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The New Queen in Town

Next Story (Chapter 02): To Be Continued…

Standing on the balcony of his castle, King Bowser looked out over the wasteland that was his territory. Though he never let it show, it saddened his heart to see his people suffer as they tried to eke out a living in these volcanic wastes. Over and over, again and again, he kidnapped one or more of the princesses of the neighboring Mushroom Kingdom. If he could marry one of their princesses, then his people would be able to live in the lush and plentiful valley’s there. No more scraping by on scraps and having only the fittest survive.


But those damned plumbers. Always the plumbers! Smashing his fist against the stone railing, Bowser let out a fiery roar towards the ash blackened skies.


“Lord Bowser?” asked a voice behind him.


Collecting himself, Bowser turned, with his heavy frame making his steps rumble throughout the castle.


“What is it?” he asked the red Koopa Troopa standing behind him.


“We found it.” the Troopa reported, while holding out a golden crown in his hands.


The crown didn’t look all that special, a simple gold adornment with what looked like a pink mushroom in the center. But if the rumors were to be believed, this crown held more power than anything discovered to date! Bowser beckoned the Troopa closer, then afterward taking the crown from him and holding it up to the light.


“Yes, this will do. You may leave me.” Bowser told his subject. The red shelled turtle bowed and left as Bowser placed the crown on his head. At first, he felt nothing, then the pain hit him like a tidal wave! Falling to his hands and knees, Bowser roared in agony as he felt his bones, his organs, every shred of tissue in his body shifting, compressing, changing…


The pain was immense, unlike any of the times he’d been dropped into vats of lava, or fallen from great heights! It was almost too much to bear! Then, suddenly, it was all over. Bowser struggled to stand, lurching more than walking over to the mirror in the master bedchambers. He had to see, what had this crown done? His eyes were still blurry, and he couldn’t see very well. Though he could see hair in front of his eyes, blonde hair!


Blinking repeatedly to clear his vision, Bowser looked at himself, no, herself! The image that looked back at the Koopa King was most definitely a woman! Long messy blonde hair, big full breasts easily as large as her head, capped with candy pink nipples. Wide shapely hips that flared out from a slim waist, and long slender legs. A few parts of her original body remained, like the horns jutting out from the mass of blonde hair. Her shell was still there as well, but smaller, and more feminine now, as well as the long draconic tail. Lastly was the most important bit, his dick was still there, though human in shape and color, hanging flaccidly down to just above the womanly knees.


“Lord Bowser! Lord Bowser! Are you alright my king!?” called his guards as they burst in, several of them having used power-ups from in the armory. The guards rushed into his bedchambers, gasping at the naked shemale that greeted them.


“King Bowser is no more.” replied the blonde, “I am Queen Bowsette! Now, find me some clothes! There is work to be done!”



In the end, it was all too easy!


Mastering the powers of the Super Crown was a simple matter. When Bowsette simply accepted the form it granted, all new abilities were unlocked. Her flames, normally the basic yellow and orange kind, turned a bright pink and her horns flickered with energy whenever she was about to unleash a fiery blast. Not only were they a thousand times more powerful, they also gained new abilities! Instead of burning the body, her flames could burn the mind and soul, perverting the victim to Bowsette’s will! Lastly, she could even become fully female whenever she wanted, allowing her to wear more sexy clothing!


It was so simple, she just walked into the princess’s palace, making short work of the regular guards with her flames, leaving only piles of ash in their place. Princess Peach was in her throne room, hiding behind that plumber!


“Wha…? Who’sa that?” the fat one asked.


“Huh, it’a looks like-a Peach!” said the tall cowardly one.


“Me?” Peach asked, blinking those big pretty eyes as she stared as the black clad beauty Bowsette had become. Her new clothes were a dark reflection of Peach herself. A revealing black leotard with a low cut bustline to show off her huge tits, a bustle in place of a skirt made of a sheer gray fabric, and thick soled high heels that had taken some time to master walking in, but Bowsette liked how they showed off her ass when she walked in them.


“You-a won’t be taking the Princess!” the fat one shouted.


“What he-a said!” the tall one added as both of them charged her.


“Pathetic, how did I lose so many times to you two idiots!?” Bowsette asked as they got closer. The blonde didn’t hold back as she breathed out her hot pink flames.






Not even ashes remained of her most annoying enemies. It was honestly so easy Bowsette felt ashamed it had taken her this long!


