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Too Big or Not Big Enough

“Coach? Did you get called here too?”


“Megumi-san, please don’t call me that,” Kojirou requested, adjusting his glasses with a sigh. “But, to answer your question, yes, Hinako asked me to stop by here. I’m assuming you got the same message?”


Megumi nodded, looking around with nervous curiosity. “Why do you think she wants us both here?”


“Given her…eccentricities, it’s difficult to say,” Kojirou said dryly. “Still, I’ll do my best to protect you from her.”


Megumi flushed and gave him a light glare; the glint in his eyes suggested he was teasing, but otherwise he was as stoic as ever. “Not funny…”


“Oh, there you two are!~”


Turning in unison, Megumi and Kojirou had very different reactions to what they saw.


Megumi’s jaw dropped and her eyes went very wide, a crimson blush appearing on her face as if by magic.


Kojirou merely closed his eyes and began rubbing his forehead. “Really Hinako-san? You went this far?”


“Hmm?” Hinako tilted her head cutely to one side; the faint blush across her cheeks made her look innocent, in sharp contrast to her body and clothing, or lack thereof. “I don’t know what you mean. I just wanted an opinion on my new swimsuit.”


Puffing out her cheeks in a pout, she pulled on the shoulder straps, actually managing to lift her enormous breasts; Megumi squeaked, her eyes following the movement.


“It seems a little small to me,” Hinako complained. Then her eyes met Megumi’s, who froze like a rabbit confronted with a fox. Slowly, the older woman smiled. “Though it seems that Megumi-chan likes what she sees.~ Want to get a closer look? Or maybe a feel?”


Megumi’s feet were rooted to the ground, or at least, that’s what it felt like. All she could do was watch as Hinako stalked towards her, her massive chest bouncing with each step. Then, suddenly, Megumi was blinking at Kojirou’s back as he stepped between them.


“I told Megumi-san I would protect her,” he told Hinako. “And I intend to do so.”


Before either of them could ask questions, he started to…strip out of his clothes?!


Megumi’s eyes bugged, her blush approaching critical levels. “W-what are you doing?!”


“Taking her attention off of you,” he replied calmly, now completely naked. Distantly, Megumi was aware that she should look away, but her traitorous eyes were busy bouncing back and forth between the two older chefs.


Also, why were they both so…so…big?! Was that going to happen to her? Or to Soma? Instantly, her mind conjured up a filthy fantasy of her and Soma in the bath, both naked, both much…bigger, clearly getting ready to have sex, and was that Erina getting ready to join them-


“Oh, Kojirou-kun!” Hinako squealed happily, clapping her hands and bouncing on her feet, which naturally sent a lot of other body parts bouncing and jiggling. “You’re finally more dere than tsun!”


“Do you want a chop on the head, or do you want to tit fuck me?”


Megumi blinked and Hinako was on her knees in front of Kojirou, hefting her breasts with both hands and wrapping them around his huge erection. When she lowered her head and began to suck, lick, and kiss it, making the most obscene noises, Megumi thought she might faint.


“You should probably run while you can,” Kojirou advised her, reaching down to tweak Hinako’s nipples, which, judging by her loud moans, she very much enjoyed. “Or,” his eyes took on that glint again, “you can stay and watch, if that’s what you really want.”


Now they were both looking at her, and Megumi squirmed, her panties feeling very wet and hot. Then Hinako was deepthroating Kojirou’s cock, and he had one hand on her head and the other one was playing with her tits. Both of them were moaning and grunting, and Megumi tried to look away, but it was…incredibly arousing. She was getting hotter and wetter; a part of her was shouting to stop as she stepped forward, starting to tug off her clothes-




“OUCH!” Megumi yelped, rubbing her head. Looking up, she blinked at the sight of her room. Wait…she had been studying, even though she was tired; she must have fallen asleep.


And she had dreamed about-


Bolting to her feet, face purple, Megumi abandoned her studies for the moment. Right now, she needed a shower.


A very, very, cold shower.

(Story by User: S22132)

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3 years ago

Hinako must be with Soma.