. In fact, the cool atmosphere actually managed to calm her down somewhat after what had happened.


“Hrrrrrrmm!” Hancock grunted as she stared over the horizon. “That stupid girl!”



(The night before…)


Burnt remains of banners from a kingdom long gone hung off of the stone walls of the large dining hall. In the adjacent kitchen, the surviving members of the other pirate crews that swore allegiance to Kid cooked, desperately trying to keep up with the insatiable appetite of their former enemies. Drumming with her fingers on the wooden surface of the table she was sitting at, Hancock tried to ignore the ongoing activities around her as best as possible.


YO!!!! UK, pass that platter over there!” called out one of the members of the Kid Pirates. “We’re starving here!”


“Sure thing! Here, catch!” said the man called UK before picking up the platter and throwing it like a frisbee across the entire table for his friend to catch. Sauce and pieces of meat flew in every direction, splattering against the other pirates’ faces, as the platter spun around itself in rapid succession.


HEY!!” a young girl, sporting an open vest that revealed her adequately sized tits, called out, only barely being able to catch one of the flying pieces of meat before it flew past her. “Watch where you’re throwing that stuff, UK!”


GEHEHEHE!!! My bad!” apologized the beer-bellied man, rubbing the back of his head with one hand while downing a mug of ale with the other.


“Brutes… All of them!” Hancock said to nobody in particular. The other members of the Kuja Pirates that were with her at this feast, followed the antics of the other pirate crew with a mix of disgust and visible intrigue. After all, it wasn’t often that they sat side by side with men at one table and ate the same food as them.


Pasta disappeared through the holes of a blue and white striped mask. For some reason, the man sitting two places away from her, Killer, didn’t take that thing off, even while eating, “What’s the matter, Snake Princess!?” He offered her a glass of ale. “You should relax a bit more! This is a party after all! And nobody likes people who sour the mood by being overly grumpy!”


“I am not grumpy!” She shot back, as her eyes narrowed and turned into thin slits, resembling those of an actual snake. Salome, who currently served as her chair again, stopped eating for a moment and instead looked up to Hancock with a concerned look on her face. “I just hate waiting! Especially when surrounded by a bunch of… unruly punks! When did you say your captain will be finished with… whatever he’s currently doing?” She pushed the glass aside, declining his gesture and instead patted her snake’s head.


Using the back of his hand to wipe away some leftover food from the corner of his mouth, Heat turned her direction and looked past the opulent empty golden throne that stood between the three Gorgon Sisters, and Eustass Kid’s three closest friends. “Why? Do you wanna see him so bad again? Did he fuck you that good?”


“Faffaffaffaffaffaffaffa!! Heat!” The laughter didn’t quite match the serious tone in his words. Although she couldn’t see his face due to the mask, Hancock was pretty sure that the blonde combatant was currently glaring at his friend. “Careful! She’s our esteemed guest, after all!”


The silver haired man raised his hands in a placatory gesture. “Yeah yeah, sorry. My bad.”


“We also still don’t know where Marguerite had gone off to.” Boa Sandersonia chimed in. The tall greenette took a bite of the grilled fruit skewer in her hand, “Doesn’t sound like her, running off like that and not showing up again.” She pointed out after swallowing one of the sweet mangos.


“Oh, I can already think of a place where that girl had gone off to.” commented the man next to Heat. Wire grinned while nudging the tattooed man to his left with his elbow. “The girl wasn’t exactly ambiguous about what she wanted, right?”


“What did she do this time?” asked Hancock, as memories from a couple days ago flashed through her mind. Her voice was a dangerously low hiss that caused Heat and Wire to shudder in their place. Even her two sisters seemed slightly at edge as the black haired woman’s nails drew deep furrows in the wooden table. “Did she do anything that I should know about?”


Killer shook his head, “Not really, no.” The blonde pirate pulled another couple noodles through the holes in his mask. Orange-red tomato sauce dripped off the mask and landed on the plate again. “Don’t worry, though. They should be here any sec-!”




The heads of everyone in the dining hall turned towards the huge, 4-meter tall oak doors that were kicked open. And as if he had overheard their conversation the entire time, the captain of the Kid Pirates entered the room. A light layer of sweat covered his forehead, noticeable by the way the light of the candles at the wall bounced off of every pearl as he walked past them. His red, feathery coat fluttered behind him as he walked over to the table where the three Gorgon Sisters, Killer, Heat, and Wire were sitting.


But what actually caught the attention of the many pirates in the room wasn’t Kid, but rather the girl that followed him. A gooey white substance ran down the blonde girl’s entire nude body and dropped to the ground behind her. Her face glowed in a bright red as she kept her head lowered, too ashamed and bashful to even meet the looks she got from her friends and crewmates. With her hands, Marguerite tried to cover her gaping wide pussy and her stiff nipples from the sight of the many people that kept staring at her every step.


Aside from a couple snickers from one or the other members of the Kid Pirates, the dining hall stayed silent. No one dared to make a single noise as they all could practically hear the blood boiling in the Pirate Empress’ veins. Even those with bad or no Observation Haki were able to sense her anger, and the cracks of black lightning that arched around her fingernails as she dug them deep into the table while gritting her teeth. Salome gulped and put her face to rest on Hancock’s lap, almost as if to distract her from what was happening right now.


Instead of walking the longer way around the table, Kid simply leaped on top of it and stepped over the plates and glasses that were in his way, “Sorry for being so late.” He apologized with not a single trace of actual sincerity in his words. The scarred man jumped down from the table again and kicked over the golden throne that was reserved for him. He then sat down on the throne’s footrest and reached for a bloody steak. “Did I miss anything?”


“What…” Hancock’s words were sharp enough to cut diamonds, “Do you think… You did with my crewmate?!” her words became high pitched towards the end, but didn’t lose their edge.


“Mh! Why dontcha ask her that yourself?” Kid asked after swallowing the bloody steak. “She wants to ask you something anyways!”


If looks alone could kill, both Kid and Marguerite would have died five times alone in the last two seconds. Gathering all her courage, Marguerite took another step forward until she stood right in front of her captain, with only the table separating them, “Erm… c- captain?” She stammered, unable to look Hancock in the eyes. The smell of cum filled Hancock’s nose. “I… I wanted to know if I could… if I could put on my clothes again?”


WHAT!?!” Hancock stood up from her place next to Kid and pulled him to his feet with her hands around his black vest. “What has he done to you…!?”


“Calm your tits! She didn’t do anything that she didn’t want to do out of her own free will in the first place.” He said as calmly as he could. Though, a smug smile did spread across his face as he watched Hancock tremble with fury. “If anything, you should be proud of that little bitch! She stayed loyal to you until the very end!