MAAARIO, LUIIIGI!!!!” Peach squealed, with tears welling in her eyes.


“Now, now, Princess. In a moment, you won’t even remember their names!” Bowsette told her as she took in a deep breath.


NOOOOOOO!!!” Peach screamed as Bowsette bathed her in the pink flames. Only this time they didn’t burn her. No, instead they burned away bits of her clothing, exposing her breasts just as they began to swell, and swell, and swell even more! Most of her dress was burned away as well as her hips and ass began to widen. Lastly her lips fattened, becoming even plumper and pinker than before. Bowsette smiled as she saw the spark in what little intellect the pretty blonde had gone out in her eyes as she fell on her knees and looked around as if she’d never been in this room before.


“Nuuugh, hard to thinky… Brain feels… Not there no more…?” Peach said softly as she looked down at her body. “Oh wow, my boobies are like, soooo big!” she said happily as she reached up to cup her hands over her naked tits, each one easily four times the size of her own head!


Bowsette smirked as she watched Peach fondle herself, the princess making her own nipples stiff as she pinched and tugged on them! “Having fun, little Peachy?” she asked.


“Huh?” Peach asked, looking up at Bowsette as if she noticed her for the first time, “Peachy?”


“That’s right, you’re my little Princess Peachy. I’m Bowsette, your wife and queen!” the blonde explained to the now dumb princess.


“You are?” Peach asked, struggling to stand with her new heavy tits.


“Yep, you’re my personal Princess fuck toy!” Bowsette told her as she helped her to her feet, then grabbed one giant tit in her black nailed hand. Her fingers sank deep into the super soft flesh and Peach let out a long moan of delight at her touch.


“Ooooooo, that feels like, so nice. Please, squeeze Peachy’s boobies more!”


“Happily!” Bowsette said with a laugh, pulling Peach’s back flush against her chest, loving the feeling of her own boobs mashing against the other girl as she reached around to grope both her tits.


“Oooooh, Peachy’s boobies feel so good!!! Squeeze them harder please! Mmmmmmh, Peachy’s pussy is feeling all hot and juicy!”


Laughing again, Bowsette fondled her new bride, pinching her bright pink nippled between her fingers as she leaned in close and began licking the side of her neck. Peach shuddered against her, her breathing getting heavier as Bowsette moved a hand down to Peach’s exposed pussy, completely hairless and now dripping with hot heady smelling juices.


“Mmmmmh, you’re ripe now, my Peachy!” Bowsette told her as she rubbed her fingers across the other woman’s hot cunt!


“Oooooooooo!!!!” Peach squealed, her pussy gushing instantly at Bowsette’s touch. Her entire body shook in the blondes arms as her knees went weak.


“You slut, cumming so easy!” Bowsette laughed.


“Peachy likes cumming! It feels so good!!!” Peach whimpered.


“That’s good, because you’ll be cumming every day from now on!” Bowsette told her as she cautiously dipped a finger inside the whimpering princess.


“Yay!!!” Peach said happily, then winced, “Ouchie…!”


“Seriously, a virgin!?” Bowsette asked, laughing out loud as she pulled her fingers away. That fat plumber never fucked this slut once!? It was like a bad joke! But this was good, now she’d be able to fully claim the princess body and soul!


Pulling away gently, Bowsette smiled at how Peach whimpered plaintively as she turned her around. She then pressed her lips to the other girl’s, loving the taste of her lips on her tongue as she pushed it into her mouth. She then moved her hands down to her almost fully exposed ass, grabbing the creamy cheeks and smiling at the way she squealed happily as she began kissing back.


Bowsette savored the flavor of Peach’s slippery tongue as she fondled her wide creamy ass, tracing a thick black claw along the widened curve as she gently broke the kiss. “Mmmmmmh… Please… Peachy wants to kiss some more…” the dumb blonde pleaded.


“Don’t worry, my sweet Peachy. I have something better to put between those big lips of yours.” Bowsette told her.


“Oooooo, really?” Peach asked with a look of wonder in her big dumb eyes.


“Mmmhmmm, get down on your knees for me.”


“Okay!” said Peach happily as she lowered herself. Bowsette grinned, pulling the crotch of her leotard aside, exposing her sparsely haired pussy, already dripping wet. Peach blinked once before her blue eyes went wide as Bowsette’s clit began to swell outwards, shifting and changing shape as her labia swelled out into a pair of heavy balls while her clit transformed into a thick eighteen inch penis! The change was a simple focus of will. Really, the Super Crown was wasted on that foolish little Toadette. No one had any idea as to its full power!


