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Titanic Beating

“Man, your tits made me cum a lot.” Luffy said as his huge throbbing cock, showered over his crew mate. “You got a big dick to please a girl, captain. I want more of your thick spunk~” Nico Replied while sucking on his head and squeezing the life out of it. Her pussy was dripping fast and Luffy was gonna shoot the biggest load ever to her due to the incredible sucking Robin was giving.


Hours before…


“Meat…… I need meat!!!!” Luffy said acting like a zombie while starving. “I told you, it’s still cooking!” Sanji replied. “But I’m hungry!” He said and Zoro replied, “How about we hunt for something on the next island we land before dinner.” Sanji said, “Let me guess? You gonna hunt to cook or to find an excuse on how not to be a lazy ass swordsman?”


As the 2 began to fight as usual Nico shout out, “I see land ahead!” The crew spots an island filled with Cherry Blossoms. “Maybe we can find something that’s useful for our next trip.” Nami said as she looked at the view. “The trees here are gorgeous.” Robin replied. As the ship anchored, everyone was getting ready to explore the island. “Now remember, we meet back here before sundown.” Sanji said as he stayed behind to cook the food. “Yeah we get it… we won’t wait up.” Zoro replied while walking to the forest.


“Somebody should keep an eye on that idiot…. before he loses his sense of direction.” The yellow cook said and Nami replies, “Agreed….” “Welp I’m off to find some tasty meat!” Luffy said jumping off the ship. “HOLD IT! There’s no way you’re going by yourself and causing who knows what of a disaster.” Usopp replies yelling. “Well we can’t keep just ditch Zoro and let Luffy wonder off.” Chopper says and Nico replies, “Well then why don’t I go with him? I’ll make sure he doesn’t wonder off far.”


As they all agreed, both groups went to different directions. Luffy and Robin went walking to a field filled with flowers and huge lake. “Well Captain, hope you don’t mind if I took a bath for a bit?” She said to Luffy. “Sure why not? Doesn’t look that bad.” As he replied while looking for some food. Once Robin got in the lake she noticed that it felt weird yet good on her at the same time. She was feeling so relaxed and relieved from all the battles and traveling.


Luffy meanwhile, spotted some fruits and ate about a dozen of each piece. By the time he was full, Robin was getting ready to leave until she sees something wrong. “Um… Luffy… we have a situation here.” She said as he gotten up and walked over to her. “Yeah Robin? What the- Holy crap!?” He said looking at her nude but with her tits the size of boulders. “So how on earth did you end up like this?!” Luffy said while touching her boob. Robin replies, “N-no wait- Ah!”


She was completely sensitive from her boobs and Luffy stopped when she moaned. “I-it has to be this lake…. I was relaxing for so long… I didn’t realize what happened.” She said to him. “So how do we fix this?” Luffy said and Robin replied, “Maybe this lake is some kind of energy transfer. So all of the energy from the water must have gotten to the weakest parts of my body. So you’ll have to…. “release” the excess power from me.”


As soon as she explained It in more simpler details, Luffy understood her and started to get naked and enter the lake with her. “So now what?” He said. “Now we wait until the weakest part of your body gets like me.” Robin replied. After 3 minutes have passed, Luffy begins to feel a tingle in his cock and once he looked down it was getting bigger and bigger. Once is dick was the same huge size as Robin she wrapped her tits around it and began tittyfucking his titanic meat.


Luffy was amazed to see how good she was as he moaned. Robin looked at his dick and thought, “God this cock is amazing. I can’t believe I’m sucking off our Captain.” Luffy kept moving his dick deeper in her mouth and Robin was gagging it as hard as she can. She gave him the sloppiest sucking ever and Luffy was getting hornier while twitching. “Robin! I’m gonna cum now!” He said and she replies, “Give it to me Luffy! Shower me in your creamy load!” Robin said moving and squeezing her tits faster on his cock. Luffy couldn’t resist it and exploded like a volcano and showered her in cum. Robin used her powers and rubbed his loads all over her body and her massive sizes melons. “You taste so good~” She said licking her cum off her lips.


Moment later, Luffy was finishing up and covering Robins nips and tits like frosting and she was the cake. “Man…. that took a lot out of me Robin.” He said laying down but Robin got on top of him‍. “You might be tired but that cock isn’t giving up. It still has another go.” She said rubbing his pole and slowly moving it in her soaking wet pussy. “Show me what you got~” Replying teasingly and Luffy couldn’t back out now.


Once his dick was in her, Luffy fucked her like beast. “YES! Right there! Fuck my slutty pussy Captain! Make me your personal slave and fuck toy!” Robin said yelling and sucking her cum covered tits. “Keep sucking those girls and I’ll fill you up good!” Luffy said moving faster and deeper. Robin was going crazy and she was sucking her tits so hard, she came and squirted every thrust Luffy was giving. “A-ah! Yes! Fuck my pussy! Make it cum with your fat cock!” She said with her eyes rolled back and her tongue sticking out.


“Okay, let’s finish this!” Luffy said as he used his gum gum powers and make his cock so huge it was poking in her stomach and almost through her! “FUCK! Yes!!!! Fill me up! I want you cum so badly Captain!!!! Make me your whore!!!” Robin said yelling. With one last effort, Luffy shot up the biggest and heaviest load in her. Robin was cumming so hard, her stomach blew up and she was gushing like a fountain as her juice shot and covered his cock and balls.


As the sun was setting soon, Luffy gotten dressed and started heading back the ship. “Hey Robin… you sure you’re gonna be okay?” He said. “I-I’m fine… just go on a head and I’ll be there soon.” She said while resting in a lake now filled with his spunk. As he began to walk back Robin was thinking, “Not the best plan but that was the best sex ever…” She said smiling. Robin was lucky to have been screwed with huge dick that no girl could ever resist.

(Story by User: Kingken1997)

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NAmi and Nico Robin fucker
NAmi and Nico Robin fucker
3 years ago