Rtenzo & Ero-Enzo – Fanart and Hentai

Flashy Kamui Photography

“Ryuko, why are you pouting?”


“I’m not pouting!”


Satsuki couldn’t help smirking, though she was able to stop herself from reaching out to ruffle her little sister’s hair.  That would have really infuriated Ryuko.  “Your face is red, and your cheeks are puffed out, not to mention the expression on your face.  You, little sister, are most definitely pouting.”


Ryuko looked away with a grumble; Satsuki caught the words ‘stupidly tall,’ ‘bigger breasts,’ and ‘amazing ass.’


Torn between amusement and exasperation, Satsuki settled on amusement.  It was difficult for her to be annoyed with her little sister, long thought dead.  Besides, Ryuko was adorable when she was like this.


“Ryuko, I’m older than you; you’re still a very beautiful young lady, and I’m sure you’ll become just as tall as I am.”  Her smirk deepened.  “Though I can’t promise anything about your breasts or your ass.”


Ryuko’s blush and glare deepened, but Satsuki was happy to see a small smile on her face as well.


“Now, try to smile.  This photoshoot is for a good cause, after all.”


Her aggravating but good hearted sister sighed.  “All right.”  Stepping up closer to her big sister, Ryuko wrapped an arm around her waist, letting herself glare and pout one more time before the photographers arrived.


(Short Story by User: S22132)

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