“Ooooooo, it’s like, soooo pretty!!! What is it?” Peach asked with a straight face.


Bowsette smacked her palm against her face, ‘Maybe I made her a little too stupid.‘ she thought as she explained what a cock was to the princess. “…And if you put it in your mouth, it’ll make us both feel good.”


“In my mouth? Like candy!?” Peach asked excitedly.


“Yes, exactly like candy, the kind you suck on until it’s all gone. Only this will never get any smaller. And if you do a really good job, it’ll give you a present!” Bowsette told her.


“Yay!!! Peachy loves presents! Ahhhmmmmmph!!” she squealed happily, opening her mouth wide and deepthroating her entire dick in a single go! Seemed this princess had no gag reflex at all. She was truly wasted on that fat plumber! Oh well, he wasn’t even ash now.


“Oooooh, yes, that’s it Peachy, just like that…” Bowsette groaned, watching Peach bob her head back and forth, her slender throat swelling with her girth every time it went all the way into her mouth.


“Mmmmph, guh, mmmph, guh… Ahguh, cawk… Caaawwk… It’sh sho guud… Peashy luvs thish flavour… Shooo yummy!!! Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmph…” Peach moaned, with her lips slurping and smacking against Bowsette’s huge dick. She was a natural through and through! Almost like she was born to suck dick! “Mmmmmph, Peashy’s mouph pheelsh phunny… Mmmmmph… Peashy’s mouph pheelsh sho guud… Shoooo guuuud… Mmmmph, guh, mmmph, mmmph, gug, mmmph, huck, mmmph, GURGH, MMMPH, GWEH, MMMPH, HURGH, MMMPH, GUGGLE, MMMMMMMMMPPHHH!!!!” Peach moaned around Bowsette’s cock, her pussy gushing like a broken faucet as her blue eyes rolled back in their sockets. The vibrations of her throat around Bowsette’s cock were too much, the blonde Queen couldn’t hold back as she began cumming in the other blonde’s mouth.


“Gugh, aguh, guh, gug…” Peach gulped loudly, still moaning as she sprayed clear orgasmic juices from her pussy. Such a juicy little princess!


Bowsette watched as she pulled herself off of her cock, gasping for breath and exhaling a small bit of cum that splattered all over her pretty face. “Ahhhh, so good, Peachy loves sucking cock! It’s so yummy and makes Peachy feel so good in her pussy!”


Bowsette laughed, the little slut’s mouth was every bit as sensitive as her cunt! It was a mouthpussy!


“Oh don’t worry, my sweet little Peachy. I know something that will make you feel even better!” Bowsette told her as she walked over to the throne and sat down. She then beckoned Peach to come closer. Watching the stupid blonde walk was a delight in and of itself, as her giant tits jiggled and wobbled with her every step.


“Really?” Peach asked when she reached her.


“Mmmmhmm, just do as I say.” Bowsette said, explaining to Peach how she should straddle her lap and guide her cock into her pussy, “There’ll be a quick ouchie, but it won’t hurt for very long, I promise. And when the pain is gone, you’ll never want me to stop!”


“Ummmm, okaaay…” Peach agreed reluctantly as she climbed onto Bowsette’s lap, while her inhumanly huge tits filled Bowsette’s vision as she felt more than saw Peach leading her cock into herself. “Mmmmmh, your horns are so pretty and the fire is so warm… Mmmmh, the heat makes Peachy feel good…” Peach moaned as she reached up to stroke Bowsette’s pink flaming horns. The fire didn’t burn her, though it might be making her even dumber as Bowsette grabbed her wide hips and speared her cock inside the blonde. Her thick cock obliterated Peach’s virginity in a single strike as it slid all the way inside.


HAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! PEACHY FEELS SO GOOOD!!!!” the blonde screamed as she instantly began grinding her hips against Bowsette, stirring her huge cock inside her like a seasoned whore, “MMMMMMH, PEACHY’S PUSSY FEELS SOOOO GOOD, SO FULL INSIDE!!! MMMMMMH, PEACHY LOVES THIIIISSSS!!!” she screamed, with her pussy gushing again and again every time she moved.




