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Service with a Smile… or a Scowl

Harribel glared at their client over her mountainous breasts, her fetish maid outfit and blush only slightly detracting from the threat. “What did you do to her?” she growled, one hand raised and half curled into a fist.


Reclining on the bed, completely nude with his hands folded behind his head, Urahara gave her his best innocently confused look; the small smirk playing around his lips undermined his supposed innocence. “Why, whatever do you mean, my dear?”


Scowl deepening, Harribel pointed at her companion, who was dressed in another variation of a slutty maid outfit. Yoruichi, a blush and a dreamy smile on her face, was looking right at Urahara and rubbing her huge tits together, her giant nipples almost touching each other. And was she purring as well? “You gave her something; what was it?”


“Just a little something to put her in the mood.” Urahara hastily raised a placating hand as Harribel took a menacing step towards him. “Catnip! That’s all it was and the affects are temporary. I may have tricked her this time, but Yoruichi’s had it before. As you can see,” his usual grin spread across his face, “it makes her a lot more playful…and a lot hornier.”


The dark skinned blonde considered that before nodding, relaxing, but warned him, “You had better not give me anything like that.”


“Of course not,” Urahara replied, his best wounded expression on his face. “Unless you need it,” he added slyly.


Her scowl back in full force, Harribel stalked forward and climbed onto the bed. Wrapping her tits around his cock, she bent her head and started sucking ferociously; she would show him how little she needed his help!


Behind her, Yoruichi eyed her ass, her purring getting louder as she licked her lips.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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