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Explosive Ejaculations

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of My Hero Academia stories)
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Standing on the fourth floor of the Heights Alliance dormitory, Katsuki Bakugo walked across the short stairwell hall to the girls’ side. The first door on that side was the one he wanted. It had a cutesy handmade sign hung on it just below the peephole. On it was a cartoonish drawing of the occupant’s face and a hand doing a peace sign gesture. Raising his hand, he knocked on the door politely.


“Yo, Pink Cheeks, I need to talk to you!” he called through the door.


Several moments went by with no response.


“She’s not here,” said the familiar voice of Kyoka Jiro from the far end of the hall. “She and all the other girls in the harem are out right now. Work studies. It’s just Mina and me.”


“Fuck,” Katsuki cursed, “That’s what I get for dragging my ass.”


“Huh?” Jiro asked, “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing really. I just intended to ask Uraraka out on a date.” Katsuki told her.


“And here I thought you and Izuku were getting along better. Cuckolding your best friend is a total dick move, you know.” the dark haired girl told him.


“Screw you,” Katsuki shot back at her, “It’s not like that. Deku gave me permission to ask her out. I need a date for this shindig I’ve been invited to. There’s a Hero Agency in Prague that wants to talk to me about signing on after I graduate.”


“Oh. Sorry.” Jiro apologized.


“Forget it. A couple years ago, I might have been trying just that if the situation were as it is now.” Katsuki admitted, “Still can’t believe that nerd actually built a harem. Mineta must be pissed.”


“He didn’t,” Jiro said, “Momo put it together for him. From what I heard, he doesn’t even have a say in who joins.”


HAH! Now that’s funny. Figures Deku’d end up in a situation like that.” Katsuki said, now feeling genuinely amused.


“Yeah…” Jiro said, though she wasn’t smiling.


“Anyway, that aside, what were you doing in Ashido’s room?” the young blonde asked.


“Dance lesson.” Jiro answered.


“Wouldn’t it be easier to do that downstairs?” Katsuki asked.


Jiro’s cheeks reddened slightly, “Lap Dance lesson… For working at Busteez.”


“Ah, yeah, Aizawa would get pissed if he saw that in the common area.” Katsuki said in understanding. He then sighed, “Guess I’ll ask Pinky then.” he said before walking past her.


“Hold on.” she said, moving to block his path by slamming her hand against the wall, “If you need a date, why not just ask me? What, am I not pretty enough or something!?” she asked angrily, as tears began welling at the corners of her dark colored eyes. “You said you needed a date, and when you found out Izuku’s girls weren’t here, your first thought was to ask Mina next when I’m right here?”


“Thought you weren’t into guys. I was being polite.” Katsuki answered.


Jiro looked stunned, “How…? Who told you? Was it Izuku? He said he wouldn’t tell…


“Oh please, it’s fucking obvious to anyone with half a brain! I’ve seen how you look at Yaoyorozu. Must suck watching her carry on like that with Deku.” Katsuki told her. In spite of what he knew many thought of him, Katsuki was actually very good at reading body language most of the time. Well, he was now anyway. Two years ago, he was too preoccupied with his own bullshit to really see the subtle things like Deku did.


After his recovery from the fight with All for One, Katsuki was amazed at how easy it was to read a person just from their body language alone. One just had to pay attention. Like now, he could tell Jiro was about two seconds away from crying her eyes out. He’d called it there, as she was broken-hearted at this whole thing!


“Yeah, it really sucks, but as long as she’s happy, I’m fine with it!” Jiro said, now lowering her arm and stepping aside. She then sighed, “Go on. Sorry I snapped at you like that.”


Katsuki stared at her for a moment, “You got any kind of formal wear? Preferably something in black.” he asked her.



You didn’t need to have Bazooka Tits “upgrade” you, you know.” Katsuki said as the two of them rode in the back of a swanky limousine together. The agency in Prague had sent one to drive them to and from the meeting. The meeting itself was more of a formal dinner with dancing.


