Rtenzo & Ero-Enzo – Fanart and Hentai

College Blonde Pleasure

“FUCK! My pussy is dripping with your cum. Fuck me harder with that fat pole! I wanna be your personal slut!” the busty blonde yelled as she looked at her partner. “Fucking the head of administration; damn, how lucky am I! I’ll give it to you good, whore,” the guy said while pumping his pole harder and deeper. Sara was lucky to have someone to give her the satisfaction that she wanted.




All she ever did was check to see who was accepted and plan her lessons to other students. “I really need a break from all this crap…” she said, frustrated and bored out her mind. Sara wanted some fun and soon, she was gonna get it. There was gonna be a party hosted by the Gama students and she took the opportunity to let loose. She volunteered to keep watch, but that was just a way to meet some cute boys.


As the party began, everyone was dancing and drinking like there was no tomorrow. Sara was just taking some drinks to get going. “Her next round’s on me,” one of the men said. “My, you’re quite the gentleman,” she replied to him. “Anything for a gorgeous woman like you,” he replied. Once she locked eyes with him, they both started to have some fun.


They were having the best time of their lives and Sara was letting loose like no tomorrow. As the party kept going, she went upstairs with the guy who paid for her drink. “Show me what you got, sexy,” he said as he laid on the bed while she started to strip dance. When she unhooked her bra, he couldn’t believe how big her tits were. “Damn, those things are bigger than any other girls’. Are they soft?” he asked. “Yes~ but is that cock hard for me?” she said. pulling down his pants. Once his dick popped out, her question was answered, and she wrapped it around her E cups.


“I love how you get started… now, suck me good, like a whore,” he said, getting naked. Sara sucked and squeezed him good. She covered his pole in her drool and made him fuck her tits faster. “God, this cock is amazing. You love fucking big tits?” she asked teasingly. “Big as yours, yes. I wanna cum on them now,” he replied, going in faster. She moaned and sucked harder until he released his load. He pooled his spunk on her tits and pulled on her nips to get them harder. “Damn, you’re such a slut. Let me break you until you can’t walk,” he said.


“Fuck me and destroy me with your cock,” she said, wrapping her arms around him. Once he slid his dick in, he started beating her like a maniac. “OH GOD! Fuck me harder!!! Hit my pussy more! I wanna cover your cock with my juices!” As time passed by, Sara was still at it. She was covered in cum on her back and hair, and her ass was getting a hell of a beating. “I think this cow needs some milking,” the guy said, pulling on her tits and kept shoving his cock deeper in her hole. “Ah! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!! Cum in me now!!! I’m your cow slut! Pump me with you cum!” she said, moaning like crazy.


With one last hit, her nipples were pulled extremely hard and her ass was getting filled with spunk, his cock exploding in her. Sara was out of it; she wanted to beg for more, but she knew she was done. As she laid on the bed, her holes gushing, she was glad to get some satisfaction from a man. Although she had work this week, she had gotten lucky and would hopefully get lucky again soon.

(Story by User: Kingken1997)

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