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(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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“Hey! Isn’t that Tentacole over there?” a female voice asked.


“I… I think it is! Hey, Tentacole! Over here!” someone else confirmed, this time with the raspy voice of an elderly man.


“Tentacole? The hero who protected the hospital?” another woman perked up at the mention of the Tentacle Hero’s name. “He saved my grandmother!”


In just a matter of seconds, Mezo Shoji and his fellow classmate Minoru Mineta found themselves surrounded on all sides by adoring fans. All kinds of men and women asked Shoji for autographs and wanted to take selfies with him. Some more daring women in the crowd even went so far to present him with their cleavages and offered their boobs to sign on.


“Hahahaha… Alright, alright!” Shoji sheepishly rubbed the back of his head with one hand while signing multiple autographs and shaking hands with his other hands, thanks to his Quirk, Dupli-Arms.


Much to the chagrin of his short friend, he, however, respectfully declined the offer of the more overly enthusiastic females in the crowd. Via mouths he created on the end of his limbs he let them know how flattered he was by their affection, but that he would prefer if they kept their clothes on. While slightly disappointed, none of the women reacted badly to his response and offered him their arms for him to sign on instead.


Truly, society has come a long way since the final fight against All For One. Sure, there were still people who outright hated people with Mutant-type Quirks and the change of appearance that came with them, but Shoji’s actions during the war changed the perceptions of many! But the days of groups like the Creature Rejection Clan (CRC) were over. People, now more than ever, accepted and tolerated each other’s differences and worked together to work for a more harmonious society! Because of that, Shoji was now much more at ease with showing his face in public and smiling with his fans for selfies they wanted to take with him.


“Ladies, no need to put these puppies away! The great GRAPE JUICE is more than eager to sign all your boobs!” Mineta proclaimed in a loud and proud manner. The purple haired youth stood on the tip of his toes to look at least a little bit taller and puffed out his chest, “Rest assured that I will take it upon myself to give you all the attention you so desperately desire!” He told them with a voice that was loaded with lust, only barely able to hold himself back from drooling.


“Huh? Who does that perverted twerp think he is?” asked one of the women after getting a signature from Shoji on her right cheek. She had fiery red hair that she kept in a pair of twin pigtails that gave her a permanently cute and girly charm. It also made Mineta’s dick grow HARD inside his pants, amplified even more by her boobs which were only slightly smaller than her head and only barely contained by a white tank top that left her pierced belly button bare.


Normally not a fan of pierced girls, as it clashed with his ideal look of what a woman should look like, as well as messing with their natural beauty, Mineta was more than willing to ignore that at the moment as the short tank top gave him a PERFECT look at her sweaty underboobs. Being small had its perks from time to time after all!


“Dunno.” said the girl next to her. With significantly smaller tits, she sported a way more impressive ass that pressed against way too short crop shorts in the pockets of which she put her phone after taking a selfie with Shoji, “Never seen him before.” She squatted down in front of Mineta. “Are you lost, little man?”


LOST?! LITTLE MAN?!” Mineta echoed in a shrill tone. A vein began throbbing on his forehead as he jumped up and down in frustration, while punching the air above him. “I’m a Hero damnit! The Fresh-Picked Hero: GRAPE JUICE!!!


The two women looked at each other, then back at Mineta, “Never heard of you!” they told him with one voice, with their words piercing through the purple haired youth’s body and pride like arrows.


“But hey, maybe you’ll do something big one day!” said the girl with the big butt in front of him. She leaned forward and patted his head, only to instantly regret it when one of the sticky spheres stuck to her hand. “YUCK!! What is that?!”


“It’s my Quirk! And I DID something big!” He told them, but they already lost interest. The girl in front of him managed to get the sticky ball off of her hand, “I stood up against A-!” but before he could finish his explanation, the two girls already walked away, leaving him in the dust. “GAH!! Screw this!”


