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Defeating Satsuki

“You think a pig like you…can defeat me?!” Satsuki roared, arms folded under her breasts as she glared at the lowly pig in human form who had dared to challenge her. He was utterly ordinary in every way, so forgettable that she couldn’t even be bothered to remember his name. “Know your place! You’re less then a bug to me!”


He swallowed hard but didn’t back down. “Well, if I’m so far beneath you,” he replied, voice admirably firm, “then you should be able to defeat me with no problems. So really, why not at least let me try?”


Lips curling into a sneer, Satsuki scowled at him. “Very well, human pig. And if by some miracle you actually manage to win, I’ll grant you whatever you desire.” Had she any less control over herself, she would have rolled her eyes at the way his expression lit up. All too easily manipulated.


Time to get this farce over with. This shouldn’t take long.


Five Minutes Later…


“Yeah, take my fat cock down that smart fucking mouth of yours, slut!”


“HGH! MPH! AGH!” Satsuki spluttered, blue eyes almost bugging out of her head as she was forced to suck the nobody’s enormous dick. One of his hands was tangled in her hair, pumping her head back and forth, the better to fuck her mouth and throat. Spit dribbled out from her mouth around his cock, dripping onto her tits.


Said tits were now bare and were being roughly groped and fondled by his other hand. He focused especially on her nipples, tweaking, pinching, and twisting them. From the expression on his face, he was getting a real kick out of the noises she made.


How?! How had she lost so completely and quickly?! How could this nobody be dominating her like this?!


Suddenly, he pushed her head back, hard enough that she fell backwards onto her back, coughing and trying to get her breath back. Before she could say or do anything, he had a hold of her legs and was pushing them back towards her head while spreading them wide. Forced to look up into his smugly smiling face as he fucked her in a mating press, Satsuki started to snarl at him.


Then his rock hard cock pushed all the way into pussy; she ended up squealing instead of snarling, a high-pitched sound that left her mortified. She wasn’t given much time to worry about her embarrassment. He pulled his hips back and then pushed forward yet again, and then again, and again, and again. In no time at all, she was being fucked hard, pounded into the floor with her knees around her head.


“Not so high and mighty now, are you?! Who’s the human pig now, you fucking whore?!” he yelled triumphantly, utterly defeating the great Satsuki.


“Ah~! NGH~! F-FUCK! TOO BIG! AGHH! GHA~!” It was all so humiliating, especially when he started to suck and kiss on her tits. And how dare he speak to her like that?!”


But…she couldn’t deny how good it was starting to feel, her pussy dripping wet and so hot. Surely though, he wouldn’t be able to make her-


“AHHHHGGGGGHHHH!” she screamed as a sudden orgasm hit. Before she knew it, her legs were clamped around his body, holding his cock inside of her pussy. She clawed at his back in her throes of passion, temporarily unable to think or care about what was happening to her.


When he came inside her, it triggered another orgasm, one even stronger than the last, leaving Satsuki screaming and spasming as she came. Finally, it was over; he pulled his dick out of her and let go of her legs, letting them flop back on the ground. Satsuki just laid there in a daze, cum leaking out of her pussy.


“Whew.” He wiped his brow free of sweat. “Now that was a hell of a fucking.” Then he grinned, sharp and evil. “But we’re not done yet, slut.”


Eyes beginning to widen, Satsuki started to ask what he meant by that when he abruptly flipped her over and grabbed hold of her hips, pulling her into her hands and knees. An instant later, his cock plunged into her ass and Satsuki arched her back, squealing and yelling at the top of his lungs.


“That’s right,” he hissed, grabbing hold of her hair and pulling her head as far back as it would go, his mouth right by her ear. “You’re getting all your slutty holes filled and fucked. No need to thank me, just try to have as much fun as I am!”


All Satsuki could do was take her ass reaming, her breasts bouncing and jiggling, her mouth open and tongue flailing as he pounded her.


Next time, she vowed in the corner of her mind that wasn’t being consumed with pleasure and humiliation, she wouldn’t underestimate her opponent!

(Story by User: S22132)

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10 months ago

Perfect story! Short and hot.