The agency itself was called something he couldn’t hope to pronounce correctly. They made a rather generous offer to him and several other young heroes who took part in the fight against All for One. Even Jiro was given the same offer to come and work for them in counter terrorist operations. It seemed like they were going to invite her to their next gathering, but since she came
as Katsuki’s date, they saved themselves some time.


“If I’d known they were asking everyone, I wouldn’t have, but it’s whatever,” Jiro said as she looked down at her huge tits, grabbing them in both her hands and hefting them up before letting them drop and bounce several times. She’d asked the heroine who often worked the main desk at Busteez to enlarge her tits rather dramatically. Each one was like the size of a beach ball, and they stood out rather dramatically in the black and pink cocktail dress she had on. At first, Katsuki didn’t understand the colors of the dress, until he noticed she was wearing the red tear-like make-up she wore with her hero outfit. So the dress was meant to be a more formal wear version of her Earphone Jack identity.


“Honestly, how does Rie even move with these?” she asked no one in particular.


“No idea, but she has a pretty decent fighting style she uses with them.” Katsuki said, “On that note, how are you making them so perky? At that size they should droop a little in a dress like that.”


“Invisible bra. Mei made it.” Jiro said, whilst moving to slide her thumb against her shoulder. She then made a pulling motion and like something out of a sci-fi movie, Katsuki saw the outline of a large bra hugging her huge tits shimmer in the air.


“Huh, I’m surprised it didn’t explode.” he said.


“I think Melissa helped make it. It uses a field similar to what Toru’s body generates.” Jiro explained.


“That explains it.” Katsuki said.


“So, you gonna take them up on their offer?” Jiro asked.


“Hell no,” Katsuki answered instantly, “I only went to be polite. No way am I moving somewhere I don’t even speak the language. Also, I don’t like that the heroes in Prague are more closely tied to the politicians.”


“Okay, that I get.” Jiro said as she let go of her bra strap, making her tits jiggle again. Katsuki felt his cheeks heat up and he made himself look away. Jiro smirked at him, “Go ahead and look, I don’t mind honestly. At least it says you find me a little attractive when I have a pair of jabos like these.”


“Hey, there’s more to a woman than a pair of tits. Even if they weren’t that big, I’d still do you!” Katsuki shouted at her.


“Gheep!” Jiro gasped in shock, “You… You’re serious?” she asked.


“Fuck yeah! If you don’t believe me, I can have the driver take us to Busteez right now. It’s just a few blocks from here.” Katsuki told her.


Jiro looked at him with an expression that was equal parts anger, shock, disbelief, and stubbornness. She pouted at him for a moment before saying, “Alright, I’ll call that bluff! Go ahead and take us. I’ll even put my employee discount on the room!”


Proving that he wasn’t bluffing, Katsuki grabbed the phone that connected to the driver in the front of the limo. He gave him their new destination and the long car turned at the next intersection.



The two of them all but fell through the door into the room. It was one of those cutesy themed rooms full of stuffed animals and done up in pastel colors. Jiro was hastily and clumsily pulling open the buttons of the formal wear shirt Katsuki had on. Eventually, she got sick of trying and just grabbed the sides of the front of the shirt and ripped it open! Buttons scattered in all directions, clattering softly against the walls and floor.


HAH! I like your enthusiasm!” Katsuki told her.


“Just shut up and kiss me!” Jiro told him, as she was then pressing her mouth against his.


“Nmmmph!” Katsuki grunted back into her mouth as she forced her tongue into his. He pushed his own tongue back along hers, moving his hands up to pull aside the spaghetti straps of her cocktail dress. Jiro shrugged out of the dress, standing only in her panties. Katsuki raised an eyebrow, her tits were oddly perky, holding their rounded shape all on their own. It hit him like a slap in the face, as she’d just shown him the invisible bra.


The young blonde moved his arms around behind Jiro, feeling along her back until he found the clasp. The instant he unhooked the first one, the craw shimmered into the visible spectrum. Katsuki kissed the side of her neck as he looked down her back to finish removing the cumbersome garment. She backed away from him to slip her arms out of the item and Katsuki tossed it aside where it landed on the bed.