Afterwards, it was already way past midnight, Hancock had taken Marguerite to the captain’s quarters of the Perfume Yuda to have a discussion with her. Despite her wishes to be left alone with the blonde, both of her sisters went with her as well, worried that Hancock would do anything rash and irrational to Marguerite for her actions.


“I’m so… so sorry, Hebihime-sama!” Marguerite apologized for the umpteenth time as she stood in front of her captain, with only a mahogany table with a map of the world on it between them. By now she wore a deep purple bra with an intricate black pattern that at least gave her a sense of modesty, “He… It… I just had to have him fuck me again!” She finally managed to raise her face to look the immaculate beauty in front of her into her pitch black and ice cold eyes. “After last time… it was like something awoke inside of me!


When Hancock didn’t immediately respond and when she was unable to keep looking into her eyes, Marguerite turned to Sandersonia and Marigold for support. Both sisters leaned against one of the walls and listened to her reasons with worried expressions on their faces.


“He didn’t force you to have sex with him?” Hancock then asked, causing Marguerite to focus back on her captain. “You did this out of your own free will?”


“W- well, yes! But…” stuttered Marguerite with watering eyes. She hugged herself in order to stop her body from shaking too much as she remembered the wild ride she had a mere couple hours ago. Tears then began to openly flow down her cheeks, “This feeling… I don’t know what to make of it! Whenever I think of him and how he fucked me, my pu-” She halted for a moment, all the while her hand was wavering dangerously close over her already dripping pussy. If she hadn’t stopped herself, Marguerite would have begun masturbating right then and there!


“Go on!” ordered Hancock. The most beautiful woman in the world crossed her fingers and looked past them, closely observing her subordinate’s every reaction.


Marguerite gulped, “H- he… My body… it’s like all I can think about are his Kintama and his cock!” She tried to explain herself. The scents of arousal began to invade Hancock’s nostrils as the blonde became visibly hornier by the second. “When I close my eyes… I see it there! Throbbing before me and demanding my attention! He’s in my dreams! His hands around my throat and, aaaah, haa, haaa… I wanna-!”


“That’s enough!” Hancock interrupted her, silencing and bringing her back to reality merely by raising her perfectly manicured hand!


“Big sister…!” Sandersonia took a step forward. Her face now reflected how mixed she felt about the recent revelations. On one hand, she was clearly relieved that Kid didn’t force himself on the young Kuja Pirate, something that neither of the three sisters would have ever forgiven. On the other hand…


The hulking orangette, and youngest of the three Gorgons, put a hand on the relieved Sandersonia’s shoulder, “This sounds an awfully lot like…!”


“I know!” hissed Hancock. The Pirate Empress rose from her seat and walked around the table. She then looked down at Marguerite, who in turn looked up to her with eyes wide and full of angst, “You’re sick!” Hancock told her subordinate. “Do whatever you like and must! But don’t think I have a single ounce of sympathy left for someone like you anymore!”


“B- but Hebihime-sama…” the young girl cried even more upon hearing those harsh words. “Captain! I… I…”


For a second time, Hancock raised her hand to silence the other girl, “I don’t want to hear any more excuses from you!” She pointed past the blonde girl and towards the door. “You’re a disgrace! An insult to everything us Kuja stand for! Get out of my sight! Now!”



(Present day…)


“Tsk! Why him of all men?!” the former Warlord said to herself after turning away from the steel gray waves of the ocean. “It can’t be helped! What’s done is done!”


She walked along the steep shoreline, the ocean’s spume lapping gently against her cleanly shaven legs. In the castle to her right, the newfound subordinates of the Kid Pirates continued repairing the damage that Kid had caused when he fought against the four captains there. Further ahead of her, she saw the sails of the Victoria Punk poking out between the lush green branches of the forest that separated her with the little port village where the Kid Pirates had docked their ship. Hancock didn’t like it, but she knew that she would find Kid there and that she had to talk with him. Deer, foxes, badgers, and other animals of the forest quickly scattered around as though they felt the bad mood she had and wanted to go as far away from her as possible.


Instead of giving chase after the potential prey, Salome loyally stayed at Hancock’s side. The enormous snake slithered over the mossy ground a few meters behind her and watched over her better like any guard dog or guardian angel would do!


“Boa Hancock, what brings you here?” asked Killer. She found the infamous Massacre Soldier hanging upside down from the branch of one of the bigger trees in the forest. In each hand he held dumbbells which were labeled as ‘1t’ each.


The Snake Princess didn’t even look in his direction as she walked past him, “It doesn’t matter to you, man!” She told him with an edge in her voice that made her both feared and respected across the entire world.


Still continuing with his upside down sit ups, Killer began to laugh, “Faffaffaffaffa! Still cranky from yesterday, huh?” The blonde man let himself drop from the branch and landed safely on his legs. After putting the dumbbells to the ground and dusting his pants off, he walked over towards Hancock, with his bare and sweaty chest glistening in the sunlight that broke through the canopy of the trees around them.


“Hm?” Hancock and Salome raised an eyebrow as he bowed his head in front of them.


“I should apologize for my partner’s rude behavior before!” he told her while extending his right hand in an offer to shake hands. “Kid can be a bit rude at times!”


“Tsk! ‘A bit rude’, you say… That’s rich!” She ignored his hand and instead crossed her hands in front of her heavy chest. “What he did is unforgivable! You should consider yourself grateful that I haven’t left you all behind already!”


“Faffaffaffaffaffaffaffa!! I’ll try to.” the scarred man replied, with his serious tone as a stark contrast to his maniac laughing. “Speaking of being rude and doing something unforgivable though, you’re not exactly a saint in that regard either!” He said, already turning his back on her as he walked back to the tree and his weights.


A vein began throbbing on the side of her head, “What are you implying, man?” She demanded to know.


“Earlier that day, that blonde girl, Marguerite, found her way back to the castle.” He informed her. “She was crying rivers and told us about what you said to her.”


“And? What then?” Clenching her hands into fists, Hancock took another two steps closer towards the other end of the forest, while mentally steeling herself for what his next answer would be.


With the dumbbells in his hand, Killer jumped back on the branch, “She obviously was quite distraught and a miserable sight, and asked if she could stay with us for the time being.” the blonde pirate said while letting himself hang down from the branch with only one leg, “Kid reluctantly agreed, but only if she won’t slow us down.” He then went on to continue with his upside down sit ups. “I have to say though, being so heartless and cruel to your own subordinates isn’t exactly something that I would expect from a former member of the Warlords!”


In the blink of an eye, Hancock appeared in front of Killer and put her hand around his throat. Her orange painted fingernails dug into his skin deep enough to draw blood! It would be so easy to just rip his windpipe out like this!