Bowsette laughed, “That’s because Peachy is a good girl, mmmmmh, your hot little cunt is making me feel sooo good now, I just wanna fuck you all day!”


“Fuck…?” Peach echoed, tilting her head like a dog.


“Yes Peachy,” Bowsette said then thrusted her cock in deep again, loving how it made the other blonde’s belly distend visibly as she began fucking her womb! “FUCK! We’re FUCKING, it’s all Stupid Princesses like you are good for!”


OOOOOOOOOH, BUT, AHHHH PEACHY ISN’T STUUUUPIDDD…” Peach moaned, bucking against Bowsette’s cock as her pussy continued gushing again and again.


“Oh, didn’t you know, my Peachy? When I call you stupid, it means beautiful, and dumb means pretty.” Bowsette lied to the moaning princess.


RE… REALLY???” Peach howled in ecstasy as Bowsette grabbed both her tits, squeezing them roughly as she bounced the princess up and down on her lap. Bowsette nodded and wrapped her mouth around one fat nipple, sucking it hard and relishing the way it made the dumb slut moan even more.


“Yes, you’re the dumbest, most stupid princess in the entire kingdom now, and seeing you bouncing on my cock only makes you look even stupider!” Bowsette groaned in pleasure.


YAY!!!! PEACHY WANTS TO BE THE DUMBEST AND STUPIDEST PRINCESS EVER!!!!! PEACHY WANTS TO FUCK AND FUCK AND FUCK QUEENIE FOREVERRRRR!!!!” Peach howled in orgasmic bliss, with her eyes going cross as she began drooling like an animal in heat!


Bowsette laughed as she began cumming deep inside Peach’s womb, painting every inch of it with her thick Koopa cum.



Less than a week later, Bowsette sat on her new throne in Peach’s castle, loving the feel of her stupid princess’s mouthcunt moving up and down on her cock as she knelt in front of her. All of the princess’s clothes had been altered to leave her ass and tits completely bare for all to see. Peach, now only answering to Peachy, just accepted it when Bowsette told her to dress like that. She got even more accepting when Bowsette explained it allowed her to fuck Peach more easily.


“Queen Bowsette, we have her.” reported a goomba that walked into the throne room. “Without the plumbers in the way, capturing her was as easy as you said.”


“Excellent, bring her in!” Bowsette said. She then looked down at Peach’s face, loving the way her fat bimbo lips dragged across her cock as lifted her head before sliding back down, taking the thick length into her throat once again.


“Mmmmph, gweh, mmmph, guh…” Peach moaned, her pussy gushing over and over as she came with every downward bob of her empty little head.


“Unnn, let me go!!!” a voice protested as the doors to the throne room groaned open and several winged red shelled Koopa Troopa escorted Princess Daisy inside. Her struggle ceased when she looked over at Bowsette and Peach.


“Peach?” she said, confused by the sight of two Peaches, one with a massive dick and the other with massive tits!


“Something like that.” Bowsette said before taking a deep breath and exhaling a stream of pink flames at Daisy. The two troopa’s escorting her jumped aside just in time as Daisy was enveloped in the flames.


EEEEEEEEK!!!” she squealed as her clothes were burned away much like Peach’s had been, with her breasts and ass swelling outward as she dropped to her knees, and her mind being burned away far more than her clothes. When it was over, Daisy knelt on the ground, weighed down by her new gigantic tits as she looked around in confusion. Bowsette loved that dumb look on the princess’ face, it turned her on as she came in Peach’s warm wet little mouth cunt.


“Gulp, gulp… Ahhh, so yummy, Peachy loves Queenie Bowsette’s tasty cum!” Peach said as she pulled her mouth free and smiled happily up at the other blonde.


“I know you do, my stupid little Peachy,” Bowsette told her, then gestured towards the new dumb slut, “Say hello to your new sister wife.”


Peach turned and giggled, “Oh wow, she looks so dumb like Peachy!”


“Um, hi, I’m Daisy…” said Daisy, still looking confused as she struggled to get up. “Unnn, boobies… So heavy…” she said.


Peach giggled again and moved over to Daisy, helping her to her feet, “Hi Daisy, I’m Peachy. You look so dumb, I’m jealous!”


“Huh, but Daisy’s not dumb…” the brunette protested.