“Fuck those are huge.” said the blonde as he looked at Jiro’s giant tits, now hanging naturally for their size. They still had a lot of perkiness to them, but not in an unnatural way.


“Don’t guys like big boobs?” Jiro asked.


“Eh, I’m more of an ass man.” Katsuki said shamelessly. “Mama’s boys like Deku like boobs more.”


“I’ll be sure to tell him you said that.” Jiro told him with a smirk.


“Like I care!” Katsuki said before squatting down and grabbing the edges of Jiro’s indigo colored panties. He yanked them down quickly, exposing a completely bald pussy, not even the slightest hint of stubble. Jiro really went all out to be good arm candy for him. To show his appreciation for that, he pressed his face between the dark haired girl’s legs and covered her cunt with his mouth!


“Ahhhhn…!” Jiro moaned, going weak kneed instantly. Katsuki steadied her with his arms, hooking them around her thighs and lifting her up. She was light as a feather. Katsuki didn’t know if that was just good strength on his part or that she was just really light. If Jiro weighed over 45kg, he’d be surprised.


“Ahhaah hahaha!!!” Jiro laughed as he tipped over like a falling tree, depositing her on the bed. The springs in the base creaked slightly as she bounced on the surface. The dark haired girl then wrapped her legs around Katsuki’s neck and shoulders, moving to run her fingers through his messy hair as she moaned. Keeping his arms around her legs, Katsuki reached his hands between Jiro’s thighs, prying open the soft, wet folds of her pussy. Her clit was already stiff and peaking out from under its hood. He slowly dragged his tongue over it in one long broad stroke.


“Oh fuuuuuck…!” Jiro moaned, as her legs were shaking around him.


“Haaahmmmph, nmmmh nmmmh nmmmh…” Katsuki groaned, licking and sucking on the girl’s hot bald pussy.


“Nmmmmh, yesss, don’t stop…!” Jiro moaned, her hands moving to grip his head tighter. “Nmmmh, fuuuck, lick my pussy more, ahhh, feels so good!” she moaned louder, rocking her crotch against his face.


“Hnmmmmmh!” Katsuki groaned, while moving farther up onto the bed and sitting up on his knees. He pulled Jiro’s pelvis up with his, holding her upside down as he tongued at her wet twitching hole. Jiro grabbed at her own tits, pulling both of them up to suck at her own nipples.


“Hmmmmmmh, nmmmmmmmh…” the girl moaned as she licked and sucked her own tits.


Katsuki pressed his mouth over Jiro’s pussy harder, sliding his tongue in as far as it would go. He gently scraped his upper teeth over her clit at the same time, feeling the stiff nub flick beneath them. Jiro moaned loudly, rocking her crotch against his tongue. Katsuki then changed gears, moving to suck on her clitoris directly.


HMMMMMMMMMPH!!” Jiro moaned loudly around her nipples.


“Hmmmmmmmmmmnnnmmmmh!” Katsuki groaned, flicking her clit with his tongue roughly.


AHHHHHH, AHAAAHHHHH!!! I… I’M GONNA CUMMMM!!!” she screamed before her pussy burst like a water balloon in his face! “CUMMING!!!!” she howled in pleasure.


Katsuki finally let go of Jiro, letting her breathe. She uncrossed her legs from around his shoulders and the blonde young man let her slip off of him, laying back on the bed. Her huge breasts heaved up and down as she panted softly.


“Hah, ah, hah… Where’d you… Learn that…?” she gasped out.


Katsuki wiped his mouth with the back of his forearm, “Mirko,” he answered, “After last time, she actually took me out to apologize for something that happened with that American bitch.”


“Melissa?” Jiro asked.


“Nah, not her. The other one. The lady with the reality altering Quirk.” Katsuki told her, “Melissa’s alright, at least her stuff doesn’t explode on you.”


“Says the guy who’s Quirk is all about blowing stuff up.” Jiro jabbed.


“Screw you.” he countered.


“You haven’t done that yet.” she said with a smirk.


