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Spicing up Life

“Hey Soma-kun, do you have a minute?”


Looking up from the cutting board into Alice’s red eyes, Soma shrugged and replied, “Sure; I’m not really that busy. This is just an experimental dish I was working on. What do you need?”


Alice took a moment to peer around furtively, making sure no one else was listening, before leaning in close to Soma, who stood his ground. “I need your help with Ryou.” Seeing Soma’s puzzled expression, she elaborated, “He needs some excitement in his life outside of cooking. I have a plan, but I need your help for it.” Her eyes sparkled. “I guarantee it will work, and that you’ll both have a great time!”


Remembering some of Alice’s past plans and how they had turned out, Soma hesitated. Still, if it was for a friend, or whatever Ryou was, then how could he say no. “All right, I’ll help. And let me guess, you aren’t going to tell me your plan, because you want it to be a surprise?”


“You know me so well,~” Alice cooed, patting his cheek. “Trust me, it will be fantastic.”


Watching her practically skip away, radiating smug pleasure, Soma shook his head, wondering what he had gotten himself into. Eh, no sense worrying about it; just like in cooking, life was no fun without taking risks and experimenting. Putting it out of his mind for now, he turned his attention back to his cooking.


Half an hour later, waiting for his current dish to finish cooking, Soma was interrupted again. “Excuse me, Soma, but may I speak with you?”


As always, Soma was struck by how different Ryou was when he wasn’t in his fierce chef mode. The dark-haired boy stood quietly waiting, regarding him with a steady expression.


“Yeah, I have some time while this is finishing,” Soma replied, mentally reminding himself to keep a close eye on the clock. “What’s up?” He was genuinely curious; while he and Ryou got along for the most part, they weren’t really the type of friends to ask favors from each other.


“It’s Alice,” Ryou told him, not wasting time. “I think she needs to relax, but that’s easier said then done; she’s always rushing around, going from one project to the next. But I believe I’ve come up with a plan that should be foolproof.”


“And you want me to help pull it off?” Soma asked, feeling a distinct case of deja-vu. Maybe life was like those romantic comedies Alice kept watching.


“Indeed. Don’t worry, it’s nothing unpleasant or strenuous. I dare say that you’ll even enjoy it… if you’re willing to help?”


Well, he was already involved in Alice’s scheme, whatever that was, so what the hell. “Of course, you can count on me!”


“Thank you, Soma,” Ryou said, looking as pleased as ever did in his neutral mode.


Soma watched him walk off for a moment before shaking his head and refocusing on his meal preparation. Hopefully this wouldn’t blow up in everyone’s faces, especially not his own.


The Next Day…


While he wasn’t sure what he had expected from either Alice or Ryou, Soma knew that this certainly wasn’t it.


Things had started out innocently enough, with the three of them taking the subway; where they were going, Soma hadn’t paid attention. He was there to help out Alice and Ryou, so he didn’t really care about the destination. He did notice that the car seemed oddly deserted, but he had dismissed it as just a coincidence.


Oh, how naïve he was…


A lot of the details, he only found out after the fact: Alice wanted to inject some excitement in Ryou’s life by having him involved in a threesome in a public place, while Ryou planned to help Alice relax with mind-blowing sex, including a threesome. They had both approached the subway conductor, both paying him to ensure their car remained empty.


Somehow, they had both come to the same conclusion despite very different goals, and Soma was now convinced that he would never understand his friends. Still, it wasn’t all bad; standing naked in the subway car, while Alice, equally naked, kissed his body all over, including his cock, was an experience he would never forget.


Right now, Alice was doing the same to Ryou, her dark lipstick leaving marks all over her assistant’s body. Soma wasn’t left out though; the silver-haired woman’s hand was wrapped around his dick, giving him a thorough handjob. A distant part of Soma’s mind wondering where she had learned something like that, but the rest of him didn’t care, only wanting her to keep going.


The gentle shove to his chest caught him off-guard; he sprawled back on the seat, his erection sticking up like a flagpole. He was barely able to adjust to his new position before Alice was right in front of him, smiling mischievously as she turned around, her ass in his face. Then she was lowering her hips, biting her lower lip and moaning as his cock pushed into her pussy.


“Oh God!” Soma gasped, hardly able to believe that was really happening. If this was a dream, he prayed that he didn’t wake up, not yet; he wanted to enjoy this to the fullest. He began bucking his hips, fucking Alice as best he could. Her pussy was tight, wet, and hot, hugging his cock like an old friend and nearly causing him to blow his load right then and there. Somehow, he was able to hold it in.


“Hey hey hey, don’t forget about me, damn it!” Ryou shouted. Though he wasn’t wearing his bandanna, his eyes and face were fierce and wild as he literally jumped on top of Alice, his rampant erection almost like a weapon. With a mighty thrust, he pushed it all the way into Alice’s ass. Soma could see how much it stretched; he hoped that it wasn’t causing her any pain, though he couldn’t imagine Ryou, even at his wildest, hurting Alice deliberately.


Alice’s head came up, her mouth wide open and her tongue hanging out; in contrast, her eyes were half-lidded and cloudy. Then she shouted, “YES! GIVE IT TO ME, BOTH YOU! I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME HARD IN BOTH HOLES!”


“Heh hey, you got, milady!” Ryou shouted, his thrusting picking up speed, his balls slapping against her ass repeatedly. Not one to back down from a challenge, Soma did the same, feeling the burn gradually build in his legs as the wild threesome continued.


The subway car echoed with the sounds of their fucking: shouts, pants, grunts, moan, and then shrieks and roars as they all came at roughly the same time. When it was over, Soma collapsed back onto the seat, his breath rasping in his chest. Alice and Ryou were in no better shape, chests heaving and hearts hammering.


Idly, Soma wondered if he could channel that kind of experience into his cooking. He was looking forward to finding out… after some more sexual experiments, of course. A wide variety of experiences was necessary; you never knew what might end up inspiring you later, after all.

(Story by User: S22132)

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