Kicking a pebble, he turned around to check on Shoji, only to see him still surrounded by fans. Even with multiple hands, it would still take up to ten minutes until he gave everyone what they wanted. And yet more were still running over to get a photo or autograph of the Tentacle Hero.


“Pffft! So much for going to the cinema!” the shortstack grumbled to himself as he let Shoji behind. He walked down the empty streets and kicked a crumbled newspaper down the sidewalk. “Like… what’s the point of even being a hero if the girls don’t even recognize me?! But Shoji?? He’s not even half as cool as I am! Shit’s not fair!”


“Hello? Mister?” a voice rang through to Mineta as he kept contemplating his life choices. He looked up to see the source of the voice, which was a young boy not older than ten but just as tall as he was, standing in front of him. The young boy held what looked like to be an old school bottle of perfume in his hands.


“You talking to me?” Mineta asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Mhm.” the boy nodded and held the bottle a bit closer to Mineta. Inside of it, a fluid swapped around from side to side like water. It wasn’t clear if it was water or something else, due to the purple shade of the glass. “Here, I want to give this to you.”


Baffled by this sudden approach, Mineta actually took the bottle, “What is it?” He asked while turning the glass around. There wasn’t even a label on it or anything!


“A… erm… a sign of gratitude from a fan, Hero Grape Juice-san!” the boy told him in a more or less convincing tone. “You… my father worked in Jaku under Kyudai Garaki and was really invested in the heroes who fought there. He told me all about how you stood up against All For One himself and always wanted to give you this if he met you.”


“A fan??” Mineta’s eyes lit up like stars, beaming with excitement, “My first fan!!” He jumped up on his place, while holding the bottle close to his chest. He then came to an abrupt halt, “And what is this now?”


“As your biggest fan and scientist, he wanted to give you something that will surely change the perception of every woman about you! He told me that, whether you use this as a deodorant or as an ingredient, everyone will see you in a completely new light! You’ll be irresistible!” the young boy told him confidently.


“So… an aphrodisiac?” Mineta concluded, though he still didn’t trust the whole thing. “That’s dangerous stuff! I appreciate your father’s gesture, but it’s best if he doesn’t do stuff like this. For now, I’ll hold on to this and make sure that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands! There are a lot of perverts out there who’d use this for their personal, nefarious deeds you know!”


The boy nodded, “Yeah, okay. I’ll tell him.” He promised haphazardly.


“Good!” Mineta put the bottle into the pocket of his jeans and gave the younger boy a thumbs up. “Well then, my young fan, if you or your dad ever want to meet me, in the summer I’m always at the beach leering at the girls in all their skimpy biki- AHEM! I mean, I’m, of course, keeping an eye on the people there and making sure nothing bad happens!”


The boy and he parted ways. As soon as the boy had run back down the alley from which he came and towards the little basketball court that was at the end of it, with his friends already waiting on him, Mineta started to jump up and down like a child on its birthday.


“A fan! I HAVE A FAN!!!” He shouted, startling the other people on the street while he did it. “Soon enough, I won’t be able to save myself from all kinds of horny sluts who want a piece of me! I’ll drown in pussy!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


“Mommy, what’s wrong with that man?” a small, pink haired girl asked her mother as she pointed with her finger at the maniacally laughing Hero.


“Ignore him, honey. He’s clearly not well.” her mother, a woman with bigger tits than her head, but a bit too much fat on her ribs, told her as she quickly pushed her further down the
street and away from Mineta.


Their reactions made the purple haired youth quickly get a hold of himself though. He cleared his throat and walked away in a different direction than the hot MILF and her daughter. The fact that he now had a fan actually led to him skipping down the street with closed eyes, whistling and humming in utter joy. Mineta was so distracted by his own growing fame, he almost didn’t hear the sounding alarm bells and the cries of people to stop a burglar.


“Like, hold it right there, Villain!” a female voice finally rang through to Mineta.