“Me?! HEARTLESS??! As if you would understand, man!” She said through gritted teeth as she looked down through the holes in his mask and into his sharp, ice blue eyes. Her voice cracked as she breathed in and out deeply before speaking again. “The things this girl did and that I now have to do… it’s insufferable!”


“I think I understand it all just right.” replied Killer, his words still as collected as always and without a sign of weakness in his eyes even as Hancock clenched her hand tighter around his throat, “You can let go now, by the way. Kid is in the village over there.” He told her, using his eyes to direct her attention away from him. “You do want to talk with him, don’t you?”


TSK!” clicking her tongue, Hancock let go of the wanted criminal.


Without saying a single word more, she then left the man behind and went to walk the direction she would have walked anyways, even without him interrupting her. She practically burned so much with fury that the air around her rippled and the leaves in the trees around her began to dry out. Salome actively tried to keep a safe distance between her and Hancock, less she would get burned by the rage!


Luckily, before she could start a forest fire, she left the trees behind her and followed a narrow path that led her straight to the edge of the small fisher village. Fishing rods, nets, and many other equipment that the previous citizens of this village needed for their daily life hung from the walls of the many dilapidated houses. Countless spiders had already started to spin their webs at almost every corner of the busted windows. The cobblestone street she found herself walking on was in a similarly bad shape, riddled with potholes and craters from the many cannonballs that had rained down on it when the pirates first came to take over this place.


Next to the Victoria Punk, four more ships were docked. Three of them were marginally smaller than the ship of the Kid Pirates, while the last one, with a figurehead in the shape of a bear, was much bigger. One of them was a trireme with two swirly eyes drawn on either side of the ship’s bow. The characteristic ram of the trireme was painted to look like a tongue. Both those elements, the swirly eyes and the long tongue, found themselves also represented on the Jolly Roger that was printed on the torn black sail of the ship. The other three ships consisted of a carrack with rainbow-colored sails and a Jolly Roger that had a ring of flower petals around the usual skull-and-crossbones, a baghlah with the words “Shinsei” written both on the purple sails and the white hull, and the gigantic galleon. The baghlah’s mule-shaped figure head floated helplessly, together with driftwood and debris from the other ships, in the water around the docks.


Aside from the Victoria Punk and the galleon, the other three ships were dismantled by the Kid Pirates. They took all the wood and metal that could end up being useful one day and either gave it to the crew of the galleon for repairs, or they brought it over to their own ship for later. The crew that just the last night prepared the food for their feast were all dressed like they were the biggest Elbaf fans. There was even a wolf walking amongst them, bringing them the planks and wood they needed for their reparations. Though, aside from their captain, there didn’t seem to be a single other giant anywhere.


As always, when she walked past the many men and few women of both crews, all heads turned her way. The giant’s crew were particularly enthralled by her grace; some of them even turned to stone right away, eyes transformed into hearts, and without her even needing to use her Devil Fruit on them. The sight of all these buffoons falling victim to her curvaceous body actually managed to ease her mind somewhat as she mentally readied herself for what she was about to do next.


She easily spotted the man she was looking for, “EUSTASS!!” she shouted at him to get his attention. He was currently sitting with his back to her on what seemed to be a little raft that floated steadily in front of the baghlah. Even though he must have heard her, he didn’t turn around, either because he wanted to mess with her, or because he was too occupied with something else.


“Damn! You really must be into our captain for you to scream like thaAAAACK!!?” Hancock didn’t give Heat the time to finish his sentence as she promptly kicked him out of her way. Only thanks to his quick reflexes and a last minute usage of Armament Haki was he able to block her heel from piercing his chest!


Nonetheless, the sheer force of her kick did send him flying against the hull of the baghlah. Hancock didn’t wait for how he fared after her sudden attack as she instead simply jumped on board of the white boat. Together with Salome at her side, she walked over towards its bow so that she didn’t need to shout so much. “We need to talk!”


“Huh?!” Kid turned his head to look up at her and raised an eyebrow. There was a table next to him with his detached mechanic arm laying on top of it. Wrenches, bolts, wires, and many other metallic objects that Hancock didn’t know what their purpose was of different sizes were scattered around the prosthetic limb. In his good, right hand, Kid held a rag that was so dirty from oil and blood that it was hard to make out what its original color had been.


Hancock’s blood began to boil once more as she spotted Marguerite kneeling between the other captain’s legs. It was as though she hadn’t even noticed the Pirate Empress’ presence as she eagerly kept licking Kid’s cantaloupe sized balls!


MMMMMMHHH!!! KID…!!” moaned the blonde Kuja-traitor, with saliva running down her own chin and dropping onto her sizable tits before disappearing between her cleavage. The purple bra she had on when she left the Perfume Yuda last night drifted across the waves. “SHO GHUUUUD!!!!! AYE CAN’D GHET ENOUPH OPH IDDDDDD!!!!!


That little…!’ The black haired woman took several deep breaths as she attempted to ignore the lewd sucking and slurping noises that now filled her ears.


“Ugh…!” groaning, Heat pushed himself out of the ship’s side. Splintered wood rained down around him, “That bitch!” he cursed while dusting his wine red pants off.


“Hahahaha! Seems like she really likes you!” joked Wire, who had instantly run over to see how his partner was fairing.


Together with Wire and the newest addition of their crew who suddenly appeared next to them, the former Tobi Roppo, Ulti, they also went on the ship, “What the fuck was that suppossed to be?!” Heat asked. “If you want to start trouble, then I’m mo-!”


“You will let me travel with you on your ship, Eustass! I’m gonna sail with you from now on!”



WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA???!!!!!!” it had taken them a full minute to comprehend the former Warlord’s words, but once they were sure that they heard correctly, they all shouted at the same time!


Even Kid seemed somewhat caught off-guard by the Snake Princess’ demand, “And why would I take you along with me?” He asked before putting the rag down.


“Because I’m beautiful!” Hancock declared with a certainty that bordered on arrogance if it weren’t for the fact that it was 1,000% the truth!


“Kid-sama!! You can’t take her along with us-panties!” argued Ulti, stepping right next to Hancock and putting her hands on the railing of the ship.


“You filthy men are all the same, aren’t you!?” Hancock continued to talk as if Ulti wasn’t even there, “If you want some kind of harem to fulfill your evil desires, then you won’t find anyone better than me! And if you need someone strong…” She glanced over at Ulti and looked her up and down in a derogatory way. “Then I’m leagues better than this immature little brat!”


“Who did you just call an immature little brat, you third-class whore?!” Ulti grabbed Hancock’s cheongsam and pulled her closer in order to look her in the eyes, their boobs pressing against one anothers. “You wanna say that again to my face-panties?!”


Instead of giving a direct answer, Hancock went for an option that instantly gave Heat and Wire the biggest nosebleed of their lives. “Kuja Kenpo: Gigantit!


