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High Temperature Titfucking (Special Edition)

(Note: This story is part of a series of Fairy Tail stories)
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“So hot…”




“So, so hot…”


“I know, Gray.” Lucy tried very hard to keep from sighing. It would be very easy to get annoyed with Gray, but considering how the ice mage handled normal temperatures, it wasn’t a surprise that he was absolutely miserable in desert.


The cold nights, he could handle just fine, but the sun beating down on them during the day reduced him to a shambling figure, dripping with sweat and eyes glazed with heat exhaustion. He was naked, of course, but Lucy had long since stopped caring about that.


Not that Lucy was doing much better…


“When that old woman told us the plant was a bit off the beaten track, this isn’t what I had in mind,” the buxom blonde grumbled, wiping sweat from her forehead yet again. “I swear, if this plant wasn’t necessary for a medicine, and if she wasn’t paying so well…”


Gray managed a chuckle. “So you’re feeling the lack of funds too?”


Lucy nodded glumly. “This is the first quest I’ve been on since leaving Fairy Tail; mage work is hard to find nowadays, and bills are really starting to pile up… I’m getting worried!”


Abruptly deciding that she was tired of sweating buckets for her modestly, Lucy stripped out of her clothes, breathing a sigh of relief. It wasn’t much better, but every little bit helped.


Hearing the sounds, Gray turned around, his eyes bugging out of his head at the sight of Lucy stripping naked. Opening his mouth, he closed it, looked at Lucy, looked at himself, and realized he didn’t have any room to protest someone else getting naked.


Lucy watched Gray with amusement, a cutting remark ready if the ice mage decided to be a hypocrite. Luckily for him, his common sense kicked and he stayed quiet. However, there was one reaction he couldn’t control; and while his cock wasn’t big enough to really satisfy Lucy on its own, that didn’t mean they couldn’t have some fun.


Swallowing hard as Lucy got a certain look in her eyes, one that he had seen very frequently in Juvia’s, Gray wondered if he should say anything. When she began slinking towards him, he instinctively took a step back…and tripped over a rock, sprawling flat on his back.


Lucy playfully pounced on him, wrapping her sweaty boobs around his dick, which instantly got even harder. And Gray couldn’t deny that she made for an incredibly sexy sight; still…


“Are you sure about this, Lucy? I mean-”


“Gray, we’re literally the only people around for miles and miles. We’re both burning up from the sun, tired, and frustrated,” Lucy bluntly told him, bouncing her boobs, slowly for now. “No one is going to know, and we could both use the fun. So let’s just enjoy ourselves….”


“Well, I can’t really argue with any of that,” Gray conceded after a moment’s thought. “And you’re definitely taking my mind off the heat.” Between how Lucy looked and how she was making him feel, he could honestly say that, for the first time since this mission had started, Gray wasn’t thinking about how damn hot it was.


Lucy giggled; the sweat coating her body made for a great lubricant. Her breasts were easily sliding up and down the length of Gray’s dick, faster and faster. “Good to hear. If I hadn’t been able to distract you, that would have been a big blow to my ego.”


“Consider your ego intact. Ohhhh…” Gray joked back, before moaning as Lucy began licking the head of his cock. Her tongue was hot, but this kind of heat didn’t bother him, not when it felt so amazing. His erection surged and he let his head fall back, closing his eyes.


Lucy licked and sucked with as much enthusiasm as she could muster, which was growing. Gray wasn’t as big as she was used to and needed, but it was still fun. Plus, she would admit it would be much easier on her throat and jaw.


Speaking of which…


“Fuck!” Gray gasped when Lucy easily took his entire cock in her mouth and then down her throat, sucking like crazy on it. It was all he could do to keep from cumming immediately as he dug his fingers into the sandy soil of the desert.


Playing up her slurps and moans, Lucy rolled her eyes up to watch Gray; he was clearly enjoying himself, sweating even more than before, all the muscles on his upper body tensed as he breathed heavily. Just a little more would send him over the edge, so Lucy used a trick with her tongue that drove all her partners crazy.


Gray’s eyes popped open as he yelled at the top of his lungs. “AAAAAAHHHHH!!” The noise faded into the emptiness of the desert as he came, pouring his load into Lucy’s mouth. She sucked him dry and even cleaned his cock as well, before sitting back with a smug smirk.


“…wow,” he managed to say after few moments, as Lucy grew even smugger. “That was…amazing.”


“Thanks,” Lucy giggled, getting to her feet and offering him a hand up. “I’m definitely feeling better too, and I know you are.” Her brown eyes sparkled as she teased him. “I haven’t heard you complain about the heat for several minutes now.”


“Well, I’m hot, but it’s a different kind. You want to-” Gray found himself cut off by a slender finger pressing against his lips.


“You read my mind,” she said in a sultry whisper, pressing her voluptuous body against his.


Mmm…Gray might not have the biggest cock, but damn if he doesn’t have great technique! But that doesn’t mean I can’t tease him a little.


“But I do have one condition,” Lucy told him, her expression and voice suddenly very serious, almost grim.


“W-what is it?” Gray asked worriedly; had he done something wrong? Why was Lucy looking at him like that?


“I get first dibs on the shower when we get to the hotel,” she told him, still with the same look and voice.


Gray stared at her, and Lucy couldn’t help it: she started to giggle. “The look on your face…” she said between gasps, a big smile on her face.


Sighing, Gray shook his head, unable to keep from smiling as well. ‘Why are all the women I know so hard to deal with?


Then Lucy was kissing him, and he found himself thinking, ‘But they make it worth it, I guess.

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6 days ago

Gray getting lucky? must’ve been replaced with an imposter!

Seriously though, this chapter was short but sweet.

5 days ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Fair enough, lol, Juvia has a better dumptruck

6 days ago

nice to see a lucy story ^^ hope to see a new one with a new lucy pic

6 days ago

Aww I wanted to see them fuck in the hotel and even in the shower. Otherwise, good chapter and great to see Gray get some action.