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Senketsu Transformation: Stripper!

“What the hell, Sis?!” Ryuko hissed under her breath, even as she leaned forward to give the cheering audience a better look at her cleavage, her ass wiggling in the air behind her. Her face was hot with a blush; she had almost forgotten what it felt like to be this embarrassed. The last instance she can recall was when she wore Senketsu for the first time.


Satsuki raised an eyebrow along with her arms, lifting her huge breasts into the air and causing her tiny thong to slip dangerously low on her hips. “Whatever do you mean, Matoi?”


“I know I’m the one that said we needed jobs when we moved to the city.” Shaking her upper torso back and forth made Ryuko’s tits jiggle and sent her butt gyrating as well. “But I didn’t expect you to sign us up as strippers!”


Her ass barely covered by her thong, Satsuki sent the crowd into a frenzy when she started twerking, her butt cheeks bouncing hypnotically. “I don’t see the problem; our Kamui’s barely covered more than this, and we wore them in front of larger crowds than this.”


“When we were fighting!” Ryuko snapped back, slowly lowering her own thong, blushing brighter at the catcalls that resulted. “That was different!”


Satsuki rolled her eyes as she played with zipper of her top, teasing and enticing the crowd. “Did I mention that if we get hired, we get to keep all our tips?”


Ryuko contemplated her embarrassing predicament. It’s been several months since they last fought, and that resulted in saving the world from their mother and her plan with the life fibers. But time marched on and she needed the money. “…you so fucking owe me for this.”


Satsuki smirked, radiating with an aura of confidence “Then lets put on a show for these pigs in human clothes!” She unzipped her top and unleashed her enormous bust. Her immaculate tits drove the crowd into a frenzy. Ryuko shyly and embarrassingly followed her lead.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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