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Stupid Sexy Satsuki

When Satsuki found out that Ragyo left everything to her in the event of her death, she was conflicted. It hadn’t taken her long to figure out why her monstrous mother has done so; if the world was going to end, why care about what happened to what you owned afterwards? Ragyo probably had her lawyers draw it up and signed without reading it.


Whatever the reasons, Satsuki was now incredibly rich. The conflict came from the idea of using that woman’s money for anything. That didn’t stop Satsuki, of course; she was far too practical to just leave that much money lying around.


Still, she did have her pride, and it was a good feeling to earn money of her own, to do with as she pleased without feeling it was blood money.


Mako was the one who came up with the idea for the guided tours of the last battlefield. And of course, who better to lead the tours than Satsuki and Ryuko, the two long lost sisters who had started out as bitter enemies and ended as family?


Ryuko, unsurprisingly, needed a lot of convincing, but she came around in the end, and now, here they were, in the middle of their first tour.


At first, everything seemed to be going well. It was slightly embarrassing to be so openly stared at; it was one thing to wear her Kamui in battle, but Satsuki was feeling a lot more self-conscious now, when she had nothing to fight and all eyes were on her.


And as it turned out, that was the problem.


Satsuki noticed that Ryuko was getting quieter, but it wasn’t until she saw the look on her little sister’s face while turning to smile back at the crowd that she realized how unhappy Ryuko was.


“What’s wrong?” Satsuki whispered, low enough that the crowd couldn’t hear her.


Ryuko jumped at being addressed before frowning, her default expression. “Nothing.” At the skeptical lift of Satsuki’s big eyebrow, she scowled. “It’s just… I’m not sure why I’m here. Everyone is staring at you. Not that I can blame them.”


That last bit was muttered very quietly, so much so that Satsuki almost didn’t hear it. And judging by the way that Ryuko froze and blushed, she hadn’t meant to say it out loud.


Smirking, Satsuki slowly walked closer to Ryuko, who was watching her with wide eyes, still frozen in place. “Oh my, are you having unsisterly thoughts about me, Ryuko?” Their bodies were almost touching, especially their breasts.


Ryuko opened and closed her mouth, but no sound came out, making Satsuki’s smirk widen. When she leaned forward, their tits mashed together, brightening Ryuko’s blush. “So, which part of me do you enjoy looking at the most? My breasts have always gotten a lot of attention, and I can tell you’re enjoying them rubbing against yours.”


Ryuko’s face was turning as red as some parts of her hair, but Satsuki wasn’t finished yet. “Or maybe you like staring at my ass? It’s very nicely shaped, isn’t it? And you can see so much of it.” She wiggled, her barely covered tits rubbing against Ryuko’s, and her butt shaking in the air.


Pulling her shorter sister into her arms, Satsuki had to fight not to laugh at the poleaxed expression on Ryuko’s face. “But you don’t need to worry,” she purred, slowly lowering her face towards the shorter girl’s crimson one. “You don’t have to just look…I’m willing to share it with you…”




The sound of multiple bodies falling to the ground had both sisters look up sharply. As it turned out, the ‘show’ they had been putting on had been too much for most of the people following them; the majority were passed out on the ground, noses bleeding and perverted looks on their faces, while the remainder that were conscious were barely hanging on.
“Hmm,” Satsuki hummed thoughtfully as she straightened, releasing Ryuko. “Perhaps I went a little too far.”


“Ya think?!” Ryuko demanded acidly, making sure to keep a safe distance from her obviously deranged sister.


Though she had to admit, she wasn’t feeling nearly as down anymore. Now, if only she could have gotten there without being mortified half to death.


(Short Story by User: S22132)

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