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Juvia’s DP Adventure

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Fairy Tail stories)
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Beginning (Chapter 01): [LINK]
Next Story (Chapter 22): To Be Continued…

“Well, well, well… look who the cat decided to drag in!” Natsu replied after opening the door for the person who had come knocking so early in the morning. Hundreds of dazzling stars lit up the still dark sky, even more so than the early thin rays of sunlight breaking through the trees around Natsu’s house. A surprisingly cold north wind made the lush green leaves rustle gently, while even managing to shrink Natsu’s massive erection down significantly.


YAAAAWN!!” Holding a blue fish plushy in one paw, Happy rubbed one of his eyes with the others as he appeared next to Natsu in the doorframe. “Who dragged what in now?” the half asleep blue Exceed asked with another yawn.


“Man, put that damn anaconda away when you’re opening the door! Nobody wants to see that!” Gray greeted his fellow guildmate, while avoiding to look directly at his exposed ten-inch dick.


“As if you’re one to talk!” Natsu said with a grunt and nod at Gray, who was only wearing a black speedo, that framed his flaccid dick nicely, and an unbuttoned white shirt.


The black haired Ice Demon Slayer shrugged the comment off. “Whatever! You got time to help me out with a little problem?” He took a look over Natsu’s shoulder and towards the bed behind him. “Or are you busy right now?”


Laying on the, honestly, by now probably really hard, filthy, and uncomfortable mattress, worn down from decades of being in Natsu’s possession, was Lucy. The busty mage was just as naked as her boyfriend and had a happy smile on her face as she held onto a small golden key. She pressed it tight against her slowly heaving chest and giggled gently, all too content with the fact that she finally got Aquarius, the one Celestial Spirit she felt the closest with and had known for the longest time, back after being apart for so long. More strikingly than the golden key however, was all the cum leaking out of her gaping pussy, soaking the mattress underneath and making it even more soggy. At moments like this, Gray wondered if Natsu used his bed or even his bathroom to grow mushrooms.


Natsu took a look back and smiled. “Nah. I think I should have a bit of time. What kinda problem you got?”



YESSSS!!!!! FUCK! HARDER!!! MESS JUVIA UP SOME MOREEEEE!!” Juvia squealed from the deepest parts of her stomach. “PUNISH JUVIA’S SLUTTY PUSSY WITH YOUR THICK… HRRRRRMPH… NAAAAASHDY CAWK, GWAY-SHAMAAAAA!!” She ended up moaning against Natsu’s balls.


The bluette sex addict found herself laying on her back in the sand of a beach somewhere close to Magnolia. She and Gray had been on their way back from Hargeon Town, having spent a bit more time there than their other friends, when Juvia simply couldn’t hold back anymore. She needed to be stuffed by his, ANY, thick cock again and BEGGED him to fuck her right then and there! Gray had obliged, but the big tittied nymphomaniac’s hunger knew no bounds, so, before long, he wasn’t enough for her anymore.


She needed more!


He picked up Natsu and brought him over, which brought them to the situation they found themselves in currently. With Juvia’s legs locked behind Gray’s back to prevent him from pulling out too much, and Natsu’s balls in her mouth as he practically sat on her face to fuck her big and round tits.


“You weren’t kidding…!” Natsu said with a grin as he tugged playfully on both her stiff pink nipples, twisting them around in opposite directions and eliciting a couple high-pitched squeals from the busty nymph. “She’s a total slut!”


“…huff, huff, huff!” a small grin formed on Gray’s lip as he held on to his girlfriend’s thighs, finding it increasingly harder to move his hips at all, due to the way she clenched her legs around him. Sweat ran down his face and dropped from his chin. “Told ya…!”


YEEEEEPH!!! SHUVIA ISH A SHLUDDD!!! SHUVIA CAN’D LIPH WIPHOUD CAWWWKSH ANYMOWWWE!!!” the nymphomaniac moaned at length. Her body trembled with ecstasy as she pushed her chest up and around Natsu’s cock, cumming just from the way he toyed with her nipples. “SHEEEEX!!!! IT’SH DA BESHD!!! SHUVIA CAN’D GED ENOUPH OPH IDD! SHUVIA ISH LOOOSHING HEW MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIND!!!! MOWE!! PHUCK SHUVIA MOOWE!!! HAWDEW!! DEEPAAAAAAH!!


“Ffffffffuck…!! Your mouth is so damn tight…” Natsu panted as Juvia’s lips created an airtight seal around his balls. Her tongue danced over the sensitive skin of his family jewels, further stimulating him and encouraging him to fuck her tits even rougher.


HMMMMMPH!!! SHLUK, SHLUK, SHLUK!!” Juvia slurred wetly, tracing her tongue over every inch of Natsu’s cum filled nutsacks.


