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Five Star Savage Sisterly Sex

Satsuki squealed as her hair was pulled back, forcing her head up. The man fucking her grinned from the noise. “That’s right, squeal for me, you bubble butted slut! You’re going to take my fat cock all the way! I’m going to split you like a log! and then that fat ass is next!” He spanked her huge buttocks, laughing as they jiggled and wobbled like jello.


Bent over, her hands on the ground, her breasts dangling like cow udders, her ass in the air, this brute fucking her savagely: Satsuki had never been more humiliated…or turned on. She, the former iron fisted ruler of the Honnōji Academy, taken into a janitor’s closet and fucked like an animal. Satsuki moaned wantonly as the cock pounded her harder and harder.


Meanwhile, Ryuko was partially bent over and on her side, twisted around so she could look up at her partner with wide eyes set above her blushing face. He had the biggest cocks he had ever seen, and it was being thrust into her pussy like a jackhammer. Her boobs and ass wobbled wildly, adding to her embarrassment.


The man leered back at her. “You enjoying this, whore? Your pussy is so tight, I can barely force my dick into it. I can’t wait to try out that big fat ass of yours next, or maybe I’ll wrap those huge titties around my cock, get off that way. Or,” his smile widened, “maybe I’ll put that smart mouth of yours to work; sucking my cock should be a good way to shut you up.”


Blushing harder at his crude words, Ryuko swore she would never let Satsuki talk her into something like this again, knowing she was lying to herself. This felt amazing, and she couldn’t wait for more. She looked back at her sister, who looked to be enjoying this just as much as she was. Talk about a bonding experience.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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