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Drifting from Activity to Titfucking (Special Edition)

(Note: This story is part of a series of Fairy Tail stories)
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“That was the weirdest guild meeting I’ve ever gone to,” Lucy huffed as she walked down the beach, breasts bouncing in her tiny bikini. “And considering this guild, that’s saying a lot.”


The day after Fairy Tail disbanded to be an XXX Guild, most for the former members were gathered together for one last get together before they were forced to go their separate ways. It was supposed to be a celebration, but right now, people were more confused than celebratory.


“Do you really think Mavis-sama was serious?” The question came from Juvia, who was leaning against Gray, the ice mage looking flustered as usual. “Juvia is confused…” And turned on at the idea of being in a sex guild, though she definitely wasn’t going to say that!


“I doubt it,” he replied, shaking his head. “The First is odd, no doubt about that, so this is probably just some kind of prank she’s pulling. Maybe it’s to help us relax after so many battles.” He manfully ignored the swelling in his swim trunks.


“For once, I actually agree with you,” Natsu said, arms folded across his chest as he nodded in what was supposed to be a sage manner. “Disbanding Fairy Tail to turn it into a sex guild? No way would Erza ever agree to something like that!” The quick, heated glance he sent Juvia’s way went unnoticed.


Mirajane giggled. “That does sound very unlikely when you put it that way. It could be fun though, and Erza does have that kinky side to her, so you never know-EEK!


“If there’s anything I learned from my younger days is that you just gotta go with the flow and life will work itself out,” Makarov snorted as he lowered the finger he’d used to poke her ass, ignoring her glare. “We’re here to have fun, remember?!”


“Yeah, he’s right!” Lucy was nodding emphatically, smiling. “We can figure out things later; right now, let’s party!”


Her attitude was infectious, rousing a cheer, and soon all of them were spread out around the beach, playing volleyball, building sandcastles, cooking food, splashing in the water, and generally having a good time.


Throughout it all, Juvia and Natsu drifted from one activity to the other, both of them having a good time. Eventually, as if by silent agreement, they found themselves alone. They were a ways from the guild, but close enough to be seen if someone came looking. Not to mention the rest of the public, since it was an open beach.


And as usual these day when they found themselves some privacy, lewd acts were being performed…


Juvia spit on Natsu’s dick and grunted in frustration as she furiously worked her hand up and down the length of his massive erection. It was hard, but she knew from experience it wasn’t as hard as it could be, and he still showed no signs of cumming any time soon.


“Sorry Juvia,” the pink haired dragon slayer didn’t look very sorry at all, to her irritation. “But I don’t think I’m going to cum unless you take off your bikini and show me your tits. You know how much I love them!”


He gave her a sharp-toothed grin and Juvia blushed furiously. “But Natsu-san…” she whined, glancing around nervously. “So many people could see me, including our friends!” She shivered just thinking about it.


As usual, Natsu was a lot more laid back. “Eh, I’m sure it will be fine,” he replied with a wave of his hand. “And if you’re that worried about people seeing this, then shouldn’t you be trying get me off as quick as possible?”


“…you owe Juvia big time for this,” the water mage muttered, hurriedly stripping out of her bikini, leaving her naked and blushing harder than ever. Dropping to her knees, she wrapped her tits around Natsu’s cock and began rubbing her breasts all up and down the length of it.


“Please hurry, Natsu-san,” Juvia muttered between kisses and licks. From the corner of her eyes, she could see people beginning to notice what they were doing; fortunately, none of them were from the guild. “People are starting to stare…”


I hope Gray-sama doesn’t find out about this…


“They’re just jealous of us having a good time!” Natsu laughed, though he thankfully kept his voice quieter than normal. “And we’re both damn good looking, so half of them want to be with us and the other half want to be us!”


Juvia sighed at Natsu’s confidence, even as she smiled a little. She could feel his dick stiffening, and she had been with Natsu enough times now to recognize the other signs that he was getting close to cumming. She bounced her tits faster, and starting sucking on the head of his cock, feeling his pre-cum squirt into her mouth.


“Damn, that feels so good! You’re so fucking sexy!” Natsu’s breath hissed harshly between his teeth as he fought to keep from yelling his pleasure for the world to hear. He didn’t care, but Juvia did, and he didn’t want to upset her. His cum shot out, coating Juvia’s face and chest, dripping down her body.