Each one of them was the size of a cantaloupe and felt like they could burst any second now, it made Juvia cum then and there all over again. Meanwhile, Gray continued to thrust his cock in and out of her gushing pussy, causing wet squelching noises to echo over the beach whenever Juvia just wasn’t screaming her soul out. The musky stench of Natsu’s crotch and the smell of her own bodily fluids dripping on the sand below, where it quickly turned everything into mud, all filled her head, made it harder for her to think, and resulted in her losing herself even more in the pleasure!


How?’ She asked herself, ‘How could Juvia live without those things before?! Was Juvia always such a slut? Or did Natsu-san turn me into one? Does that mean he likes Juvia more than her love rival?’ She shook her head. Spitting out Natsu’s balls, she instead opted to go for his cock instead. Both men picked up on her decision and worked in perfect unity, standing up at the same time and, in Natsu’s case, RAMMING his cock all the way down her tight throat! ‘It doesn’t matter! Cock! Two cocks… inside of Juvia… Juvia can feel them touch each other! They’re so big… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!


Her muted scream encouraged the two guys to go even rougher to town on her. Juvia’s legs lost all their strength, which allowed Gray to fuck her at his own pace. Compared to Natsu, who simply drove his MASSIVE dick back and forth like it was a battering ram, he was a whole lot gentler and precise, deciding to stir his hips around in a seemingly arbitrary pattern and managing to hit each of her sweet spots whenever she least expected it.


AAAAGH, GURK, GURK, GUUUOMPH!!!” Juvia’s neck stretched out considerably in the wake of Natsu shoving all of it in and out of her mouth. Drool and tears ran down her face as her eyes rolled inwards from the pleasure. “YEEEEPH!! PHUCK… PHUCK MUUUH WHORE MOUPH-PUSSHYYYYY!!!!” She gargled in obscene ecstasy. “CUMMINGH!!! AYE’M CUMMINGH SHO GHUUUUUUUDD PHWOM HAVINGH MUH PHASHE PHUGGED!!! GURRR, RUGGH, ROOOOPHLA, HUUUURGH!!!


“What the hell is going on here??” an all too familiar voice suddenly interrupted the fucking couple.


“Hmm?” Natsu and Gray turned to the source of the boisterous male voice, whereas Juvia continued choking on Natsu’s and writhing on Gray’s dicks as if nothing was amiss. “Oh, hi Laxus!”


The scarred S-Class mage had his arms crossed in front of his muscular chest and shook his head at the sight in front of him. He wore an uncharacteristic pink tank top with a flower pattern and his usual black coat draped over his shoulders. He wasn’t alone though. Standing right next to him in the shadow of a couple of trees near the edge of the beach, were Mirajane, Lisanna, and Elfman Strauss, as well as Cana Alberona. Between the three siblings, Lisanna was easily the most shocked as she visibly gasped into her hands, her eyes hectically wandering from Natsu to Juvia, to Gray, and then back to Natsu. Elfman looked like a proud father, wiping a single tear away from the corner of his eye and nodding approvingly, all the while mumbling something to himself about Lucy better knowing about all this, otherwise it wouldn’t be manly at all. Mirajane, meanwhile, seemed barely able to hold herself back from laughing at the sight of Natsu and Gray continuing to fuck Juvia without so much as a single second of hesitation.


“What brings you guys here?” Gray asked with a single drop of sweat running down his neck.


“We could ask you the same thing!” countered Cana. “It’s not even 5AM and you’re already fucking like the bunnies out here. We at least have the excuse that we just came back from a mission!”


“A mission?” This time it was Natsu’s time to ask and raise an eyebrow at the other Fairy Tail mages.


Laxus pointed with his thumb over his shoulder and towards a huge pile of wooden barrels they had dropped under some trees. “Helped a vineyard near Tuly Town dealing with some bandits who had it out for their harvest. Ended up getting some of the wine as-!”


NHOOOOO!!!! SHTOP TAWKING ALWEADY!!!” Juvia rudely interrupted the blonde Dragon Slayer mid sentence. With surprisingly strong hands, she grabbed Natsu by his buttocks and moved his hips for him. “KEEP PHUKKING!! AYE NHEED IDD SHO BHAAAAAAADD!!! CAWKSH!!!! AND CUUUUUUMM!!!!!


“Ara ara~! What a noisy and rude little girl you two have here.” Mirajane giggled gently while walking over towards them. She then put one hand on Juvia’s distended throat and the other on the distinct phallus shaped bulge in her otherwise slim stomach. “Go on, boys. You can’t leave a lady like her waiting! Keeping fucking her like you mean it, and blow her slutty brain out!”


SIS!!!” both Elfman and Lisanne exclaimed at the same time in response to the other white haired mage’s comment.


Behind Elfman, Cana shrugged her shoulders and smiled lewdly. “What’s the problem, Elfie?” She nudged the muscular man in the side and casually began to unbuckle his belt with her other hand. “Nothing wrong with letting a bit loose every once in a while!”


