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Rough and Hard Temptation

Densuke sighed with relief as he walked along the beach, relishing the calm and the quiet. Though he often enjoyed the perverted situations he founds himself in, he had to admit, they could get very overwhelming…and painful.


This…this was relaxing. Just him, the sand, the sky, the ocean, and-


“Hi Densuke-kun.~”


-and Kirika-sensei. Oh no!


Densuke braced himself for being smothered in her tits, or sat on…but after greeting him, Kirika simply stayed on her beach blanket, face turned up to the sun with eyes closed, working on her tan.


Slowly calming himself down, Densuke took the opportunity to look Kirika over. When she wasn’t embarrassing him or causing him pain, he had to admit, his senior was incredibly sexy. The tiny black bikini helped in that regard, showing every curve of her body: her massive tits, her big round ass, her thick thighs…


Abruptly her eyes opened, pinning Densuke with an intense stare. He once again braced himself for her to launch herself at him, but Kirika still held back. “I’m hungry,” she said casually. Getting off the blanket, she bent over to rummage in a cooler she had apparently brought with her.


Swallowing hard, Densuke couldn’t help but stare, his cock swelling. Since Kirika often went without panties under her skirt, he was used to seeing everything she had to offer. But there was still something very arousing about the sight of her thong covered ass wiggling in the air. Even knowing she was doing it on purpose didn’t make it any less appealing.


“There we go!” Kirika said happily, turning to show him the chocolate covered banana she had pulled out. Flopping down onto her side, she maintained eye contact with him as she very slowly put the treat into her mouth and began to suck off the chocolate from the long length of it. The sounds she made were obscene, and she gradually pushed more and more of it inside, until she was deepthroating the entire thing.


Eyes fixated on the spectacle, Densuke could feel and see his dick pushing against his swim trunks, forming a huge tent. And from the smirk Kirika was making around her treat, she was very aware of the effect she was having on him.


“Ahhhh~” she sighed happily when she was done. “That was soooo good…but you know what?” Kirika slowly grinned at Densuke. “I’m still hungry; I don’t suppose you could…help me out?” she asked innocently, slowly licking her lips.


That did it.


With a strangled shout, Densuke tore off his trunks, freeing his erection. This time, it was his turn to tackle Kirika, who looked surprised but delighted, especially when he laid his cock between her massive tits and began pumping it in and out.


YES! FUCK MY FUNBAGS, DENSUKE-KUN!” she ordered him, pulling off her bikini top so he could see them in all their glory. She brought her hands up to squeeze her boobs together more, relishing in his groan. Opening her mouth wide, Kirika began sucking on his cock, squirming on the sand as her pussy quickly got soaking wet.


Panting, a sheen of sweat already forming on his body, Densuke pumped his hips as fast as he could, watching as his dick plowed into Kirika’s mouth. Despite how rough he was being, she appeared to love it, sucking hard on his cock, making full use of her tongue and teeth. Her tits were so soft and warm, squeezing his erection like hot velvet.


Gobbling happily away on Densuke’s dick, Kirika brought up her legs to wrap around his body, pushing his body even closer against hers and his dick even deeper into her mouth. His balls were banging against her chin and her nose was buried in his crotch.


She was euphoric!


With a loud shout, Densuke came in her mouth, his body stiffening like a board. She swallowed it rapidly, not letting even a single drop escape her voracious appetite for his cum. Kirika went even further, sucking his balls dry before letting him stagger back. He was so worn out that he fell onto his back, panting and gasping for air.


Then Kirika was on top of him, and Densuke experienced the familiar sensation of her enormous breasts smothering his face. What wasn’t as usual was her hand wrapping around his dick to give him a handjob. He moaned against her tits, which made her moan in turn.


“Don’t think you’re getting away that easily, Densuke-kun! You had your fun and got off, now it’s my turn! NOW GET THAT DICK HARD AGAIN SO YOU CAN FUCK ME! MY HOT PUSSY NEEDS YOUR FAT COCK!


Densuke had no idea what to say about that, so it was probably a good thing that her tits were covering his mouth. He could feel Kirika dry-humping his body; the feeling of her hot, wet pussy smearing its juices on him helped get him hard in record time. He heard Kirika giggle in excitement before she finally lifted her boobs off of him.


Gasping for air again, he watched with wide eyes as she straddled his body. To his lack of surprise, Kirika went for the slow, steady approach; instead, she slammed down onto his cock, driving the air from his lungs even as his dick was engulfed by her pussy.




Narrowing his eyes, Densuke mustered up a growl before grabbing her wildly bouncing tits, squeezing her nipples as hard as he could.


The reaction was immediate.




Densuke blinked; that was a stronger reaction than he had anticipated, but he didn’t have a problem with Kirika’s orders. He bucked his hips as best he could (not easy with her slamming down onto him so fast and so hard) while twisting and pulling her nipples as hard as he could.


Kirika’s high-pitched shriek hurt his ears. With her eyes closed, mouth open, and tongue hanging out, it was clear that she was loving what was happening. And Densuke couldn’t complain either; more rapidly than he had expected, another orgasm was building up in his cock.


AH! MMMM! OOOHHH! HHHNNN! FUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!” Kirika howled as she orgasmed, her long purple hair whipping around her face as she shook her head wildly. She ground her hips down, pushing Densuke’s cock as deep as it would go.


Densuke’s scream was higher-pitched than he would have preferred as he came again, pumping his seed into Kirika’s incredibly tight pussy. Once again, she squeezed every drop she could from him before she collapsed on top of him, sighing happily.


Kirika stayed like that for several minutes, enjoying the afterglow, before perking up. “Let’s do it again, Densuke!”




“Densuke?” Confused, Kirika sat up…only to sweatdrop when she saw that Densuke was unconscious; her massive tits had smothered him and she hadn’t noticed.



(Story by User: S22132)

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3 years ago

Kirika is obviously best girl but would you ever consider doing Chiharu with her ever-growing tits or even her mother Keiko from the manga?

4 years ago

Finally that you uploaded the second Eiken pic and it Kirika Misono looks so hot! Though what with the thunderstorm on the left side background.

Anyway good job with the image as always and the story was great too, really show how you know the characters from anime/manga. I hope that this isn’t the last artwork for the Eiken series.

Myckle Hickman
Myckle Hickman
4 years ago

I would absolutely love to see more of Kirika. I would especially love to see her with extremely massive tits.

4 years ago

Can we get more of this?

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Eiken Club

Smiling Fiend
4 years ago

New Eiken image caught me off guard but DAMN this is pretty godlike !

… not to sound like a beggar but more like this would be welcome, especially with Kirika having colossal monster boobs the way only Enzo (I can call you Enzo right ?) can draw them.