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Motherfucking in the Mall (Special Edition)

(Note: This story is part of a series of Fairy Tail stories)
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As the woman stormed off, Jellal idly reflected that the slap should have hurt a lot more than it did. The only reason that it didn’t was because his face was already swollen numb to comical proportions, thanks to all the slaps he had gotten already from asking women to join his sex guild.


Sighing, he wondered how he ended up in this situation.


Oh wait: he remembered perfectly…





“Everyone, please join me in welcoming our newest members, Carla and Juvia!” Mavis cheered from the center of the Fairy Tail guild hall while pulling the cord on her confetti popper, shooting confetti into the air and having it rain down on everyone.


Construction was still ongoing, so it wasn’t quite finished, but that didn’t deter her enthusiasm in the least.


The rest of the guild didn’t mind either, with cheers and applause ringing in the air.


“Glad to have you,” Gajeel told them, happy to be with his old friend again.


“I’m so happy you joined us,” Levy beamed at them both.


“Carla!” Wendy was almost too emotional for words, smiling as widely as she could at her first and dearest friend.


“I won’t lose this time Wendy!” Carla crossed her arms as she walked up to her friend, grinning.


Pantherlily nodded, a small smile on his face.


“I hope you’re prepared to work hard,” Erza warned the two newest members, though she looked happy as well.


“Juvia cannot wait to begin!” said the water mage as she high fives Erza.


“Don’t worry, it’s not quite as crazy as it looks here…” Jellal assured them.


Mavis cleared her throat, drawing attention back to her. “Congratulations to Gajeel and Levy for recruiting Juvia, and to Wendy and Pantherlily for recruiting Carla. You four each get a golden star!” Everyone applauded for them as the four of them beamed.


The guildmaster walked over to a chart on a nearby wall, the wall where the guild once posted mage quests for members to accept if interested. She then placed a golden star under stick figure drawings of the four members mentioned.


Then Mavis turned to Erza and Jellal. “Your turn.”


They looked at each other, then back to Mavis, confusion written clearly on their faces.


“Who did you recruit?” Mavis clarified.


Erza started to sweat as she thought quickly. “Um, I’ve been busy working on constructing the guild hall, so no one…OH! but I did recruit Jellal!” Erza motioned both arms at the blue-haired mage in a ‘ta-da!’ pose.


Mavis waved that aside. “He doesn’t count; he’s so whipped by you, he’ll do anything you say.” Jellal turned to stone as he was ignored by them both. “You can’t ignore your recruiting duties; the guild needs a lot of talented men and women in order for it to thrive.” She absently wiped the drool from her mouth as she imagined what that would look like.


“A wide variety is necessary! We have furries and cat people,” Charle preened while Pantherlily shifted in slight embarrassment, “blue haired ice queens and kinky bookworms,” Levy and Juvia’s squawks of protest were blithely ignored, “scary brutes and pretty boy idiots,” Gajeel laughed at his description, while Jellal sulked, “and other types, but we need more! You must take a more active role, Erza! Can I count on you?”


Erza, appearing to be imitating Natsu, flames of determination erupted in her eyes as she held up a clenched fist. “Yes first! I apologize for disappointing you, I won’t let you down again!” She assured everyone enthusiastically.





“We should split up to cover more ground,” Erza decided as she and Jellal walked down the empty Magnolia street. “I believe Millianna will be at the beach; she would be an excellent recruit.


Jellal nodded, “Splitting up is for the best then, I don’t think she would join if I was there…”


Erza gave him a soft smile before hugging and kissing him. “We’ll smooth things out later. The past is the past after all.” she told him, before running off. Just before she was out of earshot, she turned and yelled something back to him. All Jellal could make out was something about Kagura. He would have to ask her about it later.


Right now, he had a job to do.



And said job really wasn’t going well. The mall had seemed like a logical place to try recruiting, but as his swollen face would disagree, Jellal was having no luck whatsoever.


Lost in his thoughts, he bumped headfirst into a big set of tits, sending him staggering backwards. He cringed, prepared for another hard slap.


Instead, he heard, “Ohhh…you look familiar….”


Looking up, Jellal’s eyes went wide and he could feel himself paling as he stared at the grinning face of… “Irene Belserion?!” Rapidly pulling himself together, he gathered his magic and got ready to fight. “How are you alive?! And why are you here?!”