HMMMMMMMPH!!!! SHO GHUDD!!” Tears of joy streamed down Juvia’s eyes as Natsu and Gray once again pumped their hips against her ferociously. “CUMMMM!!! AYE’M CUMMINGH SHO MUSH!!!! ARGH, ARGH, GUUUMPH!!! HMPH, HMPH, HMPH, HRRRRRM!!!


“Look at her go. I’ve never seen Juvia go so absolutely wild like this!” Laxus commented from his place in the shadows. He still managed to keep his composure, even as Cana started to stroke his and Elfman’s dicks at the same time.


“No wonder they ruined that water park!” Mirajane agreed. She leaned forward and kissed Juvia on the cheek. “And here I thought Lucy was the perverted one out of you girls, with that photo shooting and all. Seems I was wrong, and you’re the bigger slut one after all.”


YEEEPH!!!” Despite her movement being heavily limited, Juvia still somehow managed to nod, even though it caused her to choke and gargle aggressively on Natsu’s cock. “SHUVIA ISH A SHLUDDD!!!! DA BIGGESHD SHLUD!!! HEW LUV RIVAL CAN’D COMPETE!!!!


“She sure can’t…” Lisanna shook her head in disbelief. “But I still can’t believe you would do something like thiIIIIIIIIIIIIEK!!!!” The youngest of the three siblings ended up jumping quite a bit in the air as someone spanked her roughly.


Mirajane turned around and saw Gajeel and Levy right with the others in the shadows. The black haired Dragon Slayer showed his perfect white teeth as he playfully fondled Lisanne’s ass. “Thought that my nose smelled something funny going on here.” Lisanna yelped again as his fingers all but vanished in the folds of her creamy ass as he grabbed her hard. “But who would have thought that there’s a full-blown orgy going on here?!”


GAJEEL!! You can’t just do that!” his girlfriend chided him and smacked him on the hand, prompting him to let go of Lisanne’s butt. The bluette shortstack turned towards the demure girl, who currently massaged her now red ass. “Are you okay?”


A blush spread across Lisanna’s face, making all of her cheeks glow in a bright red hue. “Y- yes. You just came so suddenly…”


“I guess that means your little private vacation is over?” Laxus asked over Cana’s wet slurping noises as she casually started to suck both him and Elfman off. “How was it?”


The two Dragon Slayers fist-bumped. “Yep. Was pretty alright. Couple of punks thought they could get frisky with MY girl, but I taught them a lesson real quick.” Gajeel told them.


At long last, Juvia couldn’t hold it any longer. All the people just talking and talking with one another seriously ruined her vibe. She spat out Natsu’s cock and yelled, “SHUT UP ALREADY!!! JUVIA IS TRYING TO GET HER BRAINS FUCKED OUT HERE!! IF YOU WANNA TALK WITH ONE ANOTHER LIKE AN OLD COUPLE THAT CAN’T GET IT GOING ANYMORE, THEN GO TO THE GUILD AND DO IT THERE!!! BUT DON’T RUIN MY FUN TIME HERE!!! I NEED TO GET BRED SO FUCKING HAAAAAAAAAARD!!!!!



For a long second, everyone was simply staring at her, unsure what to do with this sudden outburst. Then the second went by and everyone simply followed suit. Within just a couple heartbeats, several groups had formed on the beach.


Mirajane and Cana both squatted next to each other over Laxus and Elfman respectively. One rode her partner reverse cowgirl style, giving him a perfect view of her bouncing butt as she lowered herself down on his dick time after time, while the other faced him head-on, presenting Elfman with a perfect pair of tits to grab, squeeze, and fondle however he liked.


In the shadows, Gajeel rested his back against a tree and let his girlfriend and Lisanne share his cock between the two of them. On their own, they’d had a hard time even holding his thick monster cock, even if they’d use both hands. But together, they quickly worked him to his full size and eagerly licked and kissed his length. White and blue lipstick marks quickly covered the entire thing before one of the girls finally had the courage to sit down on the studded cock.


With Levy’s guiding hands on her thighs, Lisanna was carefully lowered down, her mouth quivering and eyes tearing up with every inch of that disappeared in the moist folds of her pussy. “That’s it. Nice and easy! You’re doing great.”


“Haa, haa, haaaaaaah~!” Lisanna’s eyes rolled inwardly as her tongue lolled out of her mouth and drool flung from it in long ropes. “He’s so BHIIIIIIIGG!!!! How… how can you handle him so easily?”


GNIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI!!!! The girl’s got lots of experience, I can tell you that much!” Gajeel bragged loudly. He put his hands behind his head and watched how the two girls worked together in order for Lisanna to finally get it all down. “But you’re not half bad either. Way better than the little shrimp here during her first attempt.”