He opened his eyes again, only to see a man with a full brown bag over his shoulder. Banknotes flew out of it with every other step of his as he ran away from the SEXY heroine in a skin tight black catsuit who pursued him. The man was easily two heads taller than the average adult, wore a black ski mask to cover his face, and had thorns growing on his arms.


NEVER!! You’ll never get me alive!” He shouted over his shoulder. “That money is mine! I rightfully stole it!”


HA! That’ll be my time to shine! I’ll defeat that Villain before that hero does and will be even more famous because of it!’ Mineta thought to himself. He already rubbed his hands in glee and complimented himself for his perfect plan, when the Villain already caught up to him and grabbed him by the collar of his buttoned up shirt.


“Sorry kiddo. I normally don’t take hostages, but I really need one right now!” the villain said without even slowing down after he picked up Mineta, “WATCH IT, HERO!!! I’VE GOT A HOSTAGE!! BUZZ OFF OR I’M GONNA HURT THAT LITTLE GUY!!!!” He shouted while holding Mineta high in the air as he ran into a narrow alley between two buildings.


Mineta blinked, “Huh?? Little guy? I’m a hero damnit!” He protested, already reaching for one of the purple grapes on his head. “I’ll show you t-!”


“Are you totes sure about that?” asked the heroine with a bubbly voice. The air around Mineta seemed to ripply as a strange smoke covered the area. Then, all of a sudden, each of his fingers turned into hissing green snakes that snapped at the burglar.


AAAAAH!!! WHAT THE…??” the man freaked out, immediately tossing Mineta away.


Before he fell on the ground however, he was caught by the busty heroine who carried him like a princess, close to her chest. “Whoopsie! You alright, dear?” asked the airheaded heroine, Illus-o-Camie, not even slowing down with her pursuit. “Lemme just finish off this baddie real quick!”


“I-” Mineta was just about to tell her that he was a hero as well, when he realized that his face was currently directly next to her boobs, ‘Eh! Maybe being mistaken for a child isn’t so bad this time!’ He thought while casually rubbing his face against the mount of flesh like a cat in heat!


Illus-o-Camie exhaled more rainbow colored smoke from her plump looking lips. The smoke quickly wafted through the alley and in front of the escaping Villain. It lost some of its color when it blew past him, so he wasn’t even aware of it. What he did realize though was how, all of a sudden, a white van parked directly in front of the only other exit of the alley.


“Crap!” The burglar came to a halt right before he ran face first into the vehicle.


As he looked for a way around the white van, the caramel haired heroine managed to catch up to him, “How does U.A. call this again?” the young heroine thought as she raised her fist. “Like, Plus Ultra or somethin’!”


OAGH!!” her fist landed straight where the man’s nose had to be, sending him flying towards the van and blood soaking his ski mask.


Instead of crashing against it however, he flew right through the illusion that Illus-O-Camie had created with her Quirk. The van didn’t park here coincidentally, she used her Quirk to make it look like it did in order to distract the Villain who clearly didn’t know about the extent of her powers. The busty heroine put Mineta to the ground, much to his chagrin, and checked on the now unconscious man.


“Hm, hm, hm~♪!” She idly bobbed her head from side to side and hummed a little melody as she lifted his arm to feel for his pulse. After she did that, she pulled open one of his eyelids, “Phew! Only knocked out. For a sec I thought I, like, killed you or so!” She smacked his cheek playfully a few times. Reaching into the pocket of her black hero uniform, she then fished out her smartphone and took a quick selfie, with her lips puckered up and her cleavage on full display right next to the face of the criminal. “Now I just needa call da police and we’re totes done here!”


“Already did it!” Mineta told her. “They’re on their way. Should be here in ten minutes.”


“Oh, you called ‘em? Thanks a bunch!” The caramel haired ditz rose up and turned around, giving Mineta a much better look at her angelic body. “Hey, I know you! Aren’tcha one of the students of U.A?”


