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Ikumi and Alice in Lights, Camera, Aprons Off!

“How did I let you talk me into this again?”


Alice gave Ikumi an amused look.  “Because we both went over our budgets and promised the others we would make up the money.  This isn’t that much different then what you normally wear, is it?”


“A bikini top and shorts covers a lot more than just an apron,” Ikumi retorted, feeling herself start to blush despite her best efforts.


“Hmm, I suppose you’re right.”  There was a tinge of red on Alice’s face as well as she looked at her reflection and then Ikumi’s.  “Still, we both promised and we’re already committed.  And we know the photographers will be discrete about where the photos end up.  So, shall we?”


Scowling, Ikumi nodded just as the photographers trooped into the room, cameras at the ready.  The blonde lifted her arms, blush deepening as her breasts popped free of the apron.  Alice turned to show off her bare ass as the cameras started flashing.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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