HEY!!!” Levy stomped her foot down on the ground and accidentally shoved Lisanna way too fast and roughly all the way down. Lisanna ended up screaming so silently, every dog in Magnolia ended up waking up. “Ooops. I’m so sorry! Is everything alright?”


“Hmmmmmmmmmmm… yeEeEeEsh!!!” the white haired girl whimpered as her pussy squirted out a near crystal clear fluid around Gajeel’s cock. Her blue eyes turned into lively pumping pink hearts as the flow of her pussy juices simply wouldn’t stop.


Gajeel chuckled again. “But her reaction is exactly the same as yours!” the black haired man told Levy as he took the other girl by her waist and moved her body up a bit for her.


HNNNNNNNNNNGH!!!!” Lisanna was only barely able to bring her tongue back in her mouth when she was already biting down on her lips. “FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!” She hissed hoarsely. “THOSE STUDS… THEY HURT!!! BUT THEY ALSO FEEL SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!


As that trio continued fucking to their hearts content, much closer to the ocean, Juvia forgot all about her earlier worries again. Natsu and her beloved were both fucking her at the same time; that’s all that mattered at the moment. The others could all vanish from existence all of a sudden, as long as she had at least one cock inside of her, she couldn’t care less.


YESSSSSS!!!! DEEPER, POUND YOUR MASSIVE DRAGON DICK DEEPER INTO MY SLUTTY PUSSY, NATSU-SAAAAAAAAANN~!!” the blue haired bimbo moaned, gyrating her hips slowly from side to side to get even more of his cock into her soaking and burning hot womb. Her entire ass and stomach was already plastered with cum by now since both men had already climaxed several times inside and all over her. “MORE!!! FUCK JUVIA MORE AND TURN HER INTO YOUR OWN PERSONAL CUMSLUT!!!! FORGET ALL ABOUT THAT BLONDE SLUT!!!! JUVIA IS ALL YOU TWO WILL EVER NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDD!!!!


“Fuck… she’s insatiable…!” Natsu grunted, barely able to move at all with how she rested all her weight on him. At least he had her uncontrollably swinging cow udder tits right in front of his face, so that’s a plus.


Behind Juvia, Gray wiped some sweat from his forehead. “I know… At least now you know why I asked you for help…”




Natsu spoke out what Gray thought. “I think Juvia is making this all up!” Before he could continue talking, his entire body went stiff and convulsed as he as well came. Searing hot cum erupted from the core of his balls like magma from a volcano, flooding Juvia’s insides and forcing her to cum with them all together!


JAAAAAAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” for a moment Juvia’s body went slack, but just as the two men were thinking they had tired her out, she jumped up again and demanded them to keep fucking her!


Natsu and Gray turned white as ghosts. ‘SOMEONE HELP US!!!!!! We can’t handle this anymore!



(Five hours later…)


“Weird. Where is everyone today?” Lucy asked Makarov as she found the Guild Hall completely deserted. Aside from Macao, Wakaba, Laki, and a handful of others, there was no one else around. At least none of the most vocal and easily recognizable.


“I’ve been asking myself the same question.” said the old Guild Master. “The Thunder God Tribe is still on a Quest in the Alvarez Empire together with Mest and Blue Pegasus. All the others should be here by now.”


Macao emptied his glass of beer in one gulp and shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe they’ve run into troubles along the way? Or into one another. You know the temper some of them have.”


“Troubles? Nonsense.” Makarov waved the other man’s concern to the side. “There’s nothing our friends can’t handle!”



(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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5 days ago


7 days ago

Damn, that was a hellavu orgy there, just sad we didn’t get to see Lucy and Erza get banged, part of me thinking Natsu called up Jellal or someone and was like “handle my light work” because he knew Juvia may be a challenge, so someone boned Lucy and Erza. I almost thought Lucy and Makarov were going to bone at the end there for a split second. Or Macao with Erza if she was mentioned, but it’s Laki there instead.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
6 days ago
Reply to  mndhanson017

I doubt we’ll get to see Makarov ever getting it on with any of the girls. As for Laki though…

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
7 days ago

Look at what Natsu has done to sweet Juvia… I LOVE IT!!!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
7 days ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

Yeah, Juvia definitely had an awakening when Natsu fucked her the first time.

8 days ago

Good job.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
8 days ago
Reply to  Whitis

👍🏼thank you!

8 days ago

As the first story to use these three characters together you did a good job with it. I was completely taken aback by how many characters you added! It was a wonderful surprise and I hope more group sessions happen in the future!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
8 days ago
Reply to  Blank

Glad you like the gangbang at the end. I’ve been thinking about writing one for quite a while, so, even though this chapter gave me more troubles than it should have, I’m happy with the outcome.

7 days ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

I very much did enjoy the gangbang and I’m glad to hear you are happy with the results.