AUFF!!!” Ulti gasped in shock as she found herself getting pushed to the ground by the sudden expansion of the older woman’s already bountiful chest.


In just shy under two seconds, Hancock’s tits had grown bigger than her entire torso! For whatever reason however, her cheongsam grew along with her tits, so that Ulti could only assume the sheer size of her nipples now, the outline of which now poked through the thin fabric of the short dress. If Ulti were to guess, then each nipple alone had to be as big as the black haired woman’s entire head!


“That should be more than enough proof for the likes of you!” said Hancock, turning so that she would once again face Kid. Despite her body now being so disproportionate, she still was able to move around with an elegance and without losing balance even once.


“I don’t care how big you can make your boobs!” Kid replied over Marguerite’s constant wet slurring noises as she switched from one of his balls to the other. Thin ropes of saliva connected her lips with the orb of her desire.


“You think such a pathetic little trick is enough to make you a member of the Kid Pirates!?” Ulti shouted as she rose to her feet behind Hancock. “You’re nothing special-panties!”


Transforming into her Human-Beast Form, she then swiped her sharp claws over the formerly taller girl’s back with deadly precision. Only the dress was torn to shreds with Hancock’s hair and skin completely untouched. Heat, Wire’s, and the eyes of a single seagull on the railing next to Hancock popped out of their sockets as they saw the completely bare and spotless tits out in the open. Their three bodies went as stiff and hard as if Hancock had used her Devil Fruit on them, before they all fell over with even more blood rushing out of their noses!


Now standing more than twice as tall as the other woman, Ulti’s own boobs began to balloon outwards as well. From his place on the waves beneath, Kid watched Ulti wrap her tits around either side of Hancock’s body. Just like with Hancock just a few seconds earlier, Ulti’s dress also had grown accordingly with her tits. The shredded remains of the Pirate Empress’ former elegant dress fell to the ground as she was raised into the air due to Ulti pressing her hands on either side of her own tits and lifting them up. Hancock’s feet dangled in the air while her tits now rested on Ulti’s two soft mounds.


“What do you think you’re doing!? Unhand me this instant, you stupid-!”


This is how Pachycephalosaurus hunted in ancient times!” Ulti declared while jumping high in the air. She then performed three consecutive somersaults midair and, using the momentum she gained, she released her grip on Hancock’s body and sent her flying against the ship’s mast!


Before she crashed against the mast however, Salome jumped between to cushion Hancok’s landing. With the full weight of her gargantuan tits resting on top of her, Hancock rubbed her forehead, “You bitch!” she groaned in annoyance.


Her eyes widened when Ulti then landed right in front of her and instantly grabbed the dinner plate sized pink nipples, “See?! Everything you can do, I can do a billion times better!” She told Hancock as she squeezed the other woman’s nipples and twisted them in opposing directions!


AAHAAAAAAA!!!!” Hancock screamed in a mix of mild pain and surprised arousal.


“What? You’re actually getting off on this!?” teased Ulti. Behind the frilly pink mask that covered the lower half of her face, she flashed a wicked grin, “No wonder you’re so desperate to sail with us!” She said while pulling away what should be Hancock’s last remaining piece of clothing, her panties, with her legs. Her eyes then widened as she saw the chastity cage that Kid created, “Oh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!” It took her a hot second to put two and two together, but when she realized what she was looking at, the blue and pink haired girl couldn’t help but laugh. Ulti arched her back, which pressed her pussy even harder against Hancock’s face. “What’s this? Don’t tell me that this is the reason why you’re so stuck up and cranky all the time?! Damn are you pathetic-panties!”


“Why you littUUUOOMMMMPH!!!!!!” Hancock’s insult turned into a strangled moan as the younger girl promptly pressed her crotch against her face! She hadn’t even realized that Ulti had undressed, but now, with her neatly shaven pussy against her mouth and nose, it was more than obvious. “UUUUPH!!! WHA’ DOH ‘OU PHINK ‘OUW DOWING???!!


Now standing between the Snake Princess’ oversized boobs, Ulti let go of one of their nipples to instead grab the mast in front of her for leverage, “Isn’t it obvious, you dumb cow?!” She asked with a look of sadistic pleasure in her violet eyes as she began to grind her pussy against the other woman’s face. “I’m gonna show you why we don’t need you in this crew! Now drown in my pussy!!”


HMNOOOOH!!! HRRRRM, GUUUGH, GUUUPH, AHUUUMM!!!!!” slurred Hancock. Ulti’s pussy began to get more and more wet by the second, effectively drowning all of Hancock’s noises. “‘OU SHDUPID CUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEH!!


“Give it a rest already!” Ulti hissed through gritted teeth as she twisted the remaining nipple in her left hand, her fingers digging deep into the stiff pink nub of flesh, causing Hancock to squeal from the deepest part of her body. “Just accept that you’re not wanted here and give up-panties!”



HNNNNNNNMM!!! H- Hebihime-shamaaaahh…!” Marguerite moaned against Kid’s balls, her captain’s loud squeal ringing in her ears. The mesmerizing taste of the Kintama on her tongue left her feeling dizzy and lightheaded, but when she heard her captain like this, she pushed herself up from her position in front of Kid and looked up towards the deck of the ship. “Captain!!”


“Let her be!” Kid told Marguerite, not even addressing the fact that she stopped sucking his balls. “If they want to fight so badly, then let them go at it. I don’t care what they’re doing up there, or what they’re fighting about, as long as they don’t wreck the Victoria Punk.” He said while picking the dirty rag and one of the many bolts on the table next to him to continue with what he started.


Marguerite’s eyes wandered from Kid, to his half hard cock, to the ship, and back to the cock again, “B- But my captain…!” She stammered, subconsciously pushing her fingers in and out of her pussy again as its cries for attention and orgasms grew louder and louder.


If she’s half the woman that she was when I fought against her, then she should have no problems whatsoever with Ulti.” Kid stated matter-of-factly while swirling the bolt in the rag between his fingers. When he saw that Marguerite was still concerned about Hancock’s wellbeing, he rolled his eyes. “Give it a rest and have some faith in her! Haughty bitch that she is, she would probably get even more pissed if you went up there!”


“Hmmmn!! You… you’re right!” Marguerite nodded in agreement before then going back on her knees. After bathing both his balls with her tongue for two hours straight, she finally took the barely erect cock between her lips. “MMMMH!!!! SHO THICK AND HAAAWD!!!



You bitch!!’ Hancock thought. Ulti’s pussy juices ran down her face as the dinosaur girl kept pressing her cunt against the more beautiful woman’s mouth, nose, and eyes. She clenched her hands into fists while beginning to push herself up again with the help of Salome underneath her. “HRRRRMN!!!!!