Rolling her eyes and waving her hand dismissively, Irene replied, “Is that anyway to start a conversation? I won’t bore you with the details…but if you must know, I’m here in Magnolia wanting to reconnect with my daughter; I’m even hoping to join her guild.”


Jellal glared, remembering what Erza had told her about this woman. “And why would we trust you?”


“Most of my magic is gone,” Irene casually revealed with a shrug. “I’m not much of a threat now. At most, I would say I have about twenty percent of my previous power.”


“However…” Irene then paused for emphasis, slowly leaning forward until she was right in Jellal’s face


“That’s still more than enough to squash you like a bug if you get in my way…” she said with a serious tone, eyes glittering with killing intent.


Sweat beading on his forehead, Jellal took a step back, intimidated despite his best efforts. Still…he redoubled his glare. “I won’t let you hurt anyone, especially Erza!”


Something that might have been approval was on Irene’s face as she straightened up. “Oh my, so protective of my daughter; you must really love her…” She walked up even closer to him, smirking at his blush when her big breasts pressed against his chest. “But you need the mother’s approval first… Jellal Fernandes,” she teased, licking her lips.


Then she was at his side, taking his arm and pressing her giant mounds against his side. “Come! Help me with some shopping, and you can tell me all about what you and Erza have been up to.”


What followed was a whirlwind of activity that kept Jellal on his guard with unease the entire time:


…they went to a bookstore that sold magical texts and scroll, Irene dismissing most of them and getting into a heated argument with an old scholar. Jellal tries to hold Irene back…


…they browsed over summoner’s keys and other magical trinkets, as Irene wondered aloud how much money she could make on the side by selling things like those…


…his knees shaking as he struggled to support a veritable mountain of shopping bags; meanwhile, Irene held up a lacrima, taking photos like a gawking tourist…


…finally taking a break to eat, Irene eating a stack of food that almost reached to the ceiling, while he had to make due with a small bowl of ramen…


…and some window shopping, as Jellal finished telling Irene about his recent history. “…And that’s how I got roped in by Erza to join the new Fairy Tail guild. I came here, looking for potential new members, bumped into you, and you know how it went from there.”


“A sex guild, hmm… how interesting… What will that Fairy Heart mage come up with next…” Irene mused, idly glancing in the windows of the stores. Her eyes went wide like a cat as her attention was caught by an erotic clothing store; she had never seen such slutty looking outfits being displayed in public. “Oooh, let’s go in there! I want to try some of those on.”


Jellal looked over and quickly turned his face the other ways. “Alright, I’ll wait out here–”


“Nonsense! You’re coming in with me!”


Nearly tripping over his own feet, Jellal felt his face burning red, “W-What?!” he squeaked.


Irene nodded firmly. “I need a second opinion on what looks good on me, and you’ll have to do.”


“Uh…I…but…” he stammered, wracking his brain for a good excuse.


Irene glared at him, shadows appearing from nowhere to shroud her face. Her glowing red eyes were the only thing that could be seen as she growled, “COME. WITH. ME!



(Five minutes later…)


This is so awkward,‘ Jellal thought to himself, sitting in the admittedly comfortable chair outside the changing room. ‘Waiting for my girlfriend’s mother to finish changing into a sexy outfit, so I can give her my opinion on it?


There were so many things wrong with this situation…


“What do you think?”


Snapping his head up, Jellal’s jaw dropped, another massive blush lighting up his face at the sight of Irene in her new outfit. “Uhh…wow…” It was a simple outfit, consisting of black bra, black panties, and black thigh highs, but Irene made it so sexy, filling it out to point of inducing nosebleeds in everyone nearby who saw it.


Smirking at his reaction, Irene’s amusement grew when she spotted the bulge forming and growing in his pants. “Oh my…you must really like it…” She slowly strutted towards him, tits and ass bouncing, casually casting a privacy spell with a free hand. She did not want them to be disturbed.


Irene straddled his lap, boobs in Jellal’s face as he sat frozen. “After all you’ve done for me today, being such a good helper…” she wiggled in place, giggling at his groan, “it would be rude if I didn’t take responsibility for this and help you get rid of it.”


Jellal opened his mouth to protest, but Irene wasn’t interested in his words; she kissed him deeply, her tongue exploring his mouth. He did his best to kiss back after a moment, but she was very much in control.


