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I Cum First

“Can I cum now?? Please?!” Isane begged without shame as she bounced on the man’s girth-y cock. She was so close, she could feel it! She wanted it, needed it!


But her client shook his head, smirking up at her. Or at least, she assumed he was; her tits were so big, she couldn’t actually see any part of him unless she looked behind her.


She could hear his amusement in his voice though. “Nope, not yet. You have to get me off first; now bounce those monster whore-tits and that fat bitch-ass of yours. Here, I’ll even help you.” His hands grabbed her wide hips, his fingers sinking into her soft flesh.


“If you cum before I do, I won’t fuck that amazing ass of yours!” he warned, smacking the aforementioned butt and feeling the jiggles ripples through it. He was totally lying, of course. He wasn’t about to deny himself the opportunity to pound a bubble butt like hers.


But she didn’t know that.


Whimpering, Isane bounced faster, her tits wobbling in all directions, almost hitting her in the face. She even started spanking herself; other men had told her that her pussy tightened each time her ass was smacked. Hopefully that would make this one cum faster. She was on the very edge… if she had to wait any longer…


“YES!” the man shouted, thrusting up hard into the voluptuous beauty’s twat and unloading into her. She shrieked with pleasure immediately after, her own orgasm slamming into her; her pussy tightened almost unbearably and then relaxed as she slumped forward, her enormous boobs cushioned underneath her.


“That was amazing,” he told her, running his hand along her hot, sweaty body. “Ready for round two.”


Isane lifted her head and shifted her body enough to leer at him. “Any time you are,” she purred, licking her lips and feeling his cock harden again.


(Short Story by User: S22132)

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