HAA!? What’s the matter?!! Trying to fight back!” Ulti teased, with the claws of her right hand digging into the mast behind Hancock in an attempt to keep the more beautiful woman’s face buried in her crotch. “Give it up already-panties!”


Armament Haki coated the former Tobi Roppo’s other hand as she pulled and twisted and squeezed on Hancock’s tit with all her might, “MHYEEEEEE!!!!!!” the Pirate Empress squealed at the way the other woman played with her nipples.


Though she was leagues ahead of Marguerite and all other Kuja of Amazon Lily when it came to her proficiency with Kuja Kenpo, and thus the body parts she enlarged weren’t as sensitive as those of others, even she still felt it when Ulti roughly fondled her tit! The scaled fingers scraped over her areolas and gripped her nipples tight like a vice!


“You’re so pathetic!” said Ulti, even though she was gradually pushed back as Hancock slowly rose back to her feet. “Why don’t you just hop on your shitty boat again and sail off with your little girl band!? This one other Kuja-slut is already enough! I don’t need you to get in the way between me and Kid-sama as well-panties!”


HMMMMMMNHOO!!!!” grunted Hancock, finally able to shove Ulti off of her.


The blue and pink haired girl landed on her bubbly butt and looked with a mix of irritation and shock in her eyes up towards Hancock. The most beautiful woman in the World seemed to be engulfed in a flaming aura that made her raven black hair fly through the air like they were actually alive snakes. “Tsk! You arrogant lit-!”


Salome Shibari!” Hancock interrupted Ulti with an edge in her cold and low voice that would make normal people shudder and cream their pants in fear. “Hogtie!


Before Ulti had even the chance to stand up, Hancock’s snake shot forward. Salome coiled around Ulti’s ankles faster than she could react, “What the…?” the horned woman gasped as the snake slithered so fast past her that she fell forwards on her knees.


Using the brief moment of surprise, the snake then came back and tied herself first around Ulti’s right wrist, and then around the other one. Salome then tensed her muscles, forcing Ulti to arch her back as her legs and arms were pulled together behind her back! Using the rest of her excessive length, Salome rose high enough to wrap herself around the spreaders of the mast behind Hancock and began lifting Ulti off of the ground. The size and weight of the dinosaur woman’s tits made it a whole lot harder and caused Salome to sweat ferociously, but nonetheless, she managed to pull her a bit more than a meter high off the deck.


“You know, I don’t give a single FUCK about you or your precious Kid-sama!” the icecold captain of the Kuja Pirates told the now completely restrained Ulti, watching as her gigantic boobs swayed back and forth like a pair of cow udders while her own tits shrunk back to their original size.


TCH!! Screw you!” Ulti shot back, while wriggling against her bondage, but to no avail. Salome was strong enough to keep her locked and suspended in the air with barely any problem. “I know exactly what kind of girl you are-panties!”


“You know nothing!” said Hancock, her hair slowly getting back in its original shape, “But I’ll entertain the thought and give you the benefit of the doubt! After all…” unexpectedly, she went on to caress Ulti’s chin as she walked around her and whispered into her ear. “I like fierce women!”


Ulti shook her head, “You won’t be able to bewitch me just as easily with your charme like all those men and women who lust after you!” She told her while swaying back and forth due to her constant struggling. “My heart belongs to Kid-sama and no one else! And if you go anywhere near him, I swear, I’ll rip your heaMMMPH!!!!


“Sssh, sssh, sssh!!!” Hancock hushed Ulti by firmly putting her hand over mouth, “It seems like we are, perhaps, somewhat similar in that regard!” She purred lowly as she massaged the other woman’s soft ass with her other hand. “But after this half assed attempt from you to drive me away, I think a punishment is in order! Don’t you think?!”


“Hmmmmnph!!” Ulti moaned against Hancock’s hand, trying to get her butt away from the female captain’s firm grip. “Shdupid bidsh!”


“I’ll take that as a yes!” Hancock smiled at the other woman’s reaction before focusing back on her ass, “So soft, yet firm to the touch… You must take good care of yourself in order for you to get such a sexy body!” She said while moving her hand in slow circles all over the talked about butt.


Moaning, Ulti felt her pussy beginning to get wetter at the hand of the older woman’s experienced touch, “NMHMMMM!!!!” She slurred into Hancock’s hand, her own saliva making the mask she wore incredibly wet. “Creepy phuckign perph!”




Somehow, Ulti was able to arch her back even more as Hancock spanked her ass, “You’re so ungrateful!” Hancock purred before ripping away the pink and frilly mask. “It’s about time someone taught you some manners!”


HEY!! Give me back my mask this insHMMMPH!!!” Once again, before she could finish her sentence, Ulti was silenced. This time however, Hancock simply stuffed the mask into Ulti’s open mouth, gagging her with it!


“Isn’t that so much better than shouting all the time!?” Hancock waited for a second to see if Ulti was able to spit the improvised gag out again, but when this didn’t happen, she went back to focus on her ass. “There, there… now let’s see how long it takes for you to turn into a quivering mess!”


“Hmm?” Ulti raised an eyebrow as she felt Hancock slowly move her hand from the top of her curvaceous ass, to between her legs. “MHMNNNNNN!!!!!” She struggled against her restraints and clenched her legs and ass cheeks around Hancock’s hand.


Hancock pushed deeper however until she found what she was looking for, “You’re so wet already!” her surprised voice made it sound more like a question than a factual statement. “Don’t tell me you’re actually enjoying this?”


NHMMNOOOOO!!!!!” shaking her head, Ulti was unable to stop Hancock from pushing both her index and middle finger into her wet hole.


“This should be much easier then!” Hancock said, gradually pushing her fingers deeper and deeper into the horned girl’s moist and hot little twat, “The way you’re clenching your pussy around me… you want this to feel even better!” She drew circles on the swollen pink clit with the orange painted nail of her thumb. “Don’t you?”


HMMM, HMMM, MMMH!! NEPHA!!!!” the former Tobi Roppo shouted against her gag, “GHED ‘OUW PHIMPHY HAMDSH AWMAY PHWOM MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!” similarly to what Hancock did earlier, her words also turned into an elongated squeal. This time however, it was because Hancock squeezed her butt with her other hand tight enough for her fingers to sink into the flesh!


“You seem to misunderstand your situation! You’re in no position to tell me anything!” there was a firmness in Hancock’s voice that made the little stubbles of hair on Ulti’s hands stand on edge. “It’s probably best if you just lay back, shut up, AND CUM YOUR STUPID LITTLE BRAIN OUT, YOU FUCKING COW!!!!