“I sure am!” Mineta said proudly, while putting his hands on his hips and puffing out his chest, “And since we just took out this villain together, why don’t we go somewhere and celebrate? It’s on me!” He then suggested with a sly look at her exposed cleavage.


God! She really had tits to die for!


“Hmmm…” Illus-O-Camie, who was better known as Camie Utsushimi to friends and family, put her index finger to her pillowy lips and looked up in deep thought. “Sure, why not? My shift at the agency I work in is like over anyways.”


YES!!” Mineta exclaimed. His cock grew hard in his pants from this simple confirmation alone. ‘I get to date this hot piece of ass?! JACKPOT!!! Today truly is my day!


Together, they waited for a couple more minutes until two police officers showed up. They passed the time by picking up as much of the money that the thief had lost as possible before the wind carried it away or someone else took it. Whenever Camie bent over for a banknote, Mineta took in the sight of her perfect ass straining against the thin fabric of her catsuit. She looked illegally HOT!


Once the officers showed up, Camie gave them a quick, but detailed, rundown of the situation and filled out a couple of papers for them. After that was all over, and the criminal as well as the money was in their custody, they FINALLY were able to grab something to eat! Due to Mineta carrying not that much money with him, and since he didn’t want to spend all his money just yet, they only went to a nearby McDonalds where they quickly found an empty booth for them to sit and chat.


“So, yeah. After graduating from Shiketsu, I was contacted by this totes dope Hero Agency here. They asked if I wanna join them and I was, like, duh! Of course I do!” Camie explained to Mineta.


“Mhm, mhm! That’s cool.” the purple haired youth nodded, though he had a hard time actually listening to what she was saying. He was far too busy drooling over her boobs and how the zipper of her hero costume was actually sliding down with each word she said, revealing more of her soft and creamy chest!


“I know, right? They even lemme change the design of my costume here! Like, how cool is that?!” She asked before sucking on the straw poking out of the plastic cup in front of her.


“WHAT??? You want to change it?” Mineta finally perked up. His eyes remained glued to her pillowy lips and how she sensually sucked at the straw. Was she even aware of how slutty she looked at the moment? He shook his head. “But why? Your costume seems perfectly fine to me!”


Camie looked down on herself, “It’s nice and all, but it’s still that lame-ass design they made us wear on Shiketsu! Like, I wanna wear something more flashy! Something that fits my Quirk and stuff.” Much to Mineta’s dismay, she pulled up the zipper a bit, “You know what I mean?!”


“I… I guess…” He said in a slightly grumpy tone. He then shrugged his shoulders, ‘Eh! Given how much of a bimbo she is, she’ll probably wear an even more revealing outfit anyways!’ Mineta thought to himself, while drinking from his own cola. A thought then crossed his mind. “Hey, since you’re new here, did you already make some friends? And what’s with your friends and family back home?”


“Aw, don’t sweat it. They’re totes alright without me and my colleagues here are crazy fun to hang out with after work. There’s this one crazy chick with the eyepatch… man, she’s like soooo hilarious!” Camie said with a giggle. Leaning forward, she pressed her impressive chest against the table, squishing them together in a way that got Mineta’s cock hard as a rock in a second! “Get this, she even suggested I could borrow her BF if I needed someone to blow my mind or to distract me! She’s crazy!”


Wait! Did I get that right? A hot piece of ass like her doesn’t have a boyfriend?’ A perverted grin spread across Mineta’s face as he was presented with the best opportunity in his life, “So… I take it you’re single then?” the sly pervert asked in a casual tone.


“Not anymore. My last one left me and fled to Australia when all that trouble with AFO came to its peak. Said it wasn’t safe with me anymore! What a bummer, right?” She explained in a sorrowful tone. She then quickly drank the rest of her cup. “Anyways, gonna head to the bathroom real quick, brb.”


