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Shokugeki no DP

“I,” Rindo announced grandly as she barged into the room Soma was using, trailed by a resigned looking Eishi, “have a great idea!”


“…it’s too late to run, isn’t it?” Soma asks Eishi, getting a sigh and a tired nod in response. “Yeah, thought so.”


Seeing him turn to eye the large window behind him, Rindo pouted. “Come on, don’t be like that. You don’t need to be that scared of me.”






“Anyway!” Rindo plowed on, clapping her hands to break the awkward silence as her huge tits and ass bounced. “You two love to compete against each other, but I thought of an even better way than cooking.”


Eishi folded his arms across his chest, giving her a skeptical look. “And what is that?”


“Gotta admit, I’m curious too,” Soma added.


“It’s simple.” Rindo grinned at them, a knife suddenly appearing in her hand. Their eyes widened, but she was already moving. Her knife blurred…


…and their clothes fell in pieces to the floor, leaving them naked.


“We’re all going to fuck, and I’ll tell you who is the best!” Rindo continued blithely as she stripped out of of her own clothes, giggling at the dumbfounded looks on both Eishi and Soma’s faces. Eishi was especially hilarious, given how stoic or gloomy he usually was.


Without waiting for a response, she dropped to her knees and seized their big cocks, one in each hand. Rubbing the hard lengths, she began kissing and licking them both, smirking as she felt them swell and harden under her talented fingers.


“Oh my!” she heard Eishi exclaim, just as Soma gasped, “Holy shit!”


If they were impressed now, they hadn’t seen anything yet.


Deciding they were both ready, Rindo let Eishi go and turned to wiggle her ass and pussy at him, focusing all her attention on Soma’s dick. Glancing back, she was just in time to see her best friend’s face take on a look she normally only associated with him cooking. Then he grabbed hold of her hips and shoved his massive erections deep into her hot, wet pussy.


“AAAAGGGGHHHH! AMAZING, EISHI! JUST LIKE THAT!” Rindo yelled, before taking Soma’s cock deep into her mouth.


“God damn! That feels amazing!” Rindo couldn’t see Soma’s face, but she could imagine it, and it made her even hornier. She pushed back against Eishi’s thrusts, wanting it harder and deeper.


Suddenly, Soma pulled back. Rindo looked up in confusion, but he was already moving behind her. When he climbed on top of her, the redhead knew what he was planning and her eyes widened in delight.


“YES!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs as her butt was filled with hard, throbbing dick. “FUCK MY FAT ASS ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!!!” Oh God, being double penetrated like this felt incredible, amazing! She didn’t want it to end, she wanted more, more, MORE!




“RINDO!” Eishi yelled back, louder than she’d ever heard him, his hips slamming into her ass.


“RINDO!” Soma echoed him, his balls slapping her ass cheeks as he reamed out her gigantic ass.


“Rindo? Rindo? You there?”


Her eyes, closed, due to the incredible pleasure surging through her body, snapped open to see Soma and Eishi staring at her. “You okay? You kind of spaced out there, and then you started giggling. It was kinda creepy.”


“Your face is red,” Eishi noted clinically. “If you’re not feeling well, you should go see a doctor. I don’t want to get sick because of you.”


Soma rolled his eyes at Eishi’s usual self-centered attitude, but Rindo paid them no mind. It had all been a daydream?! But she was still so horny and frustrated! It wasn’t fair!


“Say, Eishi, Soma…I have an idea-”


“Well, I gotta go! See you guys later!” And Soma was off like a shot, Eishi only slightly slower than him.


“And I need to catch up on the paperwork, so if you’ll excuse me…”


And just like that, Rindo was alone, staring in disbelief as the traitors abandoned her. “H-hey! Hang on, wait a minute, you jerks!” she yelled, giving chase.


If they thought they were getting away that easily, they had another thing coming!

(Story by User: S22132)

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