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Ikumi’s Secret Breast Recipe


Rindo gasped at Ikumi, her jaw dropped and her eyes wide as the dark-skinned blonde smirked at her. “Like what you see, Rindo?” Ikumi asked as innocently as she could.


So not very innocent at all.


The redhead snapped out of her staring and began to pout, folding her arms under her bust, which was normally quite impressive, particularly when she was only wearing an itty-bitty string bikini.


But even her magnificent breasts paled in comparison to Ikumi’s, at least now. The blonde had never been shy about showing them off, and now she wouldn’t be able to avoid it.


“HOW did you even manage to get them that big?!” Rindo whined, stamping her foot for emphasis and making her boobs jiggle. “And HOW are you able to walk, or even stand up?!”


Ikumi just grinned and shrugged, wincing slightly as the motion rippled through her monster sized tits, just barely held in place by her very, very strained top.


“Sorry, a lady never reveals her secrets,” she teased her redheaded friend, laughing when Rindo started pouting again. “But I can give you a hint… lets just say I been swallowing a lot of ‘special meat'” she said with a grin.


“But I’m the far better cook…. Oh!” Rindo muttered before realizing what Ikumi meant, she then regained her usual cheerful personality. “When we get to the beach, I’ll have to taste test your secret for myself” She grinned widely enough her fangs can be seen, the fires of determination lit in her eyes.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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