“Yeah? Well…” he trailed off as he fell on top of her, kissing her hard while grabbing her gigantic tits. They were ridiculously soft, but still had an odd amount of firmness to them. Katsuki figured that was from her natural size being a B-cup on a good day. Though even he wasn’t enough of an ass to say that out loud.


“Nmmmmmh, shqueeze dem hawder… Ahhhh…” Jiro moaned back into his mouth as he groped her tits rougher, pinching and twisting her quarter sized nipples. The dark haired girl then thrusted up with her hips, grinding her naked crotch against him. The young blonde broke the kiss long enough to sit up on his knees and pull the sleeve on his left arm up. He had a quickband there, and with the touch of a button, all his clothes were instantly stripped off, allowing his dick to spring out.


Jiro was panting harder now, as the heat coming off her was intense as he grinded his thick cock back and forth over her crotch. He could feel how wet her pussy was and wasted no time before pulling back and SHOVING his length inside her!


HNMMMMMMMH!!!” Jiro moaned again as he felt her inner walls clamping down on his dick!


“Fuck that’s tiiight…!” he groaned, slowly thrusting his length in and out.




“Like, THIIIIIS!!!! HUUURRRRRRRAGH!!! HURR HURR HURR HURR!!!” Katsuki bellowed, as he began pounding his dick in and out of the girl’s tight cunt. Jiro’s earphone jacks flailed about wildly as she wrapped her legs around his waist and hugged her arms around his shoulders.




“Heh, alright. But just remember, you asked!!!” Katsuki warned her before he got up on his knees again, grabbing her thighs and lifting her pelvis up before he began pistoning his dick in and out of her! “HUUUUURRRRRRRRAAAGH!!!” he yelled as he looked down at the way her tits wobbled back and forth while his cock plunged in and out. He glanced even lower to watch the way her pussy clung tightly to his dick every time it slipped out of her.


YES, YES, AH YESSS… MORE, MAKE A MESS OF MEEEEE…!” Jiro moaned, “AHHH, I’M GETTING SO CLOSE ALREADY, DON’T STOP, MAKE ME CUM, MAKE ME CUM NOOOW!!!” she screamed while rocking her hips into his thrusts.


AHHH YES!! I’M CUMMING!!! I’M CUMMING… CUMMING… CUMMMING!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!” Jiro screamed. Katsuki groaned, pumping his hips harder, watching Jiro’s flat stomach tent up slightly from his size.


“Ohhh yeah, how’s that feel, eh!?” he asked her.




For a girl who had the hots for another girl, Jiro was getting off really well on his dick! He didn’t know if she was bi or just really into it because he called her attractive. Though his guess was it was likely the former. But either way, it was good to be on top again. That time by the pool with Star and Mirko was a bit too much for his tastes.


Katsuki pulled his cock free just long enough to move Kyoka onto all fours, mounting her from behind in a classic doggy position. He then slid his slick fuck rod back inside, reaching under her to grab those gigantic tits and gripping them tight. He then began pounding his cock in and out of her harder! A loud and wet SLAP SLAP SLAP of flesh against flesh echoed in the room as he leaned his head over her shoulder, kissing her from behind.


MOAR, AHHHGH, MOOOAR, DHON’T SHTOOOOOP, AHH GAWD, GHONNA CUUUUHMMM…!” she slurred as he sucked on her tongue, “CUUUUUHMMMINGH!!” she screamed as he felt her pussy clenching tightly around his dick.


HURR, HURRR, HUURRR, HUUURRRRRRGH!!!!” Katsuki growled, then roared as he pulled Jiro up onto her knees then fell back with her on top of him with her back to his chest.


AHHHHHHHHAAAAAA!!! CUMMING, I’M CUMMING!!! CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING, AHHHH FUUUUCK!!” Kyoka screamed in raw ecstasy as Katsuki rammed his dick up into her again and again. Her pussy gushed and sprayed hot juices all around his cock as he began cumming inside hard!


Thick, hot streams of cum shot inside the screaming young woman as the two collapsed as one. Jiro panted heavily for a long moment, her entire body feeling like dead weight as she went completely limp. What felt like several minutes went by before she had the strength to move. When she did, she rolled off him and lay on her side, still recovering.