“Oh, I’m gonna fill you… get you something new to drink.” Mineta called after her after she had already stepped out of the little booth. “What do you want?”


“Same thing as before.” She told him before following the signs that led to the women’s bathroom.


That’s my chance! I have to act quick!’ thought Mineta.


Picking up her cup, he rushed over to the currently empty soda machine and filled it up. As he went back to their booth, he already reached into his jeans and fished out the weird bottle he received from his fan earlier. If what he said was to be trusted, then Camie would be heads over heels for him if either used it as a deodorant or if he put it into her drink. Mineta kinda doubted that something like this would actually work, which only made him wanna give it a shot even more. No harm in trying if it probably won’t even work, right? If it doesn’t work, he’d simply had to use his irresistible charisma to win her over instead! And on the off-chance that it does in fact work, he’ll only get the results he wanted faster!


He had nothing to lose! He could only win!


Once back on his place, he smelled the liquid, only to find out that it had no smell at all, and even took a very brief sip himself to see if it was poisonous or if one could make out the taste. From all the ero and hentai series he read and watched, he had assumed an aphrodisiac would have a more sweet scent and taste to it, nothing so bland. One more reason why there wasn’t anything morally wrong with giving this a chance. He mixed five drops of the liquid into Camie’s cup and just as many over the fries she hadn’t finished eating yet, just to be safe.


Not even two seconds after he put the bottle back into his pockets, Camie left the bathroom and returned to the booth, “Sorry for leaving you hanging there.” She squeezed her fat ass through the narrow space between the back of her bench and the table. “Where were we?”


Merely seeing her made his cock grow uncomfortably stiff!


“Umm…! You were talking about… nevermind!” Even with his cock somehow growing even more than natural and leaking precum at the mere sight of her, Mineta managed to focus on his objective. No reason to bring up her old boyfriend if he’d take that role soon enough. He raised his own, half-empty, cup. “To your new beginning and career here in Mustafu City!”


“Hahaha, thank you!” Camie laughed and picked up her own cup. They touched cups before drinking, “Aaaaah~! You know, you’re actually like really okay.” She told him after putting her cup down again.


“What… what do you mean?” Mineta asked while shifting around in his place. For whatever reason, his dick oozed precum and completely soaked through his underpants, just by being close to Camie! He felt like he could cum any second now!


“You kinda struck me as a bit weird, for real. With how you held on to me and stuff back in that alley, I actually thought you’d be some kind of perv.” Camie said. As she talked however, her tits ever so slightly started to grow, indicated by the zipper of her costume being pushed down more and more.


“What, meee?!” the purple haired hero-to-be croaked, even as his own cock started to strain against the fabric of his now completely soiled pants. “I’d never!”


Camie raised an eyebrow, “Are you feeling OK? Like, you look a bit-?” She never got to finish her sentence though!


All of a sudden, her tits surged and rippled in a MASSIVE growth spurt! The PVC material of her catsuit was stretched to its absolute limit before getting torn to nothing but threads by her ever growing boobs! Their table quickly gave in under the weight put on it and broke into pieces. In less time than it took for his heart to beat, Mineta found himself face to face with nipples that were twice as big as his entire head and adorned with a pair of golden piercings. Those nipples and piercings quickly vanished out of sight however as Mineta was buried underneath the titan-sized tits! All around them, the other people in the McDonalds started to freak out as Camie’s tits grew until they were as big as she was tall. They were so fat in fact, she could easily climb inside one of them and still had enough room for two more people!


AAAH, AAH, AAH!! WHAT… what is this?” She asked, her voice low and loaded with lust. She panted as if she was in labor as her tits finally stopped growing. “I feel, haa… haaa~ like, SOOOO VERY HOT!!! CUM!!! I… WANNA CUM SO BADLY!!!!