“Finally,” Juvia murmured, feeling her pussy throb. She would definitely insist on Natsu giving her a proper fucking soon. Getting to her feet and quickly putting her bikini back on, she started to turn around, only to freeze, face paling.


Gajeel was looking right at her, fliers held in each hand, and it was clear that he had seen everything. After a long, long moment of them both staring at each other, he gave her a wide grin and a thumbs up before continuing towards the beach.


“Huh.” Juvia jumped a foot in the air; she had forgotten all about Natsu in her panic. “I thought he would do or say more than that.”


“This…this is bad! Gajeel-san knows about us! What if he tells the others?! Oh no, he’ll definitely tell Levy, and she’s a huge gossip! Gray-sama will be sure to find out! NO NO NO NO!” Juvia was on the verge of hyperventilating as she panicked, not caring about the strange looks she was getting.


Natsu, on the other hand, just tilted his head. “He didn’t care just now,” he pointed out reasonably. “He didn’t even say anything; I don’t think it’s big deal to him.” He gave Juvia a gentle push. “C’mon, let’s get back to the others; I want to have some more fun!” He hurried her with a slap on the ass, causing her to squeak.


Slowly calming down, Juvia walked with him, only to realize too late that she was still covered in cum! So it was with a giant blush that she approached her friends.


“Oh, hey Natsu and…Juvia, what happened to you?” Lucy asked, tilting her head in unknowing imitation of Natsu.


“Uh…Natsu accidentally applied too much lotion to Juvia,” Juvia replied hurriedly with the first plausible excuse she could think of.


Natsu grinned and chuckled wickedly. “Yep, clumsy me! I had more lotion in the bottle than I realized!”


Rolling her eyes and giggling, Lucy nodded. “Sounds like Natsu all right. Juvia, lie down and I’ll spread it out more evenly.”


Red-faced, Juvia did so, unable to think of a good excuse as to why she shouldn’t. She squirmed slightly as Lucy’s hands rubbed her body all over, biting her lip to hold back a gasp as Lucy’s hands glided over her breasts. Was she spending more time on them than she should? Oh no, her nipples were getting so hard!


“Hmm, this lotion is really thick, and goodness, that’s a strong smell,” Lucy commented, wrinkling her nose. “It’s kind of a familiar smell…what is it?”






Lucy stared at Juvia for an awkward moment, whose face was now crimson in color. “Mayonnaise? You bought mayonnaise scented sunscreen?”


“Y-yes. Juvia was curious about it, so…” Juvia gave her blonde friend an awkward smile, praying she would drop it.


“Huh. What will they think of next?” Lucy asked rhetorically, going back to spreading the ‘lotion’ over Juvia. This time, she paid special attention to Juvia’s ass and between her legs, making the water mage squeak and jump a few times. “There you go, a nice thick, shiny layer all over you! No worries about getting sunburned for you, especially with that pale skin of yours!”


Mumbling her thanks, Juvia walked off, feeling light-headed from how hard and how long she had been blushing. She could feel her pussy dripping so much, it was running down her legs. Juvia is so embarrassed. Hopefully Gajeel doesn’t say anything…


Down the beach, Gajeel was grinning to himself as he passed out fliers of the new Fairy Tail X guild to the crowd. Considering they had advertising pictures of Levy and Erza in sexy poses on them, demand was high.


Juvia and Salamander, eh? And in public like that? Interesting…very interesting.

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25 days ago

A weird thing about Lucy observing Juvia with her ‘lotion’ and helping her apply it onto her more evenly was how Lucy never realized that it was Natsu’s cum. She’s been coated in Natsu’s cum before, so how could she not be able to know right away that it was Natsu’s cum instead of mayo?

25 days ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Yeah but the ‘lotion’ should have smelled very familiar to her shouldn’t it? I’m sure she would’ve known the difference between actual mayo and Natsu’s cum. I’m sorry to be that guy, but this is one of those terrible acting scenes that you would see in porn videos.

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
25 days ago

Love seeing these two in these moments.

Ichigo Kurosaki
25 days ago

ok i hate Natsu , but Juvia very hottest sexy

26 days ago

Will Gray join the new X guild from the start this time?

No reason why not.

25 days ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Is there a reason why he doesn’t join? I wouldn’t see why he should be left out especially with him already being cucked a lot in this role play.

25 days ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

He slept with Lucy and I think at least 2 more women in this role play though.