“You got a smoke?” Jiro asked.


“What? Hell no!” Katsuki replied, now being genuinely shocked, “I didn’t take you for the type.”


“I’m not. Right now I’m just wondering if it really does help calm someone down after sex.” Jiro said.


“No idea.” Katsuki said, while moving to sit up. Jiro rolled over to face him, reaching her arm up to trace the edges of the scar on his chest.


“How much of that do you remember?” she asked.


“Not a thing. My memory goes black when it happened, I remember waking up in the hospital days later. I think I was clinically dead for a few minutes.” he told her, as he then turned to look at her. The scar was incredibly faint, but he could still see the edges of it on her left cheek. “That earphone jack thing grew back?”


Jiro waved her left jack around in the air, “Took six months, but yeah. Eri offered to fix it, but others needed her more than I did. I’m surprised she didn’t…” she trailed off.


“She wanted to, but the toll was a bit too much after she was finished with everything else. I heard she fell into another coma after what she did for Midnight and the American woman. After that, the doctors weren’t gonna let her reverse death again.” he explained, “Heh, now I want a cigarette.”


“Sorry, didn’t mean to ruin the mood.” Jiro apologized.


“You didn’t, Jiro…” Katsuki began.


“I think after this, you can call me Kyoka.” Kyoka told him.


“Right, Kyoka. And the mood’s fine.” Katsuki said, “Even if Eri did separate us, I’d ask if the scar could be redone.”


“Huh, why?” Kyoka asked him, “Momo paid to have the one on my cheek fixed up,” she told him while moving her hair aside so he could see the faded outline better.


“That when you fell for her?” he asked with a dry grin.


“Hardly. If you were to ask me to pin THAT down, I couldn’t really give you an exact date when it happened.” she told him.


“Eh, it’s whatever. If you really wanna be with her, why not just join Deku’s harem?” Katsuki told her. “From what I heard him bragging about, the girls make out with each other as much as with him.”


“I don’t think he was bragging.” Kyoka said, “Unlike SOMEONE who bragged about doing his mother!” she jabbed, whilst poking his shoulder with her earphone jack. “Izuku’s not a bragger, at least not by intention.”


“Tch, I know, and I was angry then. Weird part is, he never really said anything about it after.” Katsuki said.


“Don’t know what to tell you there. I gave up trying to figure out how his head works before our second year.” she told him.


“Good, you don’t need the headache.” he said back. Then, after a moment of silence he said, “I’m hungry, let’s order something.” After that, the young blonde haired man blinked as Kyoka broke into peals of laughter.


“What?” he asked.


“Sorry, that’s just such a cliche thing.” she said, getting her laughter under control, “At least you didn’t go and take a shower right after. Honestly, I hate when guys hose off after. As though I were dirty or something.” Kyoka said. “The not cuddling afterward I think is part of why I think I like girls better.”


“Hmm, noted.” Katsuki said, getting up from the bed and walking around to pick up the phone, “Anything you want? I’m buying.”


“How gentlemanly,” Kyoka said.


“You see a redhead in twin tails anywhere? I’m not anything like that dumbass!” Katsuki snapped back, earning a pillow being tossed in his face.


“That was a compliment, you jerk.” she told him.


The two of them just laughed.



(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 year ago

I was wondering whether we would see this chapter on here or not. And thankfully, we have our answer. So how about we cut to the chase. 😏

Good work with Bakugo, first of all. Nice to see he’s shown some perception and deduction skills while making him less of a prick than he usually is. Not to mention getting a better picture of his current mindset and position. 🤔

Which leads me to Kyoka. I also liked how she was utilized here too. Including her feelings for Momo as well as her shooting back at Katsuki whenever she could. And honestly, I’m surprised she even agreed to go with him, even though he was originally looking for Ochaco. 👀

As for their time together, including the sex itself, that was definitely a good change of pace in my view. Not to mention bringing a different tone and feel. Still, it was fun for what it was. I liked it. 😄