OOohHhHMMmNNNghH!!!!!” Ulti’s eyes went completely white as they rolled back in their sockets! A deafening SHLICK SHLICK SHLICK SHLICK SHLICK SHLICK SHLICK sound echoed across the deck of the ship while her ass vibrated from the repeated impacts of Hancock finger fucking her faster than she ever was actually fucked before. “NnhMMmOOOOOooOoooOOOOOOOOoOOOHhh!!!!!!


Seemingly indifferent to her strangled moans, Hancock kept holding Ulti’s butt for leverage while jamming her fingers at a pace that would be fast enough to break the sound barrier, “That’s it~! Moo for me!” She ordered as Ulti’s juices sprayed in every direction, coating both her own ass and Hancock’s hand with the sweet nectar. “CUM!!!


OOoooohHHMmm!!!!” Ulti kept on moaning as one orgasm after the other caused her juices to drop to the deck like rain during a storm. “SSssshHhDDoooOopPPPHhhh!!!!


“You want me to stop? Not a chance!” Hancock purred dangerously low. “We’re not gonna stop until this entire ship will drown in your juices and you repent for what you did!”


She wasn’t just wildly and mindlessly jamming her fingers back and forth though! Whenever she pulled her hand back, she made sure to aim for another part of Ulti’s pussy. With this, even though she only used two fingers, it felt as if her entire fist was being shoved in and out of the wet hole!


HhhHmMMMppPPhH!!!” biting down on her mask, Ulti tried her absolute best not to use consciousness! Orgasm after orgasm made her mind grow weak while pussy was spread wider and wider by the Pirate Empress rapidly moving fingers. “NnnNhOoooOOOOo!!!


Hancock raised an eyebrow, ‘Is she actually coating her pussy with Armament Haki?’ She thought as she felt a minor change at how Ulti reacted to her thrusts now. “You’re a sly girl, aren’t you?!” the black haired girl commented as she pulled her hand out of Ulti’s cunt.


“Haaaaa, haaaaa, haaaaa, haaaaa…!!!” the shorter woman panted and moaned. Sweat coated her entire body and dropped to the large puddle of her orgasmic fluids that had already formed on the ground as she took a moment to breathe and gather herself. “Was… was that… all?”


She hadn’t even noticed that her gag had fallen out of her mouth, “Heh! You don’t actually think we’re already finished, do you?” Hancock teased. “The question is… Will I break your mind with three fingers, or should I truly fuck your brains out…”


“Three fingers!”


“No! Fuck her brains out! Give it to her hard!”


“Fist her!”


“Step on her and make her lick your feet!”


“Let me fuck her please!”


“Huh?!” Both Hancock and Ulti looked to their left to see a group of people standing around them and cheering them on. They were mostly members of that other pirate crew, with only a handful of Kid Pirates standing between them. Neither of the two girls had noticed them stepping on the ship as they were far too distracted by one another.


Hancock’s eyes twitched in irritation, “Get lost!” she told them while activating her Conqueror’s Haki.


In an instant, all but the few Kid Pirates heeled over, foam rising from their mouths and blank stares in their white eyes. The ones who weren’t affected by her Haki outburst, groaned in complaint but followed her order and walked away, carrying the other pirates with them.


“Vile cur!” Hancock growled as she watched them leave the ship. “As for you…” her eyes met Ulti’s who, from the looks of it, had still more than enough fight in her for another three hours. “I think I know exactly what to do with you! Salome!”


As if she had read her mistress’ wishes, the giant red spotted snake lowered half of her body down from the spreader she held onto the entire time. But instead of putting Ulti to the ground, Salome then wrapped herself several times like a “8” around the violet eyed girl’s still enlarged tits!


AAAAHH!!! What does your dumb slimy worm think it’s doing-panties?!” Ulti asked as Salome squeezed her tits from all directions at once. Her boobs were squished together and contorted out of shape due to the snake then moving her entire body around the soft mounts of flesh.


“Have you ever seen a cow with such full udders that hasn’t been milked before?! Cause I haven’t!” Having stepped behind Ulti, Hancock parted the scaled legs and stepped closer towards the still moist holes between them. “To be honest though, you should probably worry more about me, than about my sweet and dear pet!”


AYEEEEEEKK!!!!” Ulti’s entire body cramped as she felt something very cold and very hard run between her ass cheeks, “WHA- what is that-panties?” She turned around to see one of the strangest dildos she had ever seen strapped to a black leather harness and over Hancock’s chastity cage. And she had seen Black Maria’s collection. “Where did you get that thing from??”


The dildo looked like nine snakes coiled around one another, with their heads at the tip and their forked tongues out. Ulti could see each individual scale and how they protruded one or two centimeters from the snakes, which gave the dildo a less than slick look. Each single snake was roughly twenty inches long plus an additional three inches for their tongues, and two and a half inches fat on its own, which gave the dildo a circumference of nine inches overall. The dildo’s original silver-green color changed to black as Hancock coated it with Armament Haki.


“You like it? It’s Amazon Lily’s national treasure! You should consider yourself honored, you’re the first outsider woman to ever get to get fucked with it!” Hancock informed her, “It’s unfortunately not as big as the cock of my beloved, but then, I would never let you even touch a replica of his length! Especially when this thing is enough to make you forget all about ever thinking again that you can best me!” answered Hancock while putting her hands on Ulti’s hips.


A single drop of sweat rolled down the side of Ulti’s face, down to her chin, and dropped onto the ground, “You think this thing will be enough to break me!? Ha! Hahahahahaha!!! Try your woOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!


A guttural moan of primal lust and ecstasy echoed not only across the boat, but through the entire village! Ulti’s eyes crossed as the snake-shaped dildo was RAMMED into her ass!


YESSSS!!!!!” Hancock hissed, throwing her hips back and forth in a terrifyingly coordinated and experienced manner, “TAKE IT!! Feel the pride of the Kuja!” It was as if she had fucked people like this her entire life! The scales and twisted nature of the dildo ensured that not a single spot in Ulti’s ass was left untouched!


FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!! SO GOODDDDDD!!!!!!” screamed Ulti. The sensation of having her boobs groped by a snake became secondary as Hancock fucked her better than she ever though possible. “IT’S EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! YOU’RE GONNA SPLIT ME IN HAAAAAAAAAALLF-PANTIESSSS!!!!!!!!


Hancock’s orange fingernails dug into the other woman’s hips and ass as she moved both their bodies at the same time, “Salome, don’t let her rest! Milk that cow dry!” Hancock ordered.


NHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! AAAAAHH, HAAA, HAAA, HAAA…!! SLOW DOWN!!!!!” Ulti arched her body more and more in perverted pleasure. The Snake Princess’ trusted snake coiled even faster and even harder around the horned girl’s tits, squeezing them on all the right spots that made Ulti cum even harder! Her pussy’s nectar now already filled the entire ship as she climaxed again and again and again. “I CAN’T… IT’S TOO MUUUUUUCH!!!!! THIS DILDO… I’M CUMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGH-PANTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEES!!!!!!


