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Shape of Ryuko

“Where the hell is that damn delinquent and her ditz of a girlfriend?” Nonon grumbled, pacing back and forth on the beach. The short pinkette was alternating between glaring down at the beach, as if she could force Ryuko and Mako to appear, and stealing glances at Satsuki, blushing each time.


For her part, Satsuki discretely rolled her eyes. Even after fighting on the same side to literally save the world, her sister and her girlfriend still disliked each other on a personal level. Beyond keeping the insults and violence to a minimum, Satsuki was content to let it be.


“They’ll be here,” she calmly assured Nonon. “Ryuko has her faults,” a faintly stern look had Nonon keep a snarky comment to herself, “but she keeps her word and her promise. Despite not enjoying publicity events like this,” she waved a languid hand to indicate the various cameras and operators, “she did agree to participate; she’ll be here.”


Nonon looked slightly appeased, though still pouty, and Satsuki had to stifle a smile at how cute she looked. Her girlfriend was unlikely to appreciate the compliment right now. Looking past Nonon, her eyes widened, a significant expression of surprise for her. “Well now,” she said slowly, “I believe I know why it took the two of them so long…”


“Eh? What…” Nonon started to ask as she looked behind her, before freezing in place, her jaw dropping.


And she wasn’t the only one; everyone within eyeshot was staring at the duo of young women walking up the beach. Mako was bouncing along, her own not inconsiderable assets jiggling wildly in her teal colored slingshot bikini. On any other day, she might have been the center of attention.


Today, though, Ryuko utterly stole the show.


Her younger sister was striding along, a deep scowl and an even deeper blush on her face. She was holding her scissor blade in one hand, body language suggesting that she wasn’t afraid to use it, and was probably looking forward to it.


Of course, absolutely no one was paying attention to that, beyond very brief glances. No, they were all focused on Ryuko’s breasts.


Simply put, they were absolutely enormous. Each one was the size of Ryuko’s body; Satsuki had no idea how she was managing to stay upright, let alone walk. And poor Senketsu had to be stretched to even his limits to keep them even slightly in place. As it was, it was like watching a huge Jell-O mold in an earthquake with each step Ryuko took. It was strangely mesmerizing, and Satsuki could see several people staring with drool or blood running down their faces. She grimaced.


It was deathly quiet as the pair approached. Mako had her usual ‘idiot smile’ on her face, while Ryuko seemed to be daring anyone to say anything.


Nonon obliged her. “Matoi… what the fuck?” she asked flatly.


Blushing to a fire engine red color, Ryuko glared back. “This wasn’t my idea!” she snapped, looking to be on the verge of using her scissor blade. “They,” she looked down at Senketsu before pinning Mako with a hard stare, “came up with it!”


“And you were unwilling to turn them down?” Satsuki asked knowingly, smirking as her spluttered for a moment before gaining an expression that would have been called a pout on anyone else. “Mako, would you mind explaining please?” she asked, morbidly curious.


“Sure! Well, Ryuko-chan told me about this nifty photoshoot you guys were doing and she asked me to come along. Then I started talking to Senketsu,” she zipped around to Ryuko’s front, spreading her arms to indicate Ryuko’s Kamui, “and I realized: the bigger the breasts of everyone in the photoshoot, the better it will sell and the more money it will make! So I asked Senketsu if he could help, he said yes but he wasn’t sure if he should, so I bribed him-“


The Kamui managed to look embarrassed, despite not really having a face. “Sorry Ryuko.”


“-and now Ryuko-chan has nice big bobbies for her photos today! Aren’t they great? So big and soft,” she leaned back, blushing a little as her back and butt rubbed up against her friend’s massive mounds. Ryuko looked like she was about to combust, and Nonon was barely able to keep her giggles under control.


Satsuki sighed, a small, fond smile on her face. “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Mako, in the future, please ask permission before doing something like this; I’m sure Ryuko would appreciate it.”


“Sure thing,” Mako agreed readily, flashing a peace sign before tilting her head back to look at Ryuko. “Sorry if I went too far, Ryuko-chan!~”


Maintaining her glare for another moment, Ryuko ultimately relented, even managing to smile at her impulsive girlfriend. “I guess it’s okay. It’s like Satsuki-chan said though: just ask me first. Don’t just spring it on me. And that goes for you too, Senketsu.”


“Okay! Understood.”


Nonon clapped her hand, drawing attention to herself. “Great! Now that we’ve settled that, can we get started on the photoshoot?” The gleam in her eyes promised a lot of future teasing for Ryuko, but otherwise the pinkette was all business as she got things set up, barking orders at the camera crews.


Using the distraction, Satsuki walked closer to her sister. “Are you sure you want to go ahead with this?” she asked quietly. “I can call it off if you want.”


Ryuko chewed her bottom lip, but eventually shook her head. “Nah. Really, it’s fine. Mako-chan wasn’t wrong.” She gave her excited friend a look that combined exasperation, amusement, and fondness.


“Me having monster titties like this will help make us a fuck ton of money.”


Laughing, Satsuki nodded.


(Short Story by User: S22132)


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