“Yes you are. Dumb means pretty and you look super dumb Daisy!” Peach explained, “Such big boobies, only dumb girls have such big boobies!” Peach said, reaching out to grab the other princess’ tits. Daisy let out a moan at her touch and Peach giggled again, lifting the other girl’s tits up and leaning down to suck on one hardened nipple.


“Ooooooo, that feels really really nice Peachy!!!”


Bowsette grinned as she sat on the throne, watching as Peach suckled on Daisy’s fat tit while fondling the other. She’d told the blonde earlier that she’d have new friends soon, girls as stupid as she was and all of them would live together as one big sexy family. Peach was excited to have new friends to have fun with and now she was showing just how happy she was as she moved from one nipple to the next and reaching her hand down to rub at the brunette’s tight little cunt.


“Ooooooooooo!!!! Feels so good!” Daisy moaned, leaning her weight against Peach as her legs went weak from the blonde’s attentions.


“Now, now, Peachy, don’t hog her all to yourself!” Bowsette said.


“Sowies!!!” Peach said as she stood up, “Daisy just looks so dumb, Peachy couldn’t help it!”


“Heheh, Daisy is dumb!” Daisy muttered as Peach led her over to the throne. Bowsette grinned at them both as she leaned back with her legs spread wide.


“Oh wowies!” Daisy said, with a look of awe on her face as she stared at Bowsette’s throbbing cock!


“Mmmhmm, both of you are so dumb, making out like that in front of me. It’s made my cock all hard!” she scolded them.


“Daisy’s sorry!” Daisy gasped, “How can we make it up to you Queenie?”


“You can both suck my cock and balls, then maybe I’ll forgive you!” Bowsette told the pair of stupid bimbo princesses.


“Okay!” the two said together.


Ever the polite Princess, Peach let Daisy go first, after all, she’d been sucking Bowsette’s cock for several hours before Daisy’s arrival! The blonde queen licked her lips as she watched Peach teach Daisy how to suck her cock. The stupid little brunette opened her mouth wide and moaned in orgasm the moment Bowsette’s cock slipped down her throat!


“Mmmmmh, that’s a good girl Daisy…” Bowsette groaned, while she watched as the other princess took her entire cock into her mouth just like Peach! Her plump lips wrapped expertly around her length.


“Oooooo, Daisy’s so good!” Peach said as she watched, pressing her giant naked tits against the other princess’s back. Bowsette loved the way the dumb blonde watched wide eyed as her new friend deepthroated her dick.


“Now Peachy, be a good little princess and suck on my balls!” Bowsette commanded her.


“Okaaay!!!” Peach said happily, moving to kneel beside Daisy, leaning her head down and taking one of Bowsette’s large nuts in her mouth.


“Mmmmmh, that’s it girls, you’re both doing so good!” Bowsette groaned.


“Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmmph, mmmph… Cawk… Cawk ish sho yummy, makesh Daishy pheel sho guud in her cunny…” Daisy slurred.


“Heehee… Daisy’s cunny cunt is like, soooo wet Queenie!” Peach reported, “Can you show her how good fucking is? Peachy want’s Daisy to know how much fun it is being a stupid cocksleeve!”


“Aguugh… Ahhh, Daisy’s not stupid, you’re mean Peachy!” said Daisy.


“Nuh-uh… Stupid means beautiful, and Daisy looks soooo stupid to Peachy, Peachy just wants to hug and cuddle and kiss Daisy all over!”


“Really…?” Daisy asked. “Daisy is, stupid?”


“So very stupid.” Bowsette told her, while reaching down to grab her chin and turn her to look up at her. “Only the stupidest of girls can make my cock so hard.”


“Heehee, Daisy is stupid!”


“Yes, yes you are!” Bowsette said with a laugh as she pulled Daisy up and onto her lap, rubbing her throbbing erection against her sopping wet pussy.


“So, what are we…?” Daisy began, but Peach giggled as she pushed Daisy up slightly and guided Bowsettes cock inside her with a soft wet pop as her virgin cunt was destroyed!


OOOOHHHH!!! DAISY FEELS SO GOOOOOOD!!!!” Daisy screamed, cumming instantly on top of Bowsette’s cock, her eyes crossing and her tongue hanging from her lips as her pussy gushed like a fountain!


“Teehee! Queenie Bowsette’s cock is her love for us! Having it in your cunny is her loving you Daisy, doesn’t it just feel so yummy!?”