Sensing that the end was near, Hancock then grabbed Ulti by the neck and pulled her all the way down on her dildo, “Admit it!” she whispered hoarsely into Ulti’s ear.


I LOST!!!! I GIVE UP!! YOU’RE BETTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRR!!!!!!!!” Ulti shouted from the top of her lungs as she climaxed one last time.


“Good girl!” Hancock cooed before planting a kiss on Ulti’s cheek, leaving an orange lipstick mark behind once she pulled away, “Salome, it’s good!” She nodded at her snake, who instantly stopped squeezing Ulti’s tits. Large red streaks covered the cream colored mounds as Salome gently lowered her to the ground.


“Ehehehehehehe…!!” Ulti giggled softly as her sore arms and legs fell in all directions at once. She only rested for a moment on her massive bruised boobs before she turned back into her normal Human Form. “I… Hate… You… -panties!”


Hancock didn’t pay her any more attention as she simply walked back to the railing, “Eustass!” she called over towards the raft where the red haired captain was currently fucking Marguerite’s pussy. The blonde Kuja laid on the table where Kid had kept the individual parts of his prosthesis and had her legs locked around his hips. “Marguerite and I will sail with you from now on! Understand?!”



(A couple minutes later…)


Both captains had walked into an abandoned inn and sat down on a table to talk about their next steps. Not a single light was lit, which gave the place an even more eerie atmosphere than it already had. Kid’s now completely spotless metal arm glared in the dim light of the sun that shone through the dirty windows to their left.


“You’re going this far just for her?” Kid asked with a nod towards Marguerite, who laid passed out on a bench right in front of the inn. Her body glistened with sweat after having been fucked by the red haired captain for about five hours.


“I don’t know what you mean!” Hancock replied, with her arms crossed. She now wore Ulti’s way too small dress as punishment for what she did to her cheongsam. “This is simply for my own sake!”


“Don’t fuck with me! No way in hell will you sail with me because you felt like it!” Purple electricity danced around Kid’s fingers as he dismantled the chastity cage he put on her. “Tell me, why?”


Hancock clicked her tongue, “Will you fight against another Yonko anytime soon?” she then asked.


“Against a Yonko?!” Kid’s left eye twitched and he clenched his hand into a fist, “Not at the moment, no!” He then told her frankly. “If there’s anything I learned during my fights with Strawhat and Trafalgar against Big Mom and Kaido, it’s that I’m not strong enough to go against one on my own yet. And I ain’t gonna beg any of those two morons for help. The only ones I wouldn’t mind squaring up against would be Strawhat and that dumb clown! Other than them, I would never risk putting my crew in such danger again!”


“Is that so…” Holding back a sigh of relief, Hancock sat up a bit more straight in her chair.


“What does it matter to you anyways? You didn’t answer my question, bitch!” Kid then shot back, whilst shaking his head and focusing back on her.


“Marguerite… is ill! If I were to set sail with her, she would die in a few days! She will only survive if she stays with you!” She explained the situation to him. “But I can’t just leave her all alone on a ship with people that I don’t know. So you will take me with you so that I can keep an eye on her, and to kill you, in case you will hurt her in any way or if anything should happen to her!”


“You Kuja are a crazy bunch!” He pushed himself off the table, “Well, as long as you don’t get in our way, I don’t care what you two are up to or what kind of Lust Sickness that other girl has! So have at it, sail with me if you want!”



(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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9 months ago

So just asking, since I don’t remember if it was said in the story, why people fuck Hancock and they never see her back? I mean, I know she hide her mark, but she can’t always wear clothes during sex to hide it.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
8 months ago
Reply to  Mirag

That’s an actually good question. And I’m glad that you addressed this plot point. Well, they were simply never able to get that much of a good look on her back before.

In the first chapter she appeared in, the sex was mostly just a blowjob. Only towards the end did Kid put her in a full nelson. And with their bodies so close towards one another, I doubt that he could have made out what’s on her back. Especially with her long hair covering it most of the time.

During the chapter where Kid fucked Marguerite the first time, Hancock wasn’t naked and wasn’t involved in the sex directly, so there was no way for anyone to see her back.

Same with the second Marguerite chapter. While there was this part with her in the flashback, she did have sex with Luffy there, and I doubt that she cares if he sees her back.

Then, in this chapter, she either laid on her back when Ulti slammed her to the ground, which obviously covered the mark, or stood behind Ulti, with Ulti having no chance to get a look on her back. There also weren’t any other people around as they both disposed of them before.

I might be able to address this plot point sometime in more detail. It could make for a really engaging story, I’d argue.

9 months ago

spoilers shanks beats kid

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago
Reply to  evil

And that has to do what with this story?

9 months ago
  1. Me: Winces at Ulti saying the Pachycephalosaurus hunted when they were actually herbivores.
  2. Fantastic chapter.
  3. Hope to see more of Killer.
Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago
Reply to  Dan

1. Everyone knows that Pachycephalosaurus hunted their prey by trapping them between their tits, that they can enlarge at will, to smash their heads in. That’s common knowledge XD. Oda was just too much of a coward to include it in the Manga, which is why I have to do his job for him now.

2. Thank you very much. Love to read your thoughts about it!

3. Already have one or two pics in mind that could have Killer as one of the more vocal characters. But even outside of fucking, I’m looking forward to expand more on him. Hope you do so too.

9 months ago

Let me start off by saying this: Bravo. 👏👏👏👏 This was certainly the longest chapter you have ever made, but it’s also a really meaty one. And because of it, there’s plenty of this that happened here. 👀

But to save us all plenty of time and breathing room, I’ll give you all the summarized version. Although it will still have plenty of details as my usual methods. So without any more delay, let’s jump right into it! 😁

Firstly, I loved that this was primarily a Hancock centric chapter, but it’s good to see Salome be as involved as she was, especially when we get to the more sexual side of things. But more on this in just a bit. 😏Anyway, that’s not all. In addition, nice seeing some of the others from the Kuja side of things along with the pirates affiliated with Kid. They really helped make this chapter better than it was, as well as getting a closer look at the Snake Empress’s mindset.👌

On the subject, in regards to Kid himself, very nice work on how you utilized him. As well as how he’s used with Marguerite, as this played a pretty significant role in finding out exactly what’s going on with her. And don’t worry, I’ll share my thoughts on this in a second. 🤔

This ultimately leads us to how you worked the sex here. Two important sequences for the price of one with Hancock and Salome dealing with Ulti and Marguerite servicing Kid once again!✌️Without going into way too much detail here, I personally feel that those were handled very nicely. The former even more so, as it really displayed their powers, and even Salome’s abilities at the same time. Nicely done. 😀

And finally, what makes Hancock join the Kid Pirates. Let’s be clear on one thing about this to all of you just following along: She isn’t going for Kid and his dick, because she only has eyes for Luffy. And it still holds up now. This is actually because of Marguerite’s problem, which heavily implies, if not outright confirms, that she has an extreme case of the Love Sickness. And her explanation earlier more or less makes it known. 😳 One thing’s for sure, this should provide a intriguing dynamic. 🤯

Overall, this was definitely the longest chapter you have ever made, OP or not. But I personally believe it’s a rewarding experience. So well done. Looking forward to seeing how you try to top it! 😃

– Hiryu

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

I’ve been waiting to read about your opinion on this chapter! And let me just say how happy I am that you liked it so much!