Overall, good showing. Can’t wait for more. 👍😜

P.S Sorry for not reacting before. Serious online connection problems. Hopefully it’ll get fully fixed soon. 😅

Last edited 1 year ago by Hiryu
1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

I’m already at work on the next one. It involves Ochaco which is all I wanna say withoput giving spoilers. I hope to finish it in the next few days alongside some other stuff. Multi-tasking can be hard.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

It’s been a while since the last MHA, huh? Well, I certainly won’t complain to see it back again, and with something spicy to go with the, mostly, vanilla stuff in this series. Bakugo made for a fine addition in this chapter and plaid his role really well. Although his only interaction was with Kyoka, it still showed a great deal of his personality and how much he changed. And Kyoka was just an overall fun girl to bounce him off of, especially with how he called her out for being a lesbian. That moment alone made him still look rather aggressive and rude, at least in Kyoka’s eyes/her innitial thoughts, while actually showing that he is aware of her interests. Nonetheless, the sex they shared after that event (although I’m a bit sad that we didn’t get to see any of it) was quite the blast, figuratively and literally, given Bakugo’s powers.

Great story as always.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

The event itself was one of those boring meet and greet numbers. I figured it would have killed the pacing to show it. I wanted to show he has grown as a person a bit, with him not popping off at even the slightest percieved slight.

1 year ago

I like that Bakugo consistently has rather wholesome conversations with members of his class before and after banging them. It brings me an odd sense of satisfaction.

1 year ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

I’m trying to show him as at least somewhat of a decent human being.

1 year ago

It doesn’t bother me that Bakugou shows up and fucks the odd girl, it seems like a good idea to me and so not everything is based on Deku

But I only ask that Kyoka ended up in Deku’s harem to be with Momo too, although I don’t know if that will happen

1 year ago
Reply to  Wolfran

Stay tuned

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

That gives me hope bro 🙂

1 year ago

Bueno regresó por fin BNH en un capítulo que aporta más al desarrollo de personajes que al de la misma historia pero que va fue un buen capitulo pero en lo personal no me gusta el desarrollo de Jirou ya se me olvidó cuánto tiempo estuvo sin menciones o apariciones pero me alegra que la hayan usado y a Bakugo para trabajarla de cara al futuro ya que hasta ella se sorprendió porque nunca creyó que era muy notorio como miraba a Momo ojalá y usen más a Jirou en esta situación de desarrollo usando a personajes que tampoco sean utilizados como Iida o Kirishima o incluso a Kaminari pero no lo vean con el afán de juntarlos en amor a Jirou con Kaminari solo que creo que su amistad del anime podría ser bien utilizada para trabajar a Jirou ya que como está ella dudo que pueda ir por Momo se siente muy vacío su participación ojalá y si lo hagan ya que a comparación de la Jirou antes del reinicio de Paetron estaba mucho más creíble y espero en próximos capítulos más de Uraraka o de Mina

8.9 / 10

1 year ago
Reply to  AL-720

I’ll use her as much as I can, I do have plans for her going forward

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Esperó y esos planes funcionen porque mientras más pasa el tiempo la relación de izuku y Momo crece más y siento que si Kyoka no hace algo el día que salga la historia donde le dice a Momo lo que siente se sentirá muy vacío por espero que la aprovechen con más personajes como Kaminari o Kirishima

1 year ago

I think you wrote Bakugou really well here. Hes not nearly as much of an asshole he used to be and can actually be respectful when it comes to women (other than his own mom I guess) But I think Jiro and him worked surprisingly well together this chapter.

Also I know its sort of a controversial pairing, and I may get hate for this but I actually wouldn’t mind seeing more Bakugou and Uraraka in future chapters, sorta like how they used to pair up alot during the old MHA story from years ago. Obviously shes still gonna like Deku more but I honestly don’t think she would turn down Katsuki’s advances either, especially as a Busteez client. Or hell maybe actually take him up on his date offer I think that would be pretty interesting

1 year ago
Reply to  souljamantwn

Well, he does have the ability to be a decent person when he tries.