“Haaahh… Ahhhhh MMMMMMMMH… DAISY FEELS SO GOOD!!!!” Daisy moaned again and Bowsette began bouncing her up and down on her lap, loving the way it made those massive tits bounce and jiggle wildly! Her cunt was every bit as tight as Peach’s, well, maybe a bit tighter since it was still fresh!


“Such a good little slut!” Bowsette laughed as she savored the feel of her new princess’s cunt clamping around her cock. She then leaned her head forward, wrapping her lips around the brunette’s nipple and sucking roughly, loving the way it made her moan even more!


“Yes, Daisy is a sexy slut, and she’s so stupid like Peachy!” said Peach as she hugged herself against Daisy, humping her sopping wet crotch against Bowsette’s knee “Ahhh, Queenie, Peach wants to be fucked too!!!” she whined needily.


Bowsette laughed, “Come here Peachy!” she commanded, beckoning the dumb princess to her side. Peach did as she was told, whimpering as she couldn’t hump herself against the other blonde’s knee anymore. Bowsette wrapped her slender arm around the top heavy blondes waist, pulling her close and taking her right nipple into her mouth as she gripped her ass tightly.


“Oooooooo!!!” Peach cooed, “AHHHH, QUEENIE’S FINGERS ARE IN PEACHY’S CUNNY!!!!” she screamed in orgasm as Bowsette shoved her fingers into her pussy, they slipped in easily with how constantly wet the giant breasted slut was.


Both women moaned in mindless pleasure as Bowsette had her way with them. She continued sucking on Peachy’s big fat tits as she looked down at her own dick, loving the sight of Daisy’s pussy bouncing up and down around it. The blonde Queen let out a low moan of bliss, both Princesses were her playthings now! That means there was just one more left, but Bowsette would need help with that one.



Deep in the farthest reaches of the Mushroom Kingdom, two green 1-up Shrooms growing beneath the shade of a massive tree began shaking uncontrollably. The one nearest the base of the tree suddenly exploded in a plum of white smoke.


“Ay yai yai, mamma mia!!!” Mario shouted as he rolled out of the smoke coughing and wheezing.


“Whoooahhh…” yelped Luigi as he rolled out of the smoke from the second shroom.


“Mario, what-a the hell was-a that!?” Luigi asked after a moment.


“I don’t know-a Luigi, I’m-a just glad I left these-a 1-up’s growing here so long ago.”


“Where are-a we, brother?” Luigi asked.


“The old capital.” Mario answered.


WHAT!?” Luigi gasped, “That’s-a long way from the palace Mario! The pipes between here and the new Kingdom are all gone! It’ll take us months to get-a back on foot!”


“Then we’s-a better get-a moving! Who knows-a what that fake Peach is-a doing!” Mario replied.


The two Mario brothers began walking, unsure of what awaited them back home.



(Story by User: SailorIo)

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3 months ago

I’d love to see Rosalina in the next chapter!

3 months ago
Reply to  Dan

Talk to Enzo

3 months ago

Kinda disappointed you didn’t make an ass-focused improvement to equal things out but there’s one more princess left! And I’d hope that Bowsette can mod what enhancements she gave to each princess.

3 months ago
Reply to  popart

I’m a boobs man and I don’t apologize for it!

3 months ago

Do you know Disgaea? I love Laharl-chan, who is actually a boy who often turns into a sexy woman, and he hates when that happens, because he hates sexy women and because, as a woman, she receives unwanted attention from the horny crown.

3 months ago
Reply to  Asmodeo

I know of it, but never played it

3 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

is a franchise of tactical JRPGs, I would love to see it’s characters on Rtenzo’s works.

3 months ago

Very nice chapter! Will other chapters also have futa?

3 months ago
Reply to  Rae

If there ever are any

3 months ago

Huh… can’t say I saw this coming…. Nor can I say that I dislike it. This is gonna be fun.

3 months ago
Reply to  Emperor-k9

Yeah, this was fun to do.

3 months ago

Wow another surprising story! I must say I love how you took the futa approach rather than one focus on the brothers. I also love how you included Daisy and not just Peach. Thing only thing I wasn’t too big a fan of was the dumb bimbo talk you made the princesses. It was still good but not my preference. Overall a great story, happy MARIO day.

3 months ago
Reply to  Blank

Eh, I based it all on some costumes I did on IMVU, and the bimbofied Peach just worked for me.