Similarly, I really like how fond you are of Salome’s inclusion here. You, of all people, know that the snake wasn’t part of the story at first and that I only added her after a while. I hope I managed to pull her inclusion of without making it weird.

Despite Hancock being the main focus/POV of this chapter, I also wanted to give other characters time to shine and to show bits of their personality as well.

Also, yes! Hancock isn’t some cock-hungry bimbo that loses all of her agency and individuality just because she sees a big dick. At the same time however, I also never saw the point of keeping her only for Luffy. Or to make any shipping for that matter the main focus of this series.

One Piece is too interesting and layered to waste any of its girls and boys on some boring relationship/shipping war.

Thank you so much about your detailed thoughts! They’re always worth the wait!

9 months ago

I hope we get more luffy and one piece in general like luffy and nami or robin sought of stuff good chapter to

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago
Reply to  Hey

You know, it always brings me so much joy reading your thoughts on this very chapter you’re commenting on! It really motivates me to continue writing! All your positive and negative criticism alike are all so inspiring.

So, of course, continue asking me about stuff that lays outside of my control, like when I’ll get a pic to write a story for with specific characters in it. Cause that certainly will show me if I did a good or bad job with this chapter. /s

9 months ago

I hope eventually more of the Kidd pirates can get involved in the fucking business. We already have acts done by the other strawhats and others in laws crew the kid pirates deserve some credit especially killer for being the diplomat between the kidd and kuja.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago
Reply to  Kielian

I might be able to involve them more in the action in the future. I’m just waiting for the Anime to give me their color design so that I can flesh them out and describe them in more detail.

9 months ago

So is Hancock going to fall out of love with Luffy?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago
Reply to  Whitis

I think I was clear enough as to why Hancock now joined Kid. And love isn’t the reason behind it.

9 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Just wanted to know if Luffy is gonna lose Hancock?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago
Reply to  Whitis

I don’t know how much more clear I can make this for you! She follows Kid because she sees it as her duty of a captain to make sure that nothing happens to her crewmate. NOT out of love or lust for Kid!

EDIT: And I won’t go more into detail because it would spoil some things.

Last edited 9 months ago by Mr. Akrononym
Roger Goga
Roger Goga
9 months ago

I always thought that Hancock would join luffy harem but I can see that she will join kidds harem and will Hancock become kidds woman? And I know already that Hancock is and always stupidly in love with luffy and it was a great chapter and hope to see more and I hope that their will be a competition between luffy and kidd with Hancock to who’s better

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago
Reply to  Roger Goga

I thought I made it quite clear as to why Hancock will continue to travel with Kid. It’s not because she loves him or anything, but because she sees it as her duty as a captain to make sure her subordinate (Marguerite in this case) does well. That being said, I might expand more on her and Kid’s relationship and what future encounters with Luffy means to both of them.

Roger Goga
Roger Goga
9 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Okay because It looked like that Hancock was saying that she was joining kidds harem but she’s not joining? I know you said that Hancock will not be addicted to kidds cock and she has a more important role in the story and hope to see more of this and when will you continue with Naruto?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago
Reply to  Roger Goga

I’m pretty sure I already answered the Naruto question a couple times already. In case I didn’t, I’m not sure. It’s too similar to the Naruto story that Sailor has began writing again, so it wouldn’t make sense to write two basically identical stories from two different writers.

I just told you why Hancock will travel with Kid. I won’t go into much more detail because it could spoil some things.

Roger Goga
Roger Goga
9 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

How come it took you so long to edit this story on the website?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago
Reply to  Roger Goga

It didn’t. Rtenzo just wanted to post other artworks and stories first, I guess.

9 months ago

I think I should start this by doing the thing I should’ve done first last chapter: apologize. I know I already apologized last chapter, but you were also spot on when you said I should’ve put it at the beginning of my comment instead of at the end. Let me rectify it here. So, I’m sorry for bullying you into forcing Usopp into the story and calling your characters bland because I was upset that you weren’t following my advice, at least to me, when in reality you were following my advice, I just chose to ignore it because it wasn’t what I wanted. For that, I’m sorry.

Onto the actual chapter, yeah it’s pretty good. Really like that you’re adding some girl x girl into the fics, will you be doing the same for guy x guy? Don’t want to force you though, definitely not about to unlearn all my lessons from this saga.

Looks like Kid won’t become a rat victim any time soon. That’s good, honestly. It’s a shame that Oda- wait, are we allowed to talk about manga spoilers? I don’t want to say too much.

It’s great that we’re getting more Ulti though! You know what, you deserve to know why I was so adamant on Ulti getting a bigger role: she’s the only Beast pirate other than Kaido who actually did anything useful in the raid. Literally everyone else either jobbed or switched sides, even Big Mom! But Ulti, she actually felt like what Oda had us imagine the Beast pirates as: ruthless zoan users who would literally kill a child for crying too much.

Hope we see more of this fic, and sooner rather than later. I hope I didn’t demoralize you into staying off of One Piece and moving onto other projects. If I did, then I’m sorry for that too.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago
Reply to  way2dumb2live

Thank you!

Though, to be fair and completely honest, I’m not without my fair share of shitty behavior, considering that my constant begging is apparently one of, if not, THE biggest reasons that Rtenzo even drew Ulti in the first place.

As for your thoughts regarding this story, I seriously doubt that most readers would be interested in reading some yaoi stuff. I might do something like Oda does, with how the Roger Pirates and Strawhats have no problem seeing each other naked or bathing together, but actual guy X guy stuff seems INCREDIBLY unlikely.

And, yes, I have some serious problems with how Oda wrote several characters during Wano and afterwards, with Kid being one of the biggest examples. Ulti falls in a similar category, so I wanna use this series to expand more on them and to flesh them out some more. I actually have some other fanfics in mind (with Kid, Hawkins, Drake, and a few other characters) that I’d like to write at some point. They just wouldn’t fit in a Hentai/NSFW type series, I’m afraid.

Thanks as always for your thoughts. I hope you stick around to see what’s next!