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Double Melon Pounding

“Big tits and a tight pussy? God, I met my dream slut!” one guy said while giving Rayne the beating of her life. “I think we met both our dream sluts, this one’s pussy is sucking me dry and begging for more!” his friend replied while filling up Mizuki. Both girl were covered in cum, but they wanted to be pounded harder and deeper. “Oh god! That cock knows how to hit the spot! Keep fucking me harder!” Rayne said while groping herself. “Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum again! Keep pounding me harder! Fill me up with your thick load!” the dark haired one said, going numb. “Let me suck those titties and I’ll give you the biggest load ever, whore!” the guy said while making her cum like crazy.


So where did this start? How did two hot chicks end up in this fun mess?


Moments before….


BSU was holding an acceptance party, hosted by one of the frat houses to meet new people and to score with some new girls. “Nah, she’s cute, but she knows what’s going on,” one of the frat students said. His partner replied, “What about that one? She’s good looking, has a big ass to fuck and… she has a boyfriend, never mind.” “Face it dude, it’s gonna take a miracle to find two chicks that are new and willing to smash.” As the both of them kept drinking and having fun, one of their friends came to them. “Dude! You won’t believe what I saw!” “Let me guess? Someone passed out in the pool naked?” he replied sarcastically. “No! I just saw these two hot freshmen! Both single, have amazing bodies, and the best part… they have like big tits that you would love to fuck!”


“You’re kidding that last part, right?” he replied to him. “Nope!” “Okay, but if you’re lying… you’re going in the pool.” As the frat student left with his partner to check the girls out, both of their jaws almost dropped. There stood two hot chicks that were stunning, completely single, and they had the biggest tits ever. “Holy shit! We hit the jackpot!” his friend said in satisfaction. Both of them played it cool and approached the girls with drinks. “Care for a shot?” “Sure, thanks,” the pink haired one said.


Once the girls got their drinks, they started talking with the students and introduced themselves. “Rayne is my name; I’m training to be a nurse. Mizuki is my friend and she’s into technology.” “So what do you make?” he said to the dark haired one. “VR Tech and some other things to help girls get a bit excited,” she said and everyone laughed a bit. “You know, we have this rule here, new students to BSU get to drink like crazy and join in on every game.” Both girls didn’t mind having fun and decide to join in. As time passed, everyone was going crazy; shot were thrown, people were dancing, and everyone was fucking like rabbits.


As the party died down a bit, the boys decided to take Mizuki and Rayne somewhere exciting. They all left the house, still drunk, headed to the beach, and decided to take a skinny dip in the ocean. They all were splashing each other with water and getting on top of each other. Rayne looked at her partner’s dick and said, “Come on, is that what you got? I thought a guy’s cock would be big.” He replied, “How about you shake or suck those big tits to get your wish?” Rayne did what he said and immediately he got hard and she said, “Much better; now I can do this.” She placed his cock between her tits and rubbed it good. “Damn, those tits are incredible! Suck me rough,” he said, looking at her.


Mizuki and her partner were looking and she noticed how hard he was getting. “How about I do that with you?” she asked as the dark haired one positioned herself for a boobjob. He shoved his cock between her tits and pulled on her nips to get her going. “Damn, your tits are bigger than hers. Hope you can handle a fat cock, bitch!” he said, moving fast. Rayne was squeezing and sucking his cock and balls hard. She licked his tip and kept teasing him more. “How are my tits? Are they big enough to fuck?” “Oh god! Yeah, they are huge, I’m gonna cum so hard, slut!” he said, moaning.


Mizuki was gagging on her partner’s cock and shoving the whole thing down while squeezing it. “Shit, you know how to eat that cock! Keep sucking it like the whore you are,” he said to her. “Gud! Yur cuk is su gud!” she said, sucking harder and gagging deeper. Rayne laid down and her partner kept fucking her tits harder and faster until he shot his load on her. She felt his cum on her lips and dripping down on her tits. “Mhm…. that was amazing,” she said, sucking his cock and her boobs. The frat student was looking at her and rubbing his cock, hoping to shower her more. Mizuki kept going faster until her partner’s dick exploded in her and his load was going down her throat fast.


Once his cock was out, he showered her melons and face. Both girls felt satisfied, but it wasn’t over yet; both guys couldn’t stop fucking their tits and went for another round. As time passed, Rayne pussy was dripping and gushing juices down her legs. After the last load was on her tits, she showed off her wet hole. “Finish me off and shove that fat cock in here,” she said. Mizuki was drenched and still horny for another load. “I wanna keep going, but that pussy feels lonely,” the other student said, grabbing her leg and shoving it in. “YES! god, make me your cum slut! Fuck my pussy and make me squirt hard!” she said while moving her hips.


Rayne was moaning and sucking her tits while her partner shoved his dick in deeper. “Fuck! This pussy is so soft and tight! I’m gonna cum so hard in it!” he said, pounding faster. “Yes! Yes! Cum in my pussy! I want that load in me!” she said, losing her mind. Both girls kept going at it for hours as the day turned into the afternoon with the sun setting. Mizuki was almost at the end of her rope. Her partner was gonna release the largest load yet in her. “Here it comes!” he said, holding her hips and making her belly expand from his load. “Ah!!!! I’m cumming!!!!!” The dark haired one squirted and rolled her eyes back. Rayne arched her back and was numb when the other student filled her up with his load. “Shit! I can’t stop!” he said as he kept going. “Ah!!!!!! God!!!! I’m dying!!! My pussy is cumming so hard!!!” she said to him.


As both girls laid next to each other, covered with cum and exhausted, the guys looked at them and said, “Welcome to BSU, sexy”. Both of them smiled and knew this was gonna be the best time of their lives.

(Story by User: Kingken1997)

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5 years ago

I really wish people would inform me when they write stories for my characters when they don’t know anything about my characters.

5 years ago
Reply to  Unskilled

I just want to be clear that the BSU version of the character isn’t the same as your canonical vision of the character. This is based on the BSU iteration of Mizuki and people are welcomed to contribute stories of my series.