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Filming a Five Star Fuck

“Okay, now spread your legs wide, Ryu-chan! Yep, just like that! Now you, put your hand behind her head, like you’re getting ready to push her face against you. Yes, perfect!”


“…how the hell did she talk us into this?” Ryuko was certain her face would be permanently stained red by how hard and how long she was blushing. Her eyes kept darting glances at the dick hanging right by her barely covered tits; filthy thoughts kept occurring to her, no matter how much she tried to stop them.


And really, this isn’t as surprising as it would have been. Since meeting Mako, Ryuko had gotten used to her weirdness.


This though? This was on a whole different level.


“I’m still trying to figure out what the hell is going on!” Despite his words and the freaked out look on his face, the random guy, who wasn’t even all that attractive, wasn’t making any moves to get away. The force of two hot, scantily clad girls was too much for him to deny.


“Seriously, I was just minding my own business when your loony girlfriend grabbed me, stripped me naked, and pushed me next to you! And what the hell kind of stripper outfit are you wearing?!”


Ryuko glared up at him, finding comfort in a familiar emotion: anger. “First off, Mako isn’t my girlfriend-”


“Bullshit,” he shot back bluntly. “I’ve seen how you two look at each other already, and you’re going along with this insanity; you’re totally pussy whipped by your crazy girlfriend, aren’t you?”


Glare redoubling, Ryuko opened her mouth to really tear a strip off the idiot when Mako popped into the scene.


“All right! I set the camera to video recording, so we can move onto the next part, which is even more fun and a surprise for Ryuko! Random guy I just met, have fun too!~”


Ryuko blinked. “Wait, next part-MPH?!” Somehow, even after being friends with Mako all this time, the space case could still surprise her, all the damn time.


In this particular case, Mako had hauled Ryuko to her feet and was now kissing her, with tongue. Lots and lots of tongue, and hands too; Ryuko’s blush scorched her ears as her boobs were fondled and groped with what felt like way too much experience.


Just what had Mako been getting up to when she wasn’t around?


To make matters worse (or better? Ryuko was getting confused as to what she should be feeling), the idiot was pressing himself against her from behind, his now fully hard and erect dick rubbing between her ass cheeks.


“FUCK IT! I don’t know what the hell is going on or why you’re doing this, but no way am I going to pass up a chance to nail two sexy pieces of ass!”


Say what?! Didn’t she get a say in this?


Apparently not, because even Senketsu was getting in on the act, shrinking down even further to completely expose her tits, ass, and pussy. Ryuko would have something to say about that, except that Mako was still kissing her, and she was kissing back, and oh shit, her pussy was getting so hot and wet-


She screamed into Mako’s mouth when the jerk’s erection pushed into her; it almost made her cum then and there, she was so horny. And he knew how to use it too, pumping into her like a piledriver, over and over again, his hips slamming into her ass.




Giggling, Mako finally broke off the kiss, though she kept up the fondling. “You have such a funny look on your face, Ryu-chan! I hope you enjoy yourself! I noticed you were getting tense this week, because of exams, soooo I thought, ‘Mako, Ryuko likes spending time with her friends.’ And I said back, ‘You’re right, me! But just spending time with friends might not be enough.’”


She tweaked Ryuko’s nipples, making her squeal. “And I was right! Naturally, a threesome would be the most relaxing thing we could do together! Then I saw this guy, and he looked kind of sad, so, bonus happiness!” Mako nodded her head, looking ridiculously satisfied with her logic.


There was only one thing Ryuko could do in response to that.


With a growl of, “Get over here,” she pulled Mako back into a kiss, this doing some fondling and groping of her own. She focused on her friend’s ass and pussy, quickly discovering that Mako was even more turned on then she was.


She and this idiot would take care of that later, if he did a good enough job fucking her. If not, they would kick him to the curb and take care of each other.


Hopefully none of their other friends would want to get involved…

(Story by User: S22132)

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