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Three Course Feast of Meat

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As soon as they were in the alley and away from prying eyes, Ikumi Mito found herself spun around and pushed against the wall. She had one quick glimpse of Soma’s burning golden eyes before he was kissing her, hands grabbing and groping her tits.


Not to be outdone, Ikumi kissed him back with equal lust, plunging her tongue into his mouth. One of her hands snaked around his head, pulling him closer, while her other trailed down his body until it found his throbbing erection.


Soma stiffened briefly, but didn’t stop. Instead, he started to strip Ikumi of what little clothes she was wearing, making her heart pound with anticipation. With her hand already on his shorts, it was quick work for her to strip them off of him, leaving them both naked.


They pulled back from the kiss simultaneously, looking at each other heatedly. Then she giggled and he laughed; they kissed again, shorter this time, before Ikumi dropped to her knees. She cupped his balls with one hand and began stroking his shaft with the other; at the same time, she planted long, lingering kisses all over it.


“Fuck…” Soma half whispered, half moaned, reaching down to continue fondling her massive boobs. “You’re always licking your lips and using them to taste test meat; how does this meal compare?” he joked.


“Mmmmm…delicious~,” Ikumi replied, never letting up on her fellatio. It was true though, in a sense: she couldn’t remember the last time she had been this horny, her pussy so wet and hot. Just a little longer. Sometimes you have to let the meal cook, no matter how hungry you are.


Soma’s cock swelled and hardened even further under ministrations, and soon it was clear that he was ready.


So was she.


Rising to her feet, Ikumi gave him a cocky grin before deliberately turning around and bending over, bracing her hands on the wall. Otherwise, her oversized tits and ass would have had her falling down. Looking over her shoulder, she gave her butt an inviting wiggle.


Soma grinned and hefted his dick onto her ass, rubbing it between her cheeks and making her whine wordlessly. “What’s that matter, Nikumi?” he asked cheekily, still rubbing. “You want something from me?”


Hearing him call her by that silly nickname made Ikumi squirm even more. “You know what I want,” she told him, voice just below a growl. She looked back at him again, eyes gleaming. “I love meat, and right now, I need a good hard pounding from your thick sausage!”


Soma blinked, and then threw his head back with a laugh. “All right, all right, I get it.” Pulling back his hip, he took just a moment to line up his erection, before slowly pushing into her pussy.


“Oh hell yes! That’s what I’ve been wanting!” Ikumi declared, shuddering with pleasure. Soma’s cock was so big, it filled her pussy right up, stretching it in the best way possible. Then it started to move, and she was in heaven.


Soma panted and grunted as he started to fuck the beautiful dark skinned blonde. Her pussy was so tight; luckily it was also very wet, giving him plenty of lubrication. His dick was throbbing, making him wonder how long he could last.


“C’mon, Soma! Harder! I want you to really fuck me!” Ikumi told him, moving with his thrusts to increase her arousal.


“You sure? I don’t want to-”


“Fuck yes I’m sure! Don’t worry about me, I can take it! NOW POUND MY SLUTTY PUSSY!”


“Well…ALL RIGHT!” Soma started really giving it to her, increasing the speed and force of his thrusts until his balls were slapping against her stomach and his hips into her ass, sending ripples and jiggles racing through it.


“YES! YES! GIVE IT TO ME! I NEED IT HARD, LONG, AND OFTEN! I LOVE YOUR HUGE DICK!” Ikumi squealed, pushing harder against the wall in order to push her pussy back against Soma’s cock. She narrowly avoided her breasts hitting her face as they swung wildly. Her nipples were so hard and sensitive, she could feel the air whistling around them as they bounced and jiggled.


“UGH! AHH! HMM! IKUMI! I’M GONNA-” Soma started to gasp out.


“DO IT! CUM IN MY HOT FUCKING PUSSY! I WANT IT!” Ikumi shrieked back. She was so close, so damn close-!


“AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!” they both screamed, Ikumi just a second behind Soma as he came first; his hot seed filling her pussy pushed her over the edge. She writhed, her pussy spasming around his cock, drawing out every last drop.


“Hah…hah…” Ikumi panted, only barely able to hold herself up. Sweat coated her body, dripping every now and then onto the ground to join her pussy juices and Soma’s cum. She shivered as Soma slowly pulled out, licking her lips and sighing with satisfaction.


Then she blinked and stiffened when she felt his cock again…this time pressing against her ass! “Soma-! OH MOTHERFUCK!” she screamed in delight as he suddenly pushed his still hard dick all the way into her ass.


“TIME FOR THE SECOND COURSE!” Ikumi couldn’t see his face, but she could just imagine the huge grin he was surely sporting. “I KNOW I’M STILL HUNGRY; HOW ABOUT YOU?!”


“FUCKING STARVING!” Ikumi shrieked back, pounding the wall with her fists, yelling at the top of her voice as she came again. “I LOVE GETTING FUCKED BY YOU! MORE! MORE! MORE!”


As Soma did his best to satisfy her, Ikumi’s grin was wide and a little scary looking. HAHAHAHA! This is even better than eating delicious food! And the other ladies are going to be so fucking jealous of me! Best. Day. EVER!

(Story by User: S22132)

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4 years ago

Well done! Nice to see the follow up of the last Ikumi one shot in play. Something about rough back alley sex is a turn on. Not sure how or why. XD

Not only that, I really like the picture that came out with it too.

All in all, a very fitting entry. Now I have a reason to check out SnS again. Nice work!

4 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks, and yep, a follow up to the last Ikumi story. It was a fun one.

Smiling Fiend
4 years ago

Never really bothered to read/watch Shokugeki no Soma, but dang it, every thing abou this is fantastic !

4 years ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

To be honest, neither have I. I did some research online about the characters, and so far, it seems to be working. 🙂

4 years ago

Oh man, been a while since I’ve seen this pic. This was one of my favorite requests I’ve asked from Rtenzo. Nikumi really deserves the biggest curves Haha. It suits her so well. And a fun story too, still one of my favorite girls 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Mmhmm, very suitable for her. I’m glad you liked the story.