Grinding her hips down, Irene was delighted to feel his erection growing, humming with pleasure as he grabbed onto her ass. She quickly stripped out of her top, pressing her now bare breasts against his body as she continued to kiss him.


“Irene…” Jellal gasped when the kiss ended. He intended to say more, but moaned instead as Irene deftly undid his pants and freed his big erection. While kissing him once more, Irene stripped him of his clothes and continued giving him a handjob, stroking his dick expertly.


A quick shove sent him onto his back. Looking up with wide eyes, Jellal had just enough time to see that Irene was also naked except for her thigh highs; then she was sitting on his face, her pussy over his mouth.


Irene stroked his dick harder and harder as he ate her out. “Does that feel amazing, Jellal?!” Irene said as she sighed with pleasure. She took his moan for a yes, nodding in satisfaction. “That’s right!”


“Oh god…!” Jellal could not hold it in as he began to erupt a powerful orgasm until…


“You BETTER NOT.” Irene glared at him seriously, her eyes glowed as her magical presence began to swell and weigh down on the area.


Jellal’s eyes widened with panic. And with all the willpower he can muster, he denied himself from cumming.


“Good boy! Were not done yet!” The scarlet haired mage said as she sad on Jellal’s face even harder.


Jellal gasped for air when Irene lifted her hips, her pussy juices staining his face. “Irene-OH FUCK!” he shouted as she lowered herself onto his cock; her pussy was unbelievably tight, squeezing almost to the verge of orgasm right away. He arched his back, fingers digging into the carpeted floor.


“Mmm, feels soooo good, doesn’t it?” Irene asked rhetorically, grabbing his hands and putting them on her breasts. “Come on, grope me!” she demanded, bouncing up and down, faster and faster with each passing second. “Who’s better at fucking you, me or Erza?!”


This already felt amazing, and they had just gotten started. With a silent apology to his girlfriend, Jellal gasped out, “You are!”


“Damn right!” Irene squeezed her pussy even harder, feeling his dick begin to spasm. Jellal cannot help but suck on her hypnotic jiggling breasts. “So you love my big tits?! They’re even bigger than Erza’s from what I remember, isn’t that right?!”


Jellal nodded; the truth couldn’t be denied. They were so warm and soft too…


WHOSE PUSSY FEELS BETTER!?” Irene shouted, pounding her cunt down onto his cock with full force, slamming her ass against his thighs.


YOURS! OH DAMN, YOURS YOURS YOURS!!” Jellal shouted as he came, harder than he ever had in the past. His fingers sunk into Irene’s breast, but she didn’t seem to notice at all, more intent on milking his cock dry with her pussy.


Then it was over, and Jellal fell back flat on his back, panting.


Or at least, he thought it was over. When Irene grabbed hold of his cock again, he couldn’t help but whimper.


“Not so fast, lover boy. I hope you have more stamina than that…” Irene purred as she shifted positions, just enough to thrust Jellal’s cock into her ass. “Ahhh, that feels nice; how about you? You loving the feeling of invading my perfect ass?!”


Jellal nodded, groping her boobs hard, hoping to make her feel as amazing as he did. It was so intense, but he was sure that he could last just as long as Irene could.


Then she started bouncing once again, and suddenly he was much less sure. ‘Too… intense….



(Several hours later…)


Jellal lay on the floor, exhausted beyond belief; it was all he could do to keep breathing. His penis actually hurt from all the fucking did, or rather being fucked. He couldn’t feel his pelvis, but after barely opening one eye, he could see that it was severely bruised from the hardcore fucking Irene had put him through.


“I must say, you’re not half bad.”


With titanic effort, Jellal shifted his gaze to Irene, who looked like she had done a light workout instead of putting him through the sexual ringer.


“But you need a lot of improvement if you’re going to be a man good enough for my daughter…” She flashed him a brilliant smile. “Luckily for you, I don’t mind training you every day as the newest member of Fairy Tail.”


“After all…” Irene grinned.


Jellal passed out, not before hearing the last thing Irene said.


“Erza deserves the best…”


Official Fairy Tail X Guild Roster:
Mavis Vermillion (Guild Master)
Erza Scarlet
Levy McGarden
Gajeel Redfox
Wendy Marvell
Jellal Fernandes
Juvia Lockser
Irene Belserion (NEW!)

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