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Doughy Buns on Display

Hisako never thought much about her body. She knew that she wasn’t unattractive but compared to some of the ladies she was around, especially Erina, she simply didn’t measure up.


That was fine; she didn’t want attention. Her job was to help and support Erina and having a boyfriend or a girlfriend would only distract her.


So, it was a real mystery to her as to why she agreed to take a trip with Ryoko to a tropical island. She knew what the more voluptuous girl was like and the kinds of things she would get in to. The only thing Hisako could think of was she must have been much more tired than she believed when Ryoko cornered her. Otherwise, she would never agree to something like this.


The beach was nice, she would admit that, but she balked when Ryoko dragged her over to sign up for a photo shoot. But, after reading through the contract, it all seemed legitimate; the photographer had even paid them upfront, going so far as to wire the money directly to their bank accounts.


They should have realized it was too good to be true.


“Damn baby, that feels so good!” the guy underneath her gasped, looking up at Hisako with wide eyes, putting a deeper blush on her face. “I never thought an assjob could feel as good as fucking a pussy, but holy fuck!” Turning to his friend, Hisako’s partner asked the man underneath Ryoko, “hey, how are you holding up?”


“I’m pretty sure my dick is in fucking heaven,” Ryoko’s partner replied with a deep moan, working his hips to make Ryoko bounce on top of him. The sight of her red face and jiggling tits put a huge smile on his face. “I dunno where you girls got these asses from, but hot damn, if they aren’t the best I’ve ever seen and fucked!”


The whole time, the photographer was snapping pictures like a madman, getting as many angles as possible. “Good, great, fantastic!” he chanted, grinning behind his expensive looking camera. “You’re all doing wonderful! Ladies, look behind you, that’s it! Love the expressions! Now, can you each slap and grab your ass, just a little? Having that shot will really make the shoot!”


Exchanging looks, the two chefs in training could read the thoughts running through the other’s mind: after coming this far, they may as well keep going. It wasn’t like they could be anymore embarrassed. Raising their hands, they brought them down at the same time, the paired meaty impacts resounding through the air. They kept their hands on their butts, squeezing hard, their fingers sinking into the soft flesh.


“You four are the best!” The photographer was practically in raptures, clicking the shutter button as fast as his finger could move. “Bonuses for everyone!”


“Hell yeah!” the men under Ryoko and Hisako fist bumped each other, while the two ladies perked up slightly. More money? Maybe this whole ordeal would be worth it after all.


They just hoped and prayed their friends would never see the photos.


(Short Story by User: S22132)

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