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Instagraming a Hot Dish

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“Finally,” Erina groaned, sinking into her chair, blissfully alone for the first time in hours. While even she could admit (very, very begrudgingly) that she had been something of a bitch early on in school, that didn’t mean she wanted to be around her friends all the hours of the day. Sometimes, she just needed a break from it all.


This was also a good time to catch up on her email and other social media accounts. Logging into her main one, Erina raised an eyebrow; her cousin Alice had posted a lot of new pictures! This wasn’t all that unusual, as Alice loved attention, but even by her standards, this was a lot.


Well, she didn’t have anything better to do. Clicking on the first one, Erina found a picture of a new food dish. “Hmm…” Just looking at the food didn’t tell her much, but Erina wasn’t going to let that stop her. “The presentation is a little overpowering, but other than that…not bad.”


Alice would pout and whine at her for not giving her higher praise, Erina thought with a snicker. Maybe she would leave a comment on the picture later, but first, she wanted to see what the others were like.


The next several pictures were also of various meals and ingredients. Erina analyzed them all critically, but couldn’t find much fault in them. While Alice would never be as good a chef as her, her skill were still high tier.


When the first pic of Alice popped up, Erina rolled her eyes. Of course her cousin couldn’t resist the urge to post selfies. Check out my cute new outfit! Alice’s comment read. And it was a nice looking one, Erina would admit. More revealing than she would prefer, but Alice loved showing off her body.


But of course, Alice didn’t stop there.


Erina was vaguely aware of a blush building in her cheeks as she continued to view the pictures, each one showing more and more of Alice’s body as her clothing got skimpier and skimpier. Did her cousin have no shame at all?


The instant she went to the next picture, Erina got her answer: no, Alice did not, in fact, have any body shame or sense of modesty at all. True, she was blushing, but the smile on her face showed she was very pleased with herself.


The bikini, if two strips of cloth could even be called that, was very striking, the black material contrasting sharply with Alice’s pale skin and hair. But it covered so little! Erina knew, just knew, that if Alice were to move even the smallest bit, she would be flashing everyone in line of sight with her.


And since when were Alice’s breasts that big?!


Then she got to the comments and Erina hid her face in her hands. Alice’s comments of ‘Looking for a good time?~” were bad enough, but then there were the ones after that. So lewd and crass, and several of them from her classmates and friends! How would she ever be able to look them in the eye again?


Dropping her hands, Erina glared at the computer and the picture on it. There were still more to go; did she really want to see what kind of perversions Alice got into?


“…damn it,” she muttered to herself, clicking over to the next picture. There was a long pause while Erina just stared, eyes bugging out and mouth open as her face turned purple.


Alice was naked! Not a stitch of clothing on her, for all the world to see! And she wasn’t making any attempt to hide herself! No, she was standing proud, with her legs spread wide, almost as wide as the grin on her face!


And the comments were even worse! Erina could only briefly skim over them; the sheer amount of scandalous and improper words threatened to make her faint.


Of course, that became a moot point when the next picture turned out to be one of Alice having sex…with THREE MEN!


The next thing Erina knew, she was blinking up at Soma, who actually looked a little worried for her. “You all right, Princess?”


Blinking, Erina tried to remember-THE PICTURES!


“DON’T LOOK AT MY COMPUTER!” she shrieked, sitting bolt upright; only Soma scrambling back kept them from knocking their heads together. “IT’S FILTHY, I DIDN’T MEAN TO-”


“Oh, you finally saw the pictures Alice posted?” Soma asked casually, holding out a hand to help her up.


Erina was so shocked that she actually let him, before snatching her hand back when his words sunk in. “YOU MEAN YOU’VE ALREADY SEEN THEM?!”


“Uh, yeah. Everyone in the dorm has. Heck, I’m pretty sure everyone in school has too; it’s not exactly a secret.”


“…” Erina’s mouth opened and closed without a sound; she was totally at a loss for words.


“So, how far did you get?” Soma asked, peering at her computer. “Huh, only that far? Well, if that one made you faint, you probably don’t want to see the rest-”


“DIE, PERVERT!” Erina roared, deciding to take out her mortification on the nearest target, lunging towards Soma with her hands reaching for his neck.


And so, the rest of the dorm was treated to the sight of Erina chasing after Soma, the former screaming she would kill him, while the latter kept shouting that it wasn’t his fault, why was she so pissed at him?!


Basically, an average day in Polar Star.

(Story by User: S22132)

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