Underneath her, Mineta spasmed, “Hnnnnnngh!!!” He groaned as he came right then and there! His viscous hot spunk completely ruined his pants and ran down his legs before he even had the chance to pull it off of him. “Aaargh… why?”


Once he managed to get his pants off, his cock instantly poked against Camie’s tits, searching for a way through the mountain of flesh, “AAAAAAH!!! There’s something totally hot and hard between my boobies!!!” the caramel haired bimbo cried out in lust. She pulled at her own exposed in an attempt to get Mineta’s cock an easier way through them. “It’s… like it’s fucking my titties!! OAH!! I NEED TO CUM LIKE RIGHT NOW!!!


“Uuuuurgh!! Too much!!! IT’S TOO MUUUUUUUUUUCH!!!!!” Mineta instantly came again as he cried out in perverted ecstasy.


It was maddening! Just smelling her made his head spin! Her eyes on his cock as it only reached halfway through her gargantuan tits, as well as the looks he received from the other women in the McDonalds, filled him with a desire to fuck. And yet, he somehow knew, just by coming into contact with a woman or thinking about fucking one made him cum again!


He didn’t have to do anything! He couldn’t hold it back! He came again, painting her tits white with the gooey and salty spunk!


“Aaaah!!! No, I need it!!! Cum… gimme your cum!!” Camie whined in desperation. She leaned forward and started licking the seed from body.


Mineta saw whenever she swallowed; her throat distended with how thick his load was! It actually made his balls convulse yet again, ‘No!! This is wrong!’ He told himself in an attempt to get a hold of the situation in any way. ‘I’m not even fucking her… but why am I cumming so much??! Since when do I cum so prematurely and so often??


Even after cumming for the fourth time, and filling the entire McDonalds with his stench, Mineta didn’t experience any sexual relief, any satisfaction and pleasure from it. But he couldn’t stop himself either! It was as if he had lost complete control over his body! His mind urged him to stop this madness, but even with all Camie’s tits and his own enlarged cock weighing him down, his body tried to hump her cleavage!


But whenever he moved his hips, he shot his load again, leaving him completely exhausted for the next couple of seconds. He looked so desperate, so pathetic, and yet all he could do was to continue cumming…




…and cumming! Some of Mineta’s spunk even landed on the few other customers who haven’t left the building by now!


Camie made the cutest, most desperate sounds imaginable as her pussy ached in despair. “NO!! GIVE IT TO MEEEEEE!!!!! I NEED IT!!!! I WANNA GET FUCKED SO BAD!!!! SOMEONE… SOMEONE FUCK MY TITS OR ASS OR ANYTHING!!!!! I WANNA CUUUUUUUUUUUMM!!!!!!!” She begged desperately, unable to move her body at all due to the newly added weight on her chest!


“Stop… stop… STOOOOOPP!!!” Mineta panted. Tears streamed down his cheeks as consciousness quickly faded away from him. “How can I cum so often when I don’t even fuck yOOOOOUUUUUUU?!?!?!?!


AYE DUNNORGH!!” Camie moaned around the thick globs of his jizz in her mouth. By now, she actually looked more like a really weird snowman than an actual human being. “AYE’M LOOSHING MUH MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIND!!!!!


When the first Pro Heroes and police finally arrived, both Mineta and Camie already lost consciousness!



(One hour earlier…)


“Hey, Mister! I’ve given that other mister that bottle.” said a short boy to the muscular man at the corner of the basketball court.


“I’ve seen it.” Yokuboshi Merahegao reached into his white vest and pulled out a wad of cash, “Did you tell him the story I told you?” When the boy nodded, he gave him the money before handing one of the others on the basketball court a paperback filled with treats. “Thanks. You helped me a lot, little man!”


He tousled through the kid’s hair, “Stop it!” He protested and stepped away from Merahegao to instead see what treats were in the bag.


“You really helped me a great deal with this! It was a pleasure doing business with you!” He told the kids as he already wandered off, “And remember, that stays our little secret, okay?!” He playfully winked at them before leaving them for good. “Now, where’s the waterwork of this city again?”



(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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4 months ago

Do You Make Ichigo Kurosaki X Hiyori Sarugaki?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
4 months ago
Reply to  Mark

Weird question. If I get a fitting pic for it, maybe.

4 months ago

Dubious consent aside, that was great!

I hope to see more of Mineta with MHA hotties, as well as more Mineta x Camie!

4 months ago
Reply to  Dan


Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
4 months ago
Reply to  Dan

I mean, it’s Mineta we’re talking about. No way in hell will he get into any woman’s pants with his natural attitude and personality. He definitely strikes me as the kind of guy who’d go for some underhanded tactics to get what he wants.

Happy to read that you enjoyed the chapter. I had fun with setting up all the future plot points here.

4 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Fair enough, though once Mineta is forced to explain how this happened he’ll be in for a world of hurt!

4 months ago

Oh Mineta, you stupid, horny, and simple minded fucking idiot… You have no idea what you just got yourself and Camie into… 👀 😤

This was a very inspired follow up to the previous chapter, as well a more revealing one for our villain of the story. 🤔

First, good to see Shoji be utilized at the very start of the chapter. It really demonstrates his personality and his mutant and tentacle quirk at the same time, due to him and Mineta greeting the citizens and civilians at the time. 👍 Not to mention being the total opposite of Mineta as a whole, but that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? 😅

Speaking of the old grape boy, let’s discuss him next! While I personally can’t stand Mineta as a character {not because he’s perverted, but rather that he’s bland and uninspired}, he was handled and utilized surprisingly well! 👏 This not only displayed his frame of mind, but also just how perverted and self-centered he truly is. Though he really should have known better when he saw that kid and accepted that aphrodisiac spray from him. If that wasn’t suspicious, I don’t know what is… 😒

This, in turn, brings me to Camie and what happened after. She was also a pretty big highlight, both due to her quirk and her overall character. That and her date with Mineta, which she surprisingly does. 😳 Though due to him using the drug on her and even himself, it only escalated and went downhill for them from there. While there was no actual penetration, the scene was nicely designed and produced.👌

Though all that was only a test run for what the villain, Merahegao, is setting up for everyone else for later on. And it’s not looking good. 😬 But one thing is clear: It definitely makes this storyline all the more interesting. 😏 But overall, this was a really interesting follow up chapter. I look forward to seeing what the next one will be like. 👏

Until next time. ✍️ 😎

– Hiryu

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
4 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

YO!!! Beyond happy that you like this series so far!

Shoji is one of my favorites of Class 1-A, whereas Mineta is one of my least favorites… in the entire series, so it was really interesting and fun to write them together in such contrasting ways. Though, that wasn’t the only reason why I put Shoji at the beginning. I really wanted to show how much the society has started to accept Mutant-type Quirks, so I gave Shoji some time to shine here.

The action scene with Camie was probably the scene that took the most amount of time, and I’m still not entirely happy with it. But I needed her and Mineta to run into one another, so here they are lol. As for the sex scene, “no actual penetration” will be Mineta’s motto for this series in general, I’d imagine. And when he does, I don’t imagine the women to be happy with his performance.

4 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

You want to call him self centered when he was not only willing to give up his quirk for Tokoyami but also quick to apologize for the slim chance he’d offended Shoji(even though Sero was the one who made the octopus joke) and the countless other times he’s shown genuine concern for his classmates

4 months ago

They excited me. I thought I’d finally see Mineta get some limelight or get some girls for him since he’s my favorite 🙁 I guess it won’t happen.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
4 months ago
Reply to  Violette

Unfortunately, Mineta isn’t exactly my favorite. He will get time to shine, it probably won’t be the one some people might expect though.

4 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

What do you mean by that? 🙁

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
4 months ago
Reply to